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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Birds of A Feather

We were looking at Facebook pages and saw how all of a sudden a new friendship has sprouted up between the Ashmores and Donny Ridgeway.  This is very interesting to us; because Donny Ridgeway is one of the many reasons we now have comment moderation on this blog.  He wrote one comment on our blog that was completely degrading Julie.  So we did not publish it.  There were also many anonymous comments from someone who claimed to be a friend of Donny.  Those were some of the filthiest comments we ever got in our moderation folder.  They never contained anything constructive; instead, the person sending those anonymous comments would always just be name-calling and cursing.  There was never any substance. Anonymous would call Julie bad names and talk bad about her due to her Cerebral Palsy. And Anon would use the filthiest expletives (curse words) that you could possibly imagine.  Naturally we did not publish those comments from the 'friend of Donny' Anonymous, nor from the other railers and revilers who used lots of cursing and made lewd suggestions without sharing anything worth reading.  The volume of those sick comments was staggering.  There are really some sick people in this world; and ntcc has more than a fair share of them in their camp.  It was freakish how one girl's stories triggered so many freaks to come out of the woodwork. Maybe they were afraid that she would be blogging about them next?  Who knows?  But the point is, there are lots of twisted people 'defending' the ntcc.

Soap and Cursing on YouTube

We have yet to post Julie's complete testimony about Ashmore; because people had a hard time believing all the board members that were involved in abusing her.  We did get an email from her brother John St. Clair, (that's who claimed to have written it), that acknowledged Ashmore's involvement.  We think Davis purposely arranged for all of these interludes; so that when he got caught nobody could turn on him; because they all did the same thing; they were all dirty.  We mean, how could Ashmore and Kekel out Davis for partaking in the same abuse?

Of course maybe folks just believe that it's all coincidence.  Joan admitted that Ralph raped Julie and lost his phony ntcc preacher's license for six months.  Ralph mysteriously dies without a shred of evidence a year later.  Reports of Ralph receiving preferential treatment like a free, all-expense-paid trip for two to conference and a new car, (hush money), and even a future position on the Board, flooded in.  Most of the stuff we didn't publish; but we still have it on file.  Julie named Kekel, Davis, Ashmore and others as the perpetrators; and not one of them has come forward and denied it.

Julie exposed the Spanking scandal that was prevalent in the ntcc.  Davis, Kekel, Rudy, and others practiced spanking other peoples' children; and they would pull down their underwear to spank them. And Angela (Hill) Eury allegedly was spanking Julie when Julie was a newlywed 16 year old living in San Antonio with Donny Ridgeway.  What was interesting about this, was that we only briefly mentioned Angela (Hill) Eury's name to Julie, and Julie was off and running telling us about how much she allegedly suffered at the hands of AHE.  That speaks to us that this was a reality in Julie's life.  Just the name of Angela (Hill) Eury triggered a huge unexpected outpouring of what Julie allegedly suffered.  She had no reason to share that.  We were not even planning on blogging about that, with all the other topics we needed to cover at that time; but, things have a way of surfacing again over time.  When we learned this about Angela (Hill) Eury, we suddenly understood why she was so tight with Tanya Davis Kekel.  In fact, the picture of Tanya that was used in the "Who's Your Daddy" scandal originally had Angela (Hill) Eury standing next to TDK.  This spanking of other people's kids was wide spread in the ntcc; and many have testified about it.  Lisa and Pam Norton and Lori Kelley all came out and confirmed much more of the abuse that took place, some of which we have not yet blogged about.

image:  Angela (Hill) Eury and Tanya Davis Kekel at Ye Olde Campground Dining Facility.  Birds of a Feather (allegedly) Spank Together.
 Angela (Hill) Eury and her close friend Tanya
 Davis Kekel at Ye Olde ntcc Campground in
 Santa Fe, Missouri.  Birds of a Spanking Feather
 (allegedly), flock together. Don't they look
 sweet?  But we wouldn't want them around
 our children or any innocent youngsters. 

