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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Monday, March 31, 2014

1990 Kekel Raped Me On The Seminary Campus for New Testament Christian Church In Graham, Washington

Following is an account e-mailed to us by Julie St. Clair Ridgeway. She explains how a life of abuse at home from the people who raised her in the NTCC, Ralph and Joan St. Clair, led to abuse from many other people in her life (read more). With no way of knowing what is normal other than what she was told or experienced, she had no way to defend herself from these attacks. After escaping NTCC and learning about life outside a cult, she began to understand what had happened to her. As a result she now alleges that the present NTCC CEO, Michael Craig Kekel, raped her in 1990 when she was 16 and newly wed to Donny Ridgeway. From Julie's e-mail:

 KEKEL - Accused 
 of Raping a Child 
 in 1990 at NTCS! 
As I take on the writing this part of my life I cringe wondering if I will just receive more judgment than understanding.  You have to know I have lived most of my life away from the other side world. It was a shock to me in 2013 when someone finally got me to understand that Ralph St.Clair having sex with me as a child was wrong and it wasn’t my fault. I believe the lies I was told that I made him fall for me. I was the evil slut. He was clean before God I was the dirty one is what I was told.
I am now going to share that the sexual abuse didn’t stop when I got married. It continued even while I was married. I hated it with a passion yet I had to pretend everything was okay but wasn’t okay. Every time I was alone my heart ached I hated it and I thought the whole world hated me too.
I am bawling just thinking and typing this so please bear with me.
Entrance to the New Testament Christian Church - NTCC - Bible School circa 1990.   On the left was the Main Chapel used then - "The Church Behind The Fence" (with globe).   On the right, behind the reddish tree, is   the house custom built for the kekels and  where, Julie alleges, she was raped by Michael Craig Kekel - now NTCC's CEO.
 Picture of Google's Street View of the Entrance
 to the NTCC Bible School circa 1990.
 On the left was the Main Chapel used then
 "The Church Behind The Fence" (with globe).
 On the right, behind the reddish tree, is
 the house custom built for the kekels and
 where, Julie alleges, she was raped by
 Michael Craig Kekel - now NTCC's CEO.
 To View On Google Earth Click Here 
I lived in fear of the Graham campus on about every level. Certain buildings scared me more than others. I would start trembling inside at arrival upon the grounds. I knew I had to hold back my feelings for knew there would be a price to pay if I showed them. I learned this very well. In fact they had me believing they could spank me even in my adulthood. I was told men had all power and I must do whatever they said; I was never too old for them to spank me. Growing up in NTCC I had no opportunity to learn anything else.
Kekel who loved to spank me all through my childhood seem to be just waiting until I got married to have even worse dealings with me. The leaders’ wives would sometimes be the ones that picked me up to go to the Kekel’s house. It makes me wonder how much some of these wives knew yet said nothing.
On New Testament Christian Church Seminary Campus, Kekels' Custom House as seen when leaving the campus.   Though he has moved into other mansions, this "custom house"   holds vivid memories of rape for Julie St. Clair Ridgeway.
 Kekels' Custom House as seen when leaving the campus.
 Though he has moved into other mansions, this "custom house"
 holds vivid memories of rape for Julie St. Clair Ridgeway. 
The first time after I was married. I was called told that Kekel wanted me to come to his house and do some cleaning. Some comments he had made before made me wonder if I was in trouble and going to get a spanking. I got dropped off. I walked to the door I was shaking so badly. Once he let me inside I realized really quickly no one else was home. As I stumbled all over my words I asked where his wife was at. He said she was gone for the day. I realized once again I was alone with a man. I was scared. I wanted to run. One of the thing I was taught if a girl ran in this situation God would sometimes send fire from heaven and cause burns on the girl’s body. I had a phobia of fire; I wasn’t sure if I wanted to find out if this was one of these times. Plus I wasn’t sure where to run, no one on that campus would help me since this was God’s Will for me.
He took a belt and started beating me. He told me to quickly get undressed. I was sixteen years old. I didn’t know what the news was at this time. I had never read the paper I had seen the comics before but knew nothing else about the paper. I had never watched the news on TV. I didn’t know about rape and abuse. What was happening was normal as it came for me? I thought I was sinning because I hated what was happening. One might ask how can you have not understood how wrong this was and how to stop it. It is like someone being locked away never seeing the modern things in life and someone expecting them to understand how everything works. I didn’t know what was right and wrong.  I just knew I was hurting really bad and no one seemed to care.

