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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

Jesus In The Temple

Matt 21:12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, Matt 21:13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.
Gal. 4:16 Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth? John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. 1 John 4:6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Skip To Blue Letter Bible Search Tool

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome Home! Thank You For Your Service!

Welcome Home!!!  Thank You for your service!

Story Link Fox 2 News

Please continue to keep all our troops and their families in your prayers.  Thanks.

Love you guys!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Ten Commandments of R. W. Davis

The Ten Commandments of RWD:
The Ten Commandments
Of R. W. Davis (Remember:
"You People" make the RULES!)

1.  All Christians pay tithes and give in offerings.

2.  Dishonor you mother and father by isolating yourselves from them and not speaking to them or visiting them for decades.

3.  Covet your neighbor's wife, get divorced and remarried frequently.

4.  Look down thy nose at everyone that is not a member of your church; remember:  We are the LAST MOVE of God on Earth!

5.  Thou shalt hate thy neighbors and love thyself.

6.  Honor thy Pastor with monetary gifts and make him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

7.  Invite not the poor into thy tabernacle, for they have no money to give to thy Pastor.

8.  Worship thou thy Pastor and give him praise.  Find no fault with him and pay no attention to his philandering ways.

9.  Thou shalt not find fault with thy pastor when he is in the unfortunate position of having to enforce rules that he never made.

10.  Thou shalt bless thy pastor by showering him with gifts like new Cadillacs every year, gun collections, knife collections, Henry rifles, Presidential Rolex watches, Diamond Pinky rings, musical instrument collections and lots of money, so he can take voyages across the country in his recreational vehicles and be totally unaccountable for his actions while his wives shoppeth for Alpaca scarves and expensive decorative furniture for their mansions which are cleaned by the peasant class of subservient slaves that was created for the purpose of providing a luxurious lifestyle of excess for a select and elite few.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Michael C. Kekel's Griping, Complaining, Condescending and Self-Justifying E-mail to Brother Bellamy Part 3

Looks just like a ntcc preacher
blasting people from the pulpit!

Last week we talked about Super Apostle Kekel's (sak) sacrificial life as a Super Administrator (sad), and sad sak kekel's condescending attitude towards Bro. Bellamy (and just about everyone in the ntcc), in which Kekel was comparing his own sacrifice to that of Denis, Curry and Bellamy. Today it has come to our attention that the Super Apostle (sap) seems to have a problem with folks that are blogging about his letter.  Imagine that!

Keep in mind that we are only giving Kekel a small taste of the same medicine that he's been dishing out from behind the pulpit for decades. The difference is that we allow people to disagree with us on our blog. Folks that sit in ntcc pews and get ridiculed and blasted by Kekel and Davis (who make a living off of jacking people up) have no recourse, [unless they decide to leave ntcc and blog.  :o)]  But in the ntcc confines they can't protest; or they will be jacked up more. But for some reason some people read our blog and think that we are wicked for pointing this stuff out. Kekel has more options than his jacked up church members have; because he has his own blogs; and nobody has ever told him that he can't post on Chief's, Deb's, or ours. To be fair to Kekel, even though we don't have to be fair to him, we will publish his latest plea to Bro. Bellamy:

Kekel's short email to Bro. Bellamy:


I wonder if I could ask one favor; I realize you don't owe me anything and forgive me for bothering you with another email. Since they're plastering my first email to you all over the place to smear me again, could you at least post the rest of it, so that readers can see that we settled the matter peaceably? Tumioli is using it too, I understand. I'm trying to keep all those issues off my blog, as it's not for that. I appreciate it, thanks."

Apparently we have struck a nerve with the Super Apostle kekel (sap kekel) by analyzing the contents of his first letter. We now know that he frequents our blog; or someone does it for him. I guess demonizing the bloggers hasn't been working that great for him. It seems arrogant to me that Kekel should feel like he is entitled to say anything he wants without being challenged or questioned. If I remember right, didn't Gregory and/or Deborah send Kekel a letter in confidence and Kekel turned around and used it to drive a wedge between Deborah and her sister Becky? If Kekel wants things to be kept in confidence than I would suggest to Kekel that he doesn't write condescending letters to the people he betrays. Let's take the words of Davis and apply them to Kekel: "If you don't want your business to come across the pulpit, than don't tell me about it." Plastering Kekel's email all over the place and allowing his own words to "smear" him comes with the territory of being a sad sak and pales in comparison to the smear campaigns that he has run against us. Kekel is just going to say that we are of the devil to all of his followers; and many of them will think we are lying and Kekel is telling the truth.  But we know otherwise.  If this bothers you, remember what diffident davis always said:  If I got your goat, that's the goat I was after.