A former ntcc member from the early 70's said that Ashmore started the [gay] foot massage practice in Tillicum; and then Brother Ken shared his testimony of how Ashmore protected two known homosexual predators while trying desperately to force Bro. Ken out of the ntcc in St. Louis.  Now Ashmore, out of nowhere, becomes friends with Donny Ridgeway?  You can believe that it's all coincidence if you want.  But I think it's naive and gullible for people to jump right on board the JRA train without doing their homework.

(Jhn 2:24-25 KJV) (24) But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all [men], (25) And needed not that any should testify of man: for he knew what was in man. here

If Christ took care and didn't jump on any man's band wagon, we should learn from His example.  Be a fruit inspector.

(Mat 7:20 KJV) (20) Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.  here

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Revelation of Ashmore

"COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! RUN FROM THE ANGER OF THE LORD!" Jer. 51:45 Thank God other ministers are coming to their senses and exiting the CULT! We feel great sorrow for those who are still blinded by their sinister methods and for all the church members who still suffer mental and spiritual abuse under the KING KONG type ministries behind some of their pulpits. Those who don't know what's going on are to be pitied for their ignorant continuance under the facade of a "holiness" organization. We are hearing reports from many who have gone through hell on earth under the manipulative and controlling leaders they once trusted, only to find out later what they really were! Spouses have been recycled under the sinister notion that one should leave and divorce their spouse if said spouse LEAVES the GROUP (even if they are still serving God!) The Day of wrath awaits these "blind leaders of the blind" and may all whose eyes are opened flee this Whore while there is still time!

This is a little excerpt from Ashmore's friend page on Facebook called James Ashmore's commentary which is only visible to invited guests.  For someone who spent the better part of 40 years in this sleezy organization practicing the same principles he sure did execute an abrupt about face and now all of the sudden, he has seen the light.  I think not.  He is basically blasting the ntcc for the same things we have been blasting them for the same things that we have been blogging about for years.   In fact it looks like he got the majority of his talking points straight off of our blog, or Chiefs blog, because he also has been blogging about this stuff for years.  It's funny how we were made out by many in the ntcc and some in the X-er communities to be devils and the nastiest of bloggers and here we find the minions flocking to Ashmore with their itching ears ready and willing to hear him say the exact same things that we have been saying.  They can't wait to jump on his band wagon so they can replace the ntcc with another cult.  Do you really need to be followers of one of the architects of the ntcc abuse?  Ashmore is a long time abuser of souls and has been doing the exact same things that he now preaches against.

If you want to become thoroughly mixed up in your mind, heart and soul than by all means, jump on board the Ashmore train.  Don't be ignorant of the same devices that destroyed you in the ntcc.  If you leave the ntcc and get mixed up with Ashmore you will be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.  The only reason this guy left the ntcc was because Davis died and the only leverage Kekel has over Ashmore is what Kekel himself has been guilty of and all of that information can be found on this blog.  Read Julie's stories.  Read Ken's story.  Read Lisa's stories.  Read Moreno's story. Ashmore is a first class abusive narcissist with a history of destroying people who got in his way and who now has no place in the ntcc and has decided to get him a bigger piece of the pie.  In common vernacular, Ashmore wants your money.  He already knows how to build a cult.  

Comment # 1:

Ashmore says:  We feel great sorrow for those who are still blinded by their sinister methods and for all the church members who still suffer mental and spiritual abuse under the KING KONG type ministries behind some of their pulpits.

How much sorrow did Ashmore feel when he was dispatched by Davis to call Lisa a whore after she was raped and abandoned to hide Davis's sins?  How much sorrow did Ashmore feel when he rebuked Moreno for turning in Kinson?  Moreno did the right thing and reported Kinson for retrieving his wallet from a whore house in Japan.  Moreno was spiritually assassinated by Ashmore and later took the lives of his wife and two children (The unborn counts), before allegedly killing himself.  How much sorrow did Ashmore feel when he allegedly raped Julie?  How much sorrow did Ashmore feel when he told Brother Ken, I wish you would just leave.  King Kong type ministers?  Really?  The pot calling the kettle black.

comment # 2:

We are hearing reports from many who have gone through hell on earth under the manipulative and controlling leaders they once trusted, only to find out later what they really were!

