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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

Jesus In The Temple

Matt 21:12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, Matt 21:13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.
Gal. 4:16 Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. 1 John 4:6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Skip To Blue Letter Bible Search Tool

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Open Thy Mouth

Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.

Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. 
Prov. 31:8-9

We know that today, in America, the word "dumb" means "stupid"; but that is not the original meaning of this word.  As it is used in this verse, the word "dumb" means "mute", unable to speak.

Warren Barfield's "The Time is Now" from the soundtrack of the Movie "Unstoppable" starring Kirk Cameron.

Mandisa's "Overcomer" also from the soundtrack of the Movie "Unstoppable" starring Kirk Cameron.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Poo Pond # 2 - More NTCC News About Poo

Great News for the NTCC conference attending minions!  It has been announced that there will be a Spring Conference at the National Campground in 2014. What a satisfying feeling of relief it must be.  The ntcc has a plan for a brand new Poo Lagoon which is scheduled to be installed within the next year.  Kekel made the following announcement on his blog:

"Well, it's official; the Spring Conference will be held at the NTCC National Campground. Praise God for His goodness! "We received the General Operating Permit in the mail. We are now permitted by the State of Missouri to operate a lagoon and pump the water and spray it on a hay field"* Rev. Johnson said. Meanwhile, there's a lot of work to do, in getting bids on work and equipment, and the installation of the complex system. See you there!"

* Full Copies of the State of Missouri permit and letters to NTCC embedded at the bottom of this post.

Operate a lagoon and pump the water and spray it on a hay field!  WHAT?!?

NTCC Plans to spray the poo-pond overflow on a hay field!  Those poor cows!  New Testament Christian Church and Campground Spreading The Poo To You
 NTCC Plans to spray the poo-pond overflow
on a hay field!  Somebody Call The Neighbors
 and warn them!  Those poor cows! 

 New Testament Christian Church and
 Campground Spreading The Poo To You. 

 Even the Most Seasoned NTCC Conference
 Attendees Have Got to be Wondering
 How Much This is Going to Cost Them!

I wonder whose livestock are going to have the privilege of feasting on the NTCC conference goers' poo-enriched hay?  It reminds me of Korea, when a "Honey- Sucker" Truck would come and suck out the contents of the Porta-Johns and reverse the pumps and spray it all into the rice paddies for fertilizer.  The Koreans would be out there the next day in their bare feet mushing it into the rice.  At that time, I thought that this only happened in third world countries.  Way to go NTCC!  Way to drag down American standards!

Porta-John Hauled on a Honey-Sucker LOL
 After a diligent search, we found this 'gem':
 A Porta-John Hauled on a Honey-Sucker :-D!

Make sure you bring your own toilet paper and soap, because this new, expensive and complex poo routing sewage system is going to cost a pretty penny and don't be surprised if you end up footing the bill through more campground offerings. Remember, this is your campground and it only exists because of the sacrifices of dedicated workers through the years.  Workers who have been treated like poo and run-off to save a buck or two rather than being loved and supplied with safety gear that is required by law.  Read More of NTCC'S OSHA-dodging ways.  You get the feeling the NTCC is full of the same stuff as this honey wagon; and it ain't honey!

It looks like Kekel's blog is now trying to sell the campground.  The NTCC is a new animal or "Behemoth" if you will.  Your NTCC has changed right before your eyes and that which used to be preached against is now main-stream.  But no worries because we are going to spread the "Poo News" by publishing Kekel's straining contributions to the blog-reading masses.  So for all of those hard working and dedicated forgone conference goers that no longer attend the NTCC, you too will be able to see the poo and whatever else your hard work and dedication have purchased for the NTCC "faithful", even though they have forgotten about you and will never contact you or show any concern for you. They care more about their Poo, than they do about you.  We have chosen Hot Pink for Kekel's words because he has stated previously that those who leave the organization in a way that he doesn't agree with are girly, 98 pound spiritual weaklings. 

Kekel tries to sell the Campground to his conference going minions:

The Camp's whisper-quiet Missouri location offers you four beautiful seasons to choose from; one of the most beautiful being Autumn. Walnut trees, red Oaks and yellow Maples, even Catalpha trees. Listen to the many songbirds; watch Canadian Geese floating in the front lake; and even hear the owls in the evening. Two lakes reflect the beautiful scenery and soothe the mind, as you savor the fresh air and watch the sun slowly descend.

This proffered serenity is very important to NTCC ministers, who will never have any vacations or trips except these conferences.  But NTCC Board Members get 30 days of paid vacation every year.  Guess who pays for it?  That's right -- all you stressed-out finacially-drained ministers!  So Kekel tries to capitalize on this thing that the Campground in Missouri farm country is peaceful and serene. Well who wouldn't want to jump in their oil puking junkers to see the geese and hear the owls hoot?  I'm not sure how much fresh air you will be able to savor as they are constructing the new Poo Lagoon and re-routing the sewers to spray the overflow onto the neighboring hay fields.

A Cow that heard of the NTCC's Plans to Spray the hay fields with Human Poo Desperately Tries to Escape.  Why don't You NTCC'rs Follow This Clever Cow to Freedom?
A Cow that heard of the NTCC's Plans to Spray the hay
 fields with Human Poo Desperately Tries to Escape.
 Why don't You NTCC'rs Follow This Clever Cow to Freedom?
 Come Out From Among Them - The Church Behind The Fence

New Testament Christian Churches of America hosts semi-annual Conferences at the NTCC National Campground in Santa Fe, MO. It was established in 1986 with the purchase of 80 acres of farmland. Through the hard work and giving of many people, God has provided a convenient central location for our Conferences. Since its inception, the Campground has acquired adjoining property and has expanded to over 140 acres.