Enough said on that, let us continue to examine this letter from kekel; because in this letter you will find all of the evidence you need to clearly see that 
  • the ntcc is a cult, 
  • kekel is a cult leader
  • ntcc doctrine is made up of twisted scriptures
  • and man made rules
  • all for the purpose of accumulating wealth
  • by deceiving folks out of their money.

If you are in the ntcc, I'm sure this will be hard for you to follow. If I do not seem like a credible source then discard my opinions and listen to the words of your leader in his letter to Bro. Bellamy. Think back to all that you have been taught by RWD in the past and compare those teachings to Kekel's words and be honest with yourselves. 

Kekel writes:

"We waited until we were married 8 years, and my ministry was established before making that CHOICE. God called me to Administrative work, it was not my choice, and only he that doeth the will of God will abide forever. Curry's daughter helped the Hoppers, perpetuating the lie that I only had my job because of who I married. Sadly, sadly mistaken."

In ntcc only kekel gets a CHOICE:

Here we find that Kekel was married for eight years and his ministry was established before he made the CHOICE to have a child. It looks like Kekel wants everyone to know that they made the CHOICE to have Grant. This CHOICE was not afforded to everyone in the ntcc. Many that made this same CHOICE had been in the ministry eight years or longer before they made the same CHOICE but they got blasted in conferences by Davis for choosing children over what God called them to do!?! I guess when you are called to be an administrator and you have 3 jobs that require your 24/7 attention, that makes you more suited to raise children than anyone else?  Baloney!

Don't be deceived. The ntcc's anti-children rules are man made rules; and they are put in place to control and manipulate people. There is no biblical basis for this at all. Children don't hinder the work of the Lord; they are a blessing! Just ask anyone blessed enough to have kids; they will tell you! These rules were tailor made to apply to specific people; while others got a special pass. That is why board members got their vasectomies reversed and started popping out children. They realized they had been duped by r-double-cross-dupster-davis and his son-in-law (sil)!

Compare the teachings of the ntcc with that of Jesus and then tell me I'm the devil here. None of this doctrine was ever taught by Jesus. He didn't teach people what to wear or not wear anything in particular. He didn't teach anyone to have or not to have children. He didn't tell women that they couldn't work, or wear make-up or wear jewelry. Most of the ntcc's teaching centers around keeping people in the dark and discrediting those who call them in question. We are not out here trying to get people to turn away from God. Kekel, Davis, Olson, Ashmore and many of the ntcc leaders have compromised their own man made standards; and now it's all coming into the light. Their own words are exposing them for the hypocrisy that they have been living in for years.

I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Kekel was called by God to be an administrator. Kekel was an administrator because Davis wanted him on his leash for 28 years, close by in Graham, where Tanya Kekel and Grant Kekel  would be close to Mammy and Pappy. Called to be an administrator? My butt! The only reason Kekel was "called" to be an administrator was so that VD and RWD could be close to their daughter; and if you believe anything else you are naive and willfully deceived. In RWD's own words you have taken a bottle of stupid pills. "Only he that doesth the will of the Lord abideth forver"?  That is kekel's justification for his lies?  Yeah right! What a sacrifice that must have been.

********************THIS IS A NEWS ALERT!!!!!!!!**************************

Curry's daughter and the Hoppers did not perpetrate anything new. Everyone already knows that Kekel got his job because of whom he married. We are not stupid and blind. Everyone knows this, Kekel. Even the majority of Kekel's brainwashed members know this fact. People have been talking about this on the blogs and FACTNET for a long time. I even heard these rumors back in the 80's but was too mind numbed to believe them.

Kekel continues:

"So you sacrificed time with your wife in Servicemen's work? I thought such sacrifice would be for God, not for comparing your sacrifice with someone else's sacrifice."

Meanwhile, isn't that what kekel's whole letter is about? The sad sak exerts much of his energy comparing his sacrifice with that of Bellamy and others all while he is jacking up Bro. Bellamy for the same thing. What a hypocrite kekel is!  He's totally talking out of both sides of his mouth, completely contradicting himself, and doing the same thing he is accusing Bellamy of doing.  Also kekel's statement assumes that Bro. Bellamy was not sacrificing for God. What an insulting statement to make. You ntcc'rs wouldn't dare do this, but let's throw the ball in Kekel's court and apply the exact same thing to him:

So, Kekel, you sacrificed time with your wife and son in administrative work? I thought such sacrifice would be for God, not for comparing your sacrifice with Denis and Curry.

