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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Wanted: Someone in the ntcc with Truth and Integrity

We are seeking one person in the ntcc that has honesty and integrity.  We have come across information that is damaging to the ntcc that has been communicated to us by several witnesses that have left the ntcc or been coerced to leave the ntcc recently and in the past.  In our many attempts to uncover the truth we have yet to hear from anyone credible in the organization that can confirm or deny multiple accounts of abuse committed by the Executive Board of the ntcc. When researching other instances of malfeasance that were alleged in other religious organizations we have found that innocent church officials have answered such allegations immediately to clear their good names.  In other instances when church officials were silent and refused to comment on any allegations they were found to be guilty of the allegations.  The ntcc has been completely overhauled by Mike Kekel; and there are ministers that have admitted publicly that the ntcc has changed many of the rules that were once enforced as forbidden sins that would keep a person out of heaven.  To our knowledge no apologies were ever made to any of the people who were forced out of the ntcc for not complying to these excessive rules.

James Ross ("Jim") Ashmore, a long time board member and highly respected minister, teacher/apostle and recipient of a very rare and arguably worthless Doctor of Divinity degree from ntcc founder R.W. Davis, recently left the ntcc organization with no explanation and has referred to the ntcc as a whore, warning members and ministers to run for their lives.  If anyone on the planet is qualified to call the ntcc a whore, it would be Jim Ashmore.  He knows all of the people who have fornicated and committed adultery with the whore; and he was basically that whore's pimp for forty years. Although we commend James Ross Ashmore for leaving, he has not had the spine to explain why he left and why it is that he is warning people to flee.   One minister has testified that Jim Ashmore would sit in on the meetings with ministers that were accused of sins and as such was witness to Davis relieving those ministers of their credentials and demanding that they ride a church pew until they were deemed worthy to get back behind the pulpit.   James Ross ("Jim") Ashmore also was Secretary, Notary, Bible School Dean and Overseer among other titles in ntcc, and his signature was on a large number of documents that frankly implicate the ntcc in profiting off real estate which violates their non profit status.

We are looking for someone honest and that has the integrity and spine to ask Mike Kekel and Joe Olson some very important questions.  As moderators of the ntcc Xer Blog we have had many people share tragic stories of abuse that they have endured at the hands of Rodger Wilson Davis, Kekel, Olson and James Ross ("Jim") Ashmore.  Many of the testimonies that have come to us are first hand accounts of sexual abuse committed by ntcc founder, Rodger Wilson Davis.  While Davis was influencing several ministers to get vasectomies because, as he claimed, "Children hinder the work of the Lord", it was reported that Davis molested, and by legal definition raped a 16 year old girl named Pam Norton.  At the time of this incident, Pam was married to Johnny Jordan.  Johnny had previously raped a bible school student named Ken who has come forward on this blog and shared his horrific story.  Ken has recently had recorded conversations with Johnny Jordan who, while in prison for raping a child, admitted to his act of cruelty of raping Ken; in fact Jordan also made a point to tell Ken he wasn't high on drugs as he had once claimed and Jordan stated that he "enjoyed it".  The marriage of Pam and Johnny Jordan happened with Davis' knowledge that Johnny Jordan had forcibly raped Bro Ken.  Davis even allowed this sexually deviant man Johnny Jordan to work for him in the office at St. Louis while Davis was having his way with Johnny's sixteen year old wife Pam (Norton) Jordan.  During this time period Johnny Jordan raped Pam's younger sister, Lisa Norton, and got her pregnant at the age of 14. Lisa Norton was the youngest girl to ever graduate from the ntcc bible school at the time.  Lisa reported that she was also physically abused by her mother, Barbara Norton Warwick.  Barbara Norton abandoned two of her children - pregnant by rape Lisa and Lisa's special needs brother Terry at Davis' behest on Christmas day. Later Davis dispatched Jim Ashmore to run Lisa and her best friend Lori Kelley out of the church.  Lisa and Lori both stated that J. R. Ashmore called them whores and sluts in front of the entire congregation, humiliating them and causing them years of grief.  They believe he did this so that they would leave and never come back.  It was hoped that their story would never be told in the ears of anyone from the ntcc.  Meanwhile, Barbara Norton and child rapist Johnny Jordan along with his wife Pam, whom Davis was molesting, were all moved to Graham Washington and these sex crimes were brushed under the carpet.  But just as dirt under a carpet mounds up, so did these sex sins.  Pam and Lisa have an older sister and it was shared that Davis made unwanted sexual advances toward her too; but she denied him, being older and mature enough to know that it was wrong.  Other slightly older married women have shared that Davis made inappropriate visits to their houses while they their husbands were at work.  Two of them simply did not open the door for him. And they did see him knocking on the doors of other married women, and even entering some.  One lady even admitted that "the same thing" happened with her as had been shared by Pam.  There are many allegations and testimonies of other instances of physical and sexual abuse.  Families have been separated and children have been displaced because of the policies and rules enforced by the ntcc leadership.  A former Board Member's wife also stated that early in her tenure with ntcc, while she was alone in the office with Davis, he asked her, "What part of your body does your husband like the best?" and he wouldn't leave her alone until she awkwardly answered his sexually-innuendo-laden and inappropriate question.

