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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

Jesus In The Temple

Matt 21:12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, Matt 21:13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Follow the Money Trail

For those ntcc'rs that are straddling the fence, disobeying their pastors, and reading this blog post (and this includes ministers too), don't listen to anything we say.  We are just bitter X-ers that have nothing good to say.  If you want to know why we and many others feel the way we do about the ntcc, if you want to know why we keep blogging and why we won't let up, I will tell you; but unfortunately, you probably don't want to hear this.

Let's just pretend for a minute that everything we've written is a lie.  Let's pretend that every thing Chief has written and everything written on  every blog is a lie.  Let's pretend that there is no credibility to be found in the thousands of testimonies on Factnet.  Let's also suppose that everyone that ever left the ntcc, left out of bitterness and because their hearts were not right with God.  Don't believe anything that we've ever said; but we will ask you to do one thing, and if you can do it to conclusion and prove us wrong we will never post another thing on this or any other blog.


If you can follow the money trail without being stonewalled and you can get transparent answers from the ntcc leadership as to where ALL the money has gone throughout the years, you will find that the ntcc has been and continues to operate one of the biggest scams there is.  Unfortunately, the level of control that the ntcc exercises over you will not allow you to find legitimate answers to straight up questions regarding finances.  If you are giving your money to God, don't you have a right and is it not your responsibility to make sure it is being spent on the work of God?  Are you to be a good steward or a bad steward?

Money is the root in which the ntcc leadership prospers and their love for it, makes it evil as can be.  We're not asking for you to believe us, but we are asking you to open your eyes and take a look around you.  The money is all around you.  The trail leads to RWD and his immediate family.  They parade it right in front of you, while you live in poverty.  They strut around the campus in Graham, dripping with wealth and riches that you and I have freely given to them over the years, while you are being told where to spend every dime of your money.  Pastor, is it okay to give to the Red Cross or the orphanage down the street?  Is it okay if I buy health insurance to protect my family?  Is it okay if I purchase a membership to a gym?  The answer to every one of your questions will always be in the best interest of the ntcc leadership.  No is the answer.  And not only do they say no, but they will try to make you feel stupid and humiliated by making your questions the topic of tonight's message using cult jargon like calling you "rebellious".

Stay away from the blogs if you wish to continue to be blind.  If you want the ntcc millionaires to control your life while they answer to nobody, continue on the path you are travelling.
Watch your brothers and sisters leave one at a time and continue to drink the Kook-aid as they convince you that those that leave are just crossed up with God.  Do you know that Warren Jeff's is still controlling his cult from prison?  He is still telling them how to live and manipulating them from his jail cell.  Members are being excommunicated and families are being recycled but people still refuse to open their eyes.  The sooner you take an honest look at the ntcc, the better off you will be.  The sooner you get out from underneath their control, the quicker you can heal and find real peace.

When Jesus walked the earth we find three types of people.  Those that followed Jesus, those that didn't follow Jesus and those that not only didn't follow Jesus but they tried to prevent others from following Him.  These were hypocrites and false prophets.  They were rich and they paraded their wealth in front of everyone.  They boldly rebuked and ridiculed Jesus and His followers.  They tried to impose the letter of the law on everyone else while they disregarded the law and made a mockery of everyone that thought for themselves.  The Pharisees were the R. W. Davises and the Kekels of their day.  The money trail led straight to the hypocrites.  Jesus told one of them to sell all that he had, and give it to the poor, and to follow Him.  But the man went away sorrowful because he had much riches.

We don't see any example in the New Testament of Jesus or His followers taking up collections for their own selfish needs.  Don't you know, if you bought yourself a Rolex watch, that you would get blasted from the pulpit?  But when a group of people get together and take up a collection to purchase a new one for RWD because he wasn't happy with the other Rolex watch that was purchased for him for thousands of dollars, it's not questioned. Nobody bats an eye.  Are we just jealous and bitter?

You don't have to go out on a limb and ask the so called "Man of Gawd" where the money is going.  You don't need an explanation letter explaining escrows and funding from the organization.  You don't need for them to open their books and show you where the money has gone.  The money trail is easy to follow because it is being flaunted right before your very eyes.  The $400 Alpaca Scarves that Tanya Kekel wears as she drives by in her BMW or Mercedes Benz on her way to Nordstroms and Macys  for yet another shopping spree.  The next time some of you women are urged to go clean the royal mansion, bring a camera and take some pictures of the inside of those mansions and post them anonymously on the blogs.  That'll stir up some hatred and anger among the meek and humble leadership of the ntcc.