Bro. Bellamy has Kekel's number and Kekel can't stand a taste of his own medicine. Kekel's letter is not admonishment from a brother or someone who cares for your soul, it is Narcissistic behavior directed in malice towards someone who would not fall lockstep into a hypocrite's program.  When you see through all the smoke and mirrors you realize that what Kekel is preaching to others has never been applied to himself.  kekel is just a pitchforker.  
Quit your Pitch-fork-ing, kekel!
Remember, when you point at
others, three fingers (not four)
point Wright back at YOU!

Kekel says:

"How much soul winning did you do in Germany? Wasn't she with you? If you had no time for her, then you were soul winning at least 40 hours a week. Are you telling me you were so busy that you had no down time there?"

Wait a second here, Mr. Administrator (mad). How much soul winning have you ever done? MAD Kekel interrogating someone over how much soul winning they have done is like Pee Wee Herman questioning Arnold Schwarzenegger about his past accomplishments in power lifting. People, you need to look at these hypocrites for what they are. Kekel is trying to make you feel stupid and inferior.  But MAD kekel is the one that has never built a church. Look at the numbers. Kekel is failing miserably. Attendance is down more than ever. The sad sak  can't even "put it together" with a full staff and eager bible school students doing all the leg work for him! 

Jesus said "Follow Me"

Kekel can't lead; because he has never been a good follower. God doesn't want leaders; He wants followers. That's the problem in the church world today. Everyone wants to be a leader. They are so fond of saying, "Follow me, while I follow Christ."  But why are they not leading by example? If Kekel would follow Christ, others would follow him; but sad sak is too busy building his kingdom in this world with other people's money. The only reason people follow Kekel now is because they live in fear; or they haven't opened their eyes to the hypocritical ways that he exhibits before their very eyes.

Kekel goes on:

"I have 3 jobs, 24/7, and you want to say that I don't sacrifice any time? What are you thinking? I gave almost a month's pay to start the first work in Germany. And Hawaii, and Panama, etc. How is your World Missions record?"
Kekel is like all of the Pharisees who of their abundance cast into the treasury; but the woman who threw in her two mites put them all to shame. Kekel is not a servant of all, but he is self serving. Who cares about someone else's world missions record? I personally gave quite a bit to World missions; but that never made me any better than anyone else! The question is:   How do you treat that homeless person that asks you for some spare change. What do you do when you see a brother broken down on the side of the road? Do you have to ask your pastor? This is sick behavior taught by manipulators and narcissists. If your pastor is teaching you to ask him for permission to do things, you are as lost as he is. Follow Jesus!

It doesn't matter if you gave almost a months pay to start a work somewhere. It doesn't matter if you sacrificed more than someone else. Just ask Martha, the sister of Mary and Lazarus.  It doesn't matter if you waited eight years to have children or if you followed Pastor's teaching on this or that. Nobody cares!   Because you are fake and phony kekel! You have never lived half of what you preach; but you expect people to worship the ground you walk on! Good luck, Kekel, but don't be surprised if people see right through you and go on their merry way.  Maybe they don't like what you have to offer.

Poor Johnny!  He must have
broken his cult leader's man-
made rules like not paying his
tithe or being born and ruining
his father's ministry or wearing
blue jeans or listening to that
devil music or being one cent
too heavy for heaven!  If only
he had learned to sacrifice like
his sad sak leader!  

Don't let kekel or davis judge
or condemn you!  They are fault finding hypocrites who "say and do  not".

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tour NTCC 3: (Michael C. Kekel's Griping, Complaining, Condescending and Self-Justifying E-mail to Brother Bellamy Part-2)

In this portion of kekel's exertions, the theme is sacrifice and the one letter word, "I".  If you have had anything to eat, you might want to place a bucket next to you; because this stuff will make your stomach churn.  I almost blew chunks the first time I read this.

kekel writes:

Show me where I wrote that you (the brethren in general in the sense you are stating this) don't know about sacrifice? I'll admit that I don't, because we Americans don't know about sacrifice."

kekel's e-mail is
 full of it:
 Manipulative Manure
This is kekel's way of climbing over a dung-hill without getting his shoes dirty.  He want's to discredit the subject matter that Bro. Bellamy brings up on Sacrifice.  Now kekel comes after Bellamy with both barrels blazing; because this lack of sacrifice is a major weakness in kekel's character.  kekel's objective here again is going to be to discredit Bellamy by insulting him and assassinating his character a little more; so by the end of the letter you will think that kekel is great and Bellamy is a low-down worthless God-hater.  All the while kekel does not really address the issues that Bellamy brings up.