How long have we been saying this and folks have been piling up on us saying you are just bitter and need to get a life.  You can find this statement almost word for word on our blog and Chief's blog many times over.  Ashmore acts like he wasn't a part of this scam.  If you go running to Ashmore, you are nothing but an abused cult member that hasn't learned their lesson and you think that Ashmore will do a better job of controlling and manipulating you than the ntcc?  Who caused the hell on earth?  Who put people through this hell on earth?

comment # 3:

Spouses have been recycled under the sinister notion that one should leave and divorce their spouse if said spouse LEAVES the GROUP (even if they are still serving God!)

Ashmore is even using our words to describe what we have been saying for years as if he stumbled onto some new information.  He was part of this movement and never stuck up for any of these couples that were being "recycled" while it was happening.  Follow Ashmore to your own destruction.  He has a mind full of knowledge and a past full of abuse.  If you jump on board the Ashmore ship you will end up thoroughly messed up.


This comment came in from one man who shares that Ashmore allegedly told the man's wife to divorce him; then Ashmore allegedly targeted the man's children, telling them that man "wasn't their dad, just a deadbeat that wanted them kept from God."  That's a powerful accusation to say to somebody's children.  Ashmore might be guilty of slander.   Brandon may want to look into that with a lawyer. It sounds like defamation of character, slander, and spiritual abuse. Don't worry about going to law, brother against brother.  Brothers don't attack you from the pulpit, call little girls whores, try to pit your kids against you, or tell your wife to divorce you or any of the other things that people testify that Ashmore has done.  Can you people now see Ashmore's hypocrisy?  By condemning the ntcc, without first repenting for doing the exact same things, Ashmore is actually condemning himself with these things he has written on his secret/members only commentary page on Facebook.  Wake up folks.

Brandon, we are sorry for what you went through.

Anon Brandon said,

"My ex wife was told by Ashmore God wanted her to divorce me and if she didn't God would not bless nor would our kids have an opportunity of salvation. She believed when he said God spoke to him. (I wouldn't go to pastor a certain church Davis said to go)
Visitation was difficult with all the moving they did with the new husband Ashmore set her up with per the instruction of God so he said. I had to shell out a lot of money to go see my kids but I loved my kids so I was willing to do it. Ashmore even told my kids I wasn't their dad just a deadbeat that wanted them kept from God. I paid all child support payments. I tried to be the best dad I could even tried to respect the dress code when the kids where with me."

Brandon, again, we are sorry for both your sake, and the sake of your family to have been broken up, apparently, by spiritual abuse.  And, allegedly, all by Ashmore; who now condemns the ntcc for doing the very same things he has done.

comment # 4:

The Day of wrath awaits these "blind leaders of the blind" and may all whose eyes are opened flee this Whore while there is still time!

Now Ashmore is calling them "this Whore" and warning people to flee.  When did the ntcc all of the sudden take the Catholic Church's place and become the great whore of Revelation?  Chief first made that assertion years ago because the Catholics and the ntcc are pretty much doing the same things.  We also have made this comparison.  I guess since the great Ashmore, Bashmore, Cashmore left, the ntcc all of the sudden is now a whore.  I would say that they have always been a whore in the same sense that Jesus spake of in Revelation.  Perhaps Jesus was talking about all of the religious hypocrites and not just the ones in the Catholic church.  Ashmore also called Lisa and Lori whores when he was dispatched by Davis to cover up his sin.  Ashmore is one of the biggest hypocrites you will ever find.

While we do encourage people to set themselves free from the abuser found in the ntcc, we would not recommend following one of the ntcc's chief architects and enforcers of those abusive ways, James Ross Ashmore.

Jesus said "Follow me."  Christ alone has paid the price for our salvation.

