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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Fixer-Uppers: Flippin' Churches Part 2

NTCC New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.
 Our First Church!  God is Blessing! 
We just had our first church service; and God is moving and blessing.  There were eight people including my wife and seven children.  We had a great time, even though getting here took some real sacrifice.  We had to sell our last home, pack up everything we had in our tiny vehicle and drive cross country to a town where we don't know anyone and I don't even have a job; but we are trusting God to provide.  He will have to, since we know headquarters doesn't spend any money on us pioneers or "wasteful congregants" either. We aren't complaining though.  We know what happened to the children of Israel who murmured in the wilderness -{shuddering in fear}- my pastor just preached about it last Sunday.  We know how to be thankful, or else!

We have a fire pit out back  it has a great "ambience" and we are able to cook our ramen dinners over an open flame!  We are sooo thankful that God provides for us.  The 'Leaders' of our group came by and visited us; but chose to stay in their RECREATIONAL VEHICLE, oops, motor home.  They were a little disappointed in us for not "putting things together"; but we all scraped up enough gas money to get them to the next town.  My least-'un (youngest child) gave all her savings -- two dusty mites.

If we remain faithful and get enough members to contribute we are hoping that God will move us into a servicemen's work; so headquarters can reap the benefits of the tithe and offerings from those G.I.s when we send even more money to HQ;  they will, in turn, tell us they love and appreaciate  us while denying any request for financial assistance or using the general fund for anything .  We are hoping that one day we can be mentioned with the great ones that have gone before us.  We know that we will have to work very hard for many decades; but some day, we believe, we will be rewarded by sitting in one of those red (Board Member) chairs.

But for now, we will continue to be content in the poor state we find ourselves in.  We are praying for used mattresses to sleep on and more kook store apparel to clothe our young-uns. We sometimes think we have it bad; but we have to look back on our bible school days; and it helps us put things into perspective.  We sometimes battle demons; because people say some pretty bad things about us and our leaders.  We will not accept any accusations against them; because we see how God has blessed them; and one day we will be blessed just like them.  So stop being bitter and negative and share only those good reports, like what we're puttin' together here, y'all!  Praise God.

We may not be rich here in this world; but we are laying up our treasures in heaven.  We are doing a great work; and we don't have time to listen to the devil.  We just had a neighbor come by and build us some church pews out of cinder blocks and old closet doors without taking any money out of the general fund.  It was a real victory!  Our escrow is growing every week (somewhar); and we are paying our church tithe and pastor's tithe, even tho we don't know whar it all goes.

My last boss-man told me that I could no longer get off early on Wednesday evenings for soul winning; so I told him to take his job and shove it.  God will provide a better job.

For Halloween we posted a sign on our porch that said, "SCRAM HEATHEN" and listed a few scriptures that condemned those filthy evil children for dressin' up like demons, witches, and ghouls and observin' a pagan hooliday.  But just the same, tomorrow I'm going to send my wife to the store; so's she can buy the heathen's candy for pennies on the dollar!   It really pays to serve God, pay tithe, give in offerings, and be a good steward by saving money on luxuries like chocolate candy bars.

NTCC New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.
We are very excited about conference.  This year the theme is "We are Winning" (again)!  We were pretty sure that it wouldn't be "No Compromise" this time; and we were right.  We have yet to raise the funds to get us there; but I know Gawd will provide a way.  It will have to be a miracle for us to load up our 1968 "reefer bus" with "may-pop" tires and drive across country to attend "skits and workshops".
NTCC New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.
 Our Reefer Bus Broke Down; but Gawd Provided A Way, Again.
 We're So Poor We Always Need A Miracle To Get To Conference! 

We are very excited about the PA system segment.  Even though I can holler pretty loud, I would like to amplify my voice; so that those sinners sitting in the very back of the 16' by 14' room we're livin' outta and havin' church in will be able to hear me.  We have been to every conference since 1983; and we don't intend on missing the next one.  After all, it's a privilege.  We have talked seven brethren into piling into the 5 passenger mini-bus to help out with the gas cost.  Of course, in the past only 2 gave us a few bucks; and we had to park in a rest area with a sign on our car that said "Conference Bound, Anything Help$".  One of those fishy-Chirstians my pastor is always making fun of, some fella with a Christian fish on his T-shirt, gave us 20 bucks; so we were able to get there AND share a two liter bottle of Dr. Pepper. We don't drink Pepsi or coffee, since pastor is always talkin' 'bout them folks what have a coffee or Pepsi wid da devul.  (shudder)

 Cuppa Coffee wid d' devil 
 Havin' a Pepsi wid d' devil+vision 
We are very excited for our 13 year old daughter; because last conference a board member's wife asked her, "Which 20-something-year-old bible school student would you like to marry when you turn 15"?   We are hoping to get her married off real soon; before she discovers the pleasures of the world, or any pleasure, for that matter.  After all, it's better for her to remain ignorant; so she can be happy being barefoot and barren in the kitchen the rest of her natural borned days.   We are hoping we can kick all the young-uns out of the nest real soon; so we can be eligible to run a servicemen's home. It's such a privilege.  Yes,  it's a big sacrifice; but we had to get snipped; so that we wouldn't have any more "filthy evil children" that "hinder the work of Gawd." 

