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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bro Ken Exposes Sexual Predators Whom NTCC Hid and Helped (Allegedly)

Brother Kenneth MacPherson, Bro Ken, as he appeared during his days with NTCC.
Brother Kenneth MacPherson
After speaking to Brother Ken MacPherson over the phone we learned a great deal. Bro Ken was very down to earth and quickly endeared himself to us as a very likable guy, and was able to share more details of his situation directly with Ange and I over the phone. Some of the things that this brother went through were horrifying beyond belief. When you think you've heard it all, you find out there are more souls who have suffered unimaginable things and as usual their voices are ignored by the crooked and corrupt leaders of the ntcc.

With his permission we are going to share some more of what Bro Ken shared with us; but we are going to leave out the graphic details.  In Ken's first letter he summed up the best that he could, what he went through while attending the church and NTCC bible school.  Ken has had a stroke and it's hard for him to write.  He often shares written words of encouragement at his church, but is helped by the secretary who helps transcribe his words into writing.  Sharing things this personal in nature is something that he had to do without any help from anyone.  We think Brother Ken did an awesome job of sharing his original thoughts; but in our phone conversation he connected many of the dots, clarified some things, and introduced some very interesting facts.

Rev. John Rodrigues Saves Ken's Life:
Bro Ken was reached originally in a servicemen's home down in Ft. Polk, Louisiana.  Rev. John Rodrigues was the pastor down there in the late 70's.  Rev. Rodrigues is probably the only board member that I have any respect for in the ntcc.  I'm not sure he is included in the ntcc's future plans and is not listed as a current board member; but he has served on the board in the past.  I've spent a minimal amount of time with the Rodrigueses; and they were not cut from the same cloth that many of the ntcc preachers were.  Back in those days the brothers from the home used to go out and sing songs with guitars and tambourines and maracas while fellow-shipping, soul-winning and inviting others to church.  During one of these ntcc soul-winning sessions, Bro Ken was talking to a man and got separated from the rest of the brothers and was attacked.  He woke up in a bathtub hours later and realized what had happened.  He had been sexually assaulted and his description of what had happened was so horrific, that we aren't going to share the details. When he realized what had happened, Bro Ken slit his wrist but wasn't bleeding out fast enough; so he found a rope and was going to hang himself when Rev. Rodrigues found him.  Bro Ken shared that Rev. Rodrigues later told him that he cut service short that evening and asked the members to pray while he went out looking for Brother Ken.  He found him just in time to tell him that God loves him and he saved the brother's life that night.  Rev. Rodrigues didn't say, You are a filthy homosexual and that's why this happened to you, like some in ntcc did.  Instead, Rev. John Rodrigues did what a true Christian would do, and that was to console the brother.  Later on Brother Ken found out who the man was who assaulted him; and at his Court Martial the man confessed that there were 10 people who were involved in assaulting him!

Davis Plays The Blame Game:
Brother Ken was in the Army and was with the CID (Criminal Investigation Department).  When Davis found out the details of Ken's rape and what had happened afterward, he immediately flew down to insert himself into the situation in a way that is so despicable, and, sadly, so typical of Rodger Davis - with no compassion or human decency.  Here's what happened.  Rev. Rodrigues thought Brother Ken should go to the hospital and get stitches; but Davis did not want any attention drawn to the Servicemen's Home and didn't want anyone from post taking a closer look.  So what did Davis do?  Davis accused the brother of spying on the organization, grabbing Ken's elbow, squeezing it very hard, and demanding of him, "Are you spying on us?" - remember, Ken worked for the Army's CID, usually investigating people regarding illegal drugs.  Ken stated that he pushed Davis' hand off of him and said, "Not unless you are selling drugs around here."  What kind of nut attacks a rape victim and accuses him of spying on the church?  But that is what demonic davis did - trying to blame a victim of rape.

Hover your cursor over the picture for more info. Click pic to enlarge it.

Victim Blaming:  Victims are often traumatized when they try to report rape.  This happens when the people who should help them instead ask questions that actually place blame on the victim.
Victim Blaming:
Asking questions in order to place blame on the victim for whatever happened to them.
What questions are victims being asked in the NTCC by its Leaders?  This Applies to both men and women.  Davis and others will blame victims so that they live with guilt and shame.
 Are you spying on us? 

"This is I" Beware There Is NO CONFIDENTIALITY
Later, after Ken got out of the military, he ended up going to St. Louis where he lived in the ntcc dorms and went to bible school under R.W. Davis.  This part of Brother Ken's testimony is filled with NTCC darkness and was not easy for him to share. The trouble started after writing what Ken calls a psychology paper, otherwise known as the "This is I" paper, in which Ken and others were instructed to write down their sins and past mistakes.  Our opinion is that Davis assigned this paper so that he could use it to his advantage and have ammunition against people to exploit them.  As so often is the case in the ntcc, there is no such thing as confidentiality like what is found in a normal healthy church. Instead,  Davis frequently broke the law and disregarded ministerial ethics by outing people for whatever they had written in those papers, or by telling everyone what they had shared with him in confidence.  Ken wrote in his paper that he loved a woman named Susan and had a child with her.  Later he spoke with Davis about her attending church; but Davis, The Match-Making-Manipulator, would not allow this woman an opportunity to become a Christian or allow her in "his" church.  If you ever wonder why there are so many homosexuals in the ntcc, you are about to find out why in this post.

