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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beatings, Rape, Bloody Nose - and Tanya Kekel took My Son Away - What Did She or Others Do To Him? Graham, WA 1994

The series of Julie's life as an alleged sex slave for the NTCC 'leaders' continues. This portion of her life describes more beatings, rape, and a bloody nose allegedly from Mike Kekel. But equally troubling is the alleged participation of Tanya Kekel in setting up this "alone time" for Mike and Julie, while removing Julie's son, Thomas, against Julie's protests. We may never know what took place that day in his life when young Thomas disappeared with Tanya Kekel. But his actions when returned home to his battered mother Julie are very telling. It was horrible enough to suffer the alleged rapes and beatings; but now they were taking her son too? To do what? Julie alleges she took a beating for begging to have her son with her that day in 1994 at Kekel's home in Graham, Washington. In Julie's words:

We get to Washington. Move into a place where a lot of people from NTCC were living in fact only a couple of the apartments had people that weren’t apart of NTCC. I start classes again and it was a challenge. I still had trouble with the reading and writing and taking notes. I got myself in trouble a few times because of it. I hadn’t been in Washington but a few weeks before I was called to supposedly help Tanya [Kekel] but she wasn’t the one asking [Mike] Kekel was the one. I get a ride over there he had told me to bring [my young son] Thomas so I thought maybe it won’t be sex or anything like that. I arrive Tanya was taking [her son] Grant [Kekel] somewhere but [allegedly] needed another child to go with her to this activity. I told her I didn’t want Thomas going without me. I didn’t like the idea of him being away from me. I didn’t tell her I didn’t trust her which was going through my mind. Kekel says remember I am in charge. God has given me the authority to know what is best for your child. I tried again but there was no winning the argument. She left with both boys. I am sick at that point fearing how my son would be treated but having no idea once again what to do. Tanya leaves me with cleaning orders. Kekel is supposed to be working on something and she says not to bother him. She isn’t gone long before Kekel is in my face. He tells me I am going to get a spanking for arguing with the man of God. I have no idea that he can’t actually do this being I am adult. He is playing on my ignorance. I am terrified for he is brutal in his spankings and I know sex will follow which with a brutal spanking sex will hurt worse. He undresses me from the waist down. I beg him not to do it. I told him as a mother I hate to be away from my son this is why I spoke. I told him it is making me sick that he is gone at that moment. He said so you admit you argued with your God-given authority. I am going to have spank the rebellion out of you. He quoted scriptures about discipline to me as he had me bend over. I didn’t undress for a few days in front of my then husband [Donny Ridgeway] not knowing how to explain the marks. This time he [Mike Kekel] gave me some stuff that made the marks disappear in a few days. It was a container with no label so I have no idea what it was. By the third day I couldn’t tell I had had any marks. All he told me was it was for adults after a spanking. Once again I was too ignore to question him. He [Mike Kekel] did have sex with me again that day. He said God sent you back to me for he knows I need additional pleasure in my life and it helps my stress level of having to deal with difficult people that refuse to obey their God-given authority.

After he was done I clean up really quickly fearing if I didn’t get the cleaning orders done Tanya would spank me as well. She had spanked me in the past. I didn’t think with a sick stomach, stress, a spanking, and unwanted sex my body could take another spanking. So I began to move very quickly with the cleaning.

 Why Would Tanya Kekel Knowingly Leave Her
 Husband Mike Alone with Julie?  What Did Tanya
 Do with Julie's Son Thomas After Removing Him
 From His Mother Julie Against Her Protests?
 To Us These Allegations Indicate Sex Trafficking.
 In Our Opinion, They Implicate Tanya Kekel
 In Both The Rape Of Julie and Possible Gross
Activity [Sex With?] the Young Boy, Thomas Ridgeway.

Tanya walks in the door I just barely got done. Thomas comes barreling at me wanting to be held in fact he wanted to be held until I went to class that night. All he said about the day was Tanya was rude. Tanya walked around the house complained a couple of times but said nothing more. So I went home to get dinner and get ready for class that night.

I was so overwhelmed. I couldn’t focus on class that night which led me to typing crazy notes since I had nothing to go on for them.

This scene played a 6 more times while I was in my second round of being at “the cemetery”. I would be called to the Kekels to cleaning and bless the leaders. The things I saw and witnessed with these leaders are just sickening including finding Kekel’s playboy collection.
 Silenced by beatings and threats of damnation
 Julie was "left to carry the weight" alone.
 Whom could she tell without them going
 to borg leaders and reporting it? Then, she
 alleges, spankings / beatings would follow. 

Kekel would tell me all the time how God had given me unto him. It made it hard not to view him unclothed. It also made it difficult to have to ask his permission about other things. I was left to carry this weight having to pretend I wasn't hurting inside. I wanted to have someone care to know the pain my heart was in. I would be around the ladies including one of my neighbors who faithfully took me grocery shopping yet I was scared into silence on the matter. I tried to tell Joan but of course Kekel found out. I was accused of lying. I began to think I was commenting adultery the more I listened to things said at Graham. I was confused since Kekel would say it was God’s will but in the next breath he would accuse me of sinning for making him long for my body. He told me he even dreamed of sex with me at night. I had no idea he was the one sinning and he was commenting a crime.

