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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

Jesus In The Temple

Matt 21:12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, Matt 21:13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.
Gal. 4:16 Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. 1 John 4:6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Skip To Blue Letter Bible Search Tool

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

All Good Things Must Come to an End

We would like to thank everybody who has participated in and contributed to this blog.  It has run its course and served its purpose; and we feel that there is little we can add that hasn't already been said.  This blog will continue to serve as an historical account of the abusive deeds and actions of the ntcc and its leadership for all to see.  We will be disabling comments, however; as we feel that it is our time to open a new chapter in our lives, one that does not include the ntcc.  We are sure the ntcc and its minions will rejoice and attribute this to their prayers and their self righteousness. Whatever.  We feel that we have done all that we can do.  We have both been removed from the ntcc for the better part of two decades and we believe it's time for some new blood to carry the torch - if there is someone out there that has such a desire.  We still feel the same way; and we stand behind everything that we have posted over the last six years.  Chief's blog is still open for comments; and if any of you wish to discuss the ntcc, you don't need a moderator or us to come up with new topics.  There will always be abusive and manipulative groups out there; and there will always be hucksters out there looking to make a few bucks off of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

An Orangutan Triumphs over a pile of bananas the way NTCC leaders relish in tithe, offerings, and material goods in a shameless display of materialism and coveteousness.  MYNTCC eXperience. My NTCC. NTCC of America, Inc. New Testament Christian Churches of America, INC.
Similar to a picture we saw on Grant Kekel's Facebook page some time ago.  He captioned it something like this:  "Symbolically everything I want."  There is another version of this image online with the words "I'm RICH, B*TCH!"  Does this materialistic and coveteous attitude emulate Christ?  And who do you think will be buying all the "bananas" for little Grant Davison Kekel, should he take over the ntcc?  That's right.  YOU. The tithe payers.  Wise up.

Our parting words to all of our readers to include ntcc'rs:  We hope that you find peace in God and that you realize no church, (cult), or man has a monopoly on salvation.  It's free to all; and the Word of God is not a mystery to those who love God.  If you are looking for Jesus, He will not be found among the religious hypocrites who make a living condemning souls while getting rich off of the people they manipulate.  He's not part of a clique or a club that you have to pay tithe to join.  If you want God, all you need is a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  We believe that the focus of what Jesus taught was built upon loving God with all your heart and loving your neighbor as yourself.  It has nothing to do with wearing makeup or earrings, going to 5 cult services a week or paying tithe to a man; who sends it to some self proclaimed apostle in Graham; who in turn enriches himself with earthly treasures.  If you want to love God, love one another.  Do something for someone who can't help themselves.  Love the people that God loves, not just the ones who preach at you.  Look at the life of Jesus, and try to emulate the love that he had for those whom he helped and loved, not the ones who tell you that they are the last move of God on earth, not the ones that try to impose rules on you that they themselves will never keep, not the ones that strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, not the ones that bind heavy burdens, grievous to be borne and will not lift one finger to move them, not the ones that are all wrapped up in themselves, their buildings and their programs, not the ones who harbor pedophiles and destroy families, not the ones who say they love God, but have no place in their heart for people that do not bow down to them.

NTCC Might not have a literal golden calf for you to worship.  But they definitely require you to bow to their every rule and whim, effectively making themselves your gods.  Beloved, this ought not to be.  Worship God. Serve and love him. The fear of man bringeth a snare. Set yourself free.

God is so close and within reach, but so many of us left the ntcc under the delusion that God had cast us away.  The ntcc had no more use for us; and they never tried to reconcile, but God remains one prayer away.  He'll never give up on you like the ntcc will.

We would like to thank all of the people who shared their testimonies and had the courage to own their testimonies by saying who they are and what happened to them.  We know that not everyone has been at a place in their lives where they were ready to identify who they were and what they went through, and we appreciate all of the anonymous contributions also.  We have both discussed this for some time and knew this day was coming soon.  We are just at a place in our lives where we don't want our time to be consumed by thoughts of the dirty ntcc.  If you need to contact us for any reason our email is available.  Unless there is some really big story that we feel people really need to know about, we most likely will not add anything new to our blog.  We wish you all the best.  Peace and Love to all as they follow Christ!

So Long Farewell - The Sound of Music (The Von Trapp Family Singers)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Diana Molino-Bullington Shares Her Testimony - Another NTCC Tragedy

My NTCC EXperience:  Another victim of ntcc's spiritual abuse and manipulation rises from the ashes to tell her story. New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. NTCC, NTCS NTCCofA
 How does your church make you feel? 

Click Here to read an excellent article about spiritual abuse.

This is another tragic story of spiritual abuse suffered by a couple in the ministry.  This comes from a former ntcc Pastor and Missionary's wife.
While the ntcc does not consider a Servicemen's work overseas to be missionary work (so that the ntcc doesn't have to support [$$$] them), this couple labored in a foreign country for two years (just like missionaries) and during that time they were exploited and their personal needs were ignored to the point of personal crisis.  This testimony is lengthy but on point; it will resonate with anyone who has been with this group.  If you are in the ntcc read it carefully and allow it to speak to you. If you are a former member of the ntcc it will reinforce the decision you made to leave.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident.  Others have shared bits and pieces of their own accounts that are similar to what Diana went through during her time in the ntcc.  This one blog post goes a long way towards summing up what the ntcc is all about.  

Diana Molino-Bullington shares the following testimony: 

I hope my story can help someone either still in, who may be thinking of leaving, or someone who has left, but feels alone in what they went through, or even someone still in that may not know what goes on, to protect them from going through what many of us have gone through.

I'm thankful for these blogs, because, they showed me I am not alone.

Even after a year of telling Rev. Olson we couldn't handle it in England anymore, the best he could offer was, "We love you, God loves you, we are praying for you, and maybe, just maybe, you will have 100 people in service and someone might write a thousand dollar check."

Then you just press on, right?

But the fact remained, what he said never happened, and we were ready to leave.

My husband (now my ex) came to the conclusion he was not called to be a pastor, but a helper, and when he told Rev. Olson that, Rev. Olson said that at the next conference, we will get to talk with Pastor Davis about it. My husband was instructed to write down his thoughts on a piece of paper. We were invited to the Lodge for the first time, and there was a large group of church leaders and pastors and pastor's wives. We sat there in this awkward group of two circles, one with men, one with women, and it was mostly quiet. Pastor looked at the paper, and looked back up at my husband, but never said a word. At the end, Pastor Davis said goodnight to us and he never talked with us about it. We went back to England never having that talk we were told we would have, and Rev. Olson said that if Pastor didn't say anything to us, it's because God didn't tell him anything to say. Well, that told us enough.

They had no one to replace us when our two years was about up. They had plenty of time to work something out. He even asked us to extend our visas another two years! After we were adamant about not extending, he explained that they would've had someone sooner, but he said they still had to replace them and the ones replacing them still had to be replaced! There was a problem because someone that was supposed to replace someone, had left NTCC. Finally, my husband said he would extend, but I refused. Rev. Olson asked, "What about the church?" And I responded, "What about us?" Then Pastor Davis said they would close the church. This did not change our minds. This was about one month before our visas were to expire and we were told to sell everything, including the car, and moldy beds and stained sheets that were left to us. We stayed with a brother until it was time to leave. All Olson had a problem with at that time was the fact that he would've liked us to get a little more money for the stuff we sold to cover our plane tickets.

Later we found out through Pastor Davis himself, that the church in England was going downhill even before we got there. Before going, he had told us it's full time work, making it seem self sufficient, but then he admitted to knowing otherwise. He knew the 20-30 some church members were mostly all PCS'ing or getting out of the military about the same time we arrived there. Quite a few people did not understand why we went, even Mike Kekel said he originally didn't want us to go, and he even offered my husband a lay pastor position back in Graham. Mind you, this was after we said we were not coming back to Graham. He tried buying us with a position, which we did not want...by then, we were so sick of door knocking, to be brutally honest, how could we motivate a team to go!? We just wanted to see our family, the ones who were there for us emotionally through the whole time. Olson even asked me if I agree with my husband, and I told him I am 100% with my husband. Then, Sis Olson asked, for the first time in two years, to talk with me, and she cried out pleading for us to stay, but the damage was already done.