(Homo)sexual Predators Protected and Hidden By Your NTCC
Bro Ken shared that in St. Louis, he was raped by Johnny Jordan in the dorm, was sexually attacked by Dave Peters, and was threatened with hell and homosexuality by Harold Batson.  Johnny Jordan attacked Ken while Jordan was hopped up on drugs and overpowered Ken.  Davis protected Johnny Jordan and match-made him with a very young Pam Norton.  Davis also tried to match-make Bro. Ken with a Hispanic woman, but that didn't work out.  Because in this case Ken stood up to the powerful cult leaders.  We're not saying that he didn't suffer a horrible cult experience, but on many occasions he actually stood up to the likes of Davis (by knocking his hand off his elbow), Ashmore (by refusing to shake his hand EVER), and Olson (which we will describe later on in this post). Many of us were not so strong.  But even a strong personality, when coupled with a sincere desire to serve God, and indoctrinated with the false teachings of davis, could be overcome.

Ken left the organization for a time but then came back because there were people that he cared about in the ntcc.  When he came back, he was in St. Louis; and Davis allowed him to attend Bible School.  If Davis had thought that he was a homosexual, davis wouldn't have let Ken back into the bible school.  This time around Ashmore was in authority over the bible school; and Ken had more troubles ahead of him. Ashmore seemed to be right in the middle of a whole lot of homosexual corruption but did nothing to stop it or prevent it from happening to others.  But you have to go back even further in time to see how homosexuality in the ntcc seemed to be like a cloud that followed Ashmore around everywhere he went.

Ashmore Allegedly Loves the Brothers a Little Bit TOo Much...
We heard that Donald Hummel and Perry Broadnax, who both made homosexual advances towards the brothers, were both with Ashmore in the early days of his so-called 'ministry'.  One man, whom we will leave anonymous for now, was in the original home where Ashmore was the pastor; and that anonymous man told us that Ashmore started the foot massage tradition that was later on imitated by other homosexual/bisexual ntcc Servicemen's Home directors.  While Ashmore was teaching the bible in the living room of the servicemen's home, with the bible in his lap, Ashmore would have certain brethren massage his feet. The guy who shared this with us asked us not to publish his name on the blogs; but he also said if ever needed, he would testify in a court of law against the ntcc.  My wife and I and another person were on a conference call with this man who kept sharing how he thought it was so weird for Ashmore to be getting foot massages from the brothers, and how it was weird for him to keep the bible on his lap like that.   Ashmore is also known in ntcc for his effeminate John Malkovich sounding voice and feminine mannerisms such as delicately folding his hands over at the wrists and crossing his legs in the way that is more often seen among women than men.

smAshmore:  Bashing The Brethren
Also in St. Louis, while Michael Rudy was allegedly cross-dressing as a woman and 'teaching' young children in the ntcc day school, disciplining them by having them lower their panties while he spanked them, we find that Ashmore himself was involved in something that stinks to high heaven.  After Johnny Jordan had already attacked and sexually assaulted Brother Ken, and Davis did nothing to correct Jordan or report Johnny to authorities, Johnny got promoted by Davis to work in the ntcc church office and to be married to 16 year old Pam Norton. And Ashmore allowed two other homosexuals to make advances toward Ken without any consequences against these men.  These two perverted individuals are David Peters and Harold Batson, who got a free pass from Ashmore.

Victim Blaming Becomes Bashing
Meanwhile smAshmore turned up the pressure on Brother Ken by bashing him publicly from the pulpit and lectern, finding fault with everything Ken did: Ken's shoes were never shiny enough; he needed a haircut; but when he got one he was still wrong; because then he didn't have sideburns; Ken's notes were never good enough; Ashmore would throw them back at Ken, the pages flying everywhere while Ashmore would say, "That's not what I said."; Ken's  homework assignments were also ripped up in front of other bible school students by bAshmore and on and on and on.  We've heard allegations of smAshmore targeting Moreno in a similar fashion and with a similar purpose - to run him off or get him out of the ntcc.

Families - Stay Away!  Impenitent Homos - You Are Welcome in NTCC
Why was Ashmore trying so hard to get rid of Ken?  Why was Ashmore harboring homosexual predators like Harold Batson and Dave Peters; who were all reported by Ken directly to Ashmore?  Normally people in ntcc attend only one of the ntcc chapels at a time.  Yet Ashmore allowed both Batson and Peters to attend both the ntcc Forest Ave. and Holly Hills churches.  That was unheard of in the ntcc.  Was Ashmore seeking alone time with these homosexuals? Meanwhile, all Ken wanted was for the woman he loved, Susan, and his child to be accepted by the church.  She wanted to come to church at first; but ntcc wouldn't allow it.  Does this sound familiar to anyone? Ken did all the right things.  He reported the sexual advances of Dave Peters to Ashmore; but bAshmore blamed Ken.  And even when Dave Peters started writing perverse letters to Ken, smAshmore kicked Ken out of the office when confronted with the truth.  Are these the actions of a Pastor that loves God and members of the church?  Is this normal behavior?  bAshmore blamed Ken and told him that it was his fault.  Do you wonder why innocent victims live in constant guilt and shame?

Ashmore Lied To Davis.  But Davis Believed Ken
If you look at the dynamics of what went on here, it's not hard to take an educated guess.  Harold Batson also made sexual advances and threats towards Ken.  Batson said he (Batson) was leading people to hell and that he wanted to take people to the deepest part of hell.  Ken did what he was supposed to do and reported Batson to Ashmore; but smAshmore told Ken, "I wish you would just leave."  We know that thinking for yourself is completely against the ntcc rules;  but you have to wonder why Ashmore would move these perverts around and protect them.  This is how bad it got:  When Davis caught wind of what was going on, he confronted Ashmore about what Ken had told him; and Ashmore lied to Davis, denying what Ken had told him.  But Davis knew better.  Davis believed Ken was telling the truth about Batson leading people to hell and didn't believe Ashmore. Davis even told Ashmore this:  "Bro. MacPherson has never lied to me."  Then Davis got Batson down to the office and Batson confirmed that he had indeed told Ken that Batson was leading people to hell and that Batson was a homosexual.  As a result Batson got kicked out of the church by Davis, who announced that night in church that Batson was a homosexual who was leading people to hell.