Two of the times he went off the normal course and had me do oral sex instead of on all four. He said he needed this instead because there were bible school students that were stressing him way out and his wife didn’t want to do it. He would talk about people during our time together. He would talk bad about the building crew, bible school students, he would say all the people that work on the campground were dumb a—air heads and the women were the worst. I had no idea who was at the campground all I thought is well he seems to think of them the same he feels about me. He even downed some of the leaders. He would name people and ask if I had had sex with them. No matter the answer I gave it was the wrong one and he would accuse me of lying and slap me I was standing for this. One of times that he slapped me I tripped causing my nose to hit something. I ended up with a bloody nose. When asked about it since I had a small bruise I said I tripped and hit my nose which was only part of what happened.

There is probably more details that aren’t coming to mind at this point about these times in Graham but will come to me later.

To Be Continued...

All of this is so horrible. We can not imagine how Julie survived this life. Only the grace of God could bring somebody through this constant cycle of allegedly being treated as a sex slave. And now with these allegations coming to light about Tanya participating, it is even worse.

Tanya Reynolds Davis Kekel was born to a Filipino woman, Elizabeth Reynolds, who gave her up for adoption. Davis raised her in the NTCC, constantly bellowing out his version of holiness- NEVER BE ALONE WITH SOMEONE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX [gender].

  • Why would Tanya orchestrate this alone-time for her hubby Mike with Julie St. Clair?
  • Why didn't Tanya respect Julie's protests and leave Thomas with Julie - his mother?
  • Where did Tanya take Thomas?
  • What happened to Thomas?
  • Why was he clingy - "wanting to be held"?
  • Why did he say Tanya was "rude"?
  • In an earlier post, Julie described Mike Kekel as being "rude".  Since then Julie has shared that allegedly Kekel's "rude" behavior included spankings / beatings and raping her.
  • Did Thomas' description of Tanya cover equally ugly behavior by Tanya (the spankings and rapes) that Julie's description of Kekel covered of Mike's behavior? Is that what "rude" means? - A violent sexual predator? We have to wonder.

None of this makes any sense in a so-called holiness church that beat their drums about never being alone with someone of the opposite sex. Unless the leaders are all hypocrites; (which evidence says they are). Then it all makes sense: They say the opposite of what they do:

  1. Davis said, Don't be alone with somebody of the opposite sex; but Davis was seen going into houses of women whose husbands were at work. One, Pam Norton, testified of Davis' lewd sexual actions with her.
  2. Davis said match-making was wrong. Yet Davis set up rules that stopped anyone from even talking to other single people unless Davis approved of it. That, friends, IS MATCHMAKING! HELLO!
  3. Davis yelled at pregnant women saying they would have to answer to God for ruining their husband's ministry since children hinder the work of Gawd. But Davis went out of his way to the Philippines to adopt Tanya Maxamillia Reynolds Davis Kekel.

Those are 3 examples of Davis DOING THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE SAID. That is proof Davis was a hypocrite. And as we all heard many, many times from the mouth of NTCC Executive Board Member Joey Olson: "... Davis IS the organization." So guess what? The NTCC is run by HYPOCRITES who DO what they say should never be done.

UPDATE:  May 3, 2014

Anonymous said...
I cleaned M. Kekel's house before too. He hit me on the butt once. I went to Olson about it. M. Kekel claimed he bumped my butt accidently and nothing more was said. It bothered me but I thought I was in the wrong. This confirms I wasn't wrong. He hit my butt on purpose. I think he was testing to see what he could get away with before he tried more. I am disgusted by how far you got with you Julie.

Please watch the following video by investigative reporter Mike Watkiss and ask yourself what similarities you see in the stories coming out of the FLDS / Warren Jeffs compound and the NTCC that Julie survived.

Warning:  Video may trigger bad memories and raise awareness.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

John St. Clair Verifies His Sister Julie [St. Clair] Ridgeway Was Abused by Family, Strangers, and NTCC Church Officials For Years!

This comment, allegedly from John St. Clair, Julie [St. Clair] Ridgeway's brother, came in overnight.  It is disturbing. We ask that you do not retaliate or act against this man who has verified what Julie has been sharing, it may be that the D.A. and A.G. will want to talk to him.  He clearly is in need of prayer.


John said...

Don and Ange you show that you have never had to live with the humiliation of having a family member going public with such disgusting news. I don't believe anything wicked should ever be in the news the same as I believe this type of stuff should be discussed with a counselor or a professional not among the public or every day people. I am not going to tell you my problems you are not a counselor. My sister is wrong on every level in speaking to you or the public.

Ange you don't have a degree this making my sister a gossiper and talebearer. Yes she suffered at the hands of Davis but he is dead. Yes someone broke into our house wanting to rape her. Yes my father did stuff to her. Yes Ashmore was messing with her but I don't have knowledge how far that went with him. Yes church members did stuff to her at a number different churches. Yes Donny abused her I saw some of it. Yes Wayne Eury and Angela Eury in San Antonio abused her. They were mean she didn't ask for that. Yes Di Francescio abused her. Yes Olson abused her and so did many more abused her.

A few things that bother me. One she didn't tell all details that makes me question some of the details. Two she opened herself to the abuse. Three she is wrong going public; these people aren't abusing her now. Four why would you volunteer to be her sister and brother believe me it is no picnic. She has nothing to offer no one. She is so unintelligent and hard to understand or follow her train of thought. Spend a week with her in your home and you will want her out of your life for good. When we were growing up I use to think she was the okay but not having much friends I didn't see how annoying she can be for real. When you have to have her repeat her words or ask what she is trying to say in an email or explain every little thing it gets tiring. I have reached a point where I want to be with my kind and people of my intelligence not her low level of life. Do you know she doesn't have a career or job? Just because she volunteers over a 80 hours a month and wants to help the world that doesn't make her a successful person. If you really desire to claim her I think you are some strange people. As for me I am glad to release myself from the burden of having to be her family. Disabled people are such a waste and with everything that has happened to her she will always have scars that are burdensome to others for life.