First kekel tries to identify himself with Americans that "really don't know anything about sacrifice" and then launches into a diatribe about how "we haven't suffered yet unto blood".  This statement is psychological manipulation; kekel tries to put  himself into the same category of sacrifice as Bellamy, as if to say none of us have really sacrificed even though you have done without and I spend more money on my home furnishings then you will earn in the ministry in 10 years.  C'mon folks.  It is what it is.  kekel claiming to know anything about sacrificing is like Clinton trying to claim "I did not have sex with that woman."

kekel regurgitates:

"We have no excuse for fainting when we are rebuked. All of us are blessed and well supplied, including you. But I can plainly see that you have no clue about me; you judge me by what grumblers have said about me."

Again we see kekel first trying to put himself in the same class as Bro. Bellamy as one who sacrifices.  "We" have no excuse...  "All of us are blessed and well supplied".  Really?  When kekel rolls down the driveway of his million-dollar-mansion in his $60,000 car!?!  Are the people at the end of kekels' gated driveway that live in the gated cult compound the "Bonco" as "blessed and well supplied" as the kekels are?

*kekel's kastle (l) and davis' domain (r) 
Two of the mansions built for r w davis
and his son-in-law michael c. kekel
Be sure to click into the pics so you
can zoom in on all the groovy details!*

What about the ministers that are driving "oil puking junkers", and sleeping on twenty dollar mattresses or the ground so they can pay all their church bills and have electricity to run the space heaters that they use to heat the sanctuaries of the churches they pioneer?  Are they as "blessed and well supplied" as kekel?  When have the kekels ever   sacrificed for God?  Was it when they sent their son to a private prep school for an $80,000 high school education?  Or was it when they flew to Europe to buy fine crystal?  Or how about when they had to down-size the kitchen space when they moved from their mansion on 145th to their mansion in the Bonco, as they were "griping and complaining" about doing????

The only thing kekel did was marry tanya davis, the ntcc founder's daughter.  Your 'sacrifice' of becoming davis' son-in-law paved your streets with gold as a way for you to have everything handed to you on a silver platter from cushy job positions, to never relocating, except when you custom build another new mansion to replace your other custom homes and mansions...

kekels' "custom home" on
210th in Graham, WA
Prior to living here they
stayed in "The Dump" a
rental unit controlled by
ntcc board member
James Ross Ashmore

Then kekel goes on to try and label Bro. Bellamy as a "grumbler".  Well, I guess that makes us grumblers too.  And we are going to grumble on about the kekels' excessive living and lavish lifestyle; because mikey's mouth is like an open sepulchre; and kekels are nothing but low-down hypocrites and con-artists that have been taught in the ways of cult brainwashing tactics.  mikey kekel and his daddy-in-law live right next door to each other (how sweet) in their mansions that have been purchased by the sacrifices of us "grumblers".

kekel's mansion off
145th in Graham, WA
Turn-about is fairplay:
When kekels' newest mansion
was built, the Ashmores moved
into this mansion controlled
by ntcc CEO mikey c. kekel

ntcc board members:  You and your wives and your families and your sleazy organization and its leaders have prospered exceedingly off of the sweat and labor of those who will never have anything, not because they didn't sacrifice or believe God, but because you have misrepresented the God you claim to serve; and you made merchandise of the ministry and trampled all over the saints for your own greedy gains.  You use and insult people when it's to your financial benefit.  When you are done with people you throw them away; because they mean nothing to you!

kekel continues to bloviate:

"Are you aware of what my Mom and I went through, making it through the 60's?"

Don says, My mother rented a house for 80 bucks a month when I was about 6 years old.  My older brother and I took our baths in a number three washtub, with water that was heated on a coal stove that was used for cooking and heating.  The only room in the house was the living room where we all slept.

