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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Cruise Control

We are putting this blog on automatic pilot for a while or until we deem it necessary to continue blogging.  As those who came before us have pointed to the many instances of hypocrisy and double standards, we have done the same. Our blog will remain public and constitutes a record of testimony from the hundreds of people who have suffered physical, mental and spiritual abuse at the hands of a few money hungry and greedy hypocrites who masquerade as leaders of the church, claiming that they are the only light that shines in a dark world.  In spite of all we do to warn people it seems that folks would rather believe a lie than the truth.  So many times we have put the truth out there and people read true accounts of hypocrisy and wickedness committed by the leaders of the New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. and people will reject the truth and continue to live in hypocrisy.

Many people have shared the darkest secrets of their hearts and the only answers that we have ever received from the ntcc was to discredit and disparage the character of those who speak out against them.  Kinson, Briggs and many other licensed ministers to include Mike Kekel (as 'The Wirlwind') have showed their true nature on FactNet and Jeff's blog, very seldom denying the true accounts of their own hypocrisy, but wresting the scriptures and twisting them to defend themselves. We have compared the scriptures many times to their own words and actions and in the many comparisons the ntcc leadership is found to be just a bunch of phony men pleasers and double standard hucksters whose only purpose is to swindle you out of your money so they can live large right under your holier than thou noses.

There is not much that we can do to convince cult members that they are in a cult, and the harder we try it seems like they just dig in deeper and cleave to their false teachings endorsing the false prophets and further contributing to their insatiable lifestyles.  For the record we are going to summarize the many instances of double standards and hypocrisy that have highlighted the ntcc and defined it's leaders throughout the years.  But what you should see clearly, many of you deny and you have lied to yourselves throughout the years and made yourselves part of the problem rather than confronting the phony hypocrites and finding out for yourselves what many of us have been trying to tell you for years.

The most obvious abuse of power in the ntcc which can be clearly seen is their greed for money and their willingness to destroy lives so that a very few can live in the lap of luxury.  You have been expected for decades to fund the lifestyle of Davis and now Kekel who live the opposite of any example that Jesus or his followers lived.  They Preach pay tithe or go to hell, which Jesus never preached and they spend your money on the riches of this world unlike Jesus or any of the apostles, yet they want to be lifted up on a pedestal and worshiped and adored as if they were already appointed as the 24 elders mentioned in Revelation.  They have want of nothing and spend your money on unnecessary amenities while many of you struggle, living from paycheck to paycheck, stealing from your own family to give more to the money grubbers who laugh at you all the way to the bank.  Jeff has pointed this out over and over again on his blog.  GS/DS have also pointed out much of the hypocrisy having seen it on their level, being overseers in the organization and expected to lie and break rules to make things happen.  The ntcc is a family owned and operated religious organization that has achieved it's success by twisting scriptures and lying to you about the Old Testament law of tithe, which happens to be the only sacrament that they carry forward and preach as a heaven or hell issue.  Will they be held accountable?  Do you think God appreciates the ntcc leaders for preaching tithe and getting rich off the profits? Time will tell, but if you claim to be a bible believer, you need to get your nose in the book and see if you can find any new testament examples of anyone preaching tithe or hell and then collecting huge amounts of money from what is supposed to be the body of Christ and spending it on their own unnecessary and greedy desires.  Guess what?  You will never find that, but you continue to feed these impostors who pretend like they care about your soul, but they only care about the almighty dollar and how much of yours they can get their hands on.

The New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. or New Testament Church of God, as they used to be called, is an organization that was founded by R.W. Davis who has always been a serial adulterer and child molester according to testimony of the many victims that have shared their horrific experiences.  The ntcc has been a filthy organization from the beginning and so many people have come forward to expose Davis and other board members for using their office and position of power to do unthinkable things.  We have spoken to people that have been eye witnesses to early accounts of adultery committed by Davis.  One man had Davis at gunpoint and came close to blowing his brains out for having sex with his wife.  We spoke to a member of the church who seen this first hand and there were other accounts that verified that this actually happened.

