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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Olson's Son In Law Deserted for Wearing No Shirt At Swimming Pool

Recently we received an Email from Danny Brill titled "Respect my Privacy".  The letter reads as follows:

Hey DNA! This is Danny Brill. I am sure the news will get out eventually so I am going to give it to you straight from the horses mouth. Regina left me a couple of days ago for not wearing a shirt at the swimming pool when I was teaching my daughter how to swim. I have nothing against you guys , but it would make me pretty upset to read about my family on the internet. Please respect my privacy. Thanks.

Bad timing Danny.  We just put the word out less than a month ago that we were not going to hide or cover up ntcc abuse any more.  I know this might seem harsh; and it might seem like we have no heart; but in the long run publishing your letter is better for you and your family than keeping this a secret; and I'll tell you why.

First of all, I would like to say I hope you are doing better physically; and we hold no ill feelings toward you.   We feel like you are one of many who have been victimized by the ntcc. Your wife Regina, who happens to be Olson's daughter, has either made her choice, or has been influenced to make a choice between honoring her marriage vows taken before God, or leaving you and honoring her father Joe Olson; who happens to be the "Pastor" of the organization; whose position, according to the bylaws, is "Chairman of the Board" and "President".  Kekel might be the heir apparent; but Olson is the Figure Head until such a point that people can stomach the thought of calling Kekel Pastor.  This decision that Regina had made for her will be applauded by all of the ntcc ministers; who use so-called 'holiness' to run-off the people whom they consider are not all the way "in", or to use as an example to keep husbands of ntcc board leaders' daughters in their place.

Who do you think is going to suffer the most while you try to keep all of this a private matter?  Your wife and daughter first, and then yourself.  You said it yourself, "I'm sure the news will get out eventually", so you have to know that your situation is going to be publicized no matter what you do. We have a lot smaller audience than the ntcc, so any internet publicity that you get will be minuscule in comparison to what the ntcc does to you.  Do you think that the ntcc is going to keep it a private matter?  They are already smearing your good name, casting aspersions, and using "coded preaching" to warn those "in the know".  Do you think that they are going to say that Regina left you because you treated her with respect and love?  Do you think you will be painted in a positive or negative light?  If I were you, I'd want to get my side of the story out in public; but I'm not you.  However, since we know that you have been so completely abused by these ntcc jerks, even though you won't admit it, We are going to do what you should do, and make this public.

Regina Olson Brill is about to be recycled into another marriage and your daughter will be sucked into the ntcc's swirling vortex along with her.  Somebody in the ntcc will hit the jackpot as long as they are willing to jump through all of the ntcc hoops that have nothing to do with God or His Word. And for the sake of your daughter and you, we hope the new man of the house is not some pedophile that ntcc has been harboring, as they have been known to do with the likes of convicted child rapists Johnny Jordan and Michael Fontenot.  Because of your health problems you were not able to meet their expectations or qualifications in Amarillo; so you resigned.  But they don't care about your health or you; they proved that by putting you at risk, requiring you to attend a conference against your Doctor's wishes; and you paid for it by getting sick.

Without you there to protect her, your daughter is going to be susceptible to what every other young girl in the ntcc is. She will be married off at a young age and hopefully nothing worse than that will happen.  You have been around the ntcc long enough to know that what we're saying is true.  You should be shouting your story from the rooftops and outing the corrupt ntcc leadership for influencing their daughter to violate her marriage vows; all because you didn't wear a shirt?  Regina was alright with her daughter violating the "No mixed swimming/bathing at a public swimming pool holiness rule" but her problem with you because you took your shirt off; that was cause for dessertion?   Not sure how many men wear their shirts while teaching their daughters how to swim in a pool.  We've never seen that before.  Ntcc acts like people who go to swimming pools are only there to sit around and gawk at everyone else while lusting after each other.  I went swimming at public pools in high school and most of the time swimming was about enjoying the water.  Families were all splashing around having fun, not checking out the other people.  But the ntcc likes to choke on a gnat while swallowing a camel.  What about what Olson did to Christina, Michael Fontenot's ex-wife, when she told him what happened to her six year old daughter being raped by Fontenot?  She was reporting an ntcc bible school instructor pedophile to Olson; but Olson told her to "find another church".  What is that?  By law Olson is required to report abuse to the authorities; which he failed to do.  Good thing Christina went to the police station instead!  Otherwise Fontenot might still be an NTCC Seminary Instructor when it's time for your daughter to attend there.