This Sunday I was goin' to preach about salvation and God's love for us; but Gawd has touched my heart and given me a new message; that really isn't new.  The topic is going to be "Giving As Unto The Lord"; and we are going to use old testament scripture from the book of Malachi.  It's very important that people learn; that the foundation of Christianity is giving to the church organization.  We wouldn't want you to be Gawd robbers; would we?  We just can't emphasize this enough; but we will try.

Last week after we took up the offering, we preached about women painting their faces and bobbing off their hair.  We also preached against the devil vision and being worldly.  LOL  You should have seen their faces during altar call.  My wife and oldest son both got saved; so we were able to add them to the weekly report to HQ.  We have a form that we fill out; that says how many got saved, and how many received the Holy Ghost baptism, and most important, how much cash money everybody gave.  It's really strange; but in our last work we had a total of 400 people get saved; but we only ended up with 2 faithful (tithe paying) church members; and they were the  workers that were sent down from HQ.  But we had a hard time getting along with them; so they requested to be moved to another work.  Oh well.

NTCC New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.NTCC New Testament Christian Churches Of America, Inc.

Next conference we will probably be moved to another work .  We will buy a place that looks like the place pictured on the left.  But after years of "giving 'til it hurts" my wife and I will have it looking like the place on the right.  It will take hard work and sacrifice.  But once it's renovated and lookin' like new, the org will send some dud to replace us; so they can shut down the work and sell that building at three times what we paid for it outta our pockets.

In the mean time we will be sent to a new work overseas with no idea where the escrowed money from our old church went.  If we ask about it, pastor will just say, "It'll be given back at the right time."  Course we know them's just weasel words for "You ain't never seein' that money again this side of glory!"

Oh well, onto our missionary work.  The organization promised us there would be money in the general fund at our new church.  But it will only be 32 cents.  They also told the foreign government official they would support us with finances; but they won't.  That's "just a formality'.  So my wife will get a job; even though in the States my pastor says that is "prostituting that woman".  But like one board member says, "sometimes in the work of the Lawd, certain things are necessary".  So get busy honey.

We won't be getting any money from the organization; even though they promised full support.  Since there are rich G.I.s in the area; we will be expected to "make it happen".  In fact, we won't even be called missionaries ;so the org can call us servicemen's home directors.  That way our organization can expect the G.I.s and us to pay all the bills without using any of the mission works pledge money they took up and squirreled away somewhar.

By the time we realize what's going on, we will want to come back to the States.  But the organization or my pastor will say, "NO!  THAT IS NOT GOD'S WILL FOR YOU!"  So when we do come back, the organization will not renew my minister's license; they will say we are no longer "in good standing" and that way they can justify welching out and not paying us the four years of back pay they promised to pay us for our time spent laboring overseas.  Oh well.  Praise God.

The other ministers in the org will hear pastor's version of our story at the next "Make It Happen" conference. He will tell the that our spending habits got us broke, and how we got old and fearful and stopped trusting God, and so now in pastors words we are runnin' from the call of God and goin' out gettin' jobs.  Our former friends will yell, "Amen!"  "Preach!" and "What a blessing, Sir."

Then they will volunteer to "make it happen"; and they will think that they will get different results than all who have gone before them; even though they do the exact same things as all who have gone before them...  Pastor says that's the definition of insanity -- expecting different results when you do the same thing over and over again... But they will do it.

And they too will wait for the blessing that never comes.  They've been convinced that if they give what pastor gives, they will have what pastor has.  Course, we all know he never really gave anything.  He just married the rich founder's daughter.  But nobody'll say that.  They're too scared to be called jealous; coz once you get labeled as a truth-teller, oops, trouble maker in that bunch, you will be run off.

But back to our former friends (Are they really friends?) who ditched us just because we go to a different church . . .   Though they give more than pastor gives, they will never have what pastor has; (unless they leave the org. or start their own group just like the one they came out of; or the filthy rich founder adopts another daughter and they marry her when she's 16 and they are 25....)

We hope that this letter will encourage people to come to our church.  If any of this scares you we ask that you just give us a try anyway.  We'll treat you in so many ways, you're bound to like one of them.  And if you don't it just means you are angry, bitter, and just didn't want God anyway.  So remember to share the good reports just like my pastor does when he is screaming from the pulpit about those "evil filthy children"  who "hinder the work of Gawd".  Amen.  Preach.  What a blessing.  Thank You, Sir!  May I have another?

Animal House Scene:  Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?  video link

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

grant kekel is Getting Rich Off YOUR Sacrifice: The Real Reason Why

The real reason why davis allowed the compromise in the ntcc and
the real reason why grant kekel is attending secular college is to
groom grant kekel to take over the

Ranked 14th
 grant kekel's college 
Not the ntcc unaccredited 
bible school seminary.
But St. Louis University's
 John Cook School of Business 
Fully accredited & ranked 14th 
Remember:  It's not a church! 
It's a Business!  davis says so!
Right now grant is a frosh (2010) (freshman) oops   sophomore (2011)  oops junior (2012-2013) at St. Louis  University's John Cook School of Business.
After that look for him to further his business education with a master's degree.  Then watch and see if he doesn't take some law classes.

ntcc has some serious a$$et$; and r w davis wants grant-o to know how to protect them.  That's why those law classes will be so imperative.