The St. Clair Children Johnny and Julie: A Picture of Innocence Stolen From Them
 Johnny and Julie St. Clair Children
 Whose Innocence Was Stolen Away
 Do you still doubt Julie's existence?
 Since Joan St. Clair lied about even
 having a daughter, can you now see
 Joan St.Clair lied?  Do not trust her.

I request that you walk away from her and stop letting her speak about her past of sexual abuse. I am not deny the stuff happened she just has no right to speak to you about it. I wonder if you secretly hate her for talking; just don't have the guts to tell her to shut up. Remember you aren't in NTCC you have the right to tell her to close her mouth. She is causing more people to tell you their woes. OMG!! who needs or wants to know what happened to others I sure don't want or need to know. Are you that lost in life?

I wish you the best. Enjoy life and your marriage instead. Don't miss out on the moments. I have been married 20 plus years and don't want to miss any moments worrying about others especially burdensome disabled people they aren't worth anyone's time.

Don and Ange say,

John, thank you for verifying that Julie was abused. Your statements accurately portray everything Julie has shared about both her 'home life' and suffering from strangers and 'church' leaders.  We hope you can pray and ask God to forgive you for not doing more to help Julie.  We know you were taught wrong as a child; but now that you are a man it is time to put away childish things and false doctrine.  We hope you can obtain not only forgiveness from God, Who gives it willingly, and forgiveness from Julie, who gives it willingly; but also that you will be able to forgive yourself.  We will all be praying for you.

Julie, I know what you have shared has not been easy. I know it is difficult to share personal details of such things. What you went through was so horrific and you were completely undeserving of any of this. You have been brave, honest and you are very intelligent. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You are speaking for so many people not just in this perverted organization but in many cults around the world. So many people keep this stuff inside for their entire lives and never find peace or healing. You are strong and you are doing what is necessary to keep this from happening again. You can only do so much but you have brought awareness to what has been hidden inside of the ntcc for many years. You were a victim, a child raised by very perverted parents, that used you for their own gratification and passed you around to others as if you were an object created for their pleasure. Nobody in the world deserves to grow up like that. You have been extremely brave to share your testimony publicly. 

For those of you out there that think that she should not go public with this information, why would you want this information to be squelched?  Keeping quiet about this type of sexually deviant behavior is equivalent to ignoring it and allowing it to continue.

May God have mercy on your souls.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Failure to Report Rape Results In New Victim

Tonight we got an alarming anonymous comment that alleges that Johnny Jordan forced sex on them from the ages of 8 years old to 12 years old.  Right now we have no way of verifying this comment. We don't think this is the same person whose case resulted in Jordan's conviction in 1994 simply because the data on his sex offender flyer indicates that the victim of the 1994 conviction was older - between the ages of 12-18 and in the familial or custodial care of Jordan.  This data together with this comment, if accurate and true, indicates a possible additional victim of Johnny Dean Jordan, convicted sex offender.  If the person who left this comment has not yet gone to court against Jordan, he or she should do so.  He or she should file charges against Jordan and against the NTCC leaders who failed to report Jordan's rape of  Lisa Norton [more].  That's if this comment is true:

Anonymous said...Im the person that johnny jordon force sex upon it was from the 8years old to 12 years old and it was very horriable for me all I want is for every parent in this so called church or anywhere keep johnny jordan far away from
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 5:15:00 PM
Click the date below the comment to see the original comment.  It was cut-off and appears on this page as it did on the original page.

Parents:  Seeing these trends, where alleged rape goes unreported and the offenders are allegedly aided and abetted by the NTCC leadership, why would you continue to endanger your children by remaining in this group?

In view of the allegations by Julie Ridgeway against her biological so-called father, ralph st. clair, and against NTCC CEO michael c. kekel for raping her repeatedly, Why would any of you in NTCC remain in a group led by an alleged rapist who harbors an alleged rapist and allows him to carry a ministers card and hide behind a pulpit?

Michael Craig Kekel NTCC CEO & Alleged RapistJohnny Dean Jordan Convicted Sex Offender 4-3-2014 FDLEJoan and Ralph St. Clair Alleged Child Abusers, Rapist, and yet a card-carrying NTCC Minister

Sex Offender Flyer for Johnny Dean Jordan:  Here


An anonymous commentator has been leaving links to a story that recently made national headlines.  As a result we did some research and found some online articles and videos that we have decided to incorporate into this story, since there is so much similarity in the stories of NTCC abuse and what has happened to the "maidens" in the following reports.

Nothing New Under The Sun

Excellent video on My Fox 9 out of Minneapolis-St. Paul:
Maidens Of River Road

Additional Article and Video:

Nationwide manhunt underway for cult leader
Thursday, April 17, 2014  A manhunt is underway in several states for a religious leader accused of sexually abusing teenage girls who were members of his cult.
by Grayson Edds

The following CBS Video is higher quality, longer, and has some additional facts and reporting:

Minister Flees From 59 Counts Of Sex Abuse CBS Video HQ

HLN ~ Nancy Grace Speaks With Victim

Pastor's alleged sex victim 'robbed of childhood'.  Story by Kyle Peltz Click Here

What's Next?