Danny, have you ever taken these creeps at face value?  I'm glad you wrote this shortly after it happened; and I'm glad you sent it to us. We are going to do what you should be doing; and that is warning your family about the dangers they now face.  You should be letting others know that if they make the same mistake they will have to suffer; and their family will be in danger.  We think that Regina will probably end up reading this, or at least she might hear about it and look it up for herself. If she does, she needs to realize that by leaving you, she is abandoning the person that she made vows to God to stay with 'til death do her part. I don't know if you had a chance to confront her but she needs to be asked directly if she is a Christian.  If she is a Christian, does she believe the bible like the ntcc claims to?  If she does you should ask her, where it says in the bible that she can desert her husband because he was shirtless at a public swimming pool?  This is the same bible that the ntcc uses to condemn you for "lasciviousness".  We do this all the time, and you should try it also.  Use the bible that they say they believe to expose their corruption and lies.  It doesn't say anywhere that if her husband is shirtless while giving a swimming lesson to his daughter that she could break those vows!  Whose sin is greater, your so called sin of being shirtless or adultery that is clearly defined by many scriptures that they claim to believe. This is another case of the ntcc using a man made standard to get rid of someone that they don't want around any more.

We wonder who they are match-making her with to replace you.  We feel strongly that even now the phone calls are going out to various single brothers/company men throughout the organization.

Brother In The Know:  "Well, brother, did you hear?  Regina Olson Brill is available again."

Single Brother:  "What?  I thought she was married?  I know Danny Brill was really sick.  Did he pass away?"

Brother In The Know:  "Not yet.  But he wasn't wearing a shirt and was giving his daughter a swimming lesson; so he's outta there!  What a lucky break for you!  You better pack your bags, brother.  I think God is calling you to Move On Up to Graham, Washington." (*wink wink*)

Meanwhile, you, Danny, will be fighting for your life, your wife, and some type of custody of your daughter.  It won't just be the lawyer of your soon-to-be-former wife you'll be facing; no, it will be the full power of the NTCC and all the resources that go with it ($$$$$$$, people, time, ...).  They'll probably try to take any land or house you own too.  Don't be surprised if they get a restraining order against you to prevent you from seeing your daughter; for that is one of their tactics; and we are not lying.  We know someone who is going through this right now.  Unfortunately, it's usually women that this happens to; and they have no money, no car, no place to live and no job experience or employment history when they leave the ntcc and often no means to fight any thing that happens to them.  We just figured out a way that we can make our millions.  We can invent Divorce Insurance and sell it to ntcc couples.  Oh, We forgot, they can't afford insurance.  Ask the ntcc widows how well that's worked for them.

Danny, the only advantage you have is the element of surprise; because they will never expect you to rise up against them and fight for your wife.  So Man Up; get the best lawyers you can, call your family and any old friends you might have left that will support you, and get ready for a serious fight; because you can be sure the ntcc has done this before plenty of times.  It's a shame; but it's the truth. If we include the folks they send to their indoctrination center, breaking up families just because only one spouse 'feels the call',  the ntcc has probably split up more families than they have formed through their Justice of the Peace style marriages.  (We know Regina got the gown; but most ntcc brides are expected to settle for the bare bones, after class on Friday night at midnight type of weddings. Ahem.)  So seriously, gird up your loins Man.

And please, folks, don't try to say we are making this up.  It happens ALL THE TIME in My ntcc!

We don't take any pleasure in publishing this; but hiding things like this is no longer in our nature. You need to get in front of this before the ntcc spins its lies and a bunch of false information starts to spread like wild fire through the organization.  Do you know that most people leave the ntcc and lies are immediately spread about them?  They are probably already busier than a mustard pedal at a weenie roast trying to brainstorm for ideas of how to spin this.  For a long time, people would come to us and tell us things and then say "Please don't blog about it."  We've learned that the ntcc acts and reacts according to what is being blogged about.  You are better off getting the truth out in public before the ntcc starts pushing their twisted version out there.  You are better off if the ntcc is in the Damage Control mode than if they are in the "destroy the X-minister without mercy mode".   Now at least if ntcc'rs read this blog they will know they are committing adultery if they marry Regina.  The ntcc won't tell them that; but Olson will encourage some previously hen pecked and recycled brother who hasn't read this blog and drinks their Kookaid to marry into double adultery. 