You know what, who cares?  I didn't willingly sacrifice anything as a child.  My mother worked her way up in the work force, not having anything handed to her on a silver platter; and we did just fine.  Who cares what I went through in the 60's and early 70's or what you went through when you were a child?  There are lots of people in this world that suffered back then; and they aren't rich because of it.  You aren't entitled to con people out of their money just because you claim you had it so bad as a child.  Does anyone see how ridiculous this is?  kekel has to refer back to his mother's sacrifice when he was a kid because ever since he got his hands on tanya davis' TA-TAs it has been gravy for mikey!  New cars, recreational vehicles, new houses, new mansions and NO SACRIFICE by the kekels!

mikey blabbers some more about sacrifice:

"Where were you when I DID give my last dollars for the work of God? Tell me. This was before Curry and Denis, and definitely before you. There was no Graham back then, and I have dutifully gone everywhere God has asked me to go and have been successful. To try to say I don't know about sacrifice, is a testimony of your ignorance."

Where were you when I gave my last dollars?  In other words: I was here before you; and therefore you have no right to question me.  I was here before Denis and Curry; so therefore my sacrifices meant more than your's or their's.  I was here before Graham; and I dutifully have gone everywhere God has asked me to go.  And not only that, I have been successful and you have not.  You are ignorant Bellamy because you dare to question my sacrifice.  "I" "I" "I" ... Blah, Blah, Blah.  Trying really hard to hold down my breakfast here.

Who in the ntcc hasn't given their last dollar?  Everyone in the ntcc is broke or has been at one point or another.  mikey has a very sanctimonious attitude here; and you don't need a degree in psychology to see through kekel's lies here.  You say what lies?  This is how the ntcc lies.  They create illusions that are phony and false; while they build themselves up by tearing other people down.  They hide their own faults by accusing others.

kekel draws on his vast experience to expound on the sacrifices involved in Servicemen's works:

"You didn't have to go into Servicemen's work, it was your CHOICE to forbear raising a family. If it was God, why would you complain? And yes, I fully followed the teachings of Pastor regarding that."

There you have it.  Capital C-H-O-I-C-E.  Your CHOICE.  Not God's choice.  Because everybody knows that Davis and God are one; and if Davis says you cannot go into servicemen's works if you have a child, rdub means it.  Unless you fall into the "exception category" where God changes his mind about things a little and allows the Cyrius, Tieman, Bradeen and Taylor families (among others) to raise their kids around GIs in servicemen's works.  So let's get this straight:  According to fork-tongued double-minded tikey mikey:  When you are called by God to go into servicemen's works, it is a calling and not a choice; but when you choose to go into servicemen's works you make a "CHOICE to forbear having children"?  You know what this sounds like?  It sounds like people who try to justify abortion by calling it choice.

How stupid do you think people are?  kekel, you insult our intelligence; and, frankly, we can't understand why so many people put up with your arrogance and lies.  We are surprised that nobody has relocated your "deviated-septum" nose to the other side of your head by now.  This is not a threat or anything; but it just amazes us how you can be so insulting and not get your face beat in a few dozen times.  We think you came closer than you know when you insulted MDR's wife, snarling at her "What are YOU looking at?"  She said, "Nothing."...  But maybe your crooked nose caught her eye?  Anyway, not sure what country you come from; but where I come from, those are fighting words, especially when hurled insolently at another man's wife!

That's probably why you (mikey), your father-in-law davis and your wives tanya and verna mae scattered like rats, when you saw the Reeds in that grocery store that time.  r-dub made a beeline for the parking lot and was wandering around like he had Alzheimer's, looking for his car.  kekels ran out without the dbags and nobody had anybody's back.  verna mae was left alone at the register, looking lost.  Perhaps one day MDR will share more  details of this encounter if he so chooses.  It really amuses us to think of the four of them, panic stricken for no reason other than their own guilty consciences!  And then scattering like roaches when the light comes on.  Too funny.  There was no camaraderie or protecting one another from imagined danger.  It was every selfish person for him or her self.  So telling.

kekel says: "I fully regarded the teachings of Pastor on that".  How could you fully regard the teachings of "Pastor" on servicemen's homes when you were never involved in running servicemen's works?  Besides, kekel disregarded the teachings of Pastor on allowing their own son to rebel against all of the ntcc rules followed by other ntcc ministers, allowing their son to play basketball and football in lascivious apparel, while saving up tithe payers' money to send grant to SLU's Catholic College while he rebelled in sin against the ntcc.  And then mikey threw "Pastor" under the bus in the "Ain't Misbehaving" article on his smog-blog.  The only explanation for all of this is that kekel is a double-minded, fork-tongued, hpocritical, phony conman.