A Progressive Work
The NTCC National Campground has for years proven the perfect facility for hosting NTCC events, and it's progressively expanding. The newer Tabernacle is large enough to seat over 1,200 people, and the old, smaller Tabernacle is the Dining Facility that now offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks and fellowship after evening services. 

More food on the campground = more money and more Poo.  It's a vicious cycle.

In 2012 a large, new double freezer was added providing more food storage space, saving many trips to Columbia, MO for supplies throughout the meeting. Also in 2012, two new steam tables were purchased to allow two serving lines, and this winter the Kitchen will be expanded to provide customers with faster service. There's talk of an espresso-coffee machine of some kind being purchased, and there's much excitement about that! 

Accustomed To His Cushy Life Of Mansions,
 Jacuzzi and Hot Tub, Quarter-Of-A-Million
 Dollar Race Car, Kekel Can't Be Expected to
 "sacrifice" and drink mere coffee!  His
 delicate sensibilities require gourmet
 espresso, purchased with your ntcc dollars,
 even though you can't afford to feed your
 family anything other than Ramen noodles.  
 But don't get
offended.  Remember what
davis taught as he called you the N-Word;
 They that love the Lawd, nothing will
 offend them.
 Yeah, right!  Call him Stodgy
 Rodgy and see how
offended he doesn't get!

Your ntcc dollars at work.  What a great idea.  Get everyone hopped up on espresso so they can run the aisles.  I hope they add some more restrooms to accommodate the aftermath of the caffeine-induced festivities.  Hopefully they don't serve you the espresso before your four hour marathon campground pledge drive that makes the Jerry Lewis telethon look like amateur night as they expect you to sit there cross-legged holding in your pee until service gets out and you don't have time enough to stop by your room and get toilet paper and soap before you wait in line to relieve yourself, just prior to joining everyone for an endless line of handshaking before everyone eats their five-cent hotdogs that they just paid $5.00 for....  It's no wonder they had to install a new poo lagoon.

In 1999, an adjoining parcel of land with a dilapidated farmhouse was acquired and remodeled for additional Conference lodging, and later the land behind that, (directly across from the Dining Facility) was also added to the Campground, bringing total acreage to approximately 145 acres.

When the first 80 acre parcel of land was purchased, there was but one small farmhouse by the entrance (which was torn down and rebuilt as a residence for the Camp Curator). Then the Lodge, two single-person's dormitories, and several married couple's residences were added. The dorms overlook either of the Camp's two man-made lakes, with bathrooms and showers that were open style; people had to walk from their rooms to use them. However, in 1995 the first two-story lodging facility was constructed with private bathrooms for each room. 

Honestly.  What kind of demented mind designs a combined public shower and toilet facility that has no dividers whatsoever between showers, sinks and toilets? One big open room where people urinate, defecate, brush their teeth and shower at the same time for year after year? And if you wanted to get a hotel room you were considered less spiritual?  Cut me a break.  How stupid were we all to subject ourselves to this?  But the ones that designed the nudist bathhouse never used it while they condemned everyone else for being "too proud" if they complained or didn't like it. This is your NTCC; and you can have it.  Keep paying them your 10% and keep going to conferences.  Help them pay for a new lagoon if you wish.  After all, you are free moral agents, right?

Over the next ten years, all lodging facilities were remodeled to include private bathrooms. From the purchase of the land in 1986 until now, the progressive building program has transformed this farmland into a beautiful, restful retreat.  One necessary improvement was the paving and road-widening project completed in '09, costing $28,172.52. The widening of the main road leading from the entrance to the Dining Facility helps to keep people from having to walk in the muddy grass! Then another lodging facility was added, having ten rooms; building "N" was completed at a cost of $75,000.

Here Kekel is trying to show you where a fraction of your money has gone because he doesn't want you to wake up and see how that he and Tanya have spent over ten times as much on their own mansions.  While you were forced to take a dump right next to your Christian brothers and sisters and take cold showers without privacy, they were building bigger mansions with their own private Jacuzzi and separate hot tub so they could enjoy the hot water jets massaging their posteriors while they laughed at your calamity. 

Open-Bay Showers in a prison offer hot and cold water faucets, unlike the first NTCC Bathhouses that for years had no hot water!
 Worker schlubs strip and shower in front of
 their fellow-laborers while they try to figure
 out which lever controls hot or cold water.

Meanwhile Board Members Live In Luxury
 Reclining In their Private Jacuzzi.  Don't
 complain, they will just say you are jealous
 and offer you  some cheese to go with your whine.
A place where people can gather for fellowship, any time of day! The project began with an idea in the Fall of 2011, and construction was finished Fall 2012. The Pavilion lies 50 feet square with burgundy metal roof and legs, with a center-placed BBQ pit and ceiling vent. Surrounded by many picnic tables, it provides the perfect place for fellowship outside. The newest features are the stainless steel food preparation sink and counter, and 6 volleyball nets along the woodline. At night the place is alive with singing, instruments, eating, and awesome fellowship. Hopefully a small outdoor PA system will be in place this spring, so all those aspiring vocalists can use microphones. 

Party Time!  Crank-Up the Karaoke At Ye Ole
 Camp Meeting!  We're Gonna Have A Party!!