It never mattered who grant thought he was or what grant thought he wanted to be.  Before the sperm ever hit the egg, that boy's life was graphed and mapped out for him.  And so were the lives of your children.  They were going to be oppressed and kept ignorant, by davis constantly 'preaching' against attending any school, secular or religious, not run by rodger wilson davis.  Face it folks, it takes control to run a cult.  And control requires indoctrination.  Hence the need for an in-house, members-only, closed sect so-called seminary where the doctrines of men are taught and enforced with rigor.  Just think about how it is in your ntcc.  Think about the times you heard davis screaming at folks for even thinking of improving themselves outside r-dub's strange sphere of influence.  It wasn't pretty.  Now look as grant kekel as he enjoys all the things your children and you were denied, thanks to grant's grandpa davis:

First let's look at the graduation ceremony from grant's private high school academy, the Tacoma based Charles Wright Academy, a prep-school for college.  This segment of training cost a minimum of  $80,000, not including the numerous field trips abroad and sports package for grant to play football for the Tarriers (sic).  Remember grant's grandpa and pappy speaking evil of other Christians just because the brothers wanted to listen to a football game?  How about the times your children were made to cry and feel like outcasts because ntcc 'preached' their man-made doctrine that sports could take you away from the work of the borg, oops, lawd.

  Click to view and / or purchase pic 1 of grant with diploma

Photo 2 of grant kekel in his Charles Wright Academy (Private High $$School) graduation gown ($80,000 - now you know why they are green!)

  Click to view and / or purchase pic 2 of grant in green gown

Photo 3 Submitted in comments below
  Click to view and / or purchase pic 3 of grant with his mamma's eyes

Now let's look at what they were getting grant ready for:  College - another thing they 'preached' against for you and yours:

From the St. Louis University (SLU) web site:

Grant D. Kekel
Freshman  Sophomore Junior @
John Cook School of Business @ St. Louis University

Tuition: $32,180 (2010-11 undergraduate tuition).
Financial aid: 95 percent of freshmen receive scholarships or financial assistance.
97%: Freshmen who receive scholarships or financial assistance
$19,539: Average yearly award package

Health-Insurance: All full-time graduate/professional and undergraduate students are required to have health insurance.

On-campus living: 91 percent of freshmen live on campus.  But we doubt grant would, since verna, rodger, mikey, and tanny all own so much real estate, including right there in St. Louis, (give us) MO (of YO money)!

Religious affiliation: Catholic, Jesuit and welcoming individuals of all faiths and backgrounds.

Location: St. Louis, Missouri -- in the city's arts district, five minutes from the Gateway Arch on the Mississippi Riverfront. A second campus is located in Madrid, Spain.

source home: www.slu.edu

academic calander: http://www.slu.edu/x22706.xml

housing costs:  http://www.slu.edu/x28477.xml

Photo of John Cook School of Business @ St. Louis University (SLU) from Wikipedia (same as photo embedded above):


In ntcc it's not about souls, people.  It's about a narcissist named rodger w. davis making a fortune and a name for himself.  davis will and has used everyone in his life to further his goal to be gawd.  If you don't produce, you will be cut off and sent packing.  By the way, there's your escape if you get tired of the lies and deceit, grant.  Just stop producing for granpappy and go get your own life. :-)  You may be surprised to find it is better to flip burgers and be your own man, than to have a silver spoon in your mouth that is no different than the ring men put in a bull's nose to get him do whatever the guy jerking the ring wants him to do.  Better to be a real man and a free moral agent than rodger's whuppin' boi.

Just our opinion.

Don't forget to check out the Brian Lee Photography Pics of grant's graduation (order one today).  And remember, your sacrifice enabled his ~$80,000 high school education.  Hope your kids did just as well as little grant-o and got to play football and basketball and study martial arts just like liddle grant did...  No?  You didn't have kids?  Do you still think rodger w. davis was right? ... ? when he screamed AT YOU "Children hinder the work of gawd!" and "Lady, you're gonna have to answer to gawd [face the severe wrath of gawd] for ruining your husband's ministry!"--both quotes by rodger w davis.

Side notes:

The Charles Wright Academy "Tarriers" -- Tarry till I come... Get it?

verna davis identifies herself with tenacious terriers after the infamous Pitbull Terrier, known for its ability to lock onto something and never let go.  If verna wants to identify herself as a female dog (uhm, you know the word for that) fine...  It seems the bible speaks of another woman, a wicked queen Jezebel, whose destiny involved dogs ...

And of Jezebel also spake the LORD, saying, The dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel.
1 Kings 21:23

rodger davis has another opinion of pibulls --  That litter of puppies that rodger ordered a certain minister to kill by chopping off their heads with an axe... Yup.  You guessed it.  They were Pitbull Terriers.  Read More >>

The following video speaks for the American Pitbull Breed.  It also contains curse words in a rap song that accompanies the video.  You can mute the sound by clicking on the speaker icon.  It is a visually thought provoking video that applies to not only Pitbulls but also the the whole ntcc mentality.  Just consider the workers in ntcc as the pitbulls in this scenario and the ntcc 'leaders' as the very inhumane humans...  such a fitting analogy:


The Great American Pit Bull Terrier [sic] Watch On YouTube

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Part 2: ntcc Holiness Or Hell: What's the Difference? (The Pork Chop Whiskers Hall Of Fame)

The Gloating Cat

A moment ago, while posting a comment on the previous thread, the word "holiness" came to mind; and I had to write a new thread; because it dawned on me that there is little difference in the "Holier than Thou" attitude projected by the ntcc leadership and that of the Pharisees. It's not really holiness that is in question here; but it is the policies and doctrines of the ntcc that are very hard to swallow. Holiness that is preached to the masses at the ntcc is based on a few scriptures that deal with customs and what was considered to be appropriate attire and hair length: dressing modestly, long hair on women, and short hair on men. These scriptures were given little emphasis compared to many other subjects in the New Testament; but they were mentioned. From these few scriptures the leadership of the ntcc and its founder have created the "davis doctrine" which encompasses a whole lot more than hair length and dresses on women, and loose fitting pants on men. Let's look at the differences in what God says in His word and what the davis doctrine has to say.