Well, for the girls called the Maidens, we aren't sure. But taking a cue from the FLDS / Warren Jeffs cult-compound debacle, we can guess what might happen to any controlling religious group that hides pedophiles behind the pulpit:

Texas authorities seize ranch where children were sexually abused.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ralph St. Clair Rapes Julie Again. September 1994 - Birmingham, Alabama:

Review of previous posts:
In 1990, at the ripe old age of 16, Julie was forced into an arranged marriage with Donny Ridgeway who was an NTCC minister 7-8 years older than she was [ more ]. Consequently, the couple was moved from Donny's place of ministry in San Antonio, TX to Washington state so Julie could attend the NTCC version of Bible School. During this time, Julie alleges, Michael C. Kekel raped her at his custom house on the NTCC Seminary Campus in Graham, Washington. When word of Julie's abuse got back to the board members, they were furiously angry at Julie and moved the Ridgeways [Donny and Julie] back to San Antonio in what we see as an attempt to hide Kekel's raping her and to discredit Julie [ here ].

In 1992 when she was 18 years old, Julie alleges, she was again raped by Kekel, this time at the NTCC National Campground in Monroe County, Missouri. The woman who gave Julie a ride back to the hotel after this rape shared what she had seen and how she tried to question Kekel about what had happened and was angrily rebuffed and later dealt with by both Rodger Davis and Ralph St. Clair; (which was odd since Julie had been married to Ridgeway for two years) [ here ]. During this same conference in the fall of 1992, Julie alleges, her so-called 'father', Ralph St. Clair, also raped Julie at her hotel room while her husband Donny Ridgeway was out with their infant son Thomas and while Ralph's wife Joan - Julie's so-called 'mother' - rested in the St. Clairs' hotel room. Perhaps that is why Ralph St. Clair confronted the woman who had given Julie the ride back to the hotel; perhaps Ralph was afraid that Julie had mentioned his raping her to this woman?

NTCC's 'Darling Couple' Ralph and Joan St. Clair.
They seem to work together to rape Julie.
And the Kekels Reward Them with a free trip
to the 2014 conference in an odd show of love?

In 1993, once again at the NTCC Campground in Monroe County, Missouri, Julie alleges that, Kekel grabbed her in front of Davis, Ashmore, and Olson - all NTCC Board Members - who allegedly did not question Mike. Kekel then raped Julie as described [ here ]. After this rape in which no one came to Julie's aid, despite others being present, the Ridgeways returned to San Antonio until Kekel once again summoned Julie to return to the NTCC Bible School in Graham, Washington. This is where we begin this post:

September, 1994

He [ mike kekel ] leaves me alone until I moved back to Washington to continue stupid pill school or as I use to call it as a child “The Cemetery”
When Kekel decided it was time to move me back. I am stressed out. I want to share with someone the fear I was feeling. I was scared. What would happen? Would I get more spanks? Would I have to have sex again with others? I started being snappy to everyone around me making the move an unpleasant thing. I want to disappear or die. I didn’t want to go.
San Antonio, TX to Graham, WA Direct Route is 2,163 miles by automobile as pictured here in the blue route
 San Antonio, TX to Graham, WA Direct  Route is 2,163 miles by automobile.
 As pictured here in the blue route Alabama is off the chart.

We leave Texas, we stop to visit with Ralph and Joan in Alabama on the way to Washington. I think I will be able to avoid Ralph no such luck. They sent Donny on an errand for some reason. Joan decides she is going off with Thomas. I am really upset I don’t want Thomas out of my sight. Ralph doesn’t give me a chose. I must stay and help him.  We were alone. He says it is time. I need you to give unto me. He strips me of my clothes and forces himself on me. I am sick to my stomach stress of these actions send me to the bathroom to puke after he is done. I am relieved he had no other opportunity to get a hold of me while in Alabama. I want to tell but fear keeps me silent. I am in the kitchen helping cook dinner later the same night. Joan makes a comment. She said did you make Ralph (can’t say the other word) happy today? I was puzzled by her comment then but I think she knew what had happened. I told her I hated him. She slaps me saying I needed to respect my elders. I am lucky to have such a loving and caring person in my life a lot of people would give anything to have such a man in their lives. Puke.

Summary and Analysis Thus Far:
In September 1994, after being summoned by Kekel to return to the Bible School in Graham, Washington, the Ridgeways, Donny and Julie with young son Thomas, leave San Antonio, Texas. They stop in Birmingham, Alabama - a strange route to go on the way to Washington.  Using conservative route estimates this "detour" added 1,242 extra miles and an extra day or two* of drive time to their already long trip - *(17 hours - see both maps for times and mileage) . While visiting the St. Clairs, whom they already see twice a year at the required ministers' conferences, Donny is sent out, Joan takes Thomas against Julie's wishes and despite her protests, and Ralph once again forces himself on Julie, causing her such distress she actually pukes after being forcibly raped by this cretin who is supposed to be her 'father' - but instead treats her as an object or thing to be used.

Joan and Ralph St. Clair, and maybe, just maybe, Julie's own husband Donny Ridgeway (?) all appear to be implicated in this rape by either being the rapist [ralph] or by their sheer willingness to look the other way and conveniently disappear when the monster wants to attack Julie one more time, just like what had happened at the Missouri hotel during the 1992 conference when ralph raped Julie. 