Going Up? Video Link

They'll probably start cleaning their own houses or hiring illegal immigrants [so they won't have to pay their taxes] once they are exposed for spending all your hard earned tithe and offering dollars on a bunch of expensive furnishings and adornments for their mansions.

We know that this will probably be just another blog post that folks will point to as an example of how we need to get on with our lives and stop being filled with hate.  We do hold out hope that someone might take heed to our warnings and look at what is taking place around them.  The money trail speaks much louder than our words. The money is all around you.  Follow it and it will lead you to the truth.

And remember, if you straddle that picket fence, you might just get poked in you patunka!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Is Football a Sin?

 Facing The Giants
 Taking a Knee 
Pastor, What's wrong with football?

Ramirez:  What's right with it?

Medrano:  You'd have to watch it on the devil vision.

Rodger Wilson Davis:  How can you watch football while souls are dying and going to hell?

Olson:  It doesn't seem right to the Holy Ghost.

RWD:  If you have to ask what's wrong with it then it's most likely a sin.

Ashmore:  Football pants are lascivious and cause people to lust.  
I disagree with the old geezer and everyone else on this one.  Policy and rules are two different things.  My kid is going to be raised like a normal kid participating in sports and dressing like a normal human being; while all you duped ministers that worship the ground that RWD walks on are going to have to raise your kids like a bunch of dorks.  If you are a minister you will not have a TV, even though I raised my kid, grant kekel, on a steady diet of DVD's; that he was able to watch on a computer monitor.   Shhh!   We all know that's not a sin.

Bring your frisbees and footballs to the campground; there will be sports and fun and BBQ's at the new pavilion.  Bring your musical instruments; and we'll all sit around the camp fire singing Kumbaya.  And the stupid idiots that financed and made it all possible will gather in their little hate groups online and shower us with "hatred" and "personal attacks"; while we continue to roll in the big bucks. We'll be laughing all the way to the bank!  Oh,  and by the way, we will also be having church.

*How lame!  We will also be having church?  Listed LAST!*  *sigh*

So we see, ntcc is singing out the other side of the mouth now.  They taught you it was wrong for you and your kids; but anything goes when kekel krows....  Here's some proof.

1)  grant kekel's football stats as recorded on Max Preps, a tool for scouting agents:


2)  grant kekel's football documented by his private academy's blog:
Charles Wright Academy blog post about grant kekel playing football for their team, The Tarriers:

-here (expired)

3)  The Charles Wright article also lists grant as having scored in the top 5% of test takers making him a National Merit Commended Scholar.  This score usually comes from the PSAT, the Pre-Scholastic Aptitude Test, given to students who take the test as a prerequisite to applying for acceptance to colleges.  That's a long way of saying that grant was planning to go to college.  Of course, now we know he does go to college -- something else the ntcc preached against for you and your kids:
Link to read a separate blog post about grant kekel going to college @ SLU


4)  Photos of grant kekel's graduation from Charles Wright Academy
can be viewed on the photographer's web site.  Please do not discredit the photographer's work by abusing the 'thumbs down' app available on each photo. Buy one (or the whole set) today!
Pic of grant kekel link to Brian Lee Photography


Back To Football:
This weekend was Divisional playoff weekend in the NFL.  My team lost; but I watched the other games and had a great time.  I have a TV in my living room and another in the bedroom.  We get standard cable piped into our house; and we have been known to watch the Animal Planet and some movies; and this time of the year we are guilty of watching football.   In my opinion, football is a pretty fun sport to watch.  Some people like baseball, basketball or hockey; but I am a football person.

I've watched football with more than one of my ntcc pastors in the rec center or in a department store electronics section while we were supposed to be soul winning.  We've all heard and seen folks get plowed for watching TV, or watching football on TV, or allowing their son to play high school football.  We've all heard the standard reasons and answers that are given:

  • Souls are dying and going to hell.
  • Cheerleaders are scantily clad.
  • Football tights are lascivious.
  • Alcohol is served at games.
  • T.V. is "the devil vision".
  • And the list goes on....

We heard this junk preached over and over for decades; and now here we are learning that God has changed His mind on everything.  Or has He?