Now you have to break ntcc rules again and think and wonder:  Why was Ashmore trying to protect these perverts? Did Davis suspect that Ashmore was involved with Batson and Peters?  It didn't take Ashmore very long to leave the ntcc after Davis was reported as dead.  Perhaps Davis gave Kekel the lowdown on James Ross Ashmore; and JRA was given an ultimatum by Kekel.  Of course that's all supposition; but if you connect the dots between Ashmore, Hummel, Broadnax, Rudy, Batson and Peters, you would have to be naive and gullible to think that nothing was happening between them.  The proverb about Birds of A Feather Flock Together comes to mind.

We also know that people will vehemently disagree and try to excuse these poor ntcc leaders.  Well guess what?  How many times did Davis openly from behind the pulpit accuse people of being homosexuals?  He would preach, "If so and so was alone at a sister's house and didn't have sex with her, he must be a homosexual."  Sound familiar?  You know you have heard it yourself.  Maybe there's a reason why Davis was so homophobic.  He certainly didn't mind being around the alleged bi-sexual rapist Johnny Jordan, though; did he?  No, Davis made that rape of 14 year old Lisa Norton possible by match-making Jordan with Pam, Lisa's 16 year old sister.  And why?  Allegedly Davis was slipping in Jordan's front door while Johnny was at work for ntcc; during this time alone with Jordan's teen wife, Pam, Davis would allegedly molest Pam and then pay her hush money.  She told us she had so much money at times she would have more than Johnny brought home from work.  She also said that others sisters used to wonder how she could afford the nice things she had.  Wouldn't they have been shocked to find out!

Olson is the ntcc Hype Man Building Up The Illusion
What a sick bunch of deviants is running the ntcc.  And they all cover for one another.  Just look at how Olson would indoctrinate people to blindly accept whatever Davis said as if it were gospel. Olson would blather on, saying, "If Pastor Davis says the sky is green, the sky IS green!"  Ken once wrote a letter to Olson telling him:

"If you think the sky is green, just because Davis says the sky is green, You need to get saved.  You are reading a different bible than I am."  Ken let Olson know the simple truth about what is not in the bible. 

We all heard Olson tell that green-sky lie on numerous occasions.  Oh brother!    What a load of nonsense designed to blind people and get them to believe a lie.

Repeating a lie will not make it the truth, even though the crowd accepts it.  If the sky is blue, no matter who calls it green, the sky is still blue and the green sky tale is just a lie.
In The NTCC The Sky is Green if RWD says so.
But that's a lie.  It is cult indoctrination to get you to accept the pastor's word AS IF it were the gospel truth.
Don't be deceived.

Davis Did Have A TV in His House - While He Preached Against TV
Talking to Ken, he revealed other secrets that were verified by a second witness. We heard from Julie St. Clair that Davis had a TV in his house.  She saw it and got abused for mentioning it to her 'parents' Ralph and Joan. Others came on the blog and said, I've cleaned Davis' house and never saw a TV.  Well, maybe they were speaking about one of Davis' other houses, since he has owned so many.  All we know is what Julie shared and what Ken shared with us that Davis had him come over to his house one time; and Ken followed the dog into the house and saw a TV.  Davis tried to make an excuse for it and told Ken that  TVs were not allowed in the churches or Servicemen's Homes because ministers didn't need to spend their time watching TV, but rather reading and praying and soul winning.  Davis went on to say that he would keep people informed as to what was going on in the world.  What a load of baloney.  Davis is quite simply a HYPOCRITE who says one thing but does another.

"She's Mine! Stay Away!" Teenie Bopper Tanya is Owned by Mike Kekel
(He said.)
Also there was some confusion as to how old Tanya actually was when she started dating Mike. Her age was originally stated as 12 or 13 and then that changed to 15 or 16.  Ken said that Kekel had a picture of Tanya that he carried around in his wallet and he showed it to him in 1979, and told him and other brothers not to talk to her because she was going to marry him.  This tells you that Tanya was somewhere around 14 years old when Kekel was claiming her as his own; and that is only if she is telling the truth about her age.  Do you think it would be beyond Tanya Kekel to lie about her age?  Who's going to verify it?  Tanya is known and proven to be a liar by the online form that allegedly she filled out to find info on her Filipino birth mother.  Ken said Tanya Davis (now kekel) looked like she was about 11 or 12 years old in the picture that Mike showed him.  I'm sure Mike wouldn't want the world to know that he was dating and planning to marry to a pre-teen, calling her "mine", when he is nine years older than she is.  Yuck.  What a perv!

Click Picture to enlarge it:
Adoption Reunion Registry Search Form As Filled Out By Tanya Kekel (her e-mail address dakake is listed in the contact info).
Let's play count the Lies.  How many lies can you count?  Tanya's Maiden Name Kekel? No. Her maiden adopted name was davis. Tanya's religion Unknown?  Her occupation Housewife?  Occupation of her Birth mother Ambassador? It begs the question, When was she really born?

Our opinion is that the kekels are liars, people.  Look at their mansions and their richer than rich lifestyles.  Mike didn't obtain all that wealth through investments.  If he tells you that, he'll tell you anything.  If you believe that, you'll believe anything.   But we don't trust them.  Ken also said that he never once trusted Ashmore; and so Ken refused to shake Ashmore's hand the entire time Ken was in the ntcc.