Now, Julie has never once in this e-mail said anything negative about Donny Ridgeway. She has talked with us about maintaining a relationship with the father of her beloved son Thomas. But as we read these accounts, we had to question how this older man could have been so blind as to not notice or suspect anything amiss with his young bride.

Several people have commented that upon meeting Julie for the first time they felt troubled that something was wrong in her life; but they didn't know what.  Shouldn't the man married to her sense something too?  After all, he is ~ 7-8 years older than Julie.  And even by NTCC standards, as her husband, he is considered to be responsible for her welfare.  Couldn't he sense that something was wrong?  If not, why not? Was this the reason why Donny was hand-picked by the organization to marry Julie when she was only 16 years old back in 1990 and he was 23 - 24 years old (in the standard NTCC fashion of marrying off young teens to adult men)? Did the NTCC leaders know they could control this man and how he thought and how he treated his young bride?  It all seems so odd to us.

San Antonio, Texas to Graham, Washington via Birmingham, Alabama - Why?  Why take this huge detour when you already see the St. Clairs twice a year?
San Antonio, TX to Graham, WA via Birmingham,  Alabama?   That's 3405 miles by one route.  The extra mileage is a long way out of route. Why would you do that?  You already see  each other twice a year at conferences. That's more face time than most NTCCers get with their families.

 San Antonio, TX to Graham, WA via Birmingham,  Alabama?
 That's 3,405 miles by one route.  The extra mileage is a long way 

 out of route. Why would you do that?  You  already see
 each other twice a year at conferences. That's more
 face time than most NTCCers get with their families. 
Everyone in the NTCC is subject to the whims of the borg leaders and expected to move from state to state on a moment's notice. But why would you stop through Alabama on the way to Washington when the St. Clairs will already see you twice a year at the semi-annual ministers' conferences? It did raise a question for us. Only God knows the answer. But we had to ask just the same.

Even more troubling was Joan's questioning of Julie later that night.  She asked her "did you make Ralph (can’t say the other word) happy today?"  Now why would Joan ask that unless she knew that Ralph had raped Julie? We don't have the answers; and we bear no malice for anyone, unlike Ralph, who allegedly raped Julie, and Joan, who allegedly slapped Julie. This information is so disturbing we had to make it an individual blog post of its own. Next week we hope to discuss the Ridgeways Return To Washington in September of 1994.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

1993 Rape At The Lodge: Kekel Grabbed Me In Front Of Olson, Davis, and Ashmore

In the previous two posts, Julie alleged that Michael C. Kekel, the NTCC CEO, raped her at his house on the seminary campus in 1990 (read more), and at the campground in Missouri in 1992 when she was 18 (read more). In this post Julie alleges that Kekel grabbed her in front of three other NTCC Executive Board Members, none of whom questioned what he was doing. She then describes his alleged rape and sexual interactions with her, that he reportedly tried to justify by twisting scripture.

I escaped Kekel for a while since I lived in Texas but he wasn’t done with me, I hate to say. A year later he got me in another conference. I left my son in the hotel with a lot of children. He was crying I begged to stay with him I didn’t want to leave my little boy but no I had to go I had no say in life. I had no choice. I find out when I arrive Kekel wants to see me after the sevice. I wondered if it was sex, another spanking, or maybe he found out I have been complaining about the group I hate attending the services. I hate who I was. Maybe he has heard all that.  Then a puzzling thought crosses my mind. Why Kekel and not Davis? I knew then it has to be for sex. I couldn’t tell no one because all they would do is run to the leaders which only made it worse. Why did some people get in trouble for having sex outside of marriage but for some it was okay.  I was told to tell no one including my husband. I didn’t think he would believe ne anyway. Kekel told me this was God’s will but sometimes people don’t understand God’s will so we must keep things quiet. I knew Kekel would give some explanation to explain away what happens why he needs to speak to me if he was questioned.  I noticed all the leaders always had some explanation when questioned about anything. I was sick to my stomach as I try to make it through service. I want to disappear. I went to the bathroom before heading out to the Lodge. Why does he want me? He says I am nasty, ugly, retarded, a burden, and shouldn’t be live. Then I think maybe he is trying to make me worth the air I breathe. One might say if he is so mean to you how you can think he is trying to make you worth like he cared. Well my idea of care was pretty messed up.
Two or Three Witnesses - Monkeying Around
NTCC Executive Board Members Ashmore, Davis, and Olson Don't Question Kekel When He Grabbed Julie For Another Rape She Alleges
NTCC Executive Board Members Ashmore, Davis, and Olson Don't Question Kekel When Mike Allegedly Grabbed Julie For Yet Another Rape and Sex Session

I make it to the Lodge. I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t pay any attention to who was around except that Kekel was talking to Olson, Davis, and Ashmore. I thought okay all four was to yell at me. This is going to be an insult session but no not this time. Kekel grabbed me. None of other men questioned what he was doing. I closed my eyes I don’t want to see anything. I am scared. I didn’t want to see him I didn’t want to remember. I keep my eyes closed as I undress at his command. He tells me to get on all four I stumble through this then he wants more. He starts doing other things to me I try to stop him I didn’t want it from him. He finally says I am feeling generous you have a chose you can either have me enter you or you can mouth me all the way. I said I am done I want to go. He chuckled you know it will be one or the other. I decided intercourse was better than the other. 