We began to read these blogs and realized many other good people were leaving, like the Reeds and the Butlers, and we saw people weren't afraid to question the leaders of this organization. We began to see very similar stories, how NTCC draws people in, and then takes advantage of them. We started looking back, to the beginning, and realized there were so many red flags that we ignored. Rev. Webster and his wife, in Germany, pastoring, even though Pastor Davis had said that Rev Webster told him he's a helper, and we thought that could be us, doing what the org wants, instead of what God wants.

I spoke with Tanya Kekel, telling her I had decided to start working a job, because I decided it's not a sin, just NTCC policy. She wanted us to come back "home" to Graham. I told her that I don't feel like being preached at about working and she said "many women here work". I said that may be true, but it is looked down at and preached against. She said it's never been preached against, at least by her husband. At that moment, I knew she was full of it. She knows very well what is taught. She had asked me if she wronged me, and I said no. I told her some of what happened and she said, "It seems your problem is with Rev. Olson, not us.

"Later, someone tells me that Tanya said to them, when they were leaving NTCC, "Just don't do what Diana did, she said I did nothing wrong, but then talks bad about us". Tanya knows very well, it's the organization, NTCC, that wronged us, and she is a big part of that. Some won't talk with me because I am a part of these blogs and because I talk against the org. Those two were my closest friends while in, and they know very well the pain I went through in England, and still tell me I am wrong for telling my story. Even when I decided to appease them and I said I would stop, neither kept their word. So, I decided to stop trying with them. Funny, they want me to not tell my experience, but they can talk all they want about me. I remember one person calling me in England, telling me, in almost a whisper, that we are allowed to go skating now. I wondered if Sis Webster knew. How silly, and yet, this is life in the NTCC, secretly lifting rules for some, and not telling others. I would never have known I could go skating if it wasn't for her telling me. That was a big deal to me, that if they are going to disallow us to do something, when they change their mind, they should tell us.

I decided to email my first pastor and his wife, because most of the red flags we noticed, were from them, and here are parts of the email:

"Someone told me that you said that we would probably have made it if Bro Bullington wasn't such a perfectionist. I told my ex what was told to me, and he said that "maybe we wouldn't have gone through all that we went through, if you didn't say in front of him, "I'm just waiting for Bro Bullington to realize he's called to preach". 

You told him things like, "I was praying for a leader"  and lifted him up so much   and he wanted to please you and God, and did whatever you wanted him to do.

Even when it came to me.

From the very beginning, you told the congregation that if we want to date, we should ask the pastor, because he knows the people.

So, what do we do? Of course, we ask you. Why? You said if the pastor says to break that piano, you do it because he said to. You taught us to follow you blindly.

I remember first asking about Bro CJ Wallace. You quickly advised against dating him and plenty of times it was taught against any "mixed" relationship. Then I asked about Bro Bullington.

I definitely found him attractive, but really, I wanted to focus on God. But you taught so much about "you shouldn't go to bible school single". You put us together as a soul winning team. You had him pick me up for church instead of the Prentice's. You'd invite me and him out to eat.

You put little things in our heads.

Like, when we went on our first date, and my ex didn't want to continue a relationship with me, and you told him he needs to apologize to me.

Then you told me he's waiting for me to ask him on a date. I even wanted you two there. Haha. I think though that that's because you told me a story of someone having their pastor there on their first date, probably putting it in my head so that I do the same.

I specifically remember, when I was doing the Atkins, and wanted to have a cheat snack, and you said in front of me to your wife, "I'm trying to do something here." You wanted me to continue losing weight.

I knew from that moment, you both were matchmaking us. I remember you telling your wife, "we're not supposed to be matchmaking". She'd agree.

Fiddler on the Roof MatchMaker on YouTube

But still, when we were considering not being together, and just being friends, you'd put us together soul winning. You made us a team, even though, you both know, that would be unacceptable in Graham, to put a single lady and a single man together soul winning. I mean, the singles couldn't even talk unless they had permission.

When you would tell us things like "any two Christians could work anything out" you were putting into our heads that, even though we don't feel like we should be together, we could make it work, for "the ministry", but it was really for "your own selfish desires".

I know the pressure the org puts on you guys out in the field, to send people to Graham, and a married couple at that!? Oh yeah, how exciting it is when a married couple shows up.

When someone spoke against you two at Graham, I always defended you guys, knowing full well that I was lying for you, but my husband would say that we don't want to get you in trouble, and if we say anything, we would be looked at as trouble makers.

In ntcc, it's ok to
have your eyes open -
as long as you keep your
mouth shut!

We sat in Pastor Davis' classes, and many times, he would teach how we, as pastors, are not supposed to get so involved in people's lives. Many times I wanted to tell him that everything he just said we shouldn't do, you guys did. He'd say, "don't go do laundry at their houses", and that's what we did. He'd say, "don't go on base with them" and that's what we did. Remember that, when I said I couldn't bring you to the commissary anymore, because we were making a lie? There were signs at the cash registers prohibiting civilians from doing their shopping there. How could we justify that!? Just because other pastor's wives do it? Funny how NTCC can make exceptions when it benefits them, especially financially.

I loved you guys and I know your love for me was genuine.

You guys did help me, a lot, and always made me feel safe and accepted. I will never forget you two being like parents to me. If I ever had the chance to sit down and talk with you guys, I would love to.

But, you know the marriage between my ex and I was a mistake.

You know you match made us.

That Look on Your Face When You Realize That
Your Cult Leader Has Matched You up for Life With
The Person They Thought was Right for You
Please, if you don't agree, tell me, but if you are honest with yourselves, I think you will know the truth.

You didn't want us telling our family, that we were even dating, because they would talk us out of it. We didn't tell our family till two days before the wedding, when you told us it was okay. The church members were shocked because they didn't even know we were dating.

We suffered because of it.

Chickens Break Up Rabbits' Routine:  on YouTube

In the following video, two potential love bunnies are following nature and are cavorting, or, as the bible says, "sporting" [Gen 26:8].  Suddenly two meddlesome chickens break up the rabbits' routine, adding a few extra pecks for good measure. This chicken and rooster are just like so many ntcc so-called 'leaders' who interfere with the natural order of relationships in which two adults think they like each other and proceed to date to determine if they want to marry or not.  This dating process should be fun; and as Christians it can be innocent too.  But ntcc so-called 'leaders' don't trust God enough to lead you Himself, so they match-make, interfering with God's work and the natural order of life. They are just like the chickens in this video as they break up the fun and then throw in a few mean pecks to establish dominance. They then strut off, shaking their tail feathers with not so much as a look back or a by-your-leave.  Don't expect an apology from them. They are certain they are doing "the work of the Lawd".  But they aren't.  You just don't see this relationship manipulation in the New Testament.-- DNA

Watch it on YouTube

Our relationship was more of a "business" partnership. And it's because of you two convincing us we need to be together. Scaring us into not going to bible school single.

Yes, we made our own decisions, but we were definitely played by you guys.

As you know, we are divorced, and I know that God knows what we went through. I want to forgive you guys, but it's hard. I'm angry and hurt.

It was actually in England, while still in NTCC, we talked about divorce. We got back to the states in 2011, and by 2015, we finalized it. We knew it was all a sham, our marriage, from the very beginning. All the red flags we ignored. Things like this are why we believe NTCC truly is a cult. The tactics used to take advantage of people that just want to please the Lord and make it to heaven. There's a lot of good people in NTCC, but the persuasive tactics to get what they want for their program, supersedes what God wants in someone's life, and it's wrong.

You even convinced us not to have kids, "just in case they need us for servicemen's work". You made the Prentice's out to be disobedient when they had their kid. I remember, the Olson's were there, and the Prentice's were made out to be disobedient, because of it, saying that she is hindering him from his ministry.

Everyone that I have told this to, cannot believe a church would encourage their people to not have kids. Yes, we understand the reasons for not having a kid in a servicemen's home and we would explain that.

If Children Hinder the Work of God,
How Did Jesus Find Time for Them?
When kids started popping up everywhere in Graham, starting around 2008 or so, could you imagine all the jealousy and hurt that the older women, that didn't have kids, felt? Now it's okay to have kids, and they are popping them out everywhere.

My Ex and I tried for kids after leaving NTCC, and had complications. I HATE that I didn't get to have a kid before now. It hurts. The Bible speaks of children being a blessing, and I may never experience that, all because it didn't match up with YOUR agenda and the org's needs.

Even when Pastor Davis asked me if I want a kid, I said no. I knew, at that moment, it was a lie, a lie that I believed because I let you guys convince me that if I wanted a kid, I could possibly ruin my husband's chances at a ministry.