There were a number of other things that really impressed us about Bro Ken as we talked on the phone.  He is a Christian; he was a pastor; he still ministers through his words of encouragement writings; and he has a very good heart.  He told us that in spite of what Johnny did to him, he forgives Jordan and says that Johnny needed help but never got it.  Johnny had shared with Ken some of the hell Jordan had gone through; but Jordan never received any help, especially in the ntcc.  It takes quite a heart to forgive someone that has attacked you; and yet Ken has definitely done that.  Brother Ken also has a son that he has raised and protected; and Ken is a well respected leader in his church.  He maintained great integrity in the face of hatred and stood for what was right while so-called ntcc leaders went about to destroy him in order to cover their own sin and to present a facade of holiness Christianity to the world.  Ken went through it all and suffered all the things a victim of severe abuse has suffered but has survived it all with dignity and honor.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

"This is i" - Bro-Ken Survives Rape at the NTCC Servicemen's Home and Seminary St. Louis formerly NTCG Midwestern Bible Institute

Today we received an e-mail from a Former licensed and Ordained minister of 30 years, who was forwarding the story of Bro. Ken who was a friend of this minister back in the early 80's.  Whether you pronounce that Brother Ken or BroKen, both are correct. Ken MacPherson endured rape and assault at the hands of three individuals listed by name. He was further traumatized and demonized by the very individuals who should have helped him, namely, James Ross Ashmore and Rodger Wilson Davis.  Bro-Ken feels all this was the result of a psychology paper assigned in the NTCC which, during the nineties, was called the "This Is I" paper.  In it the students were supposed to list their sins and life before coming to Christ for salvation. I never understood why a Christian would demand that from another Christian.  The blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin; and God removes our transgressions as far as the East is from the West; He casts all our sins into the depths of the sea. 1 John 1:7 Psalm 103:12 Micah 7:19 here

Ocean Floor by Audio Adrenaline on YouTube

It is our opinion that Davis and other NTCC members exploited this information from these papers to harm folks.  Here, in his own words, and with his permission is Bro-Ken's story.  He wants people to know that his psychology paper was used to target him.

This is a hard thing for me to do and say but twice by 1982 I got raped in NTCC one at the service men's home while out soul winning and the other in the dorm on Eiller St, Davis kept telling me it was my fault, I deserved it, He told me the homosexuals are coming after me because I was living in sin.
 and   the the reason he moved me from Forest Ave, to Eiller St. I met Susan she was local neighbor around the church  and in 81 we had a son David, Davis knew this from the psychology paper  we wrote about our self's. He would not let her join the church Davis told me in the office he wanted me to go to Tacoma and Leave St. Louis behind but I could not have anything thing more to do with Susan, I said no He then said I guess I will tell every one you left because you wanted to be a Homosexual I said  whatever, I then said to him even though you know it is not the truth, he told me I made the decision not him, and then said that he could not have all the brothers finding local whores to sleep with.
In my heart I blame myself for so much   you have no idea. I let an un Godly man try and destroy me. make me believe that I was something I was not, and then only to find out from the blogs that my attacker got to rape one of the sisters it hurts so bad inside, I know its my fault, Davis did nothing to stop it.

Rape survivors feel shame and guilt for things that are NOT THEIR FAULT.  NTCC Rapists blame the victims and assassinate their characters by telling lies about them from the pulpit.
Rape survivors feel shame and guilt for things that are NOT THEIR FAULT. NTCC Rapists blame the victims and assassinate their characters by telling lies about them from the pulpit after kicking them out.

 Susan left my son and I in 86,Because I went back to NTCC, If I was such a homosexual, and as you know they can't be saved then why did he let me come back? because he knew the truth, It was never about homosexual, it was always about  Susan, and by the end of 87 I left for good because Ashmore and I could not get along,
 I called him, Ashmore, a pervert and that he was protecting them, and unless you have been raped or molested, Julie St. Claire is spot on when it comes to the perverts, you don't have to be touched yet, you know you just know something is going to happen just the way they look at you or touch you. And for Lisa I wish Davis had put Johnny out, the way he did me, or we had the laws back then like we have now, I just wish I could have done some thing.I have so much more pain and guilt after reading Don and Anges blog, hear your story and Anges call of trumpet, 

The NTCC abused the papers titled "THIS IS I" to target people for rape and abuse.  But it was not the victims' fault. The NTCC and its top leaders are to blame for this system of rape and abuse.
Ange says, I want to apologize to any rape and abuse survivors that I have hurt by calling them to report rape or abuse in order to prevent future victims.  Those things are not your fault.  The blame for rape lies with the rapist. The blame for abuse lies with the abuser. I apologize to anyone I have hurt by calling them to action to prevent future victims. The fact is rapists cause rapes.

but at Holly Hills there were those brothers that treated me great, I may not have been as receptive to them as I should have and for that I'm sorry, but when you go through certain things, you  have a certain amount of disconnect with people, and then there it is the people you know you are going to have a problem,
Mr.. Peters was one of them not only did he make advances and Ashmore did nothing about it but to blame me Mr. Peters started to write me letters asking for sex and again Ashmore kicked me out of the office its my fault, that's what I get for coming back,
why does it have to be the victims fault, we already live a life of shame and guilt that can never go away. 