The Rolling Stones Under My Thumb Lyric Video on YouTube

DNA Say, we can just picture Kekel zipping up after this rape and sex session with Julie, gleefully singing this tune as he prepares to regale the Executive Board Members with the ribald details of his once again dominating Julie. Unlike Mick Jagger, who sings this song about dominating a woman who once had him down, Mike Kekel and the other NTCC Board Members have held all the power all along and kept Julie under their thumbs from the way she walks and how she talks when she's spoken to... The song is very fitting in that light.  So before all you sanctimonious religious hypocrites choke on a gnat and swallow a camel, ask yourself what is truly evil?  Are we evil for sharing a song that succinctly describes the NTCC mindset against women?  Or are these NTCC leaders who rape and oppress women and children the worst kind of evil in the world?  You decide.

I think this must be okay for surely someone would have heard us and come in by now. If this is okay why I do feel dirty why do I feel this is bad? I am so horrible why someone doesn’t just kill me.  I am married he is married. Why does he tell me God gave me unto him and this is well pleasing unto God? I wasn’t to tell anyone for sexual things were not to be spoke of. He said it is only supposed to be between two people. I ask him if it is supposed to be a secret between two people than why he asks about my sex with others. He says God has put him into a position where he is supposed to be allowed to know everything about everyone. He throws random scriptures at me confusing me into believing he was right.
He leaves me alone until I moved back to Washington to continue stupid pill school or as I use to call it as a child “The Cemetery”.

to be continued

Were these Executive Board Members acting together to oppress Julie, treating her as a sex slave they could call for at will? Is this why they moved Julie back to Washington - so they could all have 'easy access' to her? Where could she go for help? With limited education, no exposure to T.V., the internet, or any sense of how the world operated, to whom could she speak? Could she tell the husband whom the NTCC had hand-picked for her in an arranged marriage that took place when she was only 16 years old? Trained her whole life to think that she was "stupid" "dumb" a "retard" or even "mentally insane" (as if there is another kind?) *sigh*. In constant pain from Cerebral Palsy, with limited mobility and no education, how could she possibly get free? These Executive Board Members held all the power and abused it to make her a sex slave, moving her about the country both at and for their pleasure. It is sickening. It is, in our opinion, human sex trafficking.

Susie said,
I want to share what happened to me. I have been reading what is on the blog. Julie’s story have really got my attention. I know Julie from way back. I babysat her when she was about 11 or 12 years old. I decided to try to contact her. We chatted online for a while; I asked for her number she gave it to me. I asked if she would mind if I called right then she said no. I was surprised. Let me explain why this surprised me.

I called her. I talked to her for a few minutes. I then asked if she remembered any particular times in which I babysat her. She said yes. I was reading online how she was offering forgives to those that saw things but didn’t save her from the abuse. This is what led me to contact her. One day she was over my house I thought she had did a particular thing I got upset didn’t fully check things out. I told she was going to get a spanking. I told her to wait in the other room. I grabbed a wooden spoon. I ended up spanking but I did not beat her none the less I humiliated her in front of the other kids punishing her for something that I had never verified she had done. It was pretty common to spank other people’s kids. I let my teaching cause me to pretty mean that day.
I asked her on the phone if she remembered that day she said she did. I said why did you agreed to talk to me? She said when I contacted her online God spoke to her heart. We talked of that day. I told her that hurt my heart for a long time what I did to her. I asked if she could find it in her heart to forgive me. She said with such compassion in her voice YES! She continued talking with love in words she shared. I thought if she can show this much love and compassion just maybe there is still hope between me and God. She then asked if I would like her to pray for me. I agreed. She prayed so simple yet there was power in her prayer. She prayed as if she talked to God often. I felt the ache of my heart leave and peace come to me. As she ended the prayer she began to sing to God from deep within and with such heart.
During our conversation she told me to hold on for a moment a few times. I finally asked her if her daughter was up. She said no. I said why did you told me to wait a moment several times? She said oh I am just having a lot of pain sometimes it hits peek points I have to grit my teeth and take deep breaths to get through those moments. She said sorry it must be annoying on your end for me to say just a moment so much. I went oh no you are fine. I thought God she has compassion, love, forgiveness, and care in the middle of her difficults how can I ever complain about my troubles.

Don and Ange I noticed you claim her as a sister. I hope that you realize you have a treasure and a blessing from God with that girl in your lives. She is an angel sent from above in human form with such a humble heart filled with love and compassion. Please always defend and protect her from people that might want to speak against her or use what she says to say hurtful things about her. She so deserves protection after all she has been through no matter how strong she gets.
Growing –up Julie step in to defend and protect many, suffering the pain on others behalves it is nice to finally see someone care about her now.
Anyone that would ever want to say she is out for attention, pity, selfishness, or looking to take center-stage needs to stop look at her comments and her life it shows that those words do not show the character of Julie.

I am not much for writing online but I just wanted to stop in and share this about the one you claim as family and make sure you know what God has given you.
Thanks, Susie, for your comment. We are learning every day what a treasure Julie is; we too learn from her so many things about Christianity in practice:  love, joy, peace, loyalty, giving, humility and compassion - to name a few.  Our relationship with her has developed into what she has dubbed our "friend-familyship" with God in the center of it.  It doesn't get any better than that.   :o)
Anonymous said...Julie I just you to want I read what you shared about grace. As I have read how you have offered forgive to the lady that wronged you; it made me wanted to have a relationship with God like you. I have been away from God for so long I wasn't sure God wanted but you made him so real so simple. You made the love of God more real than anyone I know. I am walking with God now. Thank you for caring about all of us out here. Today God is with me again.
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 7:16:00 PM
DNA say,

This comment makes us so happy! Thank you God for each one who comes back to you. Yay Jesus!!