 I was called told that Kekel wanted me to come to his house and do some cleaning. ...
 He took a belt and started beating me. He told me to quickly get undressed. ...
 In the blur of the moment as I was undressing I didn’t realize he had unclothed as well.
 He told me to get on all four. I knew this was going to be a difficult  battle
 for with cerebral palsy I had a hard time holding that position.
 He said I heard from Ralph that having sex with you is some of the best.
 He put himself in me and as expected I couldn’t stay up and I crumbled to the floor.
 He began spanking me than finally told me to get in position again.  
 This happened 4 times before he actually came in me.
 I was in so much pain but I knew I had to keep from crying.
 He had me clean up and get dress. He told me to get dress
 than he gave me a few things to do around the house.
In the blur of the moment as I was undressing I didn’t realize he had unclothed as well. He told me to get on all four. I knew this was going to be a difficult battle for with cerebral palsy I had a hard time holding that position. He said I heard from Ralph that having sex with you is some of the best. He put himself in me and as expected I couldn’t stay up and I crumbled to the floor. He began spanking me than finally told me to get in position again. This happened 4 times before he actually came in me. I was in so much pain but I knew I had to keep from crying. He had me clean up and get dress. He told me to get dress than he gave me a few things to do around the house. He told me if I was ever sloppy with sex with him again I would pay dearly for it. I wasn’t sure what that would mean with Kekel. I only knew what this meant with Davis and others.
The next time with him I did learn what he was saying when he said I would pay dearly for it. Once again I was brought over by one of the leaders’ wives. There was a repeat of the last time. This time I started crying which I had for the most part been able to control for I had been taught to not have emotions. Happy was the only way I was allowed to be. I still to this day punish myself for having emotions. It is a struggle for me. This time he teased me and made me come half way than laughed told me to get up clean up and get dress. So I did as I was told. This was part of my punishment.
I was accused later of ruining Tanya’s tablecloth. I had not even been at the table the last time I was there.
I was dying inside. I wanted to tell someone what was happening but was so scared so I started telling people a tiny bit of what took place in my childhood. They all went to Davis about what I said. The next thing I knew I was in a board meeting which didn’t go well. Davis decided to send us back to San Antonio Texas. Kekel and Davis were so angry with me. They scared me so badly that I went into silence for years fearing there was no hope of anyone believing what was happening in my life. I thought I was unlovable. Everything always came with conditions. I was taught as a child I had to earn love and even then it was conditional.

to be continued

As you can see Julie was treated as a sex slave in the NTCC. Her difficult life involved much abuse as both a special needs person having Cerebral Palsy and as an under-educated girl subject to the whims of every adult pervert in her life. Limited in social contact by only being around other cult members, and without T.V. to educate herself, her whole world revolved around the NTCC and what they taught her. Without tools to protect herself, she was a target of opportunity for many predators, including her parents and church leaders who were in positions of trust and should have been protecting her instead of raping her. There was no way for her to know what was right or normal and what was wrong and abuse. The only thing she had was God's Spirit constantly getting quenched by the false doctrines of men and women of corrupt minds. It's a wonder and testament to God's grace that she survived, became a Christian, and is now championing the cause of others who may be living in the same dire straits as she did as a child in the NTCC.

What's our opinion of this? First of all, we believe Julie. Secondly, our prayer is that no other child will suffer this way. In light of this, we have published this post. Parents, please take heed and protect your children. The NTCC is not a safe environment.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

How Children Play Matters - Women and Children in Your NTCC

Children imitate what they see. What they live at home comes out when they play. For some that is good. But for others, play time depicts their hidden lives of horror:

Lisa Norton and Lori Kelley describe "playing church" as children. It involved spanking and destroying their dolls - as the NTCC treated them.

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. - Isa 11:6 KJV

While the scripture reference leading into this topic depicts an idyllic world, the video speaks to the life of horror lived by too many NTCC children.  Without a voice, without power or representation, these children become objects to those who should instead love and protect them. The violators tear down the very ones that God charged them with raising up. The abusers beat the children they should love and cherish and nurture.  Having no other example, no exposure to T.V., no public schooling, and only interacting with other cult member families, these children, as all children do, imitate what they have learned at home and church. Here Lisa Norton describes in some comments what she learned from the individual who gave birth to her - we just cannot describe barbaric barbara norton warwick as a mother; for she in no way resembles one.  And Lisa Norton's life-long friend, Lori Kelley bears witness to what happened back then.