Support Male Survivors of Abuse. They look strong, but inside may be BroKen. Survivors: Know that you are not alone. There are people who care about you and about what happened to you. It was not your fault.
Support Male Survivors of Abuse. They look strong, but inside may be broken. Survivors: Know that you are not alone. There are people who care about you and about what happened.  It was not your fault.  Like this photo shows on its right edge, Trauma And Dissociation, it is normal for a person who has suffered trauma to feel separated or disconnected.  That is normal and in time the survivor can heal and reconnect with those who have proven trustworthy. Give yourself time to heal and do what works for you. Take time in your healing and grieving process. You deserve love and to be happy.

 and then there was
NTCC Founding Board Member James Ross Ashmore kicked out the victim of rape even though Davis knew the Brother was not lying about being assaulted and raped.  In our opinion Ashmore is cruel.  He should be called SmAshMore!
 NTCC Founding Board
 Member James Ross
 "Ashmore called me
 a liar he told me to
 get out get out get out
 I wish you would just leave,
 so I did, right out the door.
 Davis told [Ashmore] I don't
 believe you [Ashmore]. Bro.
 Macpherson has never lied
 to me [Davis.] why now[?]"
 *Quote marks and bracketed
 [-] material added for clarity.*
Mr.. Batson it was a church night he made sex advances on me, it happened so fast I did not see that one coming, but he took it to a dark Place he told me he was leading people to Hell, I was in shock, I said to him you go after people for sex, and the what?
 he said I ask them about God once and if they say no, If Hell is what they want then I will lead them to the deepest part of it.   knowing this was going to be hard to believe, I went to Ashmores  office told him what happened, he called me a liar he told me to get out get out get out I wish you would just leave, so I did, right out the door.
then I heard brother Macpherson you don't go to church don't come back it was Davis he asked me what was going on I told him, we went in to the office he asked Ashmore he denied it, Davis said, so he did not tell you Batson was leading people to Hell Ashmore said no sir, Davis told him I don't believe you, Bro. Macpherson has never lied to me why now, Ashmore I don't know  sir. he told me go up stairs I don't need to hear this, Davis ask someone to bring Batson down, and that night Batson was put out of the church, for those of you who were wonder why he was put out. then I left in the January 88. some NTCC people will want to lie But you know he kicked Batson out.
(foot note) later on I ask Batson one time  why me,   He said because it was said of me I left in 83 because I wanted be gay. All because
one man tells a lie, and goes out of his way to make people believe  in that lie. But for the grace of God the many times I went to kill my self
and God had some one there to save me from trying to throw my self in front of the metro link train to hanging my self.     
In defense of Johnny he was one of my best friends I had, I still have a pen holder he made for me from his machine shop job he had.
we were both 5/7 and 150 pounds, but that night he was on drugs, and at the Eiller St. dorm Jonny, Dorsie, and Wells slept upstairs and I slept in the basement.  that night he wanted hang out with me while I typed my notes,  because he said he had taken something and did  not want the brothers see him acting weird, now please don't any body fool themselves, Johnny was not the only one popping pills, I got operated on twice and brothers would come to me for pain pills, but that night I don't know what he took, because on any other day I could throw him down not that night. at light out time everyone went to their  beds and he came back assaulted me.
two things I regret the most is the lose of fellowship of some great brothers and sisters some whose names I can not now remember
nor locate, and that they never knew my real story, Mark dally does know about my assault in the service men's home, because of some strokes
the other is my son David he feels he had a hard life from the time he was 10 until he left my home to be the man he is to day,
I never let him out of my sight, and had to always know the who the what the were the why  and when he would always say Dad you're the only Dad in America that acts that way, and I would always say I'm the only Dad in America that is your Father and I do it because I love you
and in the mid 2000s I did became a minister and my son and grandchildren were there I gave the church my whole testimony and I mean
everything the rapes the molestation, agreeing with Davis about the Homosexuality, NTCC, because I wanted all out in the open so nothing
could come back on me and when I got done my son and grandchildren came running up to me at the pulpit told the church this is my Dad and I love him, and at that moment in time nothing else mattered, as my son whispered in my ear if I had only known, thank you for protecting me the way you did. and the church said we love you to brother will you take the job, no secret ballet need and I said yes,
today I have step-down because of health reasons,   but  I do write Words of Encouragement for the church each week
Now you know my story because of the strokes, I did not know how to get on the blogs like Don and Ange, and I know there are people out there hate me because Davis and Ashmore tell them to and even after knowing the truth some will still not want to believe and that's ok because they will do whatever NTCC tells them to do.
But people need to know that are in NTCC when you write those psychology papers for them you just put a target on your back, Kekel and the rest of those  perverts are going to use them to choose their victims, because by those papers tell them what type of person you are and can they get away with rapping or molesting you or your children, and then their mind games begin they did nothing and you made it up.   

Rapists blame their victims, using mind games or saying that the victim made up the story.  NTCC is no different than all the other rapists But ALL RAPES ARE THE FAULT OF THE RAPIST!
 Allegedly:  NTCC used the Psychology Papers  Titled
 "This Is i" to gain intimate facts about  people.
 Then the NTCC used that knowledge to  target
 those people or their kids for rape and  abuse.
 Then the NTCC blamed and ostracized the  victims.
 It's our opinion that the NTCC is wicked! 
To Clarify whose who, Ken added the following paragraph:

Dave Peters was part of Rev Jones church on Forest Ave, and went over to Holly Hills also, Harold Batson had been a student at Holly Hills under Ashmore, but Left school for some reason, he told me when he left   Ashmore liked him so he never put him out of the church, I found that to be strange and he also got to go to Forest Ave.  Which I thought was strange also how they both got to go to both churches, I could not figure that one out why.
In 86 at a low point in my life I went to Forest Ave it was late at night I was making one last plea with God before I was going to end my life, some one had called Rev. Jones a guy was on the property it was me, he came down  we talked for a while and then he asked me
to come to church, Susan would not because she was rejected before, so why now she said.  a few months later he wanted me to go back to the school, but it had to be under Ashmore, both Peters and Batson never put there hands on me until I went to Holly Hills, so for sure I know Batson was a student at one time but not sure a bout Peters, but this one thing he kept them around for some reason.