J Train by tobyMac featuring Kirk Franklin on YouTube

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Crumbs From The Table

A friend and brother that used to attend one of the churches in the ntcc contacted us today and we talked for a couple hours about old times.  So much of the Good stuff that happened back in the 80's and 90's is a blur but other things were very memorable.   We shared a lot of the true accounts of some of the stuff we went through and it really solidifies our reason for leaving the ntcc and it also substantiates what we all know and have known for years.  We are not going to publish his name but with his permission we are going to share a few crumbs from the table.  The first thing that was shared with us was that our friend heard a radio preacher while he was driving in the oil fields of North Dakota and this radio preacher was talking about trust and how that its hard for people to trust. He then shared that the preacher said that while he was in the service he got invited out to a cult down in Georgia and got involved with that cult.  He then said that the cult was called New Testament Christian Church.  The full course is yet be shared, but for now we'll have to settle for crumbs.  Our friend is going to find out exactly who it was preaching on that radio station and give him a call.  We might or might not have more to say about it depending on what we find out.  We found it very interesting that someone out in the middle of nowhere would be on the radio preaching against the ntcc.  We recently did a post on another ntcc member that found his way out of the ntcc decades ago and has been in the ministry preaching against the ntcc for years also.

Radio Preachers Recognize
 NTCC as a Cult

So we continued our conversation and began to reminisce on the phone about times we spent in the ntcc.  We were not in the same church but we used to fellowship and I drove the brother to conference one time.  The brother told me how Denis used to aggressively collect tithe from the brothers in the home.  He would escort the brothers to the ATM machine and collect the cash from them almost as fast as the machine could spit the money out.  I can almost see Denis with his hand in front of the money dispenser as the brother was entering his pin #.   Denis would tell the brothers to pay twenty dollars more than their actual tithe was.  He would say something like, Would it kill you to put an extra $20 on that?  Would it kill ya?  Now many of us were also told to pay a little over or to round up so that God would have room to bless us.  If you paid your tithe down to the penny you were frowned upon because if the rapture took place and someone bought you a soda, you wouldn't be covered and you would be considered overweight.  Five cents too heavy to go in the rapture.  The question should not be, "Will a Man Rob God"?  It should be, "Will a man rob the people of God"?  Now Denis was one of the most 'successful' ministers in the ntcc if you measure success by money and numbers.  I was a little bit amazed at the efficiency and cold calculation that was exhibited by Denis.  He actually discouraged another minister from going after married military couples because "they have lots of problems and no money!" Denis also taught another minister that his time was more important then to spend it counseling married couples.  All of this foolishness was taught by Davis.  Now I believe Denis took it to a whole new level as the architect of the largest split to date in ntcc history.  He calculated and orchestrated the split and successfully got a bunch of preachers and church members to follow him out of the ntcc after draining several church accounts, (otherwise known as embezzling) and stealing furniture from the servicemen's homes right out from underneath RWD's nose.  People were coming to Davis trying to warn him about Denis but he would rebuke them for bringing accusations against Denis.  This was all learned behavior that Denis gleaned from being around Davis for years.

Then we talked about how that T.P Jordan was down there initially to start that work and was bragging that he had 25 people out to church but half of them were his own family members some of which were visiting from Florida.  Jordan said that GI's were gullible and that they were targeted by the organization because they would give lots of money and fall in line with all the rules without asking questions.  We have to admit that this statement seems to be pretty true because that's what we all did.   Some might ask, why do you even blog about this stuff, is it really that important?  It lets others know that it wasn't their fault.  My friend said that he left the ntcc feeling like another worthless human being that washed out of the ntcc and he felt like that for so many years.  Many of us felt that way.  We were taught to feel that way and when we share this stuff on the blogs others realize that it was all wrong.  We might be at fault for believing them but we are not lost because we left them.  We woke up and did the best thing we could have done.  If you find your way out of the ntcc, don't feel guilty.  Rejoice and be exceeding glad.  You have done what so many are unable to do.  You should feel exonerated that you got your life back.  You are the captain of your own ship, but if you allow someone else to take the controls, it is not you living for God, but them telling you how you must live for God.  Whatever you do with your life is your business.  Being successful in life is not a sin.  Spending time with your family is not a sin.  If you are going to church 5 times a week and your marriage is falling apart, you are broke and can't pay bills stop paying your tithe to a bunch of crooks and find a new church.  Maybe the cult you are in is causing the marriage problems you are having.  If you do not take care of your family, you are worse than an infidel.  If your church doesn't give you the time that you need to spend with your family, than you are probably in a cult and you would be more right with God by leaving that church than you would staying with them.  Don't let some religious nut be the cause of your family splitting up.