We just wanted to be usable, and in the end, we were used.

Yeah, we're taught that we need to encourage ourselves, but God gave pastor's for a reason, and sometimes, they are too controlling, and sometimes, they are not there for you at all. I got to experience both.

I will NEVER step foot back into an NTCC.

*** *** *** ***

Is my church abusive?  Read More

***THE ONES ***
Of all that I've been through The pain Being taken advantage of My feelings were numbed My passions turned away Talked out of reality Convinced to be enslaved I became what they wanted I worked for their agenda They didn't care for me It was all about them Their rise, their gain But in the end, they lost it all All the trust, all the love The ones who gave all they could They say we gave up They say we lost out But in their darkest day When they face the Truth They'll know they're the ones Who will be turned away

Written by Diana Molino

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ashmore Seeks Healing from Another Cult

James and Helen Ashmore Leaders of Jesus Revival Ministries
The Following Public Facebook post was posted by James Ashmore's Commentary page to the Pastor of Bethel Church (Cult), Bill Johnson:

Bill, I am a pastor and leader in our church org. and after approx. 40 some years of being a part of this ministry, my wife and I have (with much difficulty) determined it best to leave it. Please remember me in prayer as this isn't easy since we are in our mid-60's. We trust God however, to start a new ministry through us. Some years ago, God started impressing on me that JESUS is the true focus of ministry, NOT CHURCH DOCTRINES. It seemed that Jesus was being treated only as one of many subjects to preach on and that disturbed me. I have also had a revelation of GRACE like never before!
I have seen miracles when praying for people, but it seems our org. doesn't place a priority on these things. Rather than be critical any longer, we feel it best to leave. Please pray for my health since I have been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for some time now and it seems no one's prayers or even commands (including my own) have brought any result. Thank you so much for your taking time to read this- I just don't know who else to turn to for ministry that I can have any confidence in right now.

This was written pretty close to the time that Ashmore left the ntcc.  The Pastor of the Bethel Church, Bill Johnson, is a lot like Ashmore.  Bill's ministry is based on signs and wonders.  Bill Johnson believes that Angel feathers fall in his church, his home, and at restaurants.  He also believes that "Glory Clouds" come down in his church and describes these glory clouds as large puffs of gold flakes. He claims that gold flakes fall from the ceiling of his church.  He has a video of a bunch of people in ntcc style worship and a cloud of smoke that looks really fake billowing in a corner of the church.  He also believes a lot of really weird doctrines like one practice called "grave soaking".  Grave soaking, also referred to as grave sucking is where cult members go to graves of famous Christians like C.S. Lewis and lay on their graves to soak up the anointing of God. Another really weird practice that they participate in is being drunk in the spirit, where cult members laugh uncontrollably, and twitch uncontrollably in what looks like epileptic fits for very long periods of time. None of this is biblical, by the way.  This is the guy, Bill Johnson, that James Ashmore wanted to pray for him to heal him from his Ulcerative Colitis.

James Ross Ashmore Sought Healing From a Cult Leader  Named Bill Johnson Whose Necromancing Cult Members are Seen here Laying Out Over the Graves of Famous Dead Christians to Soak up Their Spirituality
It's also interesting and noteworthy that Ashmore makes it a point to mention that "rather than be critical any longer, it was best to leave" (the ntcc).  So he leaves the ntcc and shortly after writing this prayer request to cult leader Bill Johnson, Ashmore warns people to flee the Whore.  Is calling the ntcc the "Whore" not critical?

In another Facebook plea for healing, Ashmore reached out to a woman named Aliss Cresswell.  Aliss and her husband Rob, lead a group called MorningStar Europe.  This group also has a cult following and many of its ex-members blog against them and the people that they are associated with. Aliss and Rob Cresswell run the European arm of the MorningStar organization founded by Rick Joyner who is a huckster and grifter of the highest (or lowest) sort.  Joyner claims that he has eaten from the tree of life, that he has spoken to the deceased, that he has have more power than the Apostles, and that there will be a civil war in the church.  Are you beginning to see a pattern here?  This is the type of people that Ashmore aligns himself with. Ashmore is a divine healing huckster.  He wants to be just like these other mega church healing hucksters and miracle merchandisers.  Do you really want someone who "doesn't have enough faith for his own healing" to demand that you have the faith for your healing?  You don't have to believe us; but it's all about money and prestige for Ashmore.

Aliss, can you pray for me? I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a few years ago and I have been on Prednisone since. I am tired of using this medication and want to be free. Thank you, and please tell me if you have received this post, God bless you!  

Rather than "Getting a Hold of God" for himself, Ashmore Seeks Healing from This British Woman Who Runs Miracle Shops with signs that say, "We Pray For Miracles! Better than 90% get Miracles" 
Why is Ashmore seeking prayer from other cult leaders?  Ashmore is a big time huckster.  He tries to convince everyone else that he has this super spiritual healing ministry, but he can't even get a hold of God to get healing for himself or free him from his dependency on Prednisone.   Do you know why Ashmore seeks out these Kooks?  There is a lot of money in it. Most of the hucksters that involve themselves in this type of showmanship, create an atmosphere of hysteria among their followers through signs and wonders.  They can move people with their fair speeches and great swelling words.  They have incredible music ministries and people get caught up in the feeling. You have to follow the money trail to figure out what these hucksters are all about.

Bill Johnson's Wife, Beni, Sucks the Grave of C.S. Lewis

If you do a google search on Bill Johnson and throw in the word cult or false doctrine you will find out what Bill Johnson is all about.  Ashmore has to go to these money grubbing false prophets for healing because his own healing ministry is a scam.  Ashmore's right hand man is Mathew Meinecke, who is really into the whole signs and wonders preaching. Meinecke draws attention to himself by laying on the ground in public places pretending like he is crucified while preaching at passersby. We call him the blood moon prophet because he preached on the blood moons as if they were fulfilling present day prophesy; but there is no prophesy in the scripture to support his claims of present day relevance. Blood moons are only mentioned in the bible in reference to the great and notable day of the Lord, but Meinecke, like many other Hucksters, likes to create new false doctrines; and Ashmore didn't seem to have any objections.  Meinecke and Ashmore are both really into signs and wonders.

Matthew 16:4 "A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas."  

Bill Johnson and the New Age

The Bethel Church has an unbelievable music ministry, featuring groups like Jesus Culture and other artists who are incredibly inspirational in their music. They do concerts that bring in huge amounts of money; and they also have recorded labels that bring in lots of cash.  They might be sincere Christians; but they are in a cult; and their money is going somewhere.  I doubt that the Jesus Culture members are getting rich off of it.  They are being exploited for their talent, a lot like the ntcc members are being exploited for their youth and energy.

I know that Jesus Culture brings in a ton of money; and Bethel church has its own recording studio that they invested around 1.6 million dollars to purchase.  They sell tons of stuff and have conferences with registration fees, where they sell T-shirts and lots of other paraphernalia.   They also have a 70 acre cult compound and a bible school that costs $3600 per student to attend. This cult compound has become a Christian tourist trap, where Christians come from miles around and spend on average of $125.00 per visit. Come on people, use your heads. Is this what Christ envisioned for His church?

Col 2:8 "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ."

The reason Ashmore keeps his Commentary open to his own circle of choice friends only, is that he doesn't want to be confronted with stuff like this.  He can't have a public page like normal ministers, but he has to limit his group to those who he invites, only.  Ashmore has read our blogpost and our letter that we wrote to him, but refuses to answer for any of his actions that have hurt quite a few people.  It didn't take long for word to get back to Ashmore after we posted about his daughter, Lorrie DiFrancesco, no longer attending ntcc services faithfully.  After someone shared this with us, Ashmore complained about someone "cutting and pasting" stuff from his private commentary.  This is called damage control, folks.  Ashmore hasn't changed.  He reacts the same way that the ntcc hucksters react.  He is ashamed of his actions so he has to operate in a private and secretive way.  He doesn't want public scrutiny because it takes away from his bottom line and exposes him for the huckster he is. So now we find that when someone shares Ashmore's private stuff he throws a tantrum.  It seems Ashmore's new found love for grace only extends to the people that agree with him.