For the purpose of this comparison we are going to use New Testament scriptures. For those of you who don't know this, we are living under the New Testament; hence the name new testament christian churches of america, inc.

1. Modest apparel: 1Tim 2:9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array

The subject of modest apparel is mentioned one time in the New Testament and is not kept, nor has it ever been kept by the ntcc leadership. Let's take a look at the ntcc leadership to see how they "lead the way" in this category. Modest apparel....hmmm. How often have we seen tanya kekel looking like jello poured into a ziplock baggy? What's the difference? Okay so maybe she outgrew her clothing at the time and now she's no longer doing that. We'll give her the benefit of doubt. This Scripture is also used by the ntcc to preach against jewelry. Gold and pearls. It's okay to wear diamond wedding rings and for the men to wear pinky rings? What's the difference? Costly array: Should we even go there?  Lets go there. For this segment we have to look at the leadership of the ntcc to find rebellion against God's word; because the lowly members are made to shop at kook stores and other second hand venues such as flea markets and garage sales; where you have to wash you hands at your earliest convenience; because the clothes are so filthy and stink so bad. Just take a look at how the leadership of the ntcc is adorned in costly array. With their tailored white shirts and gold cuff-links, their expensive silk ties and Hart Schaffner and Marx suits that cost more than a set of new tires on the luxury cars they drive. And the women in their get-ups with Alpaca scarves that cost more than dinner for 6 at the Red Lobster. They shop at the expensive stores and buy dresses and outfits made of the best materials that money can buy. While we were shopping at kook stores and garage sales; they were shopping at Nordstroms and Nieman Marcus; and those are the 'lower end' places that they shop, especially with the internet available; where Saks Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive choices are available. What's the difference?

2. Hair Length: 1 Cor 11:14,15 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him? But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given to her for a covering.

These two verses are all that can be found in the new testament that specify hair length and cover both men and women on the topic. I know the ntcc just loves to preach about this topic as if it were the most important subject in the bible. Don't ever ask the question, "How short is short?" or "How long is long?"; unless you want to get thoroughly jacked up. If you have to ask that question than your heart must be full of compromise and the desire for sin. Whatever. No where in either of these scriptures is an exact length specified. The ntcc makes that decision for you by jacking you up if you are a man and your hair gets too long. I believe that common sense is implied here; and that if it were an offense that places people in hell that God would have been more specific about it.  Have you ever noticed that the control mechanisms that the ntcc has created are way more restrictive on women than they are on men? Case in point: The scripture says a woman is to have long hair. No where in the bible does it say that it can't be cut. It's supposed to cover her head; and it's a glory to her when it is long. They have to use cult code words like "chopped off" and "bobbed off" to make it seem exceedingly sinful. In vs. 5-7 it speaks about being shaved or shorn but that refers to her being shaved bald. Of course this also is argued by the ntcc; because if they can't convince women to not cut their hair than they lose a control mechanism. What's the difference? If a woman gets her hair trimmed and prays to God is she going to "split hell wide open" faster than the woman who never gets her hair cut? It's also alright for a woman that has short hair that won't grow to wear wigs so they can put on a facade and pretend to be someone they are not. Just ask verna. Sounds like too much emphasis on the outward appearance to me. Mt. 23:5 "They make broad their Phylacteries and enlarge the borders of their garments". What's the difference? "Look at us, we are working our way into heaven." "We are special above all other people of the land." The Pharisees live for the praises of their own people and not that of God. I know that many people are not like this and not doing it for the same reasons; but what's the difference?

3. Lasciviousness: Gal 5:19 "Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleaness, lasciviousness

This word that the ntcc uses to preach at men and woman can be found 6 times in the New Testament and is defined in it's original text all six times as: unbridled lust, excess, licentiousness, lasciviousness, wantoness, outrageousness, shamelessness and insolence. Also, wanton acts or manners, filthy words, indecent bodily movements, unchaste handling of males and females.

You have to look up definitions of words used to define lascivious to link it to the way people dress. That's okay, lets go down this road. Although the word describes behavior more than a dress code I believe that if you dress obscenely you can fall into that category. It's listed with some pretty bad sins; so again let's use a little common sense here. If a man wears shorts that don't draw attention to his private region are they still lascivious? If a man (kekel's son) wears football pants that are made out of spandex and conform to every curvature of his anatomy, no matter how small, is that lascivious? What's the difference? You be the judge. Shorts nowadays are not cut like the basketball shorts of the 70's. They are knee length and usually fit loosely not exposing the private parts of a man and woman; although women today tend to wear their clothes tighter than men do. Some men like to wear pants and shorts that fall off their butts and expose themselves in a perverse way. I say common sense has to rule here. If a woman wears a dress that in ntcc makes her look modest but you can still see her calves, what is the difference if a man wears shorts down to his knees that fit right and you can see his calves? If you are lusting after calves and elbows you have issues and need God to perform a miracle in your heart. I say the problem is in the heart and not in the outward appearance. All that being said, I have no problem with people living the ntcc's version of holiness if it's of their own free will. But who cares what I think? It's when they flaunt it and say, "Look at how great we are living in comparison to the rest of the world!". Is this really "holiness" as God intended for it to be in the bible?