P. Norton also came forward and shared that Davis had sexually violated and molested her while she was 16 and married to Johnny Jordan.  Johnny Jordan who worked for Davis raped Pam Norton's 14 year old sister Lisa Norton and while she was pregnant Davis moved everyone except Lisa up to Washington and then had Ashmore smear Lisa calling her a whore and a slut.  This was verified by Lisa herself and her best friend Lori Kelly who was also shunned by Ashmore.  RW talked Lisa's Mom, Barbara Norton Warwick into moving to Washington and showed up at Lisa's house on Christmas day to oversee and provide physical labor in the form of bible school students to take all of the furniture, plates, glasses, silverware and household items to include the Christmas tree and presents while leaving a pregnant 15 year old Lisa to take care of her special needs brother who was traumatized that his mother abandoned them.  All of this was done to hide R.W. Davis's sins. This was revealed a couple weeks before Davis died but nobody in the ntcc camp came forward to deny any of it.  We highly commend Lisa for her bravery.  The women that have come forward to include Pam, Lisa, Lori and Julie have raised awareness within the ntcc and saved others from having to suffer the same fate.

Julie Ridgeway St. Clair was very instrumental in helping Lisa come forward and share her story.  Having grown up at the same time and having Cerebral Palsy Julie has shared her testimony that she recieved spankings from Davis and Kekel and these spankings were sexual in nature.  They would pull down her underwear and pull up her dress and feel her bottom and spank it hard.  Julie revealed that she had been raped by her father Ralph St. Clair on numerous occasions and this was admitted to by Joan St. Clair to someone close to the family who spake with her.  Joan stated that Ralph's worthless ministers license had been suspended for six months and he was told that he couldn't be around any children during that time.  The punishment came from none other than R.W. Davis who according to Julie began molesting and raping her himself before she even became a teenager. Julie wrote many detailed letters of what she went through and it was so terrible that I can't even imagine how she survived and didn't commit suicide.  She also was raped and forced to commit sexual acts with Mike Kekel.  In several blog posts, Julie gives detailed accounts of how Kekel abused his power and took advantage of Julie's upbringing by the St. Clairs and her disability for their own sick sexual perversions.  Julie grew up having no idea what a normal childhood was.  The ntcc has a horrible history of sexual abuse.

Michael Fontenot is another pervert who molested his own daughter on several occasions before she was even 10 years old.  This sexual predator was allowed to teach Sunday School and be around other peoples children even after it was brought to Olson's attention by Fontenot's X-wife that he had molested and penetrated her 6 year old daughter with his finger.  Olson told her that she needed to have 3 witnesses and that she would be better off in another church. This is one of many instances where they harbored the sexually deviant predator while x-communicating the victims who spoke out.

Perhaps one of the worst cover-ups in ntcc history was revealed by MDR on Jeff's blog. While Reed was Pastoring a couple by the name of Moreno, Roland confided in Bro. Reed that His pastor in Japan, Phil Kinson, had Roland Moreno take him to a whore house to retrieve his wallet.  Moreno reported this to Ashmore who at the behest of R.W. Davis quickly ushered the Kinsons out of Japan and promoted them to be Co-pastor of their biggest church in Graham, Washington, where he would be protected and perhaps counseled by Davis on how to feed his sexual desires without getting caught.  The Moreno's were shunned and later Roland was said to have killed his pregnant wife and son before turning the gun on himself and pulling the trigger.  Meanwhile Kinson has never come clean about his role in this scandal but he went on Jeff's blog and stated that he has never 'slept' with anyone other than his own wife.  Most whore house visitors don't visit these houses of ill repute to sleep.  They visit for sex. While Kinson did comment on Jeff's blog, he never denied the fact that he visited a whore house and he never denied that he had oral or any other kind of sex with a prostitute.  He just answered the claims in a Clintonesque way by saying he never slept with anyone other than his wife.

Finally, I have testified on this blog that I have had 3 homosexual pastors and two pastor's wives who have cheated on their husbands.  That's 5 sexually deviant ntcc members that were in the ministry out of 14 pastors and that's just the ones I know about.  Michael Rudy was allowed to run the New Testament Christian Church of God's School and has been reported as a pervert who was allowed to spank little boy's and girl's bare bottoms in front of the rest of the class.  He was also caught cross dressing by Davis, but just reprimanded and allowed to be around kids and later he was introduced to servicemen's works where he and Donald Hummel turned the servicemen's home in Fayetteville, NC into a homosexual massage parlor while preaching hell fire and brimstone. Perry Broadnax also took the brethren to the Korean bathhouses so he could see them naked.  He would sleep with the brethren on the heated floor on matress pads and one night his touched my genitals to gratify himself.  He was reported to Olson by another brother for saying a lot of inappropriate sexual innuendos but Olson stated that Broadnax was responsible for sending 23 students to bibleschool.  It was only after I outed him for his openly homosexual behavior that he was confronted by the board and removed from Servicemen's work. According to a source who wishes not to be identified but says he would testify in a court of law, the foot massages were originally started by a minister that many have often identified as having effeminate characteristics as none other than J.R. Ashmore. This particular source who used to attend one of the original serviceman's homes has stated that Ashmore used to have the brethren in the home give him foot massages while he had the bible in his lap and was teaching in the home.