More garbage from kekel's mouth on kids in servicemen's works:

"And, that you should know that your ministry was established before you made the decision; he never made it for us, or pressured us about having or not having kids."

Here is the all-spiritual all-knowing kekel explaining to Brother Bellamy how he should know that his ministry was established before he made the decision.  What?  Really?  He, (meaning "Pastor") never made pregnant women cry for destroying their husbands' ministries?  LIE!  He, (Meaning "Pastor") never pressured anyone at all into having or not having kids?  LIE!  Oops, I accidentally knocked up my rebellious wife, and now God is unable to use us in what He called us to do?  Is that how you view those "filthy evil children" (as kekel calls them)???

Then kekel tries to shift the blame for the vasectomy rule to Deborah Shunk's ex-husband:

"He didn't teach that you should have a vasectomy, Debbie Shunk's first husband promoted that; some silly preachers made vasectomies out to be some kind of "noble deed", not Pastor."

So kekel is calling fellow ntcc board members John R. DiFrancesco and George Jordan "silly" because they got vasectomies to obey davis.  They must also be double-minded or rebellious; because they both got their vasectomies reversed after realizing that the rules they were so "silly" to keep no longer applied; since mikey kekel knocked-up tanya with grant.

Getting  back to kekel's ridiculous statement.

First of all, this sentence takes a jab at the Shunks, so you have to wonder if Kekel was not expecting the contents of this letter to be blogged about.  Some "silly preachers" (who I, the all-knowing-kekel, am much better than,) like George Jordan, John R. DiFrancesco, Deborah Shunk's ex-husband, and who knows how many other dozens of silly preachers who all made vasectomies out to be some kind of "noble deed".  But do not blame "Pastor"?  Rwd had nothing to do with vasectomies?  He had nothing to do with anything that involved responsibility or accountability?  Right?  WRONG!  davis is totally at fault for concocting and promoting these wacky rules and kekel knows it!    You have to wonder if davis got himself snipped so that no unaccounted for future babies might pop up out of nowhere and rain on his parade like tanya did.  This has literally become an exercise in which I need to put on some waders and get a really big shovel to sort out kekel's manipulative manure!

Protective Gear Needed When
Wading Thru kekel's Toxic Dung
That He Constantly Spews Forth! 

kekel is snorting some serious cocaine if he thinks that people are so stupid as to fall for his lies.  Everyone knows davis instituted the vasectomy rule and enforced it by publicly humiliating married pregnant women while giving a free pass to their husbands who got them pregnant!  davis is a demon for stopping people from getting the blessing of children that God intended for married people.  God sent Adam and Eve forth to be fruitful and multiply.  davis contradicts God as always!  And kekel tries to rewrite history while he lies about it all.  We know who is the father of all lies!

Well folks, that's all for today, but stay tuned for part 3 of Michael C. Kekel's Griping, Complaining, Condescending and Self- justifying E-mail to Brother Bellamy, in which kekel states that he was married for eight years while he was answering God's call to be a sacrificial administrator for the Lawd.  We will continue to delve into the never ending sacrifices that kekel had to endure in his journey to the top of the ntcc's real estate empire.
*As seen from space:  ntcc's "Bonco"
The two large structures looking
over the fiefdom or cult compound:
davis' Mansion (Top Right) and
kekels' Mansion (Top Left)
We think davis and kekel love
their mansions more than they
love God!  Don't you agree?*
*Photos of Google Satellite Images of the Bonco*

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The lord also had a great deal of control over his peasants, known as serfs. In fact, the serfs were almost like slaves to the feudal lord.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Military Tribute

Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns Watch on YouTube

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Michael C. Kekel's Griping, Complaining, Condescending and Self-Justifying E-mail to Brother Bellamy Part-1

Not too long ago, the CEO of New Testament Christian Churches of America, Incorporated, Michael C. Kekel wrote an E-mail to Brother Edward Bellamy which was supposed to be in response to an E-mail that Bro. Bellamy wrote to Kekel with questions that addressed many concerns that not only he had, but that other ministers had.  The response letter written by Kekel was laced with self-justification and arrogance and came across as an insulting and condescending slap in the face hit-piece that clearly defines what Kekel and the ntcc are all about.  The letter addressed very little of what Bro. Bellamy addressed and was sent a year after Bro. Bellamy's original e-mail was sent to Kekel.  The e-mail that Kekel sent to Bro. Bellamy confirms everything we have been saying on the blogs for years.  It seems like every time Kekel opens his mouth or writes something on his smog blog or responds to folks who have legitimate questions, he proves and gives confirmation to what we have been stating all along.