We have many testimonies that we have not blogged about that have just as much validity as yours; but we realized after almost 5 years of blogging that all we were doing was enabling the ntcc to keep hiding their abuse.  You might not agree; but what you have been through is spiritual abuse.  Those people in the ntcc have used you and pushed you to a point that defies human decency.  What was revealed on Chief's blog (read more by clicking here) that was done to you, was inhuman; but you explained it all away and tried to leave the impression that everything they did to you was kind and appropriate.  Don't make excuses for these guys any more.  They are all stone cold abusive jerks; and the last person they care about is you.  We actually care more about you than Olson does.  Olson would love nothing better than for you to never contact your wife and your daughter again.  That's how the ntcc treats people. They use them and throw them away.

We wish you the best Danny; and we really hope that she reconsiders and leaves the cult, rather than the husband she vowed to stay with for life.

My NTCC: The Happy Couple:  Danny and Regina Olson Brill.  Now My NTCC tries to break up yet another marriage; God hates putting away (divorce).
 Danny and Regina Olson Brill 
Photo credit - Olan Mills

Broken Together by Casting Crowns on YouTube

For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away: ... - Malachi 2:16 KJV (partial)

And if a woman shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she committeth adultery. - Mark 10:12 KJV

... and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from [her] husband committeth adultery. - Luke 16:18 KJV (partial)

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. - Gen 2:24 KJV

(1) Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee: (2) And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: (3) And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. (4) So Abram departed, as the LORD had spoken unto him; ... - Gen 12:1-4 (4 partial) KJV

Sorry if we have mocked anyone's shodesty with our use of secular songs in the playlist; but there just aren't any Christian songs that deal with desertion and divorce because the bible doesn't endorse the ntcc's divorce on demand policy.  It's really hard to find any related songs that are in the Christian music Genre that are appropriate for the "holiness" crowd.  In fact the closest we can get is this last video that features Chris Brown doing the "Doublemint Gum Jingle"  Double standards, double minded, double trouble, double lives, double wives, double daddies, double gated communities,
double tongued to chew your doublemint gum. Hmmm. There's a lesson in that.

Doublemint Jingle on YouTube

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Closer Look at The Revelation of Ashmore

How deep does the hypocrisy run in Ashmore's church?  Let's refresh our memories with the little excerpt we got from Ashmore's Commentary blog. We are going to break this down sentence by sentence:


So, now, that Ashmore has left, we find him warning others through what appears to be some kind of prophesy of doom.  Run for your lives, he says in capital letters.  Now that I've left after 40 years of abusing people, You need to run like I did from the anger of the Lord.  Are we really supposed to run from the anger of the Lord?  How about Repenting and making things right with the Lord and the many people you hurt, JRA?  Come out of 'Her' my people.  What 'her' is he referring to? The whore is what he says later.  So now all of a sudden the ntcc is the Whore once he decides to leave for a bigger piece of the pie?

My NTCC to Jesus Revival Ministries:  A former NTCC minister jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire; it's all the same-tithe and control.  Ashmore was a founding father of NTCC. Why would anything be any different under his new regime?
This Ex-Minister Flees the Great Whore of  NTCC to Follow The Great Ash-Whore: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire.

"Thank God other ministers are coming to their senses and exiting the CULT!"

Now that you've decided to leave ntcc, it's all of a sudden a cult?  This whole paragraph sounds like much of it was plagiarized from the Xer blogs.  Thank God that "other ministers", (who cares about the church schlubs), are coming to their senses and exiting the cult, (in which I was an active leader of abuse for 40 years).  Thank God because now Ashmore can exploit them and use them to build HIS Cult's bank account from tithe and offerings.  You know, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  If you join up with this Exploiter of the Brethren, don't be surprised to find yourself just as broke and worn out as you were in the ntcc!