4. Facial hair 1 dav 1:1 (dav is short for davis in case you were wondering...) "Thou shalt not have a beard or mustache; or thou shalt surely die and go to hell".
Photo Gallery:
The "Porkchop Whiskers" Hall Of Fame:

Alex Kendrick of Sherwood

Bart Millard of Mercy Me 

Mark Hall of Casting Crowns 

Mac Powell of Third Day 

Would Jesus Wear A Beard? 
Don aka "Porkchop Whiskers" 

Try showing up to conference in a beard or mustache and see how that goes for you. Jesus would not be welcome in the ntcc, unless He was willing to shave it off. I've been referred to as Pork Chop Whiskers by those in the ntcc; because they feel they need something to lash out at. That's okay. I can take it. I have thick skin. I learned how to be an outcast when I was in the ntcc. I learned how to dress like a dork, while I was in the ntcc. Next time you think you are so much holier than all those around you, take a look at the Amish and the Mennonites and the Quakers:
They put you to shame with their outward appearance. If you are going to use the same old mantra that "There is no such thing as being too holy." then have the women wear their dresses down to the ground; and cover your elbows, stop wearing wedding rings, and pinky rings, and Alpaca scarves, and all the other junk you wear.

5. Make-up: 1 dav 1:2 If thou paintest thy face thou shalt surely die and go to hell.

This scripture is found no where in the new testament but only in the book of Davis. He refers only to Jezebel painting her face; but nowhere does it say in the entire bible that women can't use make up. Can we bring common sense into the equation again? It's been shared that board members' wives in the ntcc use foundation and wrinkle cream. What's the difference?

What's the difference? This question can be applied to all of the man-made rules and policies of the ntcc. What is the difference in watching tv and listening to audio books with the same stories and language? What's the difference between playing basketball or football with sinners or going over to kekel's house and playing volleyball? What's the difference between staying in touch with family members and letting them know that you love them and are genuinely concerned about them and doing the same for your church contacts? What's the difference in listening to southern gospel and contemporary Christian music? Whose opinions are you going to follow? What's the difference in having a tv or devilvision and watching a good movie and kekel doing the same thing on a computer monitor with a dvd player. Does the ntcc have a monopoly on discretion? What's the difference in kekel going to a dog show and you owning a dog?  What's the difference in kekel going to a bluegrass festival and you going to a country music concert at the park? What's the difference in the ntcc leadership spiritually abusing you over and over again and a wife beater that physically beats his wife over and over again. I think I'd rather receive physical beatings than what I received in the ntcc. What's the difference?

The common denominator between the ntcc and a fiefdom or dictatorship, is that the 'leader' makes harsh rules that others must obey; but that the 'leader' does not follow. In fiefdoms and dictatorships, this double standard and hypocrisy is expected. But such double standards (two sets of rules) and hypocrisy (saying one thing, while living something else) have no place in Christianity. Chirst led by example. He never asks us to do anything that He Himself has not done or is not willing to do. That's the difference between Christ and the ntcc leadership. Frankly, Christ is the One we all need to follow; not the ntcc hypocrites who "say and do not". Jesus walked the walk. ntcc 'leaders' only talk the talk. Let's not be talkers; but walk in the path Jesus laid out for us.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What About ntcc's Becky and John R.?

In a post on Jeff's blog an anonymous commenter posted the following comment:

What do you make of people like J P [R] and his wife Becky? I spent a lot of time with them in the mid-80's and I am certain they were very decent people who loved God. I wonder how can they stay in the NTCC organization? (I could name other very decent Pastors in the organisation) comment link

We answered with the following response:

I spent time with Becky and John [R] in Hawaii a couple of times while on leave from Korea. They were very nice folks and didn't seem to have the same judgmental attitude towards folks as others in the ntcc had. While I was on vacation, they showed me around the island; and we actually had a real good time. They didn't spend every waking moment lamenting over lost souls and stumping for tithes and offerings.

Lately I have had Becky and John R. on my mind and have been wanting to do this post for a while. In the short time that I spent with them they made a lasting impression; and most what I remember was good. They had what seemed to be real love in their hearts for people; and I never got the feeling that they were in it for the money. There were a few other couples in the ministry that left me with similar memories.

Maybe because I didn't spend much time around them I didn't see the side of them that seems to be in most of the ntcc leadership.  Maybe they are just good people that love God and are making the best out of a very bad situation.  It was mentioned by Jeff and others that Becky and John R. must have turned a blind eye to much of what went on in the ntcc.  They also no longer communicate with their family to include Deborah and Gregory.  This came about because mike kekel showed private letters to Becky and John R. that were written between Gregory S. and mck.  Not only was this a breach of confidence but was used to sow discord among brethren and to drive a wedge between lifelong family bonds.  This is proof that when people leave the ntcc they are no longer considered to be in good standing with God.  We have often made reference to the ntcc claims that they are God's last move on earth and that the ntcc thinks they are the only true church on planet earth.  These actions substantiate these claims and vindicate those that have been wrongfully cast away by the leaders of the ntcc.