Ashmore does have a blog that is public, but it is not open for the public to comment on, so we are going to use our public forum to discuss it.  If you want to know what Ashmore is all about, read the section on divine healing.  The following statements were copied and pasted from Ashmore's public blog:

Look at Christ, the Passover Lamb as foreshadowed in the book of Exodus: not only did its blood set them free from slavery, but “there was not one FEEBLE person among their tribes”, (Ps. 105:37), which precluded the healing of many of those Israelites prior to their departure from Egypt!

Note: They went out FREE, they went out HEALED, and they went out RICH!

They went out RICH!  Now we are getting down to the heart of the matter, and it's not about you being rich.  It's about Ashmore the huckster getting rich!  It's all about the money!!!$$$$!!!!

How can one pray “the prayer of faith” if one is still in doubt of the Lord’s will to heal??? Nowhere are we commanded to pray “if it be Thy will” when His will is plainly revealed to us in the scriptures!

So why did Ashmore whine to Bill Johnson? "Please pray for my health since I have been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for some time now and it seems no one's prayers or even commands (including my own) have brought any result."

And why did Ashmore whine to Aliss Cresswell? "Aliss, can you pray for me? I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a few years ago and I have been on Prednisone since. I am tired of using this medication and want to be free."

As Ashmore asks the readers of his blog:


Not only does Ashmore not believe it for himself, but he expects you to believe it.  And why does Ashmore go to the most whacked out cult leaders he can find and ask them to pray for him?  Ashmore admires these cult leaders because he wants to be just like them.  But do you know who is going to pay for this enterprise?  You are if you follow him. How many innocent Christians will be manipulated by these faith healing false prophets?  Who pays the price?

1 Tim 4:1-2  "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;"

It's easy for Ashmore to point his crooked finger at you when it comes to doubting the Lord's will to heal, but what about practicing what you preach, Jimbo?  Or could it be that it's all a scam, just like it was in the ntcc?  Now we don't believe that divine healing is a scam.  We just think that Ashmore uses divine healing in the same way Benny Hinn, Bill Johnson and Aliss Cresswell use it - to bring in large amounts of cash and receive the praise and admiration of those gullible enough to follow him and financially support him.

People have shared how that they were blamed for not having faith to be healed when they were prayed for by Ashmore and they were not healed. And now we find Ashmore going to other cult leaders for healing prayers. If you look at Ashmore's ministry, it is a microcosm of many of these mega church, mega cults, who exist to bring in money hand over fist. This is what Ashmore is going for. The unbiblical showmanship and sensationalism is the same, just on a smaller scale.  As the money rolls in the circus will grow.

James Ashmore and his Jesus Revival Ministries Cult  Rent out this 1.5 Million Dollar Edifice in a Very Expensive Neighborhood in San Diego

I know that a bunch of you out there are huge Ashmore fans and you will not turn on your brains to see what this is really all about.  You don't want to believe anything bad about Ashmore.  To many of you, Ashmore is a replacement for the ntcc.  You seek his approval and he validates your reasons for leaving the ntcc. Many of you feel like you need his approval just like so many of us sought the approval of the ntcc leadership. Those of you that are following Ashmore and are big buddies with him will not even consider what he did during his 40 years in the ntcc, much less what he is trying to do now. You will ignore this blog post and you will accuse us of being fault finders and haters.  Birds of a feather, flock together.  Do your homework. We hope you will not be deceived a second time by this huckster, but we can't force anyone to use common sense. A brain is a terrible thing to waste.‎

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Endangering Children: Life in NTCC Inc., New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. Graham, WA and St. Louis, MO

NTCC has hidden yet another pervert; who exploited children by viewing child pornography.

MYNTCC, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc., MYNTCC St. Louis, MO, NTCC Graham, WA, Perverts like to get their hands on children by passing it off as 'tickling' or innocent 'hugs'; but the truth is they are grooming the child for much worse activities including sexual abuse and rape.
Perverts like to get
 their hands on children
 by passing it off as 'tickling' or
 'innocent hugs'; but the truth is
 they are grooming the child
 for much worse activities
 including sexual abuse and rape. 

We learned of this story today, through a comment that we've copied and pasted into this blog post (see yellow letters on black background for the comment).  But this is not the first time NTCC has hidden a pervert.  NTCC has harbored convicted child rapist Michael Fontenot [read more] (twin brother of Louis Fontenot) [see pic] and NTCC has harbored convicted child rapist Johnny Dean Jordan (the brother of George Jordan (wife Kathy) and Timothy Paul Jordan (wife Veneta) (pics and stories here).

These men have all been arrested for these crimes.  Fontenot and Jordan have been in and out of prison for their crimes against children.  What is stunning about all of this, is the NTCC's persistent pattern of harboring and hiding those who hurt children.  We have these three public stories about child abusers.  How much more abuse has the NTCC hidden? 
When you read these stories, you learn that the abuse victims and their innocent family members were demonized by the church leadership, told to move on and "find another church", or run out of the church on a rail in the most abusive and vile manner (read more).  Meanwhile, the child abusers were molly-coddled, handled with kid gloves, and hidden within the church.  In our opinion, this group, NTCC, is not sound. Do not endanger your children by attending the NTCC or remaining with them. 
MYNTCC, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc., NTCC St. Louis, MO; NTCC Graham, WA.  A child in danger rides a tricycle on the side of a road.  You wouldn't endanger your child by placing him or her here; don't endanger your child by placing them or leaving them in the NTCC, which has a history of hiding perverts while demonizing whistle blowers who report the abuse.
A child in danger rides a tricycle on the side of a road.  You wouldn't endanger your child by placing him or her there; don't endanger your child by placing them or leaving them in the NTCC, which has a history of hiding perverts while demonizing whistle blowers who report the abuse.
The comment below came in today, 9/17/16.

Rev Kipp had been in Saint Louis for years. It always weirded me out he wanted to be around children, mostly young girls. He was a single brother, just something seemed really off about him. At first Nichelle was like oh he us a great guy, and told my family how great he was. He always wanted to hug and tickle the girls, I was like stay away. One day I was walking down stairs and Rev Kipp came over when I was helping my youngest down the stairs. He tried to hug or tickle my 5 year old, Nichelle actually yelled at Kipp that day saying dont touch the girls, she was beat red in the face and very upset. She then yelled at me and told me to watch my children better, my youngest was only 2 and needed help going down the stairs, I turned my back for a second and Kipp was there by my 5 year old. Nichelle knew there was pending charges against this pervert, but blamed me for not watching my kids. And this pervert was still allowed to come to church. An older lady who attended the church was like I never had a good feeling about him. The leadership knew Kipp had previously molested girls, this time it was Spring of 2010 police arrested Kipp at his ntcc rental property there in Saint Louis. He had been viewing child porn. The leadership knew of the investigation but he was still allowed to come to church. I was blamed for not watching my kids. Kipp was a monster nobody told me what was really going on, it was in the police records, one of the Tiemans let it slip one day what he was arrested for after the fact. They thought we as people were dumb, they blamed me for not watching my daughter, nothing happened to them. It's just this monster named Kipp was always around kids. We were told he is a good brother, apparently not. After the police were involved he was a really bad guy. They harbored him, then kicked him to the curb when police were involved. They use people, they hide wicked, and if anything is done wrong, you feel like it's your fault. They've done it time and time again.

 Public Picture of
 Timothy George Kipp
  Picture Found on
 Missouri State Sex
 Offender Registry (Here)
 Not to be Confused with
Timothy or George Jordan 
We found this picture of the only sex offender named Kipp that matches the time frame and the crime he was charged with.  Does anyone else who attended ntcc during this time frame recognize this individual?  If any readers of this blog recognize this individual, please let us know if this is the guy who was identified in the above comment as a Reverend in the ntcc.   He certainly looks like the Kipp I saw back in the '90s in the NTCC in Graham, WA in the bible school (now called a seminary).  As I recall, Olson had Kipp stand and pray before the class began.  Talk about an endorsement!  And Olson, in the NTCC, is revered. People talk in hushed tones about how you can just feel the Holy Ghost dripping off of him.  Really?  Wouldn't the same Holy Ghost clue in a so-called man of gawd as to Kipp's perverse delight in child pornography?  Ahem.  People, use some common sense and stop believing the hype about these self-appointed religious hucksters.  And don't trust your children to strangers. Trust your gut.  Do your homework.  Ask if the church does background checks on those around your children. If not, keep your kids close.  Better still, get them and yourself out of this child-molester hiding group called NTCC!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

NoT Qualified to be an Overseer's Wife: Nichelle Tieman Abuses her 2nd Daughter-in-law

The following story was sent to us by an ntcc Board Member's X - daughter in law.  We have published it in its entirety.  The author gives a first hand account of what it was like to be a mother of three children, a wife of an ntcc minister and to be married to the son of an ntcc board member.  We recommend that you take the time to read this in full.  If you are short on time and you wish to read the main points, we have highlighted  some of the more outrageous abuses and egregious behavior that indicts these ntcc cult leaders as a disgrace to Christianity and unfit to hold any leadership position in any church.  The author refers to the Board member's wife as "mother in law" or "his mother" several times throughout this post.  She refers to the Board member's son as "my ex".