This just came in from another lady; she recently left the NTCC:
Allie said,
I too want to share the heart of Julie. I contacted her as I planned to leave NTCC except for letting her know we had made it out I haven’t really talked much to her. I contacted her the other day not knowing who else to ask to pray for me. I told her things were tight and I really needed to figure some food until pay day. I asked if she would pray. She prayed including saying God direct someone to help this family out. We ended our conversation that morning.
That evening she contacted me. She told me to look in my in-box of my e-mail she had sent me a message. I went there and found a gift card for my local grocery store. I started crying. I said wait you can’t afford this and didn’t you pray for God to direct someone to help me. She said well sometimes God just wants me to pray for someone sometimes God wants me to act. She said God wanted me to act in this one. She told me she trade with someone a few gift codes for this gift card. God had come through. It was so hard to receive but Julie shared something that really helped me.
Julie said NTCC has taught give give give but never receiving. I said what about the scripture it is more blessed to give then receive. She said okay let’s look at this. She said so if God only wants us to give even speaks of us taking care of those close to us in the family of God. Who does he want us to give to the cows the horses or maybe it is the little piggies. She said to give someone has got to receive. She said God doesn’t give to just one person and if he is our example why would he want us to only give to one person. She said God has a big job in shedding our NTCC way of thinking. It is easy to worry in receiving we may seem greedy or get into the receiving like the leaders but just the fact we are concerned about this, God shows us this proves we would never be as the leaders for our hearts are not into taking from others. Sometimes God will really pour blessings on someone to prove to them how much he loves to give to his children and shed the fear that they will appear as NTCC leaders. She said Just like friendship giving and receiving is a two-way street just understand your giving may not appear as what you receiving because each one has different ways to give and each one has different needs to receive. She said I pray to see what God would have me do in each person’s life. She said if I give when he wouldn’t have me give; a few things can happen one I might lack, two I might not have what is needed for who God would have me give to, and three I might rob someone else the blessing of giving to this person.
I am so blown away with the wisdom Julie has learned. I know she has had to get over NTCC thinking and like she said there are still many things she still has NTCC thinking in but God is patiently working and directing her life.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 11:20:00 AM
Anonymous said...
So I got out at a good time before my kids where at point where they could be abused? Thank you for sharing I am now at peace with what I decided.
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 12:20:00 PM

Your Voice Saved Our Lives said...

The guts you have Julie to stand up and say I am not going to idly stand by at the risk of another victim. My wife and I got to the bible school about a little over a year ago we were not at peace being there small things we noticed just bothered us. The leaders here are forever wanting alone time with the ladies.

My wife is one of the ladies that cleaned for Tanya and some of the other ladies as well. She told me one day that M. Kekel was in the house and asked to speak with her alone. My wife knew she was to obey the Man of God but her gut just didn't set right. She finally stammered out sir I will gladly speak to you but I would like to wait until my husband is present. My other pastor told me it is not good to be alone with a man including the Man of God. M. Kekel didn't seem happy and told her she could go home. Nothing more was said and she was not allow back to clean. We couldn't figure out what that was all about since nothing happened and not much was said.

We have recently left due to Julie being willing to share the adult sex stuff with us all. Thank you Julie! And I know you would want the Lord to be thanked too so Thank you Lord for watching over my family in letting us know we needed to get out of there.

My children are saved from that pain.
Saturday, April 19, 2014 11:46:00 PM
DNA say,

Good job Anonymous!  God delivered you and you children!  Awesome!
Anonymous said...
Thank you Julie for sharing Jesus. I came to the God in you now I have him in my heart too. My husband who was never in the group witnessed the changed in me wanted to know after walking away from that group how I could want God im my life? I shared what I read on the blog. I said this girl Julie showed me the real Jesus it made me want him like her. My husband asked Jesus into his heart. Some of my friends are noticing I am different I have been able to share with them about Jesus in me.Julie you point Jesus you dont make yourself the center of attention when I look at you Jesus shines so brightly in you that is all I see. Thank you God for showing me Jesus through a broken crippled girl willing to carrying Jesus to the world. Thanks to all that keep this going
Wednesday, April 16, 2014 5:25:00 PM
Anonymous said...
i am extremely grieved at NTCC violating Julie's and other the ladies civil rights . i have interviewed many clients who where sexually abused or raped, and her story sounds just like theirs. julie's account doesn't sound coached ,coerced or attention getting.
Friday, April 18, 2014 9:45:00 PM
Loving God said...
My heart is so grieved by what I am reading about your life. I have got out and I have my family. In fact we are having a big family Easter get together. I have been able to put it all behind me but I didn't suffer what you suffered. I hope somehow you can have peace at this time in your life knowing that Christ died for you and rose again that you can have liberty in him.
I have never experienced your life so I will not even pretend to know how you feel or should feel. I just hope you know God loves you right now. He feels your struggles and pain you have today. I know you live for God but I also know with pain some days it can feel like the depression overcomes you. My prayers are with you.
Saturday, April 19, 2014 11:23:00 AM
Anonymous said...
So you are the girl that Rev. Kekel has been speaking about. He has been saying some ugly things about you.
I too would have never heard of you or known to look on this blog had he not spent so much time speaking against you.