How do you long time NTCC'rs explain this?  BBQ pits, picnic tables and 6 volleyball nets along the woodline?  I guess none of you care about all of the lost and dying souls that are going to hell and are going to spend eternity in the lake of fire while you are roasting chicken, playing volleyball and having Karaoke sing-alongs at the Camp Ground.  Kumbaya.   Is Double Standard Davis going to witness all of this?  Davis and Kekel are two of the biggest hypocrites I've ever known.  It won't be but a few short years after Davis kicks the bucket and you all will be wearing shorts and tank tops to camp.  That's how compromise starts.  "A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump." Gal 5:9   Now I could care less what you wear or if you cut your hair or wear wigs and make up.  What is so troubling about it all is that Davis and Kekel have become filthy rich off of all of us stupidly giving our money to them while they railed against us for things they are doing openly now.  I find it amazing how all of their doctrine is subject to change except for tithe and offerings which they will always preach about; and if you kick against the pricks, (Davis and Kekel), you will die and go to hell.  Before you accuse me of cursing, look it up and see what the meaning of that scripture was and if you wish to give it a derogatory meaning, that's on you.  You can have your phony religion and follow all of their stupid man made rules if you want to.  Keep paying their salaries and buying them Rolex Watches and new Recreational Vehicles and new Mansions if you want to.  Treat all of the X'ers like we are the off scouring of the world if you wish, but we still care enough to warn you even if you refuse to listen.

  • Let Davis and Kekel continue to blast you from behind the pulpit while they habitually and secretly commit the sins and iniquities of greed and selfishness without repentance, which are probably the least of what they are guilty of.
  • Stand by and watch, do nothing, as they run off another long time brother or sister for questioning them.
  • Sit there and do nothing as you watch them encourage men and women to get divorced and split up their families.
  • Don't say anything when the victims of sexual abuse are told to "find another church" while the sexual deviant predators some of which hold the title of NTCC pastor are allowed to continue victimizing others.
We know of long time Pastors that are sexual predators that have been in the NTCC for decades and they think that their wickedness has gone by unnoticed. They have left victims of their own selfish lusts to suffer without the camp as they wallow in false hope and glory of eternal life.  If you are following Kekel or Davis anywhere, you will probably end up in the same place they are going and unless God is a liar, don't expect to be shouting on the streets of gold with them.

The blessing is that it enables us to have a place to host the Conferences and keep rooms affordable for those who wish to stay on the Camp. God is good! He has made it all possible through the selfless service of many who have labored here, and by the giving of many who have a desire to be part. All donations to the Campground are tax-deductible and go toward the upkeep and expansion of our wonderful Campground.

Wow, tax deductible contributions are now allowed to be given to the "non-profit" ntcc. I wonder if Kekel will give you a receipt now.   I remember when Davis encouraged folks not to claim their tithes and offerings on their taxes. Okay, class, does anyone know why Davis did not want you to claim your tithe as a tax deduction?  Could it possibly be for the same reason that Davis never accepted checks or gave written receipts for tithe, offerings, dorm fees and such? This is a tough one, can anyone help us out here? Ding, ding, ding.  You guessed it.  NO PAPER TRAIL!!!!  No Receipts = Nothing to file to the IRS.  After all, how is a non-profit "God fearing" church organization going to explain where all that money went?  

Speaking of documentation, as promised here are copies of the latest poo permits and accompanying letter:

Above: Page 1

Above: Page 2

Above: Page 3

Above: Page 4

Above:  Page 5

Above: Page 6

Above:  Page 7

Monday, September 9, 2013

Part 2 - Tour NTCC 5: Kekel's Mansions Inspired by "Quit Like a Man" Another Blathering Contribution from the Blackened Heart of Kekel to You

Revised and Updated 9-10-13.  New Photos, Videos, and Info.  :o)

This is Part 2 of Tour NTCC 5:  Kekel's Mansions:  Inspired by Kekel's Blathering.  It is continued from:

Part 1 - Tour NTCC 5: Kekel's Mansions Inspired by "Quit Like a Man" Another Blathering Contribution from the Blackened Heart of Kekel to You

We've added even more video and photos of Kekel's Mansions, and added fresh true stories of their lavish lifestyles, necessitating a miniseries of posts!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So here are some pictures of Kekel's NTCC mansions and homes provided for him.  We think he stayed in NTCC just to get all the kibbles and bits falling off the Sugar-Daddy-in-law-Davis gravy-train chuck-wagon. One thing is for sure:  Neither Davis or Kekel had any money when they came into the NTCC.  Now they are loaded, thanks to your sacrifice!  And, no; we are not jealous.  We don't want to fleece God's flock the way Davis and Kekel have done. We are simply zealous to point out these truths so you can stop being duped by these religious hucksters and con-artists. It's time to get real, folks!  Look at some of what your non-profit dollars have purchased for these goons:

Pic Of Google Satellite Image of The Dump:
Kekel's first residence in Washington, The Dump.  Controlled by the Ashmores.  The Kekels lived there while waiting for their Custom House to be built.  New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. Board Members Ashmore and Kekel Residences on NTCC Seminary Campus NTCS.
Kekel's first residence in Washington, The Dump.
Controlled by the Ashmores. The Kekels lived there
while waiting for their Custom House to be built.

"Custom House" Built for the Kekels. They stayed here after living in "The Dump" (Ashmores' House) and prior to moving into the mansion built for them off 145th / 224th featured in the "NTCC A Bad Neighbor" photo.  This 'Custom House' sits at the entrance to the New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. (NTCC) Seminary (NTCS) Campus (Cult Compound).
"Custom House" Built for the Kekels by the
 then-time NTCC Building Crew.  Kekel stayed
 here after living in "The Dump" (Ashmores'
 House) and prior to moving into the mansion
  built for them off 145th / 224th featured in 

 the following pictures of shrubs lining the 
 property and "NTCC A Bad Neighbor" photo. 
Carefully arranged shrubs conceal the Kekels' mansion off 145th and 224th in Graham, WA  and give some clue as to its huge size.  Mansion of New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. CEO & President
 Kekels' Mountain-View Mansion off 145th in
 Graham is shrouded by shrubs.  This was the
 site of the infamous 2009 "Fourth Of July Bash"
 featured on MC Kekel's smog blog.
 In Kekel's pictures one could see the
 the paved / blacktop area for basketball
 and a volleyball net, both being used by
 NTCC ministers and their wives.  Such
 activities were "blasted" and folks were
 ruthlessly "plowed" for playing any sports,
 especially at church functions, during my
 tenure with the NTCC from 1990 -1999.
 But Kekel has never followed the rules
 foisted-off on the other NTCC schlubs! 