Lisa said...

Legs go on about this is I. When I took sod pills I felt nothing you could hit me all you wanted it did not boer me .the day I looked at you and told you I hated you and run upstairs and locked the door you where taking the screws out I f I could have open that window I would have so jumped out and ran away. How you dragged me down the stairs by my hair like you where some cave women?.. And you kept asking me if I was on something because I couldn't. Cry I was pain pills the more I took the pin went way. Even Scott knew something was wrong because. Of my swings.......

Friday, February 07, 2014 10:25:00 PM

Lisa said...

This is I the daughter you told on a daily basis you wish I was never born. Let's not forget you rage how you would tell. Us kids you would ram your fist down our throats.. This is the girl thAt you punched in the nose where blood was going al over my clothes and had to change clothes for church.. Pam and I are the girls you would. Lock us out in the winter on that porch there was no heat but let us get sick we got a beating for that... You locked us out there was snow on the ground we had no shoes and where in our slips......

Friday, February 07, 2014 10:34:00 PM

Lisa said...

I always took there heads off Pam would go and put the heads back on .. Davis told my mom every. Time I do that To smack me as hard as she could because. I was acting like a crazy person that is embarrassing barb Davis and the church ....... Lori and I would always play church we would first find the biggest sticks we could we would pick our dolls out and set them by us we would take turns preaching my doll was always taken out to get a spanking then her doll would get spanked.. She asked me why I punched her doll in the nose I told her because she said bad words Lori pulled her hair , I pulled the rest out told to listen. We'll barb. You where the reason I was crazy

Sunday, February 23, 2014 11:08:00 PM

Notice that Lisa Norton records that "Davis told my mom every.  Time I do that To smack me as hard as she could because. i was acting like a crazy person that is embarrassing barb Davis and the church."

WOW!  So this devil, r w davis, tells you to smack your daughter as hard as you can for embarrassing him?  Sounds just like Jesus to us. NOT!

Smack an adult as hard as you can; you'll be going to jail for assault.

But because these little girls had nobody to stand up for them or defend them, suddenly that makes it okay?  It's okay to assault a child because "Pastor says so."???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Lori said...

Yes Lisa we did do that ,but at that time we thought that was the thing to do, cause we were thought that, was the way we should treat our kid's and if they were out of line we were to punish them for not listening,Yes they were only doll's but can you omagine what would of happen if thoses were real children they would of been beaten ,and damaged...This really didn't cross my mind till we was on the phone the other day and I was like WOW REALLY that's why we did that because the church taught us that we never knew that till just recently....Hmmm makes me wonder...

Monday, February 24, 2014 8:25:00 AM

Do you people think for one minute it is okay to beat kids?  Tell the police "Pastor says so." and see how far that gets you.  Maybe they'll bring a set of handcuffs for him too!

"Well," you say, "r w davis is dead."  GOOD!  He can no longer hurt little ones.  But how many of his doctrines of devils remain in force in YOUR NTCC?

  • to say very critical and often unfair things about (someone)
  • to make (something) seem less important or valuable

  • the hatred or dislike of women or girls
Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways

Sexual Objectification:
  • treating a person merely as an instrument of sexual pleasure
  • making them a "sex object"

  • treating a person as a commodity or an object
  • without regard to their personality or dignity

The testimonies of these women in this post and the previous posts by them clearly show the ntcc pattern of abusing and belittling both children and women. There is no equality.  Women in the NTCC 'Seminary' do the same work as the men, yet only the men receive Ministers' Licenses upon completion of the course. That is only one example of the NTCC gender-bias.

But how should things be?

Stereotypes about construction workers are exploited here to empower women... 

"You want to hear a filthy word? Gender-bias!"

Gender-bias or Sexism:
  • Sexism or gender discrimination is
  • prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender.[1]
  • Sexist attitudes may stem from traditional stereotypes of gender roles,[2][3]
  • and may include the belief that a person of one sex is intrinsically superior to a person of the other.[4]
  •  job applicant may face discriminatory hiring practices, or (if hired) receive
  • unequal compensation or treatment compared to that of their opposite-sex peers[5]
  • Extreme sexism may foster sexual harassment
  • rape and other forms of sexual violence.[6]

"I'd like to show you the respect you deserve!"
  • "Yeah!" 
  • "Well said!"

"A woman's place is wherever SHE chooses!"