Here is what I think.  In my own experience there are many folks in the ntcc that are just like we were.  Do you remember the days when all you cared about was living for God?  Do you remember when you were young and impressionable and would do anything to please God and the men and women that you thought were there to help you along the way in your life for God?  But ntcc perverted the gospel and used us.  We gave everything we had to them until there was nothing else to give.  They broke us down until we had no willpower left; and when we were no longer of any use to ntcc, they kicked us to the curb.

At one time we drew a line and said we would never cross it.  Then we saw it crossed by others in the ntcc; and in time we moved that line.  It reminds me of how lawyers start out:  Wanting to make a difference in the world.  They start out on fire and want to practice law to help people; and soon they find out that to win a case they have to misrepresent the facts.  To help a client they find themselves violating ethical practices that they never dreamed of violating.  Pretty soon they become farther and farther away from what they know is right; and it becomes common practice to lie and use deceit to win a case.

This is what the ntcc does to people.  There are still good people that have been trapped in that cult for decades and John and Becky R. may be among them.  Sometimes  we find ourselves guilty of having an "Us against Them" attitude; and in our zeal to expose the ntcc,  we don't recognize the fact that many ministers are caught up in the same hopeless situation we were caught up in.  There are many in the ntcc that we still respect and love.   We care enough to warn them and hope they eventually find their way out.  It's the establishment and the leadership of the same that we hate.   I can only imagine what some of the old-timers think when they see the blatant hypocrisy and double standards in Graham, Washington.  What can they do?  Many are now in their 50's and 60's and have very few options and even less money.  They see that the line of compromise has moved.  Standards have changed, 'holiness' has pretty much been thrown out the window; and everything that these ministers once stood for is virtually gone.

 ntcc's Becky and John R. 
To Becky and John R.,  maybe it is not my place to say this to them; but if John and Becky happen across this post I would like to make one suggestion to you.  Get back in touch with your family.  I'm sure they love you more than the folks in Graham.   They say that blood is thicker than water; and I say it is not a sin to love your families.   Some might say, "Who are you to give the [Becky and John R.] advice"?  I'm nobody.  Just an old friend.

Don and Ange

P.S.  Link to ntcc photo of Becky and John R.

While researching the proper way to make the plural form of the name R-s, we came upon this gem:

When a family name (a proper noun) is pluralized, we almost always simply add an "s." So we go to visit the Smiths, the Kennedys, the Grays, etc.When a family name ends in s, x, ch, sh, or z, however, we form the plural by added -es, as in the Marches, the Joneses, the Maddoxes, the Bushes, the R-zes. Do not form a family name plural by using an apostrophe; that device is reserved for creating possessive forms.

When a proper noun ends in an "s" with a hard "z" sound, we don't add any ending to form the plural: "The Chambers are coming to dinner" (not the Chamberses); "The Hodges used to live here" (not the Hodgeses). There are exceptions even to this: we say "The Joneses are coming over," and we'd probably write "The Stevenses are coming, too."  A modest proposal: women whose last names end in "s" (pronounced "z") should marry and take the names of men whose last names do not end with that sound, and eventually this problem will disappear. 
  Source link.

This reminds me of Becky and John telling me that when they got married, the "s" on John's last name had to kick the "z" out of Becky's maiden name.  Boot to the "z" ;~} 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Part 1: ntcc Missionaries Suffer Poverty While ntcc Board Members Live In Luxury

Updated 2-16-2013
Matthew 25:40  Click to Watch On YouTube
Pagpalain kayo ng Diyos! - God Bless You!

Please think about this video the next time the ntcc leadership tries to offer some lame excuse for their lack of financial accountability. Think about the lifestyles of the board members who live in luxury while the ntcc missionaries report unbelievable financial hardship, such as:
Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one….
The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06) ntcc photo of the Mackerts at ntcc website:  http://www.myntcc.org/Manila/aboutus.aspx

"the building goes on in Goshen" -- Which is ntcc code talk and bragging -- "Look at us, we are building lots of buildings in Graham, Washington! We are winning!' Blah, blah, blah
Yup, ntcc has a really nice cult compound called the Bonco where rodger w. davis, who supposedly retired back in 2004, lives in a $1.1 million dollar (Yikes!) mansion owned by the 'non-profit' (Yikes!) ntcc... Here's a picture of the davis palace:

Da davises' Domain Valued at $1,100,000.00 and built for a non-profit retiree who allegedly retired in 2004.
Hmmmnnn...  'BONCO!'

And  kekel has his second mansion, third house, this one built "behind the fence" of the ntcc's Bonco compound in Graham, Washington, right next door to da'-da' davis' palace.  Here's a picture of kekels' kastle:

kekels' kastle next door to da'-da' davis' domain on da Bonco !!

Looks like davis and kekel love their mansions more than they love God.  *Ahem.*  Right?  Right!  Sound familiar?  Uh, Yup!  Uh, Duh!