Below:  A picture of the Google Satellite Image of previous Kekel mansion, the site of the infamous 2009 "4th of July Bash" that was featured in photos on Kekel's "commentary" = smog blog.  The following picture of the Google Satellite Image shows what the bushes were hiding:

View looking East:  NTCC A Bad Neighbor
NTCC A Bad Neighbor:  NTCC CEO Kekel's Mansion Off 145th Ave  and 224th St in Graham, WA blocked the neighbors' hard-earned view of Mt. Ranier. Kekel shared his version of this story, snarling from the bully pulpit. The Kekels stayed here after leaving their custom house, before moving into their NTCC mansion on the Bonco Estates.
 NTCC A Bad Neighbor: NTCC CEO Kekel's 
 Mansion Off 145th Ave and 224th St in 
 Graham, WA blocked the neighbors' hard-
 earned view of Mt. Ranier. 
 Kekel shared his version of this 
 story from the pulpit, impudently snarling 
 that "If [the neighbor] wanted a view 
 of Mt.  Ranier, then [the neighbor] should 
 have bought both properties!"  It may come 
 as a  surprise to Molester-Mike Kekel, who 
 has had  everything handed to him on a 
 silver platter since getting his hands on the 
 TA-TAs of the NTCC founder's under-aged-
daughter (when she was 14-15 and he was 
 23-24 years old), but  most people work  hard 
 and save their money for a lifetime in order 
 to earn the few things they have.  Those 
 neighbors didn't fleece God's flock but 
 worked hard and earned their view of Mt. 
 Ranier that Kekel's mansion destroyed. 
 The Kekels stayed here in this monstrosity 
 after leaving their "custom house" and
 before moving into their next 
 NTCC mansion  on  the Bonco Estates. 
 (c) Google Images 

Prayers and Regrets: NTCC A Bad Neighbor:

I remember praying for God to bless the Kekels with a home that had a view of beautiful Mt. Ranier.  I asked God to allow them to raise their son off the NTCC campus so he could grow up as a normal kid, without having to live life in a fish bowl.  God honored those prayers.  Above is just one photo of the Google Satellite Image of Kekel's Mansion off 145th Ave. and 224th St. in Graham, WA. The Interactive - Clickable Google Satellite Image appears further below.

When I prayed I was a duped NTCC minister's wife, like so many of you are right now.  I had no idea then how wicked the NTCC and its top leaders are. Eventually God was able to open my eyes to their madness and meanness.  For example, after moving into this mansion, Kekel got up behind his bully pulpit.  He was doing character assassination on one of his neighbors.  The neighbor, who did not attend NTCC, was rightfully very upset when Kekel built his mansion in a way that blocked the neighbor's hard-earned view of Mt. Ranier.  I still remember Kekel snarling from the pulpit that if the man wanted a view of Mt. Ranier, he should have bought both properties!  That really bothered me!!!  This might come as a surprise to silver-spoon Kekel, but not everybody marries the under-aged daughter of the NTCC President .  Kekel has no clue what it's like for real people who actually work on real jobs and earn their money and save for the things they have in this life.  Kekel got on the Sugar-Daddy-in-law-Davis gravy train and has had everything handed to him on a silver platter, from the job he works, to the stability of never moving across country and back in the thirty or so years he's lived in WA, to the income and perks you pay him, to the mansions you built for him.

Needless to say, I regret that prayer, in the sense that it actually gave something good to people who have proven to be horribly abusive and rude toward others, as Kekel was in this case of NTCC being a bad neighbor.

Almost the exact image captured in the accompanying video's thumbnail. These photos and video can't really convey just  how huge this property is. Pretend you are on guard duty and drive over some time and see for yourself.  If anyone asks what you are doing, tell them you want to KNOW WHERE YOUR MONEY GOES!  NTCC a non-profit?  Really?
Almost the exact image captured in the
 accompanying video's thumbnail. These
 photos and video can't really convey just
 how huge this property is.
When I married Eric Barden in 1991, we
 spent our "honeymoon" on NTCC guard duty,

 while the clan was at a "conference" in
 Missouri. Once an hour we were required to
 drive about the bible school grounds and
 then over to this Kekel monstrosity. The
 shrubs were much smaller then, providing a
 clear shot of this mountain-blocking
 mansion. Just imagine,
we spent our
 "honeymoon" protecting what is near and
 dear to the hearts of the NTCC 'leaders' -
 their real estate assets!

Once again we see the NTCC living contrary
 to the Word of God which plainly states:
"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon
 earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt,
 and where thieves break through and steal:"
 Matthew 6:19 

A small portion of the Kekels' mansion off   145th Ave. and 224th St. in Graham, WA is   visible through the shroud of shrubs.  If they are doing right, why do they hide so much?  DEMAND FULL FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE FROM YOUR NON-PROFIT.
A small portion of the Kekels' mansion off
 145th Ave. and 224th St. in Graham, WA is
 visible through the shroud of shrubs. Eric
 Barden, who worked on the NTCC Building
 Crew, told me this behemoth has both a
 hot-tub and separate Jacuzzi. He was
 shocked and scandalized by that, having
 spent many hours on the NTCC Building
 Crew / (later called Gesang Enterprises)
 soaked in his own sweat, swathed in, not
 bath salts, but in work-clothes crusted with
 salt formed from his own sweat crystallizing
 after the perspiration baked away from the
 heat of the sun! He used to think he was
 sacrificing for the work of the Lord; but
 after seeing this place, EJB knew his
 sacrifice wasn't helping souls find Christ! It

 was all just to give a cushy life of luxury to
 the Davis and Kekel families, to build them
 another mansion, buy them another luxury
 vehicle, install another hot-tub and another
 separate Jacuzzi!