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G)  Glad To Be Out of ntcc.
H)  I told ntcc church leaders but got no help.
I)   I'm Thinking Of Leaving ntcc.
J)   I am a woman.
K)  I am a man.
L)  In my opinion Ashmore is a creep.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Former NTCC Member Found His Way Out Early

Few of the Blog posts that we do have a feel good story line that leaves you feeling good about the past.  There are so many bad things that happened in the NTCC; and it is necessary to share those testimonies and accounts with folks. To restate our goal, we blog and we warn folks about the NTCC so that people will know their history, and realize that they are a cult.  We do so because we don't want people to suffer through years of unnecessary grief, as many of us did.  We also realize in this age of the Information Highway, that we can reach people who do their due diligence before attending a cult when they look it up on the internet to see what others may say about it.  One of our priorities is to help people realize that they can still be a Christian outside of the NTCC.  We also want folks to realize that there is support for them no matter what stage they are in pertaining to recovering from the ntcc.  We are not here to judge anyone or to point our fingers at a recovering cult member.  We want this to be a place that people feel comfortable sharing their past experiences without people interrogating them like a bunch of Nazi Gestapo cult leaders.  We experienced that kind of behavior from the NTCC leadership and none of us had a voice in that organization.

 Tony R. Back in the Day - Airborne All The Way! 

We received an Email recently from an old friend that was in the NTCC with me during my early years. We'll use just his first name and last initial so if anyone recognizes his picture, they can put it together for themselves. Tony R. was stationed at Fort Bragg in the mid eighties while Rudy was in charge of the Servicemen's Home. He remembers so many things that I have forgotten; but in his email, he told me that he was having a serious talk with his 18 year old son in which he was warning him to stay away from cults. He started looking for material to share with his son and found one of our videos on YouTube. He didn't recognize me right away; but he heard me say who I was and he told his son, "I know this guy!"; and then he found our blog and email address and contacted us. Come to find out Tony R. had found his way out of the ntcc cult and became a minister for the Church of God. He is a pastor and has been preaching against the ntcc for many years; because he knows how controlling and manipulative they are.

Tony R., Ted K. and Joe Cool in the NTCC Ft. Bragg Servicemen's Home during the Rudy era.
Tony R., Ted K. and Joe Cool

We just shared some memories of when we were in the home with Rudy.  Rudy was trying to run the home like a mini bible school.  He had us all pray for a vision of hell and write an essay about what God showed us.  He then ripped up our essays and said that we hadn't prayed enough, lit a fire in the fireplace, and turned out the lights and preached about hell.  What a nutcase! He had issues with insecurity and his own sexuality that he was trying to hide.  He told Tony and another brother named Ted that they were not allowed to hang out together.  So they hung out anyway at lunch on post.  This reminded me of many of the manipulative pastors in the ntcc.  Why would you have to be this controlling?  I get that you want both of the members tithe but if one of them is told not to hang around the other than why would you want anyone hanging around them?  The problem wasn't them; it was Rudy and his insatiable desire for young men.

NTCC Ft. Bragg Servicemen's Home 3324 Rodgers Drive Fayetteville NC during the Rudy era.
 Brothers and Sisters from the Rudy Era Ft. Bragg NTCC 

Tony R. later went to Germany where he had the 'distinct pleasure' of running into Jones, the Davis wannabe and token black preacher of the ntcc.  I say this not because I'm prejudice, but because Davis often used the n-word and was against mixed marriages; and yet Jones was always kissing up to Davis.  Tony mentioned that Jones told him that he had to pay tithe and home offering even though he was not living in the home full time.  He said 'it was the right thing to do'.  What a money grubbing hypocrite!  Broadnax did the same thing in Korea. He wanted me to pay home offering even though I only visited twice a month. These hypocrites care so much about money and so little about people.  They got this attitude from Davis; who said over and over again that "It's all about money and numbers."

I recently read in Acts about the account of Ananias and Sapphira. This is one of the few accounts of judgement that we find God executing in the early church. There were many accounts of preachers and leaders doing wrong or forsaking the apostles but just this one account that had to do with money.  I know that the ntcc would often use this as a judgement verse against people who didn't pay all of their tithe; but you have to take it in its context to really find what this was all about.  In the verses leading up to chapter 5 it talked about how that many of the Christians would sell what they had and distribution would be made among all; so nobody lacked; and people that had a lot would share by giving to others. This is a true example of how God intended for us to love one another.  The money wasn't tithe, nor was it being split up amongst the so-called 'men of God'; but it was being distributed among the needy saints.  Then along comes a pair of hypocrites that wants to change the way God has laid it upon the hearts of the real God-loving people to share and give.  Ananias and Saphira, lied to the Holy Ghost, to Peter and to the apostles and said, We sold our property; and here is all the money we got for the sale.  They lied not only to the people God loved but also to God Himself; just so that they could greedily keep part of it for themselves.  Nobody was commanded to bring their money to the apostles; but people did this thing willingly. But then along comes the two hypocritical Pharisee types that decide to corrupt one of the great miracles of all time.  They remind me of Jones and Davis and others in the organization; who are not transparent and want all the members to think that their money is going towards the work of Gawd.

These corrupt people are living large off of your gifts and sacrifices; and yet you don't think that God is angry at them?  I do. I think that Jesus drove off the money changers out of the temple with a whip; because He was disgusted with them for making merchandise out of the temple of God.  The ntcc is doing the same thing.

It's not biblical to demand that a brother pay not only his tithe, but also a full home offering for visiting only a few times per month.  In the New Testament Jesus didn't have a place to lay His head; and many of the people opened their homes to him.  Nobody asked the Son of God for a home offering or to pay tithes!  What is going on in the ntcc has nothing to do with God.  If these people were really saved they would gladly open their homes to Christians; and people would willingly give to each other and the work as God laid it on their hearts; and no preachers would be driving around in Cadillacs while their members were living from paycheck to paycheck.