  • treating a person as a thing, without regard to their dignity

"You know what I'd like to see?
  • A society  in which the objectification of women
  • makes way for gender-neutral interactions
  • free from assumptions and expectations!"
  • "Alright!"
  • "You Go Girl!"


What happens when misogyny goes unchallenged and becomes acceptable and a CULTural norm?

Is the belittling and berating of women and children seen in the NTCC the pattern of Christianity that God intends for His Children?  What can you do about it?  If the answer is "Nothing." then LEAVE THE NTCC.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Protect Your Children - Barbara Norton Warwick Affirms that Convicted Child Rapist Johnny Jordan is Back in the NTCC.

Recently, in a painful phone conversation from Barbara Norton Warwick  in which she repeatedly railed on her abandoned and ignored daughter Lisa, Barbara Norton Warwick implied that Johnny Jordan was back as a member of the ntcc and was considered a 'brother'; and that he announced during Davis' funeral that he didn't rape Lisa!  This led Lisa to believe that Johnny Jordan the convicted sex offender was attending the funeral of RWD back in Washington; because Barbara told Lisa that Johnny announced it publicly during the funeral. This is troubling on so many different levels.  If it is true that Johnny Jordan is indeed back, then he is violating the conditions of his probation in Florida; and his electronic monitoring device [ankle bracelet] would have to have been cut or overridden somehow for him to leave the state of Florida without their knowledge.  We called the state of Florida probation office and they told us that to their knowledge Johnny Jordan was still in Florida as of the 5th of March.  This is the same Johnny Jordan who has been convicted on separate charges related to sex crimes against a child between the ages of 12 thru 17 years old.  The NTCC founder and Super Apostle which can't remember the last time he sinned, Rodger Davis, had molested and raped an under aged Pam Norton in the same time frame that Pam's husband Johnny was raping Pam's younger sister Lisa and Jordan impregnated Lisa by rape at the age of 14. Barbara Norton Warwick, who is the biological mother of both Pam and Lisa, ignored both of her daughters' pleas for help and instead called them liars, telling Pam, "With all the pretty girls, why would he pick you?" and abandoning pregnant-by-rape Lisa to fend for not only herself, but also her mentally challenged brother, Terry.  Read more...

Who Is The Liar?

If Johnny Jordan is not back in the NTCC and never made this announcement then Barbara is lying to cover up her sin of ignoring Lisa when she told Barbara that she was raped by Johnny.  Barbara has been pitching a major hissy fit ever since she was exposed for physically torturing her children and ignoring the sexual abuse and rape that was committed by Davis against Pam, and for abandoning Lisa when she was pregnant by rape by Johnny Jordan when Lisa was only 15 and pregnant, to care for her handicapped brother Terry.  Barbara would later turn custody of her handicapped son over to the state because she wanted nothing to do with him, but was having a good old time elsewhere.  What a good heart Lisa had to cope with all of the terrible things that happened to her while trying to take care of her brother Terry.  Either way you look at this, Barbara Norton Warwick is a liar and full of wickedness.  She is a very evil woman and has no business masquerading as a Christian.  You can put a dress on the devil and she still is the devil.  Barbara Norton Warwick can dress up like a holiness Christian, but she is far from it; and the ntcc continues to hide her sin and the sins of Davis and Jordan.  The best thing she can do is own up to her sorry lies and get saved, just like many others were often told in the ntcc.  "You just need to get saved".  How many times have we all heard that?  Barbara needs to hear that.  She needs a good dose of salvation.

Jordan is a Convicted Sex Offender; if in Washington, He Has Violated His Probation Terms From Florida, Call 911 !!!

If Johnny is in fact in Washington call the local police. He is a convicted sex offender and the authorities in Florida need to be notified immediately that the convicted criminal has violated the terms of his probation and they need to haul his sorry sexually deviant butt back to prison; and they should throw away the key.  Also if it is true, then that means the ntcc is once again guilty of harboring another sex offender; and all of those board members should also be hauled off to prison for allowing that predator to prowl around the church without even notifying people. That puts your children at risk People!  If they are considering him a 'brother' and having him make announcements that he never raped Lisa, then that means that they are extremely desperate and resorting to new levels of stupidity to cover up their involvement.  It also means they are endorsing him, further endangering your children.  They have reached an all time low on this.  If any of you ntcc'rs have heard that Johnny Jordan made this announcement,  would you take the word of a convicted pedophile and child molester to exonerate Davis from his history of molesting young girls?

Bend Over - You're Getting A Spanking!