Corner of the property for Kekels' Mansion  off 145th and 224th in Graham. This corner  fence marks the northern neighbor's pasture  complete with horse corral.  If it was a 'sin' for Maria Moreno to look at horses, is Tanya Kekel a 'sinner' too?
Corner of the property for Kekels' Mansion
off 145th and 224th in Graham. This corner
fence marks the northern neighbor's pasture
complete with horse corral (visible after
zooming out of the interactive - clickable -
Google Satellite Image embedded below).

Considering how Davis mercilessly plowed
 Roland Moreno's wife Maria for allegedly
looking at horses in a pasture, we wonder

how many hours did Davis' daughter, Tanya
Kekel, spend languishing in her hot-tub
and or her separate Jacuzzi, gazing
dreamily at the neighbors' pasture and or
horse corral ?!?!? She must have been
 eating bon-bons (candies / chocolates) and
 NOT clipping coupons, since she doesn't even
 do her own grocery shopping, allegedly
 being "too busy" (?!?!?!) but going to
 the malls in the Sea-Tac area to buy
 yet another walk-in closet-full of designer
 clothes, handbags, or shoes, or shopping
 online for expensive decorative furnishings
like a $2,000 High Boy Desk / Secretary!

 Or maybe she was just bubbling-away
Holy Ghost conviction about lost souls
 dying and going to hell while she sat

in her Jacuzzi cackling over her latest plans
with her busybody mother, Verna Davis,
 to break-up yet another marriage
just because one of the spouses
 wants out of the NTCC Cult!
 Verna and Tanya will have
 to answer to God

for breaking His
 in the Word:

 "What therefore God hath joined together,
 let not man put asunder."
 Mark 10:9 

Google Satellite Image Embedded Below:  Click on the "+" symbol on the image to zoom in; use the "-" symbol to zoom out and see the northern neighbor's pasture and horse corral. This is the same property as featured in the photos above.  The photo far above of the satellite image shows the mansion viewed when looking East.  Below is the satellite image when viewed as looking North; which is the default view.  If you use the "View Larger Map" link below this image, you gain access to a different tool [a circle that represents a compass wheel marking North with a "N"] that allows you to spin or rotate the image for views from all four points of the compass.

Below:  Kekel Mansion off 145th and 224th - View looking North.

Above:  Satellite Image of Kekel's Mansion off 145th Ave. and 224th St. in Graham, WA. (c) Google

Reportedly, Ashmore's moved into this mansion when the NTCC built the Bonco mansion where the Kekel's currently reside.  Kekel lived in the Ashmores' residence called The Dump while their custom house (pictured far above) was built.  Davis teaches: "Turnabout is fairplay!"  We call it 'the NTCC board members have become great at "I'll scratch your back, if you scratch mine." [Quid pro quo.]'  Ahem.  And, Oh, what a mansion it is!  Anybody hear the expression "Trading Up!" ???

BELOW:  Kekel's Bonco Mansion Right Next Door To Sugar-Daddy-In-Law Davis' Digs [not pictured; but you can see his gated driveway.]  Note the gate across the entrance to the Bonco and Kekels' drive.  Kekel's also sporting a basketball hoop and volleyball court.  In his previous mansion, those items were hidden in the back yard.  Now Kekel brazenly parades this junk in his front yard, despite his past years of preaching against sports and shorts like he did when I was in your NTCC.  Ahem.

 Reportedly Tanya Davis Kekel was  complaining about this BONCO / newest  mansion because both the kitchen and walk-in closet allegedly were smaller than in her previous mansion.  Boo-Hoo! *Sniff Sniff* 
* * * BONCO * * *
 Oh the sacrifice that she makes 
 for the work of the Lawd! NOT! 
* * * BONCO * * * 
 Meanwhile, NTCC missionaries have lived and worshipped in a 9 foot by 14 foot space (with a 'toilet' that had no seat on it) and that was likely smaller than just one of teenie Tanya's teenie walk-in closets!
NTCC CEO Kekel's Bonco Mansion right next door to Sugar-Daddy-in-law Davis , the NTCC President de facto who also has a NTCC BONCO MANSION despite allegedly retiring in 2004. New Testament Christian Church Tithe Payers sure take care of the NTCC Board Members' lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and pride of life! Ouch!
 NTCC CEO Kekel's Bonco Mansion right next
 door to Sugar-Daddy-in-law Davis, the NTCC
 President de facto. New Testament Christian
 Church Tithe Payers sure take care of the
 NTCC Board Members' lust of the eyes, lust
 of the flesh, and pride of life! Ouch! 
Once again they are out of the love of God:
Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.
 If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
 1 John 2:15 

 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not
 that the friendship of the world is enmity
 with God? whosoever therefore will be a
 friend of the world is the enemy of God.
 James 4:4 

 For all that is in the world, the lust of the
 flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride
 of life, is not of the Father, but is of the
 1 John 2:16

"He loves a house more than God!"  Or, in Kekel's case, "He loves his mansions more than God!"