The Brother that sent this just told me one time Denis got word of a 7 day per week schedule and instituted it in the home in Hinesville.  The brother was said what everyone else was thinking, "What about a night off?  Denis scolded the guy, telling him, "This world is coming to an end, brother". Another example of more control and manipulation.  Keep them so busy they won't have time to think.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Proverbs of R-Dub: Pearls of Wisdom from the Flounder

An RWD Calendar We Found in Cyber Space

While going through an old box of junk I recently discovered a whole treasure trove of notes that I took and later typed out after a conference in the 90's.  As I read through the notes I had taken, it began to reinforce the facts that I've learned since leaving the ntcc. There are many Davis-isms that were spewed out that year from behind the pulpit.  Some of the stuff was just plain stupid; while some might of worked,  if it were practiced by Davis before he pitchforked it onto others. In this display of Cult Leadership 101 you will find hypocrisy at its highest point, double standards flowing from the mouth of the ntcc's chief hypocrite. Without being too long winded we will try to compare the Dubster's teachings with the bible and contrast them to the way he lived his life contrary to his own teachings (hypocrisy).  For those of you that are still in the ntcc, please ask yourself the question, "Has God changed?  Or was Davis a fraud all along?" The way Davis insulted everyone's intelligence with man-made rules and dictated the way of life that he expected others to live by, while he lived contrary, is a testament that contradicts and twists what we know and have learned in our own studies of the bible.

The topic of this particular conference was Servicemen's Homes and came out of a book that Davis supposedly wrote on the topic.  The NTCCSH Book is very practical and will yield desired results. What is a Servicemen's Home?  It is a vehicle used by Gawd to bring about the salvation (and tithes) of multitudes of precious Servicemen.  Proven a $ Fruitful$$$ and important part of our outreach.  "It has been instrumental in the success of the bible college and organization."  Monday night Olson was the speaker, but he was basically blurting out Davis' own material on the subject; (that is if Davis actually wrote the NTCCSH Book - keep in mind that Davis often plagiarized others without giving them credit).  Davis blathered on about the same stuff on Tuesday morning and night, Wednesday morning and night and Thursday morning and night.   Much of what was said reinforces my reasons for blogging against Davis, his cult and the people he selected to run it after he allegedly died.

The Proverbs of R-Dub:

1.  It was shared that Olson was reached in a Servicemen's Home in the Philippines when his life was going in the 'wrong direction'.  Servicemen are motivated by everything that is contrary to God.

Olson is the Chief enabler in the ntcc and has been responsible for running victims off for reporting ntcc ministers allegedly involved in molesting children while Olson was harboring the alleged pedophiles in the ntcc.  If he was going in the wrong direction before entering ntcc, Olson would have done God a great service if he would of kept heading that way instead of joining the ntcc.  Servicemen are not motivated by everything that is contrary to God as they claimed.  How is defending your country and it's way of life contrary to God?  Servicemen are the very reason we have freedom to worship God in this country.  If it were not for Servicemen, people like Davis would have to go door to door in civilian communities to get a few abused individuals to come to his cult.

2.  Servicemen should be able to participate in questions and answers.

This claim made us laugh when we saw it.  Just ask your local Servicemen's Home Director anything. We all know how approachable and patient they can be. **cough**  But don't dare ask the wrong question; unless you want your fields plowed; and you feel up to some public humiliation.  Try asking your Pastor about where all of the tithe money goes once it leaves your wallet and see what a loving atmosphere a Servicemen's Home can really be.  Try slapping him on the back and calling him by his first name and see how quickly the Servicemen's Home becomes a nasty place.