"We feel great sorrow for those who are still blinded by their sinister methods and for all the church members who still suffer mental and spiritual abuse under the KING KONG type ministries behind some of their pulpits."

That's enough to make my oatmeal hit the wall.  Wow, wow and double wow!  Those sinister methods?  Which sinister methods might those be James Ross?  The ones that cause mental and spiritual abuse?  Like the mental and spiritual abuse you caused to people like Lisa, Moreno, Ken and so many others that have such fond memories of how you abused them?  King Kong type ministries?  Really JRA?  What type of King Kong ministries might you be referring to? And why did you wait till RWD died before you got this revelation?  It seems awfully convenient that you hung around through all those abusive years and endured all of those sinister methods, and then just up and decided to leave after R-dub kicked the bucket?  SMH!

"Those who don't know what's going on are to be pitied for their ignorant continuance under the facade of a "holiness" organization."

Did you know what was going on during your 40 years of ignorant continuance under the facade of a 'holiness' organization?  What was your role in this organization during this 40 years of ignorance?  Do you really expect everyone to ignore your role in the ntcc and think that all of a sudden you've changed and now suddenly have everyone's best interest at heart even though you haven't admitted your role in the ntcc or taken responsibility for the many people you've hurt?

"We are hearing reports from many who have gone through hell on earth under the manipulative and controlling leaders they once trusted, only to find out later what they really were!"

Wow, James.  That's quite the narrative.  Where were you when all these reports were being issued about the manipulative and controlling leaders?  Many people once trusted you; I don't suppose that you put anyone through hell on earth, did you Jim?  We would ask the Moreno family; but you put them through such hell on earth they are now dead because of it!  "Only to find out later what they really were?"  Really?  What were you?  What are people finding out right now about what you really were?  It seems like you chose to be part of this bunch for 40 years until RWD died and there was no place for you among them any more.  Is that why you decided to 'run for your life'?!

"Spouses have been recycled under the sinister notion that one should leave and divorce their spouse if said spouse LEAVES the GROUP (even if they are still serving God!)"

Sounds like you've been reading our blog again.  Is this a new revelation about the spouses that were recycled?  What did you do for those spouses while you were in Board meetings witnessing the pressure that was being put on some of these families that made one person leave and another stay?  Who helped enforce this sinister notion, or who turned a blind eye to it for 40 years while so many families were destroyed?  Can you hear me now?

My NTCC to Jesus Revival Ministries:  This String of Ntcc Ministers being Led by Ashmore are Walking out of the Ntcc and Into the Jesus Revival Ministries to Follow Ashmore who's Eyes were Opened After Forty Years of Walking Around Blind in Egypt, Or did Ashmore Really Have his Eyes Open the Whole Time?
This String of Ntcc Ministers being Led by Ashmore are Walking out of the Ntcc and Into the Jesus Revival Ministries to Follow Ashmore who's Eyes were Opened After Forty Years of Walking Around Blind in Egypt, Or did he Really Have his Eyes Open the Whole Time?

"The Day of wrath awaits these "blind leaders of the blind" and may all whose eyes are opened flee this Whore while there is still time!"

It's a good thing that you were the only one that was pleasing in God's sight during your 40 years in the ntcc.  I guess the day of wrath is going to pass over you just because you left.  Were you not a blind leader of the blind yourself? Or were you different than all of your ntcc buddies?  When you make the recommendation that all whose eyes are open, 'flee this Whore', are you referring to the ntcc or its current leaders?  Were they considered to be a Whore while you were holding the bag and some of the highest offices and perks in the organization?  When did they become a Whore, after you left?

I'm not buying it.  I would have believed you if you would have left and sought forgiveness from the many people that you have hurt; but I'm not buying it now.  Instead it seems like you weren't getting the praise and payroll from kekel that you expected after davis departed.  It sounds like you weren't getting your piece of the pie, so you took your ball and went home.  Now you want to drag a bunch of duped ministers to follow you so you can continue to exploit them and won't have to work.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Our Ntcc X-er Podcast is up and Running!

We now have our Podcast Channel up and running.  Now not only can desktop users access podcasts but mobile users with I-phones and Android operating systems will work.  Thanks for your patience. Right now pod casting is new to us but we'll get more and more comfortable with it as we use it.  If you have a suggestion for a pod cast topic, leave a comment and we'll look at the suggestions and choose one or two topics to cover.  Below is a step by step video of how it works.  I'm sure some will figure it out on their own, but for the rest of us who need a little help navigating through the abyss of ntcc cult clutter, our YouTube video should help.