Debunking Cult Jargon:
What about the old NTCC excuse for their lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life - the well-worn cult-thought-stopping-jargon / excuse "Well, Abraham was rich."  Yes, Abraham was rich.  So was Job.  But THEY DIDN'T GET RICH BY FLEECING GOD'S FLOCK THE WAY THE NTCC LEADERS HAVE!  Abr[ah]am paid tithe to Melchizedek, who blessed him.  Have you ever seen Davis pay tithe?  We sure haven't seen it.  Never.  Job, too, was blessed by God.  Job didn't run around in a so-called church service demanding every time the doors open that "All Christians pay tithe and give in offerings."  Did you ever see Jesus make that announcement or take up an offering?  We don't see that in the bible.  But we do see it in every NTCC service; because the organization has a rule commanding its preachers to make that announcement in every service.  It is REQUIRED.  What else do we see in the NTCC?

We see Davis hollering over the microphone from the lectern and pulpit,

  • Jesus declares, "I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."- Part of Matthew 16:18
  • Jesus pleads, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."-Matthew 11:28
  • Davis hollers, "IT'S A BUSINESS!"
  • Jesus said, "I must be about my Father's business"-Part of Luke 2:49
  • Jesus, "... said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves."-Matthew 21:13
  • Jesus teaches, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."-Acts 20:35

What else do you see in NTCC?  You see Kekel and other NTCC Board Members wrinkling their noses at the poor or anyone dressed shabbily by NTCC standards, and a few other things that you wouldn't see Christ doing.  What does God say about all this?  The Holy Ghost inspired Brother James to write in His book:

My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.
James 2:1

For if there come unto your assembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment;
James 2:2

And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool:
James 2:3

Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?
James 2:4

Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and  heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?
James 2:5

But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?
James 2:6

Do not they blaspheme that worthy name by the which ye are called?
James 2:7

If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well:
James 2:8

But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.
James 2:9

For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.
James 2:10

Do you want to be judged and found guilty of all the law?  I wouldn't want that. So why are you trying to keep the law and ordinances of men like those who run the NTCC when God has called you to a better testament?

So are we contradicting ourselves with these videos by Trip Lee?  Not at all. The point is that some people earn a living legitimately, like Trip Lee, and seek to glorify God with the things He has given them.  While others, like the NTCC "borg" leaders, try to glorify themselves by amassing this world's wealth for their own PRIVATE BENEFIT, while trying to act as if their ill-gotten lucre is a "blessing from Gawd".  Puh-leez!  That excuse is really getting so old and is so lame.  Please explain why NTCC missionaries are still struggling for basic necessities while board members all live in cushy mansions bought and paid for with so-called non-profit dollars!  It just doesn't add up.  Methinks the NTCC getteth their wealth via FALSE PRETENSES!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Part 1 Tour NTCC 5: Kekel's Mansions Inspired by "Quit Like a Man" Another Blathering Contribution from the Blackened Heart of Kekel to You

Recently we noticed one of Kekel's 'sermons' on Deb's Witness; and after reading what Kekel had to say, I got this feeling of nausea.  Truly this 'sermon' was born in the midst of a gigantic spiritual slop bucket; that had no good biscuits in the bottom thereof.  It seems like every time that Kekel goes public with his own material, that he hurts his cause more than he helps it.  It is truly amazing how demented and twisted this dude's mind is.  In this alleged 'sermon' you will find that Kekel takes a scripture completely out of context, without even acknowledging the true meaning; and then he uses the scripture to tear people down; and at the same time he tries to twist the scripture to justify his own lies and hypocrisy.  It's really not a sermon, lifting up Christ.  It is just Kekel using a bully pulpit to vent and seethe his hate and bitterness that yet another couple has left the NTCC cult.  It's just character-assassination damage control.  He wants to tear down the image of the couple who have left so that other NTCCers will be too scared to follow that couple to freedom outside the NTCC shackles.

Unfortunately, I'm sure, there are many faithful and loyal NTCCers who, when they heard this 'sermon', were on the edge of their seats shouting, "Amen!" and "Preach it Sir!". That's what we did for year after wasted year when we were in the borg.  And, after all, Kekel's doctrine is only supported by what he thinks others are doing wrong, and not on anything encouraging that people are doing right.  The doctrine of fear is used and can only be used to keep its subjects so afraid of hell that they are unable to use their brains to figure out that they are being used to make their leaders rich. That's right; you NTCCers are being misled and lied to so that the men you hold in such high esteem can be eased, while you are burdened;  (2 Cor. 8:13 says it should not be so).   Just open your eyes and look around you.  It's right there out in the open (and then some).  So let's get into it.

Kekel misuses 1 Cor. 16:13-14 as the scriptural reference for his "Sermon on the Mount of Dung".  All you NTCC dung beetles get ready because you are going to be busy rolling up his pooballs.

An ntccer stands on his head while rolling under the weight of another kekel pooball!  New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. has leaders who treat people like dung beetles!
 An NTCCer stands on his head while rolling
 under the weight of another Kekel pooball!
 New Testament Christian Churches of
 America, Inc. has leaders who treat folks
 like they are dung beetles!  Heave Ho Roll! 

"Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.  Let all your things be done with charity". 1 Cor 16:13-14

Can you feel the love anywhere in Kekel's 'sermon'?  Is there ever any love in any of Kekel's exertions?  We are going to examine this 'sermon' to see if we can find any love at all, or anything that even closely resembles love.  Kekel entitles his 'sermon', "Quit you like men".  According to Strong's this phrase means: "To Make a man of, or make brave".  Click here to see how all the versions translate this verse. It doesn't have anything to do with quitting. They speak more of being brave or being a man than of quitting; but Kekel wants to make this about quitting the NTCC; which he wants you to believe is the equivalent of rejecting God. That is nonsense.  We will put the words of Kekel in Hot "Girly" Pink, so they stand out.

"Interesting the word quit is found in the bible 13 times; a very unlucky word indeed.  In the text, the apostle Paul seemed to think that real men don't quit easily and that a Christian man shouldn't quit in a "girly way".  In fact he's saying Don't Quit!"