To date, nobody from the ntcc has ever denied any of these claims.  We have challenged members of the ntcc to straight up ask Kekel about all of these testimonies and nobody has had the intestinal fortitude to confront him and dispute any of these allegations.  Most ntcc members would rather live a lie than to get down to the truth and find out for themselves if we are just making all of this up or if it really happened.  Herein lies the problem.  If people confront the truth, they run the risk of offending Kekel or finding out for themselves that they are actually in a cult that is a cover for sexual trafficking, child molestation, child rape, many other types of sexual perversion and that the leaders of this cult are using the preaching of the gospel to lure in young naive Christians that will do anything to show their obedience and loyalty to the so called man of God, for the sole purpose of getting filthy rich.  You can find the complete testimonies of this summary in the side bars of our blog, along with links to Jeff's blog and GS/DS, and FACTNET among others.

Many others have testified of inappropriate behavior that they have seen.  Davis on many accounts going to the homes of ministers wives while they were out making a living, while preaching to others that they should never be alone with a member of the opposite sex unless it was their spouse.   Inappropriate comments and questions being asked in private, and so many stories of abuse where a preacher screams at people from behind the pulpits calling out names and pointing their fingers at others.  People are people, I get it.  David committed adultery and was forgiven.  These hypocrites in the ntcc have used the same tactics over and over to cover up their lies and perversions.  They have never owned up to their sins as David did.  True repentance is in the bible for all to see.  David admitted his sins openly, but the ntcc and Davis will lie and tell you they can't remember the last time they sinned. They are the worst type of hypocrites and liars because they make you believe they are pure and without sin, while they pick apart your life and laden you with burdens that they will not lift a finger to move.  They preached holiness or hell which was another man-made doctrine designed to control people and test their obedience to the ntcc leadership.  This is another double standard doctrine that was exposed when Kekel allowed his son to play sports in shorts and lascivious football pants. When confronted by Jeff about his double standards Mike lied and through his Father in law, R-dub, under the bus by saying that Davis was preaching policy, rather than false doctrine, which Mike and Tanya were always allowed to push the boundaries of and break the rules with not a word said to them, while you and I know that people were made to dress their daughters up like the Quaker Oatmeal girl and get letters from their ministers excusing them from wearing shorts or participating in any sports.  All of this is old news but points out clearly that there were many double standards.  Some were run off for breaking the holiness rules, and others were told they would die and go to hell for being lascivious.  The only ones in the organization that were allowed to bend and break the rules were the overseers and board members.

We have reached the point where we have shared everything we know and unless some one opens up with new testimony, we feel that no matter what we share or what we say, the ntcc members are going to believe what they want to believe. Jeff has reached this conclusion a little sooner than we have and has left his blog up as an archive of record which has many accounts of double standards and hypocrisy.  While we reserve the right to crank it up at any time, we can only do so much, and people for many reasons have chose not to be involved or to 'move on'.  I can't say that I blame folks for not wanting to dwell on the past, but as quickly as the past is forgotten people will also forget to learn from their mistakes.  We welcome comments but have no interest in posting critical statements of disgruntled x-ers who want to defend the actions of the perverted leadership of the ntcc.  The ntcc will not defend their own actions, so guess what? We are not going to post anything that disparages victims or attempts to justify repetitive deplorable actions of ntcc leaders that we all have witnessed. Together we have amassed an encyclopedia full of hundreds of testimonies that point to the outright lack of human decency displayed by the ntcc leadership towards it's members and ministers.  Those who choose to disregard our warnings, you do it at your own peril and will unfortunately have to pay the endless costs of ignoring the hundreds of people who have been burned financially and emotionally over the years.  The longer you choose to stay, the deeper the wounds will be inflicted upon you.  You can hate us and label us as the enemy if you wish but we are not your enemy.  We are one of many voices that have cried out through the years and we have only testified of that which we have experienced and what many others have shared.  

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