For all you old time ntcc'rs, there is a cancer spreading in your organization.  There is sin in the camp; and it's corrupting the whole body.  The only way that you'll get rid of it is to get rid of the perpetrators in the highest places.  You need to get rid of kekel; and then you can go back to being a strict controlling cult again!

Denis knew he could capitalize on the ntcc's compromising ways by influencing a number of people to continue living a controlling lifestyle under his uncompromising cloned davis cult doctrine.  The infrastructure was already in place.  And that's what Denis did.  He started his own cult, called House Of Prayer.  Once it began to be eXposed on the internet, Denis changed the cult name to Assembly Of Prayer.  But the Beast is the same, no matter what you call it.

What makes this whole ntcc thing so despicable is that you old time ntcc'rs that know better are still being controlled by a bunch of known Hypocrites and Shysters that have openly and arrogantly changed the gospel to accommodate their lust for money.  If you really believed they were right when they taught their man-made doctrine as if it were a commandment from God, then you would be wrong for staying with them now that they have compromised.  And if they were wrong for teaching their man-made doctrine as if it were a commandment from God, then you are wrong to stay with a group that is so far removed from God and yet makes fantastic claims like davis did saying "I've never missed Gawd.  All I do is by the Holy Ghost."  Yeah, right, whatever!  God is not double-minded!

There are much bigger sins than football that you need to worry about in the ntcc.  There are a bunch of folks that you have alienated from what they considered to be their only family and friends.  You can preach against TV, and football and lascivious football attire, and the drunken reveling football atmosphere; but what the ntcc has done is far worse!  The leaders in the highest places of the ntcc have perverted the gospel by adding their own doctrines, rules and policies that exclude the very ones that they should be loving.  It all rotates around money; and if you can't see that then you are blind.

You will run good people off and preach down to the ones that have helped you get to the place that you are.  You will call people out by name and publicly rebuke them to make yourself feel better.  If you want the ntcc, keep it.  You deserve it. Let them keep using you until you find yourself in your 40's, 50's and 60's, broke and alone, with nothing to show for the decades you gave them.  They will not mourn your spiritual death.  They will keep using people until they've sucked every ounce of energy they have and every dime they give; and then ntcc will kick them out and kick them while they are down.

The ntcc does not care about you. This is not Christianity.  This is not the love of God.  This is not forgiveness.  This is not Charity.  This is not brotherly love, or kindness, or mercy, or grace or peace.  Wake up, we wouldn't warn you if we didn't care.  We don't want you to have to go down the road so many of us went down!  God is Love.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Mission for the Coming Year

Reflecting back on the past year I realized that while we have spent much time exposing the ntcc for the hypocrisy that they are involved in, the purpose of what I feel is important sometimes seems to become lost in translation.  One of the primary reasons that we started this blog is to help people.  Not only to help folks get past their experience in the ntcc, but also to help people realize that they can be a Christian outside of the ntcc.  I don't know if this is a popular concept in the X-er community.  I realize that there are many folks that have chosen not to have anything to do with Christianity since they left.  I completely understand this; and  I respect the right for an individual to make their own decisions.  After being in a controlling and manipulative cult, the last thing that we want to do is to attempt to force-feed Christianity to anyone.

We are not here to condemn anyone or to imply that we have obtained perfection and are better than anyone else.  But what we would like to do is to help simplify a way of life that has been made complex and almost impossible to folks that were in the ntcc.  We have been very outspoken against the ntcc and will continue to be.  We see the ntcc as an organization that has ruined many lives; and we think it is very important to measure them by their own standards, their own words and by the book which they claim to follow strictly.  Most Xers experience life-lasting damage from their experience with the ntcc.  One of the very common denominators in the transition from the ntcc to the real world is that people lose hope in God.  They have been taught that the ntcc has a monopoly on Christianity and that outside of this organization there is no hope.  This is a common tactic of cults: to make their followers believe that they have the only true doctrine and an inside track to eternal bliss.

We think that the most important step of recovery must first be to realize that the ntcc is a harmful organization that is doing more to hurt you than it is to help you.  Once a person makes the decision to leave the ntcc, there is a recovery process that takes place.  Your mind has to be freed from the lies that have been instilled in your system of beliefs.  This is not something that happens overnight.  Knowing the bible as well as many X-ers do, there are good things and bad things that make up your belief system.  The basics are all there.  Salvation through the blood of Jesus, the difference between right and wrong and the choices we make.  Things begin to get blurry when we start talking about Grace and Mercy.  How much grace and mercy does God have toward us?  And does this give us a license to sin?