Now we have words in the bible that are "unlucky" because they are mentioned 13 times?  How stupid is that?  The NTCC used to preach against superstitions like associating the number thirteen with bad luck.  They called that being sTuperstitious.  I also remember Davis and his want-to-be preachers used to say: "I don't believe in luck, I believe in the grace and the mercy of Almighty Gawd".  But the bible says:

I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race [is] not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.  Ecc. 9:11

That "time and chance" sure sounds like luck to me!  But really, who cares? Kekel really breaks down this scripture in Corinthians to let you know exactly what he thinks the Apostle Paul is thinking. Kekel says that Paul seemed to think that "real men don't quit easily and that a Christian man shouldn't quit in a "girly way"."   I wonder what translation of the bible Kekel was using to come up with these pearls of wisdom. After referencing 16 different versions by hitting the "V" key on the Blue Letter Bible page, click here, it's sad to say that none of the versions even remotely implied Kekel's translation.  In fact, Kekel contradicts himself.  I guess Kekel knows the mind of Paul so well that he doesn't mind adding to or taking away from the apostle's words or the Word of God. According to Kekel's 'sermon' Paul didn't mean that a man should be brave; but the biblical translations imply that a man should be brave.  But Kekel thinks Paul meant "that real men don't quit easily and that a Christian man shouldn't quit in a "girly way".  In fact he's saying Don't Quit!  But what is Kekel really saying here? He isn't saying anything about people quitting God, but rather those that quit attending the NTCC, and take their tithe elsewhere!  Unlike Kekel, we are going to support this with his own words.  We are not going to twist or add to or take away from as Kekel did with Paul's words; but we are going to show you how Kekel lies and misguides his loyal tithe-paying followers.  Stay with us and we will show you in Kekel's words how that he implies strongly, and in many cases he comes right out and states, that leaving the NTCC is leaving God.

Quitting due to Weakness:

Paul says should demonstrate strength rather than be a quitter. (What verse is that found in?)  To justify such behavior and weakness, the 98 lb. spiritual weakling will declare that he is 'still serving God' just not in a church.  If so there would have been no grudge, rude comment, offense, disappointment, let down, bad-experience, no sin that could separate him from the church.  There is no 'perfect church,' and if there was, it would be ruined by such weaklings starting to attend it.

Here Kekel wrongly assumes and implies that those who leave the NTCC are "separated from the church".  Leaving the NTCC is equivalent to leaving God - that is exactly what Kekel is suggesting here.  Kekel treats members of the NTCC that are supposed to be his brethren, just like Jesus treated the Pharisees.  Paul exhorted people to fight for their Christianity and Salvation, while Kekel warns people not to leave the NTCC like all of the 98 lb. spiritual weaklings have.  Jesus truly loved his followers and like Paul He encouraged them. Look at the Girly words of Kekel above, and show us where the love is.  There is no 'perfect church,' and if there was, it would be ruined by those weaklings who have left the NTCC.  Kekel has no clue to how stupid and condescending he comes across to the people that blindly follow him.  In the above paragraph we establish that Kekel refers to those who leave the NTCC as 98 lb. spiritual weaklings and that there is no 'perfect church,' and if there was it would be ruined by [the 98 lb.] weaklings [who] declare[d] that [they are] 'still serving God' just not in a church.  Does Kekel actually think about what he says, or does he just spew out a bunch of nonsense?  Let's delve into this a little deeper.

"I've seen many people come and go throughout the years, and by many different methods. Some in a manly, straight up fashion, usually accompanied by an explanation and a repentant attitude." I've also seen many cowards who have 'disappeared' or refused to say 'why'. They usually say things like;

"It's time to move on"

"I have a difference of opinion"

"I have lost confidence in my leaders"

"I love everyone, and no one has done anything to me, I'm moving in another direction"

"I'm so free now"

After all, who is going to declare "I want to put my wife on a job" or "I don't like paying tithe" or "my family offered me a job and a free house"?
  What a hypocrite!  Whose family offered Kekel an 'administration' job and a custom house, upgraded to a mansion, upgraded to a bigger mansion, etc.? - you can rest assured we will cover this a little later in this post.  Doesn't mikey's wifey work on a job as an interior decorator?  Hypocrites.  Who would be bold enough to say "I hate the pastor" or "I can't forgive the church for not paying my rent"? Or, "I don't like being accountable for the money, I want to spend it the way I want when I want".  Well, that is how NTCC operates - unaccountable. Davis for years has spent the money the way he wants when he wants.  Now Kekel follows in his shoes and purchases a $250,000 McLaren car. Come on folks. It is what it is. So Kekel is a hypocrite for accusing others of something he and his daddy-in-law davis have been doing for years!  Kookel continues:  Not many because they already know how hollow such arguments really are."

Unbelievable.  Thoroughly and disgustingly unbelievable.  Look at this people. You NTCCers take a look at what your respected leader is saying here.  If you leave, Kekel wants you to tell him that you hate the Pastor or you can't forgive the church for not paying your rent.  To Kekel, who has had everything handed to him on a silver platter, this is considered manly.  If you dare say something like "It's time to move on." then you are a coward and a 98 lb. spiritual weakling (according to Kekel).  Can you see the contradiction here?  The 'manly' quitter (which is a contradiction of terms, an oxymoron) has an explanation and a repentant attitude, while the 'girly' quitter makes polite excuses. LOL. So if you look carefully at Kekel's weasel words, he is saying that Girly (Cowardly) quitters disappear and refuse to say why, while they say polite things like "I have a difference in opinion" or "I love everyone", (God forbid).  But if you are manly (and I agree with Kekel to this extent: just go right up to him and say he's a lying hypocrite and that you hate his phony, fake, lying and hypocritical ways; and that you are sick and tired of making him rich with your tithes; and that you no longer want to be accountable to God for Kekel and Davis wasting all of your tithe payers' hard-earned money.