Link to copy of kekel's e-mail on Jeff's blog

Kekel's email was a gift to anyone who is in the X-er community or in the ntcc and thinking of leaving.  Kekel makes it painfully obvious that the ntcc is a controlling cult and people in the ntcc are expected to subject themselves to him, without asking questions or disagreeing with any of the ridiculous man-made rules that clearly exist.  A very common theme that you will find in Kekel's writings is that he tries to take your eyes off of the issues that are clearly seen and addressed, by responding with insults and personal attacks.  He takes attention off of the real problem and creates a false delusion that he has a monopoly on the truth and you are stupid for questioning him.  Kekel is a self-indulgent narcissist that feels threatened every single time someone disagrees with him.  His need to be honored and revered outweighs what very little integrity he may have ever had.  Plain and simple, Kekel is a liar.  He will lie to keep people under subjection to him, and if he feels that his power and authority is in question, he will maliciously attack those that he calls his brethren, without mercy or love.  Most of his lies are covered and hidden with ntcc jargon and misquoted and misunderstood scripture references.

Here we go:

Kekel says:  "Hi, I wasn't really going to reply but, no offense, you are so mixed up, I thought you should know the truth wether you accept it or not."

No offense, you are so mixed up?  This is a lie in itself.  He is trying to offend the brother by telling him he is mixed up.  In other words, you are the problem, and I am going to degrade you by opening my letter to you with a slanderous and offensive description of you.  No offense, really?  Yes you are trying to offend, you liar!  And it is as plain as the "deviated-septum"  nose on your face.  (That's a crooked nose on your crook face!)  The very first thing Kekel tries to establish in this letter is that what Bro. Bellamy wrote was false; and that kekel was going to straighten him out.  "I thought you should know the truth wether (sic) = (improperly spelled) you accept it or not".  In other words, kekel is telling Bellamy:  "No offense, but not only are you mixed up, but you also are a liar".  But let's examine this a little further; and see who really is the liar here.

Kekel writes:

"The answer, as you say, is NOT "we are told to leave". The answer is YES, if you love the brethren, no matter how you feel you move forward, suffer wrong, and others lovingly suffer YOUR wrongs. Gripers and complainers are told that they can leave, in reply to their critical attitude. NTCC is not God, and doesn't claim to be, and you know it."

Here we see that Kekel weaves another lie into his e-mail.  This is very insulting.  Kekel first isolates Bro. Bellamy by telling him that it is Bellamy's duty to suffer wrong, and that if he loves the brethren he is obligated to suffer wrong and go along with everything that Kekel and Davis mandate as the rest of the sheeple do.  Only "gripers and complainers" are told they can leave.  In other words, if you are not willing to fall into your subservient role and follow us no matter how wrong we may be, than you are a complainer and griper; and we don't want you to enlighten anyone around you to our devious ways; because we are in it for the money; and could care less about your own well-being; because you have a critical attitude.

kekel expends most of his energy assassinating the brother's character, so that the issues in question will have little or no significance.  This is how the ntcc works; and this is what they are so good at.  This is how cults work and this is what cult leaders do.

 When somebody leaves the first thing that needs to be done is to damage that person's credibility; so that any thing they say will be overshadowed and disregarded due to the insulting and slanderous remarks made about them.

Mind Control Cults Video Link

Kekel continues:

"Either way, just because you don't agree with something, or someone doesn't meet your efficiency requirements, it doesn't give anyone the right to go around like Israelites complaining
and infecting others. If you don't like something? Well if you don't like the food at McDonalds, go to Burger
King, it's that simple."

Kekel would make a horrible manager at McDonalds, LOL.  If you ordered a cheeseburger plain and it had mustard and onions on it, he would tell you, "If you don't like it, go to Burger King across the street."  Or, if a customer said, "Sir, I ordered 3 items off of the Dollar Menu and my bill came up to $13.95." kekel's response would be, "Your murmuring and complaining like the children of Israel is going to infect the rest of the customers.  If you don't like it here, go across the street and eat with the sinners and heathen at Burger King."

Notice The King's Bling

"Besides, you can't out-give God, so pay your tithe and give in offerings, so I can move into another mansion and gripe and complain that I had to sacrifice because its kitchen is  smaller than the one in my previous mansion."