One person shared that tanya kekel was complaining about having to downsize because this current castle has a smaller kitchen and smaller walk-in closet than the last mansion she lived in (off 145th in Graham). Might we consider that the Mackerts lived in a 9' x 14' space that was probably smaller than only one of tk's walk-in closets!

You see in ntcc when they say the building goes on in Goshen, they are saying, "Oooh!  Look at us!  We are so wealthy.  We've built more mansions for us feudal lords and more rental properties for the serfs, the slaves with "strong backs and weak minds"; that way they can generate more income for us while they clean our mansions for free for us."

But God says:  Woe unto them that join house to house, [that] lay field to field, till [there be] no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!" Isa. 5:8

Also, that statement, "the building goes on in Goshen" is so true;  the ntcc has used all kinds of slave labor to build their idolatrous temples to men; just as Pharaoh did.  And just like Pharaoh, ntcc used rigour and ruled with force and cruelty, taking away the straw of time, requiring a double quota of results to be produced.

God has heard the cries of His people.

Judgment is coming for some, deliverance for others.  What side will you be on?

Love not the world, neither the things [that are] in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 1 John 2:15

When bloggers began demanding financial accountability from the ntcc borg leaders, the ntcc decided to do damage control by publishing a smoke-screen article about how much money they spent on blacktop.  **YAWN!**  This was just a pitiful attempt to divert attention from where ALL the money goes.  But let's look at an image and talk about it some more:

Google Satellite Image of ntcc Graham, Washington cult compound for the ntcs unaccredited seminary:

Note all the black top.  Hmmn.  More important than feeding Filipinos?  Believe it or not, you decide.  You decide  by staying with a group and endorsing their actions.  Or by leaving a group and finding one that supports the causes you believe in.  It's really that simple.  God loves you.  Will you love Him back?

Tears of the Saints by Leeland Click Here

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Tour NTCC 4: The Bonco

After first publishing this story, we found this gem on a ntcc website:

"This was a real victory for our church. We spent very little money from our General Fund, because the people had a mind to work. So, we have 13 pews, and one of the members is having a pulpit made to match ..." T. E. Wright, Angeles City, Philippine Islands
Don and Ange say,

See what we mean here?  The ntcc sends this board member, tom wright to the Philippines to try and rescue a work... But look at his idea of "a real victory" in his own words:

"This was a real victory for our church. We spent very little money from our General Fund"--NTCC Board Member Tom E. Wright, Angeles City, Philippine Islands from the  skewed good news of pews at "New Pews" on ntcc website http://www.ntccmissions.org/angeles.html

We think tanya kekel needs another mansion, don't you?  And her daddy rodger wilson davis needs to live an a mansion valued at $1,100,000.00 that the ntcc built for him even though he allegedly retired back in 2004.  And all the Overseers and Board Members need new Recreational Vehicles, oops, ntcc only calls them Motor Homes (yeah, right, whatever).  While I was in the borg, they owned ELEVEN -- 11 -- Recreational Vehicles.  Each one could be valued conservatively between $200,000.00 - $300,000.00.  That's an estimated $2,200,000.00 - $3,300,000.00 DOLLARS TIED UP IN RECREATIONAL VEHICLES ALONE!

Don't worry about that starving Sister in the Philippines that one Minister testified about. He stated the ntcc boasted about her sacrificial giving of her food money to instead buy gas so she could bring people to church.  ntcc loved that story, until they got called out for letting that same woman, a bible school student, go hungry needlessly while the fat cats in Washington get fatter.

Garbage Children Of The Philippines:
Click Here To Watch Video On YouTube

Keep sending in those mission pledges and escrow account funds with no clue as to where the money really goes; 'cause it obviously ain't being spent in the Philippines on silly pews or hungry sisters, that kekel describes as "wasteful congregants"!!!

Whew. Glad to know the ntcc is so responsible and trustworthy that we can just take out our brains, dig in our wallets, and "give 'til it hurts"!! Right? Wrong.
God said to be a good steward. That means knowing where it really goes, folks. Don't put obedience to bullies like kekel and davis over obedience to God. Do what God wants and know where it goes. That is good stewardship.

If the ntcc will not provide financial disclosure, they should not get one cent of your money.

There are plenty of legitimate organizations out there that give full financial disclosure and help people in need every day. Feel free to check them out for yourself.  Or continue giving to the rich; but remember:

He that oppresseth the poor to increase his [riches, and] he that giveth to the rich, [shall] surely [come] to want. Prov. 22:16

Vote Anonymously On This Post By Clicking On The Lettered Boxes Below (If no boxes are visible, go to the bottom of the page and click the "View Web Version" Link):
A)  Sounds Like A True Description Of ntcc.
B)  ntcc Sounds Like A Cult.
C)  I Read This Post.
D)  It is wrong for church 'leaders' to force missionaries to suffer poverty while 'leaders' live in luxury. 
E)  ntcc should give full financial disclosure including board members' salaries, expenses, travel, and other perks like the cost of any of their mansions owned by ntcc. 
F)  I'm afraid to get caught commenting on this blog. 
G)  Glad To Be Out of ntcc
H)  Mackerts should feel free to join a church that will support them and help the poor of the Philippines.
I)    I'm Thinking Of Leaving ntcc
J)   I'm afraid to leave ntcc.
K)  The video title, "Garbage Children" reminds me of kekel spitting from the pulpit that children are "filthy and evil" when they "throw hissy-fits in the cookie aisle of the grocery store".  Remember, the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh...  "Filthy and evil" children???  In my opinion kekel sounds like satan!  
L)  Create Your Own By Leaving A Comment:
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Where Does All The Money Go In The ntcc?