God forgive me for wasting all my time, energy and money on a bunch of egotistical, lying kooks, who are filled with hatred and disdain toward anyone who disagrees with them and fails to support their lavish lifestyles.

How is that for a manly and straight up assessment of Kekel's attitude? How is that for a repentant heart towards God?  Really?  You want honesty, Kekel?  You want the truth?  Well here it is:  You complain and call people 'weaklings' and 'cowardly' when they politely leave your borganization without making a fuss or with polite statements that don't spell out all your flaws for you.  Then you complain and call people rude, bitter, or hateful when they leave and let you know exactly what your faults are.  Well here's a surprise for you, kookel, you can't have it both ways.  Only egotistical narcissistic hypocrites like you think they are right 100% of the time and constantly condemn Christians who choose to worship God outside your controlling cult.  How do you like that truth?

But here's the truth anyway, Kekel:  You are contradicting yourself over and over with this self-serving 'sermon' about quitting.  It's a bunch of psychobabble designed to keep people in the place that you want them to be; which is stagnant, and calloused in their hearts toward anyone that exposes you NTCC 'leaders' for the hypocrites and liars that you are.  Your doctrine is full of hate and shows no empathy towards the ones for whom Jesus suffered and died.  You don't care about the homeless, the poor, the weak or the suffering, widows, and fatherless children.  You care about money and numbers, period. How's that for straight up? You stinkin' hypocrite Kekel.  Do you respect this? Is this really how you want people to treat you when they leave your cult?  Is that not how you treated them? Calling them names, like cowardly weaklings; because they politely want to leave your sleazy organization without insulting you or treating you like you treated them?  We should check the dates and see who left the organization at this time to learn who are the fish in the barrel at whom Kekel is taking pot-shots and lobbing character-assassination grenades!  Whoever they are, our hat is off to them; because Kekel is clearly afraid of the impact their departure will have on his numbers!  That's why he wrote this so-called 'sermon'!  LOL.

Let's discuss women on the job for the gazillionth time.  Here Kekel states that the excuse of quitters that are leaving the NTCC is that they want to put their wife on a job.  Really?  What's the difference between that and the women in the organization who babysit for others, do laundry and ironing for others, or clean houses for others, all for pay?  What's the difference between that and tanya Kekel working as an interior decorator or teaching bible school classes for pay? Many exers have wives that work; because they have realized that the NTCC has lied and flip-flopped on this issue for their own financial gain. Like a bunch of cowardly hypocrites the NTCC has upbraided and blasted people for allowing their wives to work a job; while at the very same time NTCC urged overseas ministers to commit the same 'sin' of putting their wives on the job; all because the NTCC 'leaders' did not want to financially support the NTCC overseas works even though they promised in writing to do so.  That, folks, is called a "breach of contract" and a lie.

HYPOCRITE ALERT!!!!!!!! WARNING!!!! YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER THE NTCC HYPOCRITE ZONE!!!!!!  Do you see what the NTCC is all about?  HELLO?????? It's about your money.  WAKE UP!!!!!

Do you see the double standard?  It's only a sin if you want your wife to work, or if your family gives you a job, or your family gives you a new house.  But when Kekel's daddy-in-law gives him the hook-up, it's suddenly and hypocritically: Praise Gawd brother, Gawd has blessed you with a new house!  I would be rejoicing and thanking God if any real Christian brother or sister were given a new house by their parents or anyone else for that matter.

Has the NTCC CEO mike kekel had a cushy ride? You decide.  It's your New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.
Somebody buy that Kekel 
fella a koosh ball and toss 
it in the offering basket to 
remind him of the cushy ride 
he's had since he got ahold of 
tanya's TA-TAs when she was 
14-15 years old and he was 
23-24 years old. Ahem!
Kekel got new houses and mansions and a job [hypocrite]; but guess who paid for it all? Ding ding ding. That's right! YOU DID! Your cash on the barrel head tithe and offerings, that went to Graham, paid for Kekel's mansions so he could preach to you weaklings, about how cowardly you are for leaving the NTCC cesspool; allegedly because you were given a house by your parents.  Can you see Kekel's hypocrisy?  What's the difference?  He stayed because he was given a cushy job from which he will never be fired, a cushy house that got upgraded to two different huge cushy mansions, a cushy wifey who has her daddy's ear and can keep kushy Kekel there in Washington with a cushy schedule and tons of eager bible school students and sycophant ministers to do the leg work and grease the wheels and keep the tithe money rolling in to his cushy coffers.  What a hypocrite!  Somebody buy that fella a koosh ball and throw it in the offering basket to remind him of the cushy ride he's had since he got ahold of tanya's TA-TAs when she was 14-15 years old and he was 23-24 years old.  Ahem!!!  Seriously, folks, is that the fella you think you need to listen to or impress?  You don't need him.  But he desperately needs your money so he can continue his cushy existence!  To quote old davis, "HELLO!"   KOOSH!  KOOSH!  KOOSH! Better yet, somebody buy a bushel basket full of those things, and stand at Kekel's gated driveway entrance, tossing them at his basketball hoop.  When the goons come to inquire what you are doing, tell them you are practicing your three-point shots, since Kekel reversed old man davis' doctrine on basketball being a sin. Ahem.  But getting back to the whole cushy topic at hand, that Kekel has had everything handed to him on a silver platter:

Continued in our next post:

Part 2 Tour NTCC 5:  Kekel's Mansions Inspired by "Quit Like a Man" Another Blathering Contribution from the Blackened Heart of Kekel to You

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