3.  Everything that goes on in a Servicemen's Home should be to strengthen spiritually the serviceman.

Seriously?  Like foot massages?  Like trips to the bathhouses in Korea?  I remember a long time preacher came to Olson and asked him about Broadnax being effeminate and talking about inappropriate sexual stuff all of the time; and Olson told the minister that Broadnax was responsible for sending 23 students to bible school.  In other words Olson shut that long time preacher down and defended effeminate Broadnax.  So I guess there are exceptions to the rules in the Bible as long as you are 'productive' by ntcc standards; which is to say you send them tithe payers.  But here is what the bible says:  1Co 6:9  9  Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

 I'll tell you first hand that there was very little spirituality going on in that home. Broadnax was pulling down his pants in front of multiple brethren and asking them to feel how soft his Korean underwear was.  This is also proof that most ntcc people don't talk; they just keep stuff like this inside. There were about 6 or 7 people that witnessed this, yet I am the only one to say anything about it.  Servicemen's Homes were a very bad idea; because they housed a bunch of single GI's that were forced into celibacy and forbidden to talk to members of the opposite sex.  On top of that, many of the Directors or 'Pastors' would be just like Davis and other members of the General Board in that they required other people to be in a monogamous relationship with their spouse, while those so-called 'Pastors' were perverts that were out allegedly committing adultery, spanking, molesting and raping young girls and boys or covering up for those who allegedly got caught.

4.  Olson doesn't remember playing monopoly in the home with Rev. Gaylord.  Servicemen come to the home to find Christ not in a monopoly game or a video game.  Games have not been allowed in Servicemen's Homes for the last 8 to 10 years.  "A person who has no control over his own spirit is like a city with walls broken down".  I had to stop and have a good laugh at this one.  Yes, the bible teaches that.  But who is Davis or Olson to lecture anyone on having control over their own spirit? This is what Davis was very good at.  He would take a Servicemen's Home and turn it into a mini cult compound by enforcing a bunch of rules that were nowhere to be found in the bible.  Thou shalt not play monopoly.  Thou shalt not have a good time doing anything that is non-spiritual.

5.  Gospel music is a critical aspect in a servicemen's home.  "Real" Gospel music that is inspirational can be a blessing.  This is the only kind of music that will be played in a servicemen's Home.  Every one has their own opinions, but if it doesn't conform to Gawd and the word of Gawd, don't play it.  If any music is in question, ask the board members.  Which board members should we ask?  Ashmore is gone, Blumenthal left eons ago, Jones is supposedly gone, dead Davis ran off Marshall.  They must have been listening to devil music.  What would a board member know about spiritual music anyway?  What kind of music do they play at Kekel's house while they are cleaning it for him?  He Set Me Free?  I doubt it.  The only types of music that Davis considered to be Spiritual were southern gospel, praise and black gospel. Only those three and they couldn't be too upbeat or they would be off limits also.  Now where is all this found in the bible?  Seriously.  Israel's King David said to Praise the Lord with many instruments, and symbols and with music and dance.  I doubt if David was dancing before the Lord with all of his might to southern gospel or praise music.  Again Davis has inserted his own standards into the legalistic ntcc dogma, that you bunch of brainwashed cult members are supposed to blindly follow. Ask a board member?  How stupid and ignorant can you be?

6.  Preachers at a work are not the pastor of the workers.  The next time Davis has to get involved, either the pastor of the church or the worker will be removed.  The worker is there to help.  There are no dorm prophets or dorm mothers or fathers in the bible school.  This was another failed experiment by RWD.  Preachers would be sent to certain works and they would regurgitate Davis doctrine to the other ministers, in effect jacking them up.  Ministers that never had children would be jacking up ministers with children and telling them how to raise their kids.  They sent Rev. Kocks to Augusta; and we would literally have to beat the guy up every day just to keep him from spraying Right Guard Deodorant in our faces.  If you want to put a servicemen's home in chaos, send a worker there and see what happens.  They always clash with the preachers that are already there.  They come out of bible school thinking that they are the next Ezekiel; and they all end up getting jacked up by the 'more seasoned preacher' who thinks he is the next in line to the very throne of God itself.  What a bunch of prima donnas.  And Davis often sets them at odds against each other, separately and secretly telling each of them to try and teach the other one something.  You know, God hates six things, and seven are an abomination.  Davis sowing discord among brethren this way seems to qualify as that seventh thing, the abomination:

Pro 6:16-19  16 These six [things] doth the LORD hate: yea, seven [are] an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, 19 A false witness [that] speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. 