The quality is not great because I was working with multiple devices while recording and a little tired at the same time.  We said we'd try to get it up and running today, and here it is before midnight and we got it running.

Accessing X-er Blog Podcasts on  YouTube

If anyone has any topics they want to discuss let us know in a comment on our blog and we'll choose one or two and share what we know about that topic.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The NTCC Day School, Spankings and Child Abuse

In the beginning RWD created the NTCC.  The NTCC members were without brains and void of understanding, stumbling around in the darkness of false doctrine.  And Davis said, Let there be girls; and there were girls. And Davis saw those girls, that they were desirable.

And Davis separated the girls from the boys. And Davis put the men on the right side of the tabernacle; and the women put he on the left of the tabernacle.  And as he looked out over his creation, it pleased him.  And the men he called Preachers; and the women he called Preachers' wives, who have no authority.

And Davis said,  Let the men ask My permission to talk to the women; and let Us be a Match-Maker to interfere with the natural state of relationships; so that We may cause suffering among the congregation and countless marital problems that will rise up in times of trouble.  And it was so.

And RW saw that men and women began to be fruitful and multiply; and Davis said, Let there be a Day School to keep the children out of their parents' hair, (and away from their watchful eyes); and let us appoint a known Cross Dresser as principal over the Day School.  And Davis chose Michael Rudy to run that Day School with a rod of iron.

And Davis said: Let the children be spanked by men who aren't the parents of the child; and let it be done in private so the Pervert can have unfettered access to the child's bare bottom without the parents present.

And R-Dub kept a close eye on that Day School, and a closer eye on the girls who were being raised in it, until that Day School became his own personal playground, a place where, allegedly, he could spank and kiss and fondle little girls without their parents finding out about it.  (Have you talked to your daughter about this yet?)

And R-dub found out that the sons of men and the daughters of women were multiplying greatly.   And R-dub said, "Children hinder the work of the Lawd" borg; and cursed shall be the women who have children; for "they have ruined their husbands' ministry."

But the woman was tempted when she read in the Good Book that children are a blessing of the Lord; and she and her hubby had unprotected sex.  But R-dub rolled up in his Million Dollar Recreational Vehicle to fellowship with the man and the woman in the cool of the day and found that the man and the woman were clothed; and the woman was wearing a maternity gown made of thrift store materials.

And Davis the Malevolent was angry with the man and said, Why is thy wife wearing a maternity dress?  Who told her to get pregnant?  And R-dub pronounced with disdain that the men and women should not be surprised if he didn't get excited when a woman tells him that she is pregnant.  And the Man said to R-Dub, The woman Thou gavest me quoted a scripture from the Good Book; that Thou preachest from; and she gave me the chance to be the man that I thought God wanted me to be.

And R-dub asked the woman, What hast thou done?  Didest thou not hearest Me, when I commanded thee that children hinder the work of the borg?

And the woman said, "The Good Book that Thou preachest from said to be fruitful and multiply and that children are a blessing from the Lord; therefore I had lawful sex with my husband that Thou gavest to me.

 And R-dub said to the man, Let the men be snipped that they may be neutered and cease to multiply; for children hinder the work of the Lawd.

And to the Woman R-dub said,"Let the women be unemployed, bereft of friends, broke, barefoot and barren in the Barrio, for all the days of her life." (For all of our Gringo friends who don't hable  (speak Spanish) - Barrio is Spanish for a town with an especially high poverty level, aka a ghetto.)

And Davis made a proclamation throughout the land that the Good Book was only to be interpreted by him; and that the false doctrine of children hindering their parents' ministry should be pedaled and spread throughout the land.  Let this false doctrine be observed and obeyed by all those in the ministry except for My adopted offspring which shall bring forth a son; who shall have special privileges and be allowed to break any rules that he wishes to break.  This doctrine shall be observed; and as a token of My false doctrine, and for the success of My dictatorship, it shall be obeyed just like My false doctrine: "All Christians pay tithes and give in offerings;" or they will be shunned; and their names will be blotted out of the Book of Tithes Life that I keep in a cabinet next to a large file of papers entitled, "This is I".