Nichelle Tieman, as she appeared in one of many ntcc Pasadena, TX photos. Don't believe the smile.  This blog post shares exactly what kind of a person she really is, and it isn't funny or even Christian.
 Nichelle Tieman, as she appeared in
 one of many ntcc Pasadena, TX, photos.
 Don't believe the smile.  This blog post
 shares exactly what kind of a person she
 really is; and it isn't funny or even Christian.
Nichelle is the "mother-in-law", "Overseer's
 wife" and "his mother" mentioned throughout
 this blog post detailing years of horrific abuse.
 The following post was written by Nichelle
Tieman's Daughter-in-law, Davy-O's 2nd borg wife.
 He has divorced her and re-married Amy,
 his first ntcc match-made bride. Ugh.
 As you read this post, understand that it is
 the entire ntcc system at fault for breeding
 an environment where such abuse flourishes! 

My Story
  1. Beginning
I was invited when I was 18 at the commissary, the lady who invited me has not been in the church for about 10 years now. I started going in 2001.
My first pastor, had us “soul win” on post, I was once arrested with another “sister” for going door to door on post, this is an illegal action and he knew it, after speaking with the MP’s that day I realized that there were proper channels that could be taken if you wished to go door to door on post. My pastor at the time did not want to go through the proper channels. My baby was 8 months old at the time, I spent a few hours on the base waiting for them to hopefully release us. The outcome of this could have been worse, he knowingly put us in harm’s way.
  1. Meeting the In-Laws
I met my in-laws a year prior to getting married to their son. I knew they were over seers and did not give them much thought. She was kind of nosy and asked a lot of questions. I thought you were just supposed to answer, because they are over seers and that is what you do. Being just a church member no one bothered me too much, I was insignificant to the big wigs. I do remember working 3 days a week in the children’s church, cleaning the church, always donating time or some financial thing to the church, it was expected. I did all the things that made me a good girl in their church, and when I had recently divorced, the big wigs took notice, their goal was to marry me off to some brother.
  1. Marriage
He came to church with his mom and dad on a Sunday in 2006, I had several of my friends from work, and even a family member in service that day, I brought people to church. I believed I was helping them get out of the life of sin. He came in one Sunday morning with his mom and dad, he will claim I stared at him, or noticed him, he was a new person I had never seen before, I wasn’t checking him out as he may claim. I just wondered who this large guy was that just busted the tambourine during a song service, it was quite noticeable because the pieces flew all over the floor.
That afternoon his mother asked him, did you see anyone you were interested in, she was referring to me. My ex said there was one girl, but she had to be young, and he didn’t want another young person. That night his mother approached me and convinced me to stay for fellowship, at the fellowship, she started in with questions, how old was I, what happened in my former marriage, how old were my kids, and the list goes on. I answered, I thought it was wrong not to, the overseers were high up, and you knew it. That night during the fellowship he kept glancing at me, I left early and thought nothing of it.
Wednesday Ladies Bible Study rolled around and I went, my pastor at the time asked if my ex could have my phone number, I thought sure why not, maybe he will be a good brother. He called me within 5 minutes of getting my number. His mother gave me a huge gift basket 2 days later, and then came over with $100 the day after that saying these were gifts from her son. I have since realized if a man does this, run away. It’s a precursor to bad things to come. We communicated for 2 weeks when he asked me to marry him. I asked my pastor, he said this is so and so’s son, he will be great, everyone seemed so happy, I thought I trust these people, they want what is good for me, if they are happy it must be a good thing. I was 23 at the time, as single mom of 2 young children, staying home seemed like a better option than working a lot, so after 3 weeks of talking to him on the phone, I flew across the country to marry this man. Looking back on it now, I realize it was crazy, stupid, and foolish, but when you are controlled by a place like this, then you don’t think rationally or logically. I put my trust in people, and what they thought, I should have followed those strong gut feelings I got about the situation.
  1. The Honeymoon Ended Quickly
We were married in 2006 and he flew off to war within a couple of weeks after that, within a month of being married, his mother made a phone call to me warning me about talking to certain just ordinary members about certain things. There even seemed to be a rift between my pastors wife and I that there had never been before. I cried after the phone call, I was part of this upper group now, and things were going to be a lot different. She held me to an unattainable standard, and it started with small things, your children’s hair is messy, why do you dress them like this or that, they look sloppy, and it just started as a small gradual drip, a drip of nit picking, fault finding, until one day it turned into a flood of unleashed emotion.
Later on, I realized my ex had been talking to a girl in another church, and one at a Pentecostal church, and his first wife was trying to make plans to get back with him right before we were married, I saw letters, overheard things from the church gossips, and realized I may have not been the one he really wanted.
  1. Leaving My Home
I had lived all my life in one place, its where my friends and family all were, after he came home, within a couple months we were moving to 1900 miles away. The first night we stayed with the in-laws house, my ex was yelling at my daughter for something, she was only 2 at the time, and said she had to go potty, I asked him to let me take her potty. His mother jumped in and said don’t you ever interfere when someone is correcting your child, and proceeded to tell me why. I stopped her and said, excuse me, it’s my daughter, it’s my place to look out for her, and step in when I feel someone is wrong, because I am her mother. It blew up from there, I went to bed without even saying a word to her, I was already pregnant with my youngest daughter at the time, and I didn’t feel good, nor did I want to deal with his mom. I was shocked, because I had never experienced someone lash out at me so harshly, jump down my throat and order me to do something, I reacted and stood my ground, and she did not like that one bit. The next morning, with tension still heavy in the air, another argument ensued, her final words were do you want me to call the bigwig, to which I said, go ahead I don’t care. I had a letter of acceptance into seminary, I had been a good girl for 5 years, and in one morning, one argument, they decided I was not good for seminary. My ex hid the referral letter from my pastor back home, saying he had never gotten it, he also hid the acceptance letter to seminary from me, I discovered it a year later.
  1. Pregnant and Stuck
I got pregnant after being married a few short months, I was in 1900 miles from home, and realized this situation was horrible, I cried every day, I felt like a failure. I wanted to go home, but at the time I cared more about what the church people would think of me, than my gut instincts. I wished I had never married him, I regretted it. It wasn’t just the finances, it was the constant phone calls from the mother in law, trying to tear at me. For a while my ex and I had started going to another church and our marriage improved, but then his mother called, and started being nice to me, started being sweet to me, Jr at one point was fed up and done with the church, I realize now, his mother used me to draw him back. I felt like I was betraying my pastor from back home and all the people who had loved me, so I stayed and went back.
The day I gave birth to my child should have been happy, I was talking to my step dad, and they accused me of talking to one of my former coworkers, and said I was going to try to cheat on my ex. After giving birth, I can guarantee no woman is thinking of wanting any man to touch her, or look at her. After my youngest daughters I requested visitors not come to the hospital, it was a difficult birth, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, and I had hemorrhaged bad enough during the delivery they had to force drugs through my IV line to keep me from bleeding more. The room was tiny and crowded and hot, the only ones I allowed in were my daughters and the sister who had kept them for me. The mother in-law was mad at me for me refusing visitors, she said had people not been at conference, they would have all came to the hospital to see the baby whether I like it or not. It was my daughter, it was my hospital room, I should have been in charge of who could come there or not, this was June of 2007.
  1. Difficult Times
We hardly had any money, I couldn’t work, and my ex had gotten laid up. My mother and family sent us some money to help us out. My ex eventually took a part time job at a video store, for a couple months, he delivered pizzas or newspapers, but not a good job, he worked at a coffee shop as well, but we were sinking fast. At this time I maxed out credit cards in my name to help the family stay afloat, even took a personal loan in my name, it was never paid back, he ran through that money like water and we were broke again. It was a constant struggle, We moved half way across the country in 2008 I was constantly being bombarded by debt collectors.
  1. Accusations and Isolations
In 2007, my grandmother, who was dying of cancer at the time wanted me to come home to visit her with the kids. She paid for the plane tickets for the girls and I to come out there, my ex and his family refused to let me take my youngest baby who was 3 months old at the time, because they were afraid that I would leave and not come back. I was breast feeding her at the time, so I knew this would be very hard to leave her for a week. I visited my grandmother, my grandfather had given me a van so the girls and I would have a vehicle to get around in, we agreed to pay for the van as well, it never came to pass, and my ex sold it 2 days after my grandmother died, and pocketed the cash. I should add in as a side note, that my family never cared for my ex because of the way he treated me. I drove back, and got in on a Friday evening, I had just walked in the door, and all I wanted to do was hold my baby, I had missed her a great deal, I had been gone a week. My mother in-law informed me the baby was asleep, I said that’s ok, I will deal with her, I just really wanted to hold her, I wanted to feed her, I ached because of my milk. I went to pick her up, and his mother stated, my son and I discussed it and we decided you cannot breast feed your daughter anymore, she gets gassy, your milk is bad. I was tired and exhausted I had driven 1900 miles with a 3 year old and 5 year old by myself in less than 48 hours. I said I will feed my baby if I want, I went to pick up the car seat where my youngest daughter was and she grabbed it and started jerking on it, she would not let me have my baby. I let go and started screaming and crying, going I want my baby, I want to hold her, let me have my baby. My ex and his Dad left where ever they were and came rushing home, the mother in law played it off as an misunderstanding. I never forgot that day, it was sealed in my mind. What right did this woman have to tell me if I could breast feed my daughter or not, I knew it would not be good with her and I from then on out.