7.  In many places sports and other things are talked about and then prayer.  Davis is presenting a schedule to the general board for Servicemen's Homes.  There will be a Saturday PM service in every Servicemen's Home.  Preachers say they are too busy to have services on Saturday but the truth is that they are too lazy to pray for a message.  Did you hear that all you lazy preachers?  Too lazy to pray for a message so you can collect that Saturday night offering?  You will never amount to anything. And don't you dare ask for any money for anything if you don't have a Saturday night service.

8.  Going to the mall has got to be the hardest cross a man has ever bore.  What an insult to those who were actually Martyred for Christ.  This pearl of wisdom just came out of nowhere like a someone shot a 45 slug straight up in the air and some poor church schlub was standing there minding his own business and was fatally gunned down for no reason at all.  For all you Mall shoppin', church hoppin' religious nut cases, watch out, R-dub's got your number.

Maybe R-dub said that about Malls so he could stay home and molest little church girls while his so-called wife, Verna, and bossy daughter, Tanya, were at the Mall shopping.  According to Julie St. Clair, James Ross Ashmore once sent his wife Helen and daughter Lorrie out shopping while he allegedly raped a very young Julie.  Don't believe us?  Just ask Helen Ashmore or Lorrie Duran DiFrancesco.  Allegedly Helen was so shocked when she got back and noticed that something was wrong with Julie, that Helen allegedly declared "She's bleeding!"  Wouldn't that bear checking into a little bit more closely?  And really, why was Julie left alone with James Ross Ashmore?  And why were people using Julie to clean their mansions?  First of all, clean your own house.  If you own a mansion, hire a professional cleaning service. Don't use and take advantage of the brothers and sisters, using your neighbors' services without wages.  And who in their right mind uses a little girl with Cerebral Palsy, who is in constant pain and has limited mobility, to clean their mansion?!?!?  If you dorks can't see how messed up that is, I don't even want to know any of you.  What a bunch of jerks.

9.  It's not the place of the pastor to run the personal life of the members, but to get them saved. That's enough to make your oatmeal hit the wall.  Please, please, please, one of you ntcc'rs out there please explain this to me?  Am I the only one that finds this hypocritical?  I could literally write a book about this one sentence and how it contradicts everything Davis has ever done.  What a two faced, double standard, forked tongued hypocrite.  Anyone with one percent of their brain working knows this statement is wrong; because Davis constantly ran everyone else's lives as if he were the grand Pimp-Daddy of all time!

10.  It is not the pastor's place to tell a single worker that he cannot take a single sister home or that he needs a chaperon.  There are reasons for bible school rules and those reasons are between Davis and Gawd.  You got your waders on?  It's getting mighty deep in here.  We are going to have to shovel our way back to reality with this one.  Of course if a single worker is sent to a work, and there is a single woman at that work, He gets priority.  I've seen it too many times.  Rule 10 often violates rule 9, because the single brothers in the home are definitely not allowed the same latitude with sisters as the bible school students are.  If only I was a licensed and brainwashed minister.  Not only would I have been able to date Ange back in 1990 when we were both 25 years younger, but I could have taken her home with me.  What?  Are you kidding me?  Oh the hypocrisy.  It's just killing me. Please tell me I'm not alone.

11.  A worker without a car is about as worthless as a saddle without a horse.  So go work that insulation job at 10 bucks an hour so you can make all the services and attend all the ntcc functions and buy yourself that oil puking junker that you have always wanted, you loser.  Meanwhile Davis drives around in his Brand New Cadillac that you purchased for him every year along with you purchasing all the other board members' vehicles, including those expensive Recreational Vehicles that you paid them to take their 30 days paid vacation in while still giving them your tithes and offerings and all while you got to drive around in a 1977 rusted-out Volkswagen Rabbit.  Think about it folks.  You've been had.  You've been buying all their vehicles and paying them to take 30 days paid vacation while they drive around in the lovely new Recreational Vehicles you bought for them so they could drop by and jack you up on their way to Hawaii, or Miami, or Germany, (all on your dime, of course.)