Ray sings in the Ghetto on YouTube

Of all the experiments that took place in the ntcc, the Day School has turned out to be one of the worst failures in ntcc history; and many children that attended this school were abused physically, emotionally and sexually.  One reason for its failure, and the thing that has the most people scratching their heads was Davis' choice for the Principal of the Day School.  RWD chose M.T. Rudy; who had been caught, by Davis himself, dressed up as a woman in his car at the Forest Ave. Church parking lot. Davis always made the statement, "I never saw a Homosexual get saved."  So why would he put one in charge of the Day School and then send him to Servicemen's Homes to be surrounded by young men who were still developing mentally and physically at 18 and 19 years of age?  We have talked to many of the girls that attended the ntcc Day School and found that it was a very strict place; and children were getting spanked all the time.  Many of the spankings took place in public as one witness told us how Davis made an example out of Ashmore's son, using a belt to whip the boy twenty times, pausing between blows to have the lad spin around like a top. Apparently the pain alone wasn't enough to satisfy Davis; he had to make a point of humiliating the boy.  Julie, Pam, Lisa and many others went to this Day School; which, according to Lisa, was a joke; and the teachers were not educated themselves nor qualified to teach children.

My NTCC Another NTCC Sadist tries to satiate his lust by beating an unwilling victim with a board while the vic, bruised and crying, lays across his lap [ahem]. Don't call it a spanking.  There's something really wrong with this picture!
This Disturbing Depiction Represents what Actual Victims of Abuse have been through in the NTCC

The public and private spankings that took place at the ntcc Day School opened the door for what became a widespread problem in the ntcc.  Preachers were encouraged to spank children that did not belong to them; and they did so in private, sometimes in their own bedroom in the absence of any other adults.  Who knows what really happened behind closed doors?  Allegedly Davis and Kekel both spanked and sexually abused Julie, according to her testimony, in private many times; and this involved more than just one instance.  This practice of spanking other peoples' kids gave perverts the perfect opportunity to take things further; it turned into a sick fetish that quickly morphed into groping, fondling and other improprieties.  Lisa shared that allegedly Ashmore not only spanked her; Ashmore allegedly pulled Lisa's panties down and spanked her bare bottom and also felt her with his fingers. According to Julie, allegedly Rudy did the same thing.  Ralph St. Clair did the same thing.

While in Kansas at the Big Red One, Lee Taylor went to jail for spanking someone else's child.  Even though the spanking was the mother's idea, a few days later, when she saw the marks on her child, she called the cops and had Taylor arrested.  ntcc bailed him out but never pulled his Minister's license.  How could he?   Davis was the one that taught him to beat children.  Davis told everyone about it from the pulpit during the next conference.  But Taylor went on to do the same thing, spanking other peoples' kids at the next place the ntcc sent him - Ft. Bragg, in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Taylor even showed off the board he used; a long wooden paddle that had holes drilled in it "So it would leave better marks." Lee Taylor boasted to the worker / minister there.

My Ntcc: Taylor was Arrested for Spanking Someone Else's Child.  Ntcc Bailed him out and later he was Bragging about using a Paddle like this.
Do you Believe Using a Paddle Like
this on a Child's Buttocks is Abuse?
What Would Happen if Someone Hit
an Adult With Such a Paddle?
Barbara Norton was Barbaric in the physical abuse that she dished out to her daughters Pam and Lisa, locking them out on the freezing porch wearing nothing but their undergarments.  Barbaric Barb also sat on Lisa's chest, attempting to murder her by choking her while screaming at her.  Another time Barbaric Barb, like a cave-woman, dragged Lisa by her hair down the steps, cursing at her.  Yet Davis wanted Barbaric Barb to follow him to Washington State; and he had Ashmore assassinate the character of Lisa Norton and Lori Kelley, who were both young girls, calling them "whores" and "sluts" from the pulpit.  Yet it was Davis who molested under-age Pam (Norton) Jordan and tried to do the same to Brenda Norton, Pam and Lisa's older sister.  This all took place because of the practice of spanking children opening the door to pervert preachers getting unfettered access to underage girls' and boys' private parts.  We also know of other perversions and molestation incidents that took place with underage girls that we have been asked not to share; and we suspect there are even more that will forever be hidden as it is really hard for people to go public with this type of abuse.