Tony figured all of this out on his own, between him and God.  He really gets it; and it's not because he's read our blog or talked to others who have left; but he loves God and in his relationship, he knows the difference between right and wrong.  He said something to me the other day that really grabbed my attention and it gets deep down into what I believe is the key to Christianity:

"Material things don't fulfill, they just keep people distracted from what God really wants; and that is our attention."

That's amazing when you think about it.  God really just wants our love and attention, not our money or anything else we can be used for.

It seems like we strive to love God so much at times; but we don't realize how much we are loved. 

I'm not trying to get super spiritual or sell anything to anyone.  We don't exist on this blog to make money; nor do we ask for a cent. What we all have within our reach is priceless and not intended to belong to one religious group, nor to extend to a bunch of lying hypocrites.  It's for the broken hearted and those who are cast down or even cast out.  I'm in that category.  We might often feel broken; but we are so close to the One who can piece us back together.  This is not a story of doom or gloom; but this is great news.  What are the odds that Tony finds our blog while looking for material online to warn his son about cults?  I'm glad he found us.  We have not only gained a friend, but also a brother.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ashmore is Out! Before the Grass has a Chance to Grow on RWD's Grave, James Ross Ashmore Bails on the NTCC

Recently an anonymous comment was left on our blog stating that Ashmore was no longer in the organization - New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. (LLC).  While trying to verify the truth of this matter we discovered a few things.  We found that the ntcc no longer lists the San Diego church in their 'updated' locator.  At first glance this wouldn't be that big of a deal; because we have known the locator to be cluttered with disinformation that benefited the ntcc leadership by keeping other people from asking questions.  But usually the church is still listed; but the pastor changes.  Anyway, we had someone who is no longer in the organization (but lives fairly close to Ashmore) tell us that he contacted Ashmore, through text first, and then speaking over the phone, to verify that Ashmore did indeed resign from the ntcc for good, starting his own church in San Diego.  We also went to Ashmore's web site, JesusMyGlory [dot] net -- which he, seemingly, does not claim any ownership of (since his name and picture do not appear on the site); but he does have a link to it on his Twitter account with the exact same picture on both his web site and Twitter account. Anyway, we found a very disconcerting paragraph in which Ashmore admits that he used to be judgmental.  You think? Another discovery that we made is that the ntcc has taken their convoluted definition of holiness out of their bylaws.  They used to define holiness as women wearing dresses, no make up or jewelry, no pants and no shorts for the men.  We know through the internet that Mike Kekel has always struggled with the holiness concept and has been one of the main violators of holiness standards by allowing his son to dress in a way that was forbidden for other children to dress and to participate in sports; which was a forbidden activity for all other ntcc families and children. Here are external sites showing Grant Kekel listed on the Charles Wright Academy (CWA) Football roster and a site with a picture of Grant Kekel graduating from CWA (proof ) MaxPreps Stats & CWA Grad Pic There are seven photos of GK on the Brian Lee Photographer site.  Please don't discredit the photographer's work by using the thumbs down voting button if you don't like GK.  If you want to support the photographer, buy one today.

New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. NTCC, Resign, Flee, Sinking Ship, Burning Building
Helen and James Ross Ashmore have left "the organization" aka NTCC of A, Inc. Will Helen's sister Kathy Jordan and her hubby George Jordan follow suit? Will George Jordan's brother (Timothy) Paul Jordan and his wife Veneta follow them out?  Will Helen's daughter and son-in-law Lorraine and John DiFrancesco leave too? Will James and Helen reconcile with her disfellowshipped son Jerry aka Larry Duran and his many children and wife Penny Hampton?  So many questions as this former NTCC Board Member and alleged hatchet man and his wife flee from the wrath to come... (IMO)
 Is this another split for the NTCC? 

James Ross Ashmore has a Twitter account that he hasn't updated; it lists him as "Pastor NTCC North Chapel at Liberty Station Jesus Preacher".  He also has a link to his blog called "JesusMyGlory [dot] net".  He also, apparently, favors his one grandson not sired in an adulterous relationship, as that lad's name forms his Twitter URL being preceded and followed by the digit 1: thus http:twitter [dot] com/1bryden1.  We think it's pretty tacky to penalize your other grandkids (the children of adulterers Penny Hampton and Helen's son Jerry aka Larry Duran and Jerry's abandoned daughter; whom he left with his wife Christine when he deserted them to pursue Penny) for something they had no control over; but hey, that's the kind of guy James Ross Ashmore is.  For years he blithely followed and was the henchman for serial adulterer Rodger Wilson Davis; but as soon as people found out that Jerry Duran ran off with Rich Hampton's wife, Penny, well, Jim decided to disfellowship them.  Hmm. It's so typical that in the ntcc  standards only apply to some people, not all.  That is called Double Standards and is not godly.  God has one standard for all.  The following is an excerpt from Ashmore's blog and can be found by clicking into the tab labelled "What I Believe":

"I used to minister in a way that was perhaps more a ministry of judgment, trying to be like some preacher of the past like Charles Finney, Jonathan Edwards, etc.., only to find I was following a pattern that was not necessarily the pattern of God’s Gospel. I say this, NOT to get into an argument about whether these men were used by God or not, but all things must be tested by the touchstone of SCRIPTURE no matter how wise or logical things might appear to be since it is the Scriptures that will judge us, and NOT what other men have believed. Either those men are our examples, or Jesus Christ and the early Apostles are the intended examples given to us by God to follow. I am not sitting in judgment on such men of the past, they will stand or fall to their own Master, but I must minister as God has revealed to me, knowing I will be judged, NOT by those saints of the past, but by the Word of God."  