12.  Alcoholic beverages and chewing gum are in the same category.  Yeah, we know that chewing gum takes quite a few lives every year, just like alcohol.  This is a proverb of R-dub and can not be traced to any verse in the bible we know about, but the next time you see a cow chewing it's cud and you ask him about the look of consternation on it's face, you'll understand.

13.  A worker without a car is like a millstone around the pastor's neck.   A worker with a car can also be a millstone around the pastor's neck; and a Pastor with or without a car can be a millstone around the worker's neck.  Don't blame it on the car.  That worker is not there to run a shuttle service for you.  Jesus must have had a pretty strong neck; because He must of had twelve millstones around his neck (according to Davis), as they walked everywhere they went back in those days.  What about a worker without a cell phone, or a worker without wing-tipped shoes?  Could you picture Jesus telling someone they could not follow Him, except they had a donkey?  Get real.

14.  Fellowship, fellowship, fellowship, should not consist of children but only adults.  Children should not be present, period.  Children infringe on fellowship of adults. Servicemen's Homes were not established as Nurseries but for single GI's.  Having a family in the servicemen's home and church constitutes numerous problems.  Also it is not a good atmosphere for children.  The Executive Board has decided that a Servicemen's home is not a place for children.  It also takes a room that could be utilized for a GI.  Not everyone who comes to a Servicemen's Home is saved.  There are people in this world that rape children. There are kids that are raised in Servicemen's Homes that are no longer with us today, but they are dopers and pushers.  

Where do we begin?  Just ask Ralph St. Clair about allegedly raping his own daughter in the Serviemen's Home. Sorry, maybe you should ask Joan St. Clair, his alleged widow, how well that experiment worked for them.  It seems to me like there were many more rapists inside of the ntcc than were visiting.  Why would Davis even go there? Was he perhaps speaking from experience?  So get your vasectomies if you desire the office of a Servicemen's Director, because there is something about a man who is consecrated and that will sacrifice having a family to give themselves to a servicemen's work.  Can anyone please show me where any of this is in the bible?  This doctrine of Davis is ridiculous and yet sinister; because countless couples went childless to appease Davis, who adopted what may have been his own illegitimate daughter, Tanya.  The only reported problem with children in a Servicemen's Home can be traced to the 'Pastor' and 'father' of the child; the man who allegedly molested, raped or pimped out the child to others for a few bucks. The other reported problem with children involves the sick founder of the ntcc who has been reported by numerous women that were allegedly violated by Davis when they were children.  Davis also placed a known cross dressing homosexual over children in the day school and sent effeminate preachers to pastor Servicemen's Homes.

15.  When a train begins to gain momentum the railroad crossing is a bad place to be.  J.H. Olson
You might need a revelation to know where he's coming from on this one.  The train is Davis and the Campground is the railroad crossing?  Maybe not, but it sounds like someone is going to get raked over the coals.

16.  Without a pleasing personality your tongue is as worthless as a leather thong.  Really, a leather thong?  I wonder what was going through Davis' mind when he came up with that gem.  Seems pretty weird, that he would actually say that in public.  But then again, He is Davis, and he can do anything; and you better not question him either!  Ya hear?  It's between him and Gawd; I guess.

17.  After developing a pleasing personality you have to dress it up.  Put a suit and tie on that snake.  Dress that serpent up really good in a white shirt and wingtips so his tongue can tickle you; and you won't know it's a snake.

18.  The preacher is to be at the front door of his church 30 minutes prior to each service.  Make sure you bring some breath mints with you so you don't knock your 7 members off of their feet when you greet them with the garlic breath from tonight's dinner of garlic infused ramen noodles and garlic laced meat by-products; otherwise known in the ntcc as "preachers' tube steak" (hotdogs).

19.  Some people stand around during conference like someone stole their cow.  Maybe that's what they feel like after sitting through 3 hours of teaching like we just typed in this blog post.  I'm surprised that no one ever reached in their straw basket and knocked R-dub upside the head with a tomato after carrying on like he does during a conference.

20.  The greatest wisdom is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.  Too bad davis didn't follow his own advice.  To which we say, "No comment."

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HOPCC EXPOSED Ron Denis' "House of Prayer" AKA "Denis' Den of Thieves"
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