And what is the deal with Davis and others in ntcc like kekel and other board members spanking other people's children?  We heard this from many people now.  More than 3 witnesses that are required by the bible have stated that Davis spanked many children that were not his own.  Don't you ntcc'rs feel the slightest bit alarmed that Davis has a history of bending young girls over his knees and pulling down their underwear to spank them?  Many of you out there were in the ntcc during this time and knew that Davis was spanking other people's children. Not only did Davis spank other children, but he taught other ministers to do the same.  Barbara also has a history of spanking other people's children - like the little boy Caleb; who lived upstairs from the Nortons in St. Louis.  If you allow your children to be spanked by Barbara, beware. She has been known to curse at children while she spanks them. It's got to be an evil spirit that resides in her to take pleasure in spanking children and it must be a horrifying experience to those children who have been spanked by her.  If you need a church leader or another church member to spank your children then you do not love them the way you should.  Don't allow this cult to destroy your child's life.

Click on the grey comment balloon to turn on the captions.
Click on the green comment balloon to turn off the captions.

Pedophile Pastors?

We are finding out that Davis was the worst kind of sexual predator.  People have been abused as children by Davis; and now that it's public knowledge, you must wonder why your church and your leaders are trying so hard to cover all of this up.  If you are so desperate that you need an announcement from a convicted pedophile to convince people that your Floundering Founder did not molest children, then you are truly misguided; and anyone who witnessed that or heard that Johnny Jordan made this announcement publicly, should be in a state of shock.  But it appears that many of you ntcc'rs are more content to blame the victims of these tragic deeds.  You are so blind that you would accept a pedophile as a 'brother' just to protect the name of your cult, oops I meant church; no I didn't; it's definitely a cult!

Snip Snip It's As Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 & More Kids Get Raped:
Maybe Barbara was lying about all this.  From what we can see if she did lie, then she falls into the category of "All" Liars and shall have her part where?  We all know where, it's the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched.  [Rev 21:8 here, Rev 20:14 here, Mark 9:44-48 here].  But if she told the truth, and convicted child rapist Johnny Jordan was or is in Washington, that puts more children at risk We know he raped his ex-wife's little sister Lisa (1), but was unpunished. We know he was convicted in Florida for forcing sex on another child (2). And we know that statistics say he is likely to offend again if he gets the opportunity (3). We also know from statistics, that electronic monitoring has limitations.

There is a high probablilty that the ankle bracelet was cut or removed [read more...] professionally for the right price, paid for by the wrong people; and the possibility that J. Jordan was brought to Graham during davis' funeral to refute Pam and Lisa's Testimonies.  This seems a little far fetched in some ways; but let's examine it just for the sake of it being possible.  Let's say Johnny Jordan is sitting down in Florida on house arrest with nothing to do; and he Googles his name and finds out about his sins of the past being made public.  He calls Graham and finds out that Davis is on his death bed and was being eXposed by all of those X-ers who are eXposing davis for child molestation. Johnny Jordan sees this as an opportunity, and says to Kekel or Olson or his NTCC Board Member brother George aka "Bobby" Jordan, or NTCC Senior Staff and Seminary Instructor brother (Timothy) Paul Jordan, or NTCC Executive Board Member Brother-In-Law James Ross Ashmore:  "For 80 Grand, I can get my ankle bracelet cut and have it put on my dog; who also is under house arrest; and, if you are willing to shell that out and some extra hush money, I will even deny that these horrible crimes were ever committed. But if you don't pay my way, and my expenses, and some extra money for my troubles, I will come out publicly and say that Davis was a serial adulterer; and that he molested my ex-wife."  Sound like a conspiracy theory?  We guarantee you that stranger things have happened. [Read More]

Having shared all that, we personally are more inclined to believe that Barbara Norton Warwick is a habitual pathological liar, who curses while she beats children; and that she will go down to the lower parts of the earth defending Davis before she ever were to acknowledge the truth.

Barbara Norton Warwick who seems nice but reportedly beats children while cursing at them.
 barbaric barbara norton warwick
 "The Talk Of The Town" who
 reportedly beat children while
 cursing them and blaming them.
 She claims Kekel personally told her
 to tell Lisa to "Shut Your Mouth!" 

When she told me this, Lisa also
SPANK ME?" LOL She's not a helpless
little girl any more!  Is she!?!  Nope.

But if Barbara did slip up and accidentally rat out Johnny Jordan, we have done our part to protect the ntcc children from that convicted felon who is a sex offender.


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