With everything that has happened to you, having no family, and what you deal with now in all this, it has got to be hard being you.
I left NTCC yesterday because you cared enough to speak out about the truth. I pray for you and hope you keep speaking until all hear what has happened in this place people call a church organization.
Wednesday, April 16, 2014 2:10:00 PM
Anonymous said...I too heard Rev kekel speak horribly of Julie. It was thr worse I have even heard. My wife and I left the bible school to hear a lady spoke of in such a nasty manner we were shocked. This shoudnt have happened.
Friday, April 18, 2014 1:39:00 PM
Sam said...
This will be our first weekend away from NTCC. We have struggled yet enjoyed this week. My wife has seen me at the dinner table more then she has in a few years. Before it was work then the work of God always having to heat up my dinner after church or soul-winning. It is different eating so early. Don and Ange you probably think ill of us for now we want to just read and pray at home together not go to church. We just want us and God. We been doing this all week long and it has been incredible and a blessing to our souls.
Julie thank you! You gave me the wake-up call my wife had been praying to God about. My wife has walking with God not willing to be like other pastor's wives she has seen even been called out for it. I was so blind I thought she was wrong but now I realize when she keep saying this place isn't follow God she spoke the truth.
Saturday, April 19, 2014 8:09:00 AM
Dear Sam and Fam,

We are so happy for you to have made "The Great Escape"!!!  We certainly DO NOT  think ill  of you for wanting to  just read and pray at home together. 
One thing we know, the church is Christ's body.  He said,

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. - Mat 18:20 KJV

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all [men] unto me. - Jhn 12:32 KJV

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. - Mat 16:18 KJV

When you gather in His name, He is there.  When He is lifted up, He draws all to Himself.  He WILL build HIS CHURCH.  The gates of hell will not prevail.

People have a saying that we love, "BE THE CHURCH".  We love it because it puts the focus back on Christ. We are to be members of His body (which is the church:

Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular. - 1 Cor 12:27 KJV

We are His body, His members like the hands that reach out to the homeless, the heart that breaks for the abused, the voice that shares what He has done for us, how that by His stripes we are healed (1 Peter 2:24 here, Isa 53:5 here).

When leaving a controlling cult like ntcc, it is a good idea to take time and enjoy your RELATIONSHIP with Christ.  When looking at other churches, pray so that you do not allow the false ntcc doctrine to cause you to be too critical.  Visit different groups and look for people who live like the Bible example set forth by Christ.  Do the leaders serve other people?  Is there unconditional love that abides even when people are sinning?  Is the church a place of healing?  Are there controls? Or is there the liberty found where there is the Spirit of Christ?

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord [is], there [is] liberty. - 2Co 3:17 KJV

Be a fruit inspector. Don't be too quick to commit to only one group. Find out first what they are really like. Maintain your liberty in Christ to visit other churches.  Believe us, normal and healthy churches do not resent or fear that. They embrace working together with other churches and even have a name for it:  


  [ek-yoo-men-i-kuhor, esp. British, ee-kyoo-]  
general; universal.
pertaining to the whole Christian church.
promoting or fostering Christian unity throughout the world.
of or pertaining to a movement (ecumenical movement)  especially among Protestant groups since the 1800s, aimed at achieving universal Christian unity and church union through international interdenominational organizations that cooperate on matters of mutual concern.
inter-religious or interdenominational: an ecumenical marriage.

Love God first with all your heart, mind, strength. Love your neighbor as yourself.  The rest will follow.

Don't worry about what we or anyone else thinks.  Seek His face. Seek His approval. His is the vote that counts. :o)  And we get the sense that you have His approval, based on what you wrote:

We just want us and God. We been doing this all week long and it has been incredible and a blessing to our souls.

The Bible records:

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.
 - Rom 8:14 KJV
For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.
 - Rom 8:15 KJV
The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:
 - Rom 8:16 KJV
Who [is] he that condemneth? [It is] Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.
 - Rom 8:34 KJV
Beloved, if our heart condemn us not, [then] have we confidence toward God. 
- 1Jo 3:21 KJV

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.
 - Gal 5:1 KJV

Don and Ange said...

If you've just left NTCC Lisa Norton said she will be praying especially for you to find your healing. We too will be praying for that and more.
Friday, April 18, 2014 9:07:00 PM

Julie said,
Thank you Jesus! Only God can work like this in people's lives. Know that you have many people praying for you so many.
Saturday, April 19, 2014 8:19:00 AM
For those of you who haven't yet met Julie or don't know anything about her, we feel this next song / video perfectly portrays her god-heart, the following scriptures her life-prayer:

Whom have I in heaven [but thee]? and [there is] none upon earth [that] I desire beside thee. - Psa 73:25 KJV

17 Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither [shall] fruit [be] in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and [there shall be] no herd in the stalls: 18 Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation. 19 The LORD God [is] my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds' [feet], and he will make me to walk upon mine high places. To the chief singer on my stringed instruments. - Hab 3:17-19 KJV

... weeping may endure for a night, but joy [cometh] in the morning. - Psa 30:5 KJV [partial]

Yet Will I Sing by Audra Lynn Video Link

And while we love Julie as much as anyone, we want everyone to remember, it is Jesus Who died for us to set us free. He deserves all the praise and glory.  Love you Lord!

As the testimonies continue to pour in, we thank God for each person He delivers from sin. Thank You Jesus!

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