In 2008 my grandparents passed away in, they had raised me and were very much my parents in every way. I dealt with a difficult time, they passed within 3 months of each other, but that did not stop the things that were said about me, a constant belittling, you’re not good enough the way you are, even at one point being called fake. I had lost myself to this group of people, I didn’t think I was good enough just being myself, so I just was floating through life like a robot, showing no real emotion, they did not realize the pain I was dealing with on the inside from my grandmother dying of cancer, I just wanted to shut the world out for a little while and not be around any one. I needed my time to grieve, but was never really given that, life was to continue on like nothing happened. The day grandpa passed, I went soul winning, because well that’s what we do, what is more important than that?
  1. Little Eye Openings
One day I was sitting in a bible study, and it came to me that I was not living my life, I was on the outside looking in, it was the oddest picture in my head, of me unfolding a box and looking down into my life, I decided then and there it was time to start being happy, doing things I wanted to do, laughing, smiling, enjoying life, to stop being so sad. It had been almost 2 years since I had truly had joy, or went somewhere just because I could. I volunteered, at my daughters school, I started setting little goals for myself, I went places around the city, I ventured out to do and see things outside of that church. This did not set well, so once again the accusations started. On one such occasion in spring of 2009 I was called into the Pastors office, and there in that office was my ex and in-laws, my kids were shuttled off to the nursery, and the door closed. We sat there for 2 or 3 hours, the accusation this time, was you wear mascara, there are no way your eye lashes are that dark, or that thick, you know you’re lying, just admit you are lying and you can go. I said no I’m not, I said if I were going to wear makeup I would dye my hair, and wear something to get rid of the bags under my eyes. Nothing I said mattered, there was a constant accusation, and it would not stop, they said we were just having a discussion, but when yelling is involved that is not a discussion. When someone is saying you’re a liar and you aren’t what are you supposed to do. This thing about mascara went on for a few months.
I almost left the church then because of it, I went to visit, my ex had said, well if we want to get to seminary, maybe we will have to go somewhere else, look for a place in there to rent. So I did when I came here, this time I told my family what had happened, and they said it’s a cult, you know it, you need to leave. They still had a strong hold on me, I didn’t leave just yet, I went back. My ex through me under the bus then, he said I can go to seminary, you’re the with the problem you know you lie, and you wear mascara, I’m good, you’re not, you need to figure out what you’re doing. I knew if I every left him, he would take my youngest daughter, he said that from the day she was born, I was afraid of many things. These people dig in, and put a strong hold on your life, it’s a cult, read anything online about the signs of a cult and this church fits it. It’s very hard for the member who is in to leave, and to break the cycle.
  1. Seminary and more Indoctrination
I started Seminary of 2010 and finished in 2013, it was busy, there I heard the leadership get up and tell us what we could and couldn’t do, if we went camping on the weekend, we weren’t giving ourselves to God enough, but never mind the trips they took to with their families. The bigwig once said a woman that couldn’t play the piano was a hindrance to her husband and his ministry. When my ex and I first arrived there, we were confronted by the top dogs one night after service, and asked if we planned on leaving the church, I didn’t have a clue what was going on, my ex had been talking to a girl he was once engaged to about meeting up and leaving. She used to run up and jump in his arms and he’d pick her up and hug her, I wasn’t allowed to contact any former friends or coworkers, not even my oldest daughters dad, because well I may cheat on him, but he was allowed to do what he pleased. He had the passwords to all my accounts, my email, Facebook, etc. I didn’t have his, and if he gave them to me he constantly changed them. I was not allowed to know what was going on with the finances, or check bank statements. I had to get permission to spend more than $10, most of our marriage all but 2 years we were on food stamps, and state assistance, because he would get a job for a few months and then stop working it, it was said this happened because he was disable, they didn’t let me work because I’m a woman, it made no sense to me, why I couldn’t I am an able bodied individual, the mother in law really pushed government programs for us, like VA disability, and food stamps, but we were never to tell anyone we were on government assistance, we paid tithe on the food stamps as well by taking her shopping and buying her groceries.
There was a coworker of my ex when he had an office job, the ladies husband, and several of the people at the office said they were having an affair with this woman, they would go to lunch together, with no chaperone, he rode in her vehicle, and said they were just friends, anyone who knew this church knew this was unacceptable. I couldn’t even talk to a man without getting accused of doing something, and here he was riding in a car, going to lunch and other places with his friend, and many people, including her husband thought they were having an affair, these were people not connected to the church, people don’t generally think things like that unless you give them a reason to.
  1. Horrible Holidays
Every year the in-laws would come home for the holidays, what was supposed to be a happy, family togetherness time generally turned into a fight between the mother in law and I, every year this would happen, the exception being 2011, there was a grim prognosis about my ex, his mother knew I’d return home and not have much to do with her. The last Christmas in Graham was 2012, we went on some trip out to the coast, to West Port, we were very tight on money. In seminary, you pay your tithe, you pay for classes, they may throw an additional class in there, so you will have to come up with the money on the spot to pay for that one too, and you pay a babysitter to watch your children at night time if they are young, you’re broke most of the time, unless you have a really good job, which was never the case with our family, we just didn’t have money. I volunteered at a clothing bank, and I got cloths for the girls and I there, I also volunteered at their school, I had never stopped getting out and giving of myself, I like helping people, I enjoyed being around kids, and spending time with my daughters at their school.
We went on a trip we couldn’t afford to spend it with the in-laws, I budget the money that was on the food stamps very wisely. I raised chickens, and grew a garden, and made everything from scratch just to make ends meet, she wanted us to spend $100 for a 2 or 3 day trip for groceries, I said that takes most of our budget, we don’t have that money, so a fight started on that end. We drove there on a tire that was bad, my ex said the struts went out, no the tread was bald on the tire and it shook the whole way, I was so scared to drive that car, but away we went. While there, we did not get along any better, by this time my oldest daughter was 11, the mother in-law accused her of breaking something, which she didn’t and she yelled at my daughter and she went on and on about it. She said I didn’t pay enough attention to my children, how could I let this happen, I woke up early one of mornings and went walking, I just couldn’t take it, I needed to breathe for a minute. She found fault with me for that, saying she was stuck taking care of my kids, I was gone half an hour. I was made to clean the entire place we were staying in, I had to do dishes, vacuum, and clean up after they all ate. I was told I was lazy, and that I did not help clean or pull my weight there, they all went to the beach, while I was miserable the whole trip. One thing after another, we got home, and I told my ex I would never go on a “family” trip with him again.
New Year’s rolled around, and I knew something was wrong, one night after a church service, we were called to his parents’ house, my kids were sent in the other room to watch a movie, and there I was on a couch by myself, with all of them looking at me, something I was all too familiar with, the mother in-law started in, why do you volunteer so much, why do you help at your daughter’s school? I said because I enjoy doing that, she said, you should help me clean my house, I helped my mother in law, you should help me clean, you spend all your time volunteering and not helping me. I said, I did help you clean your house, I still do I just don’t want to be over here all the time, I have my own family, plus I’m still in seminary. It blew up from there, all I could think as words rolled out of her mouth was Jesus sat there quite before them as they were putting him on trial, I just held my tongue, I said nothing else, I blink away the tears, this went on for a couple of hours. They said say something, now is your time to talk, I said no I have nothing to say, the mother in-law was so red in the face, and upset, she could not get a reaction out of me. We left, I made up in my mind I would never ever treat any member of my congregation that way, I really had a desire to help people, and I never wanted to make anyone feel that way. To me getting out in the ministry was more important than her, or what she said or the accusations. I graduated seminary, and we left to the ministry shortly after.