Starting at $45,000 MSRP

 Beautiful 2003 Monaco Windsor 38 - One of Monaco's most desirable models!    Features   -370 HP -3Slides - Great Floor Plan -Won't last long  -Save now
only $230,000 USED compare that to a new one!

Please note that this lowest picture is a 2003 eight year old motor home for only 


Something newer, bigger, swankier, such as the ntcc 'leaders' will be driving, will cost much, much more!

There are eight (8) motor home slabs at the ntcc national campground and in the past (during the nineties) all eight slabs were occupied and three (3) additional motor homes, driven by olson, johnson, and davis were parked up at the Lodge on the slab behind that building.

That is a total of ELEVEN (11) MOTOR HOMES.

And remember, "If you have to ask how much it costs, YOU can't afford it."

But ntcc can.  They just 'can't' afford to = "won't give any of gawd's money to the poor!!!"     ???    Hello!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life and Death in the New Testament Christian Church

During your tenure at New Testament Christian Church, you will be required to forsake all to follow your new god, the ntcc. The scriptures will be twisted to ensure that you abide faithful to only one lord, the ntcc. Every time you want to spend time with family, the ntcc will balk, spouting: "So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple." (Luke 14:33) And "He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." Matthew 10:37.

After years of faithfully abiding and serving the ntcc, death will come for you.  But guess what?  After those years and years of telling you to dis your family, the ntcc will now expect them to pick up the arrangements for your funeral and burial or cremation.  "After all," they will say to justify their lack of care for you, "Let the dead bury their dead."

We've seen people who don't make extravagant claims about being super-apostles show more Christian character, absorbing the cost of caring for the remains of a friend's beloved pet when the animal passed away.  The veterinarian compassionately told our friend not to worry, the vet's office would take care of the remains.

It's good to know that in the ntcc you will receive less consideration than a dead dog.  Your family, whom you obediently abandoned to their own devices, will care for your final arrangements despite your alienating them in order to follow the dictates of a man.  But your ntcc 'family' will shrug and ignore your situation, searing their conscience and saying, "Let the dead bury their dead."

Should you be surprised by this?  After all, the ntcc did nothing to help or care for you when you were alive.  They really will care less when you are dead!  It does not matter that you forsook all to follow them.  It does not matter that you gave all you had so the rich could get richer.  In the end you will be discarded like a used diaper.  Because that's how it is in the ntcc.  Unless you are related to the nepotistic core group.

The ntcc bought their own private cemetery up on the hill behind the chruch behind the fence, the tabernacle finished in 1999 there in Graham, Wa.  You can be sure only a select few will be buried there.  Look for headstones with the following names only:

davis, kekel
olson, brill
johnson, kinson, ankenbauer
ashmore, difrancesco, jordan

That would be plenty to fill those plots staked out by davis and his cronies in their private cemetery.

But if you're not related to the money families in ntcc, look to the potter's field, the place where they cast out the poor dead.  And remember, your sacrifice made it all possible!  But that won't be remembered when you have a need, whether in life or death.  They will laugh at you as you stand in the soup line and they drive by in their Cadillacs (as davis has boasted); or they will blame you and say "your spending habits" caused your poverty (as kekel recently mocked the faithful, saying they became fearful, blah, blah, blah).

Well, don't worry.   Worrying would earn you the title of being "foolish and unlearned" (should you ask the questions that all men with brains and hearts ask "What if ...?") as kekel railed on Greg S. when he thoughtfully considered how to care for his wife if something should happen to him.

Now  ntcc's jim johnson sells insurance; so who do you think davis and company buy their insurance from? (At great rates of course.)  So they really aren't too concerned.  They're well covered.  But you peon workers must have too much time on your hands if you can sit and ask these questions.  Get back to work.  Don't you know people are dying and going to hell?  While tanya kekel goes shopping (but not for groceries; for antiques and crystal, and BMWs...).  And perhaps it is mikey kekel who goes golfing, since he falsely accused Casey Hayes of that very thing.  Hmmn.  Makes you wonder.

The bible admonishes us there is a season for everything:

  • What season of life are you in?
  • What season will come next?
  • Will you be prepared?
  • Why not?
  • What has ntcc done for you?
  • What have you done for ntcc?
  • Have you given them your whole life only to find that 
  • they could care less whether you live or die?

Points to ponder friends.

 How does ntcc see or treat you? 
Remember, if a righteous man regardeth the life of his beast, how much more  should we regard the life (or death) of a loved one created in the image of God?  After all, davis certainly made sure to take care of himself.  Why should you be thought "foolish or unlearned" for doing the same?

Vote Anonymously On This Post By Clicking On The Lettered Boxes Below:
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D)  Ministers in ntcc who aren't part of the 'nepotistic core' have no safety net for their financial future.
E)  Most ntcc ministers give all their money to ntcc and have no money saved for retirement.
F)  I'm afraid to get caught commenting on this blog.
G)  Glad To Be Out of ntcc
H)  Create Your Own Vote Topic By Leaving a Comment:
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HOPCC EXPOSED Ron Denis' "House of Prayer" AKA "Denis' Den of Thieves"
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