Baby Crying Video Link

How many times have we heard, "If you don't like it, there's the door."?  Can you see the lies dripping out of the corners of kekel's mouth like ketchup and mayonnaise dripping from a Big Mac?  kekel is a phony, hypocritical, con artist and a Chippy Cheat Swindler and Huckster!

kekel blabbers on:

"When and if one's departure is followed by actions that are not 
according to Godly love," like kekel is doing here as he rails on Bellamy?  "and include collaboration and affiliation with known enemies of the church and haters of the people you said were your friends?" like kekel lying about Casey Hayes who was friends with him for 24 years?

Here, we see Kekel defining Bellamy's actions as being not according to Godly love.  Again in a condescending way, Kekel diminishes the credibility of Bellamy and his e-mail by isolating him from the "brethren" in the ntcc and making him a collaborator and affiliate with "known enemies" of the church.  Kekel said earlier that:  NTCC neither teaches nor holds:
*That NTCC is God or *That leaving NTCC is to leave God.  Well which way is it?  kekel is double-minded or fork-tongued saying completely opposite things in the same e-mail!

"Trust us, we know what is best for you because we were here before you."

Kekel assumes that the ntcc is "the church" and that anyone that speaks against the ntcc are "known enemies" of "the church."  Kekel is a liar and an exaggerator.  Yet, Kekel and Davis can say anything they want about the Baptists, Catholics, Methodists and  any other religion that thy want to discredit; and you are expected to stay in your place if you "love the brethren".  Kekel clearly defines Christians as those that stay in the ntcc; therefore we have caught Kekel in another lie.  You might as well just come out and say it Kekel instead of using buzz-words and cliches.

Kekel continues:  "The biggest problem with NTCC, is people, and all churches, have people. But no way does NTCC have as much baggage as the worldly churches that are out there."

Okay, lets talk about baggage.  Here again Kekel tries to distinguish the ntcc as "the true Church" and every other denomination as a "worldly church".  I would submit to you that not only does the ntcc have baggage, but they have more baggage than most, if not all, of the churches they preach against.  The ntcc is a very corrupt church that has more than it's share of adultery, fornication, homosexuality, child molestation, hypocrisy, cover-ups, scandals, thefts, embezzlement, betrayals, pride and just about every sin you can name has been committed not only among its members but mostly among its leaders who seem to be exempt from any consequences.  If you want to see a worldly church, go visit the Kekel or Davis mansions and see who has the most toys.  Go see how they have spent your money on worldly riches and how they live lavishly on your tithe dollars.

Next we find Kekel twisting scripture to justify himself, and accuse Bellamy of not staying in his place:

"If you were close to God, you wouldn't have gone on Jeff's hate-blog and reviled us. That is not consistent with walking in the steps of Jesus, as Peter said. (1 Peter 2:22-23) It is not suffering wrong, if so be that you were done wrong in some way; which by me, you weren't. I don't believe you were done wrong by anyone. If you were closer to God, you would despise Collins' blog and the ungodly filth that is put on there."

Here we have Kekel defining his followers as being close to God and people that visit Chief's blog as not walking in the steps of Jesus because everything that is written on Jeff's blog is "ungodly filth".  Really Kekel?  You are going to equate putting up with your nonsense as being reviled and suffering?  Most of what is written on Chief's blog is straight up truth that is untainted by weasel words.  Chief breaks things down to their simplest form and exposes the ntcc for what they really are.  Unlike Kekel who spends most of his time and energy trying to cover up his own hypocrisy.  The ntcc leaders parade around in their long robes and act all pious, demanding reverence while they have their noses held up high looking down on everyone.  They wear what they call holiness as a badge of honor, thinking that having no facial hair and wearing polyester pants, with white shirts and wingtips is going to save them.  The women think that wearing dresses and no make-up or jewelry is serving God, obeying every ordinance and rule of the hypocrites they follow.  The churches that you despise are less hypocritical than you are!  And they will make it to heaven before you do.

There is too much material to cover in one blog post here, so we are going to make this Part 1.  Coming soon we will publish part 2 where Kekel uses the word "I" dozens of times, has to go back to his childhood to portray his own sacrifice and exhaustively tries to justify himself to Bro. Bellamy.  In this coming post we will share many of Kekel's own words which expose how full of himself he really is; and hopefully you will be able to see how leadership 101 has really been successfully converted to brainwashing 101 in the ntcc.

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