  1. Their Greatest Calling
We went out into the “harvest” in 2013, having sold all of our furniture, and just about everything we owned, we got a church, a place and started, it was a lot of work, but I was in some ways glad to be there, because this was what I thought was the greatest calling, it was the height of that church, one preachers wife said it was a higher calling than being the president’s wife. That year for the holidays, the in-laws came to visit us, we had everyone over to our apartment, she spilled stuff all over the oven, burned it in and made a mess, I wanted to clean it up, she said no, go to the church and clean, you put that above everything else, and like every other holiday it went downhill from there. We fought like children over dumb stuff, she accused me of not learning to play piano correctly, she got so mad when I tried to tell her what I was learning, she thought I was arguing with her, while we were at dinner, she refused to talk to me, she intentionally ignored me. Her husband even told her she misunderstood me, the dad was always so quite, and never said much, most of the accusations came from the mother in law, so I knew it was bad if he stood up for me. I told my ex about it, he said, she is an overseers wife, she would never act like that, you’re mistaken, he later asked his mom about it, and she admitted to ignoring me, and what I was saying on purpose that evening during our Christmas dinner. I was so tired of it, never feeling good enough, I was the country bumpkin who’d married her baby boy, and I just couldn’t do anything right no matter what, eventually her tactics no longer worked on me, I’d grown numb to them, I stopped caring.
  1. The Wake Up Call
I had decided to make some smoothies and salsa, not knowing I was deathly allergic to a tropical fruit. The next day I woke up with hives all over my body, you could not see my skin, it was red everywhere, that was a Thursday morning, by Friday morning my throat was beginning to swell, I told my ex I needed to go to the hospital, he said it cost too much, take Benadryl, I said I’ve already maxed it out, I can’t take any more and its doing nothing. Saturday morning I woke up, I stepped out of bed, and felt sharp, knife stabbing pains on my feet, I had welds an inch thick on the soles of my feet. I got sick to my stomach then fell on the floor and went into convulsions, the pain in my stomach felt like giving birth. I managed to make it back to our room, where I got sick again and fell on the floor in convulsion, tried to wake my ex up, I need to go to the ER, this is bad. He laid in bed I fell, it took all the strength I had to pull myself up on the side of the bed, I was bent over in pain, I hit him with a pillow he finally got up. It took him another 40 minutes to an hour to realize something was wrong, by this time I was calling a church member to get me to the hospital. He came over and said, oh you poor thing you are shaking, I was in the midst of a serious of convulsions, my kids woke up, my middle daughter was so frightened by my appearance the first words out of her mouth were mommy are you going to die? He dropped me off at the ER, I walked in side doubled over by the amount of pain I was in, I went in, they immediately pumped me full of meds, steroids, and H1 and H2 inhibitors, on the way out my ex went to get the car, they stopped me and said ma’am you need to pay, I said I don’t know how to pay, I don’t know which account has money, I was still in pain, my stomach still having mini piercing aches, he came in and paid, and I walked to the car, without his help. That night he kept waking me up to take Benadryl, the most you can take is 8 in a day, when he came around the third time, it would have been 6 pills, I slapped his hand away with the pills in it, saying leave me alone, that’s too much. I’m tiny my body doesn’t take that many meds at once. Two days later he had me out in southern heat in the summer at a church bbq, where I had prepared a bunch of food, I was so weak and so tired I left early. For 6 weeks, if you touched my skin it would bubble up and turn red from the inside out. I dropped a ton of weight, I couldn’t eat any greasy food, mostly only fruit and veggies or my stomach would start aching again. The mother in-law said that was normal for my skin to do that because I was so fair skinned, I think she missed a lot there, I’m very olive, and always have been because of my ancestry.
  1. From Bad to Really Bad
My ex refused to work a job, our vehicle broke down, I had been sick, things were falling to pieces, it led to him and I donating blood plasma to make ends meet, to get to conference even. He sat there in the chair next to me one of the times and the nurse told him, I’m worried about your wife sir, her veins are so tiny, we are worried about blowing them. He said well thank God we can use it now. His mother said I was healthier than her son, so I should donate plasma, she told me of other preachers wives who had done it and wore the scares from it to sacrifice for God. It could have caused massive damage to my body for a mere $50. The last time I donated plasma, I felt so ashamed, I wasn’t doing it for a good cause, I heard my grandfather’s voice speak to me in my mind, “you were raised better than this, get up, work hard, and do what you have to do to take care of your family, no one else is going to do it for you.” I went to conference September 2014, just to listen to the new head pastor bash some guy for wearing shorts. My thought wasn’t bash the husband, but what does the wife have in her heart, why would she want her husband blasted from the pulpit like that. I saw my friends, they had been so energetic and hopeful, they looked worn and burnt out, I felt that way too. This place and all it held no longer meant anything to me.
I looked at my ex and said what if we would have done what God wanted us to do instead of following a man? Where would we have been, we were so broke going $900 a month in the whole, his mommy and daddy were floating us by. I just couldn’t live like that anymore, I told him I know longer wanted to go to that church. I was told if you live here, you will go to church with me, anyone wife under my roof will go to church, so you either stay here and go to church or you go to your sisters. I said I will go and visit my sister, for a few weeks and come back before Christmas with money from the job I get so we have a nice Christmas for the girls.
  1. Set Up
Looking back on it I should have seen it coming, but you never want to believe your spouse of almost 9 years would do something like that to you. He said I love you baby, I support you, I understand you are doing this to help the family, I have all the text messages, he lied. Within 6 days of me leaving he moved my family out of the state we lived in, his parents helped him. While I was away his parents treated my oldest two children like garbage. She had my oldest scrub the inside of the toilet with a paper towel and her bare hands, my ex had been ill and it was nasty, she was so sickened by this. He called the new bigwig within a few hours and said I left him and the church, I was blacklisted within 5 hours of being on the bus. I had not left him, I was desperate to help my family. The story goes I cheated on him with some guy at our church, left him and left the church. He said the same thing of his first wife as well, it worked one time why not use it again.
He called and texted me at all times of the day, I knew my marriage was over because I finally put my foot down and said I’m no longer doing it your way. I ended up working overtime and he would text me or blow my phone up until 1 or 2 in the morning. I went 2 weeks without my kids, he said he would fly the oldest 2 girls to me, since they are not his, and he kept the youngest. He said he left $200 in our joint checking account and I could use that, he also wanted me to deposit my pay checks into it. I told him I was not going to do that, I realized something was really wrong. When I called the bank there was $37 in our joint account. I had not worked a job in 8 ½ years, I had a couple hundred dollars I could use on a credit card and that was it. I had not even gotten a pay check yet. He ended up flying my kids to an airport 5 hours away and gave me a 2 day notice to pick them up. I hit my knees and just cried for several hours that night, I didn’t know how I would get my babies. An agency ended up giving me the money to get the girls and paying for my rental vehicle, they offered compassion and mercy, my step dad picked them up from the airport, and I drove home, a 7 hour drive in December after working a 9 hour day.
I ended up working 3 jobs, I did not have a car, I relied on my sister to give me a ride, sometimes she would drop me off at a coffee shop, so I could use the wifi, or talk to a Domestic Violence Agency or take care of appointments. I walked in 10 degree weather in December, I was up by the Minnesota, South Dakota border. He would call me at work and harass me. He had called my oldest daughters dad and said he wanted to prove me an unfit mother, and get me to lose all the girls. He called CPS in 3 states on me, every case was thrown out. I asked him how was I good enough to work in your children’s church for 12 years, I volunteered in a clothing bank, at their schools, at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, and started a girl scout troop, if I was so bad with children why would I have ever been allowed in a children’s church. He told me if I really loved God I would drive to our church in South Dakota, it was 2 ½ hours away, this was the dead of winter, the roads continually get shut down because they have so much snow, and blowing snow, the day he told me if I really loved God I would make the drive, it was -30, with a howling wind and a foot of snow. If I really loved God, I’d risk dying or breaking down, and being stranded with my kids on some highway, how absurd.
He continually called my work, he canceled my car insurance one day when I was at work, he constantly did things behind my back, he called one day and said you have a month to come here and get your things or I will throw them away and give them to goodwill. He told me my 3 jobs were not that hard, one really wasn’t a job, it was more of a gig. I went to court in the summer of 2015 to get a divorce, we agreed and settled, his original lawyer ended up going to a mental hospital, so he got a new lawyer just a few days before it was set to be finale, this drug the case out longer. He switched therapist, and drug it out more, finally in April 2016 we were done, 10 days after the judge signed off on our divorce paper he was already remarried to his first wife. I cried at this point, not because I wanted him back, but I wondered why did you drag this horrible experience out, why did you put me through this. I was hindered from doing a lot of things, in my personal life, or advancing I was stuck in a holding pattern because I was still married. Some people do not understand the decisions I was forced to make, I really wanted my youngest daughter, but I went up against people who had money, I couldn’t afford it, I sat down many days, many nights, I prayed for months. I weighed the options, I had to make a decision to do what was best for all my girls, so I do not have my youngest daughter. He told me in the beginning if I ever left him he would make sure I never got her, that he would bury me in the process, I’m still standing, but he tried his hardest to paint me as a bad person.
  1. Hindsight
This experience has not been easy, it’s been a painful one, words cannot even describe the things I felt or went through. I went to therapy for almost a year. I search out answers, I reflect, and just try to take one day at a time, and to make the best out of every day. Things that seem normal to a lot of people, were no longer normal for me, like wearing pants, or jewelry, make up, or even cutting my hair. It’s hard for someone to understand unless they have been through an experience like it. I wanted to share my story, I’m no longer scared to. I really don’t want to see anyone else go through what I’ve been through. I’m one of many people who has been done wrong by the group I was in. You lose your self-identity, I couldn’t even recognize who I was anymore. If you gut feeling is telling you something isn’t right then pay attention to it. Many have been wronged, spiritually abused, mentally and some even physically abused by people in this organization. I urge you, to research it, don’t just attend and follow them blindly. They suck you in before you even know what happened. They act like they will accept you and love you so much, then they start correcting you and the way you are dressed, they will use examples if you truly loved God you would do things this way or that way. One of the first major warning signs I should have realized is within the first couple months of me going the pastor got up behind the pulpit and said if your family tells you this is a cult, it’s not, we are not a cult. They started expecting you to go to all the events, it was literally 6 or 7 days a week, and twice on Saturday and Sunday, demanding time, money, driving your vehicle to haul others around, which takes gas, and is wear and tear on your car, when the car breaks down, well, it’s just the devil messing. They expect you to go to conference twice a year, ministers are required to go to one or they will lose their license. There is not much time for any outside activities, and you spend little time with your family because you are always so busy running for a group of people. Google what a cult is, you will see the warning signs.
I was left an empty shell, my world was ripped out from under my feet, I still cry sometimes, in some ways I’m broken and I don’t know how long it will take to heal from some of the things I’ve been through. This group was 13 years of my life. If you want to leave secretly reach out to family and friends, and just go, I had to delete my old Facebook account. If you are a woman and have children, go to a domestic violence shelter, and flee, take all your children with you, get a protective order put in place so you can keep your children. Be prepared to stand strong, they will smear your name, lie about you, try to destroy you. If you leave the church it is automatic grounds for divorce. Don’t think it won’t happen to you, they arrange marriages, they have a hand in putting people together, the environment in this church is a breeding ground for abusive relationships, I’ve heard by golly I’m the man of the house, is my wife don’t like it there’s the door. Women are not treated well here, you won’t be allowed to go to college, to work a job, and you will fight if you wish to even volunteer, they want to keep you at home and isolated. Did you ever think about what it’s like for your daughter? My oldest once told me, why would I go to college, I’m just going to get married anyway, I can’t do anything with it. Is that what you really want for your daughters? I want mine to thrive, I think marriage is a good thing, but what if they do not wish to marry, what then? You have to sit down and really think about the future, they claim when you leave, you will suffer and have a horrible life, that things will fall apart, no one will love you and you won’t be blessed, and you certainly are not in the will of God. That is so far from the truth, I’ve had complete strangers show me more love and mercy than anyone in that organization ever did. The only heartache and suffering comes from my ex and what he put me through. If anyone happens to invite you to that group run away, do not go, don’t even subject yourself to it. I know there are more of us out there, many have remained silent. This is a long story, I want the information out there, I don’t want people to experience the pain I have felt, you’re not alone, sometimes the best fight we can fight back with is simply standing, and letting our voices be heard.