This whole thing blew up when Davis was molesting sixteen year old Pam (Norton) Jordan.  I'm not sure if Johnny Jordan did so to get even with Davis for molesting his wife Pam, or if Johnny is just an insatiable deviant, but he raped his wife Pam's little sister Lisa and got her pregnant.  I did a time check and asked Darwin D. about when the Day School closed; and the math had the Day School closing right about the same time that Lisa Norton and Lori Kelley were kicked out of the ntcc by Ashmore at Davis' request; and Johnny Jordan was given money by Davis to move Johnny and Pam to Washington; and Davis also convinced Barbaric Barbara Norton to abandon her daughter, pregnant-by-rape Lisa; who was left to fend for herself along with her special needs brother Terry.

In My NTCC davis deceived duped disciples, claiming "Children hinder the work of Gawd."  But the True Word of God and the Bible teach us that children are a blessing and Jesus loved them and blessed them.
A Picture of Healthy Children that Should be Allowed to Grow Up Loved and Cared For by their Parents in a Christian Environment

It was around this time that Davis started really pushing his "Children hinder the work of God Doctrine" and ntcc preachers started getting neutered.  Some got the vasectomy procedure reversed years later - after the Kekels' son Grant was born.  They finally realized that they had been duped by Davis the Deceiver.  If  the Kekels could have a kid, why couldn't they?  So a couple of lucky guys got the vasectomy procedure reversed.  But that doesn't always work.  One couple, who left ntcc, was able to find joy by taking in foster children.  But others still have no children as a result of Davis the Dictator's deceitful doctrine.  Meanwhile, back to the Day School Drama and its aftermath:  When the Day School closed, Rudy went on to replace the gay preacher that was at the Fort Polk Servicemen's Home, (Perry Broadnax); so Perry could go to Korea and take advantage of young GI's, taking them to the bath house and watching them bathe nude; and later Rudy went on to replace another homosexual Pastor at Fort Bragg named Hummel.  Rudy, at the time, was married to Lori Kelley's sister, Cynthia Kelley.  And Lori, who is good friends with Lisa Norton, confirmed Lisa's testimony when we talked to both of them on the phone.

The ntcc was built on perversion; and it all started with Davis' adultery; which caused him to be kicked out of a previous church.  When he said he left that church for holiness reasons he wanted folks to think it was his holiness that was being offended.  But the truth is that the church had holiness standards that would not permit Davis the adulterer to continue to live in sin.  So he left and concocted his convoluted version of what happened, using weasel words to deceive folks about what had happened.  As if that isn't bad enough on its own, apparently it wasn't enough for insatiable R-dub to carouse around and sleep with married women; but he also had a lust or taste for young girls. There are simply too many witnesses, some from the previous church, who have nothing to gain by sharing their painful stories; they are not all lying.  And if you continue to ignore the truth, you are lying to yourself about your 'reverend' Davis who was anything but 'reverend'!  From what we've learned from the survivors of these atrocities, most of the child abuse seems to have centered around or sprung up from the Day School and spankings and child abuse.  An environment was created there that encouraged one of the most wicked sins that exists and that is to abuse a child physically and sexually.

Like any sin, this practice continued to grow in the shadows of the ntcc environment of pastor worship and secrecy.  Victims were silenced, shunned, and scourged.  Predators were hidden, promoted and encouraged to continue on a dark path leading souls away from God.  Look at Johnny Jordan.  Davis hid his sin and moved Jordan to Washington, away from prosecution in Missouri.  So Jordan continued in his sin and to this day he is a prisoner in the state of Florida for raping another child.  Beloved, these things ought not to be so.  Don't you have enough God about you or even common sense or common decency to see these things and do something about it?

I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren? - 1Co 6:5 KJV

Take a clue from the Apostle Paul, who admonished the super-spiritual sinning saints of Corinth to clean house.

If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church. - 1Co 6:4 KJV

Even 'sinners' know better.  Why don't you stop claiming to be so wise, open your eyes and hearts, and get rid of the filth in your ntcc?

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