Watch On YouTube:  here

If this is an apology, Jim, then 'you suck at apologies'!  Here we find Ashmore admitting that he 'perhaps' had a ministry of judgment.  What?  There is no 'perhaps'.  No question, Jim, you had a ministry of judgment; which really is not a ministry.  Ministry means service.  By no means does that apply to what you did from the pulpit and lectern.  And what about all the souls that Ashmore has railed against over the years?  I've heard tapes and probably still have some where Ashmore rails against people in Judgment; and I've seen his handiwork up close and personal during the many visits that he made to Servicemen's Homes and churches Stateside and overseas; where he ran people off while collecting large amounts of money along the way.  If he wants to apologize to people, he should find some of the thousands of people he ran off over the years, and cut them a check for whatever tithe and offering money that he conned them out of.  People were living off of grocery budgets of $20 a week and less while giving the majority of their income to the so called 'work of Gawd' where Ashmore, Davis and Kekel would spend it upgrading their mansions and buying luxury vehicles.  Now all of the sudden we are supposed to think that Ashmore has changed and become a kinder and gentler preacher who focuses on the love of God?   Why all of the sudden has he left?  If Davis was still alive do you think Ashmore would be in such a hurry to bail on the ntcc?  We all know the answer to that.

Spiritual Assassin
While Ashmore was in the ntcc, he was nothing more than a spiritual assassin. What was it that drove Moreno to kill his wife, four year old child and unborn child?  Kinson had Moreno take him to the whorehouse to retrieve his wallet and Moreno reported it.  Kinson was removed from that work and Ashmore was given the job of spiritually assassinating Moreno.  Roland Moreno was ostracized by Ashmore and Blacklisted, which began a downward spiral in which the ntcc would never allow Moreno to find peace in the ntcc.  By the time Moreno confided in Matt Reed, Roland was completely broken in spirit.  Reed believed Roland and confronted Davis about letting Kinson be a Board Member when he had committed adultery.  Davis quickly verified that everything Moreno had told Matt Reed was true by pointing his finger in Reed's face and telling him that it was not his place to involve himself in other men's adulterous affairs. H-E-L-L-O!

Ashmore was also dispatched to assassinate the character and spiritual lives of Lisa Norton and Lori Kelly in St. Louis, when Davis was trying to hide his own adulterous affairs from the congregation.  Davis had been molesting and violating Lisa's 16 year old sister, Pam Norton, while her husband Johnny Jordan was working for Davis in the office.  Johnny Jordan later raped Lisa Norton, (Pam's younger sister) and impregnated her by rape at the innocent age of 14.  Lisa was then abandoned by her 'mother', (Barbara Norton) on Christmas Day at the behest of Davis.  Davis moved and covered for the child molesting and raping Johnny Jordan by moving him and Lisa's older sister Pam and their 'mother' Barbara Norton Warwick up to Washington state.  It was at this point that Ashmore was in the bully pulpit blasting Lisa and her best friend Lori, calling them "whores" and "sluts" in front of the whole congregation.  Davis had Lisa's mom abandon her with her special needs brother Terry, and Davis ordered some of the brethren to remove most of the furnishings, clothing, dinnerware and the Christmas tree and presents from her house.  Ashmore was the one who was dispatched to destroy a young girl to cover for Davis's child molesting and rape (Vaginal Penetration) of a minor.

It's just a painting; but it reminds me of Lisa consoling her sobbing brother Terry while they sat on the floor after Davis attacked them on Christmas, having the brothers move out all their furniture and Christmas presents.  Lisa sat on the floor holding and consoling her sobbing hysterical special needs brother.
Read About Lisa Norton's Life here

I was also told that during a previous conversation with Ashmore, our source says that Ashmore told him that the ntcc no longer believed in the holiness standards that they once used to place people in hell if they did not adhere to or practice those standards.  While looking at the updated version of the bylaws posted on the ntcc's site called myntcc [dot] org, I noticed that all of the so-called holiness definitions were removed. These rules in the ntcc bylaws were used to incorrectly indoctrinate people into living an awkward life never preached by Jesus; but the ntcc required members to adhere to these rules; which they called holiness.   While they preached women should not wear make-up and ran young women out of their churches for "looking like Jezebel," many of the hypocritical board members' wives used foundation make-up to cover and hide wrinkles and blemishes.  Verna Davis herself would wear pajama bottom pants at the Lodge on the NTCC campground; while women in many of the servicemen's works were forced to discontinue their career paths in the military because ntcc taught it was ungodly for them to wear pants.  Hunh?  Can you say Double Standard? Many church members left in tears because the ntcc would preach hell fire and brimstone to those who did not fit R-dub's definition of a Christian; and many of the brainwashed people from the ntcc were permanently and emotionally damaged.  

James Ross Ashmore was at the forefront of shaping, preaching, teaching, and enforcing these false doctrines.  He used the pulpit and lectern to harm many souls by railing on them mercilessly.  And now he seems to think a half-hearted, self-justifying, feeble attempt at an apology on his lame web site will somehow make a difference?  To me he is still the same snake.  He's just shed his old skin. That's just my opinion. You think what you want.  And please don't come on here and try to defend him.  If you want to think that way, go tell it to The Moreno Family.  See how well that works.  Approximately one month after his pregnant daughter and grandchildren were murdered, Maria's father, Mr. Burton passed away; they say he died of a broken heart.  I'd have to agree.  These false doctrines that were rigidly / strictly enforced by the likes of Ashmore can have permanent eternal deadly consequences.  Think about that.

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