I want to share what I believe right now; and this is not cut and dry, or 'my way or the highway'.  This is what I have experienced; and I  hope that it helps someone.  I believe that Christianity is meant to be enjoyable; and that God is not looking down from heaven expecting us to fail.  I don't think that God has made Christianity so difficult and complex that we can't figure it out on our own.  I do think that God has given us His Word as a light and a map, directions to heaven.  I also think that prayer is very important in a Christian's life.  Beyond these two things I believe that our relationship with God becomes personal; and that He guides us and delivers us according to our ability to listen to what He wants in our lives.

 Freedom in Christ -
 Washed In His Blood! 
When I left the ntcc, I had pretty much given up on God.  I didn't hate God; but I didn't love Him either.  I wasn't a Christian anymore;  but I tried my best not to curse Him or to mock Him.  I always thought that there was no way for me to get back to God because of the doom and gloom that was imposed on me by the false teachings of the ntcc.  I also experienced the freedom to make my own choices and decisions.  When Ange reached out to me and helped me without condemning me, against everything I thought possible, I came back to Christ; and it was real and meaningful!  I will forever be thankful to God and Ange for this second chance in life.  To me this is what mercy and grace is all about.  I can't think of anyone in this world that deserves God's love and grace less than I do; but Jesus loves me in spite of everything.  It's real every day.  I ask God for help every day and he steers me away from temptation and allows me to enjoy His creation and to enjoy my salvation.  I enjoyed my salvation somewhat in the ntcc; but there were so many limits to what you could do, and how you could live; that it all seemed to be more of a drudgery than anything else.  Strict rules that are not in the bible were imposed on us and they kept us down.  They held us back.  If God became great in our lives we were a threat to the ntcc leadership and were quickly beaten down into a place of subjection to men that had different motives and intentions.

Clone Conditions in NTCC -
 You Are Okay IF You Obey
 The NTCC System of Rules 
We were pure; but through time we became broken in their system of man-made rules and limits.  The longer we stayed, the more we became less like the children of God and more a part of an assimilation into an organization that kept us blind, powerless and in submission to the leaders of a destructive cult.

 Become One With Us:
 * In Rules We Trust * 
I believe that it takes time to recover from this experience and that leaving the ntcc is a huge step towards recovery.  The problem is that when we leave we realize that we have become so dependent on the ntcc system and it's leaders that we have a hard time transitioning into normalcy.  Ordinary decisions that people make every day by themselves become difficult to process in our own minds because we have always had to "ask permission" or compare our ideas to those of our self-proclaimed leaders.  We have been so accustomed to rebuke and correction for every little decision we made that we seldom trusted our own judgement.  When and if our eyes are opened to the perversion of the gospel that we experienced inside the ntcc we realize that we are at a huge disadvantage having wasted such a large portion of our lives.  We were so indoctrinated and dependent on the ntcc that when we experience freedom it's overwhelming and many people find themselves institutionalized into believing they can't survive on their own.  We were not accustomed to using our own brains in the ntcc; and our rationalization skills were non-existent.

Activate by Stellar Kart Watch On YouTube >>

I am a middle-aged man; and it took 13 years in the ntcc and 14 more years of freedom from this cult to realize that I could be a Christian without them.  Because of this realization, it is now more important than ever to try to help folks get out and to help those that are out.  We hope that in all that we do, we can help people.  We realize that people have been bible thumped to death by the ntcc; and that many are not looking for spiritual advice.  We have chosen the Christian path for ourselves; but we also hope that what we write helps people to make responsible decisions regarding their own future.  One thing that we will always do is point to the obvious; and there are many blatant and obvious examples of hypocrisy and evil in the ntcc.  We will point this out; because the ntcc has imposed their standards on the masses and felt no obligation to live accordingly themselves.

We welcome all points of view on this blog; and we try to be real here.  Most people that frequent this blog have been part of the ntcc or a similar cult.  Knowing that people have been fed a steady diet of cult doctrine mixed with Christianity we try to be careful not to turn anyone completely off by preaching to them; and we endeavor to not look down on anyone, as was the practice of the ntcc.  All one has to do to realize that the ntcc is a cult is to look at the life of Jesus and compare it to how the ntcc leadership operates.  They are direct opposites.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2012!

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