Reunited by Peaches and Herb on YouTube
From this story we see that before the ink dried on the divorce documents, her ex 're-married" his first wife... making her his first and third wife...  and the Big Wigs sanctioned it all, again!

(1) When a man hath taken a wife, and married her, and it come to pass that she find no favour in his eyes, because he hath found some uncleanness in her: then let him write her a bill of divorcement, and give [it] in her hand, and send her out of his house. (2) And when she is departed out of his house, she may go and be another man's [wife]. (3) And [if] the latter husband hate her, and write her a bill of divorcement, and giveth [it] in her hand, and sendeth her out of his house; or if the latter husband die, which took her [to be] his wife; (4) Her former husband, which sent her away, may not take her again to be his wife, after that she is defiled; for that [is] abomination before the LORD: and thou shalt not cause the land to sin, which the LORD thy God giveth thee [for] an inheritance. (Deu 24:1-4 KJV)

David Jr. and His
New Wife/Old X-wife that he
Remarried after Dumping the
abused Mother of his Child.
They are Celebrating
"Western" Night, and this
New/Old couple, and
the Whole Corrupt
Tieman Family.

We want folks to see the corruption.  The above picture was posted on May 21st of this year before the ink dried on David Jr's second divorce. This is David Jr's new bride.  Actually it's his old bride, also.  This woman whose name is Amy was married to Jr. at 16 years of age and dumped about 14 or 15 years ago by David Jr. when he got sick of her. This remarriage to Davyo's X, is most likely another stop gap relationship and if you blink your eyes, you might find Davyo going through a third divorce.  Stay with us, because this gets confusing as with many other ntcc sanctioned marriages and divorces.  But there is more to this story.  

David Tieman Jr. and yet another woman. Look kind of close, don't they? Notice Jezebel Tieman in the background strapped into a roller coaster smiling her approval of this inordinate relationship while he is still married to the Lady who wrote this post. From other photos on their social media pages it appears that these Borgites were grooming this blonde woman to become the next bride in the line up. Fortunately for her, she has moved on from being manipulated by Nichelle Tieman.

Who is this girl, you might ask?  This is Julia.  She  started attending the ntcc while Davyo Tieman was going through his second divorce.  Fortunately this woman was smart enough to get out of the ntcc before getting trapped in matrimony with this wrecking ball of marriages.  David Jr. was seen on many occasions flirting with this girl while going through his second divorce.  She was the one that David was hoping replace his wife of 13 years with, but things didn't work out with this one.  She must have known that David was going through a divorce and a light came on.  DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!  Julia left the cult and dodged a serious bullet. The match making machine sputtered and gagged so David Jr. had to settle for a consolation prize.  They hooked him up with his first wife.  Poor Amy.  Raised in the ntcc.  Abused and dumped.  You know that Amy had to be talked about like a dog and treated like the scum of the earth by Nichelle.  Now Amy is trapped in this family of abusive and manipulative con artists again.  What a sick and demented carousel/roller coaster/house of horror.  Dave Sr. and Nichelle had to postpone their traveling tour in their rolling cathedral to self wealth for about a year to get Davyo hooked up again.  Soon Jr. will be given another church to lord over and will repeat the vicious ntcc cycle of chicanery.

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HOPCC EXPOSED Ron Denis' "House of Prayer" AKA "Denis' Den of Thieves"
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