There are too many corroborating accounts of this abuse to ignore.  The bible only requires two or three witnesses.  Wake up folks.  There are more than that who have testified on this blog alone.  We know that many ntcc'rs and Xers alike would love for us to drop this and leave it alone. Unfortunately we feel obligated to follow up on this because Mikey Kekel, Jimmy Ashmore, Joey Olson and Stodgy Rodgy Davis have tried to ignore this altogether and refuse to address it.  To our knowledge nobody has denied that any of this took place; and in the light of all the suffering that was caused by these sick acts we are looking for someone that has the backbone simply to ask Kekel about his knowledge of what took place. We are looking for someone in the Graham area, current or past member or minister that is not afraid to ask Kekel about these accounts of abusive behavior by R.W. Davis.  Please be aware of weasel words and misleading lingo that Kekel and the ntcc leadership have used in the past to avoid questions.  Vic testified that Kekel and Kinson proudly boasted of "feeling up" their underage teen dates, (Tanya Davis and Debbie Johnson), and when Kekel was confronted regarding this by Bruce Smith of the Mountain News, Kekel replied, "We didn't go there".  That is not a straight answer.  You either did or you didn't feel her up. Yes or no.  Don't accept weasel words.  Kinson was confronted on Chief's blog about leaving his wallet in a whore house and he came on the blog and said, "I never slept with anyone but my wife".  Those are also weasel words.  Nobody ever accused him of sleeping and who goes to a whore house to sleep, anyway?

Clinton perjured himself by saying he "never had sex with that woman"; but DNA proved that he received oral sex from Monica Lewinsky as she had testified. Be aware of snakes.  They come in all shapes and sizes, with scales on their eyelids. (TobyMac).  If Kekel tries to say, I wasn't there, ask him specifically if he has any knowledge of it.  Don't let him weasel his way out of it.  While you are at it ask him if Kinson was moved from Japan/Okinawa to Graham because he was reported for visiting a whore house.  I guarantee that Kekel knows about that.  Ask him if Ralph St. Clair lost his license for having sexual intercourse (raping) with his preteen daughter Julie.  These are all questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no.  While you are at it, ask Kekel to show you where in the New Testament we are commanded to pay tithe with the judgment of hell hanging over us if we don't?

 Don't be Fooled Again!  Keep your Brain  and Use it to Recognize Money Making  Scams 

Why should we ignore these things and pretend like the same people who oppressed us with man made rules and got rich doing so, should not have to answer for any of their own perverted actions?  Why should anyone be so naive as to think that Kekel got rich investing his money or that God has blessed him for being super spiritual when countless people have testified of being victims of harassment and ridicule for doing things that Kekel himself has done openly?

So we are looking for someone who has the backbone and integrity to ask Kekel and Olson about these reports of abuse.  We highly doubt that anyone will stand for these victims; and we are not holding our breath.  We know that any such questions will be recompensed with judgment and ridicule.  This is precisely how cults operate; anyone who 'gets out of line' thinks for himself will get raised up and have the blocks knocked out from underneath him.  They were here before you and they will be there long after you are gone.  Another phony church hypocritical leader gets away with abuse and as long as people go along with it they will continue to abuse folks.

Let us ask you something.  If today you saw a 24 year old dude groping a 15 year old girl, would you follow him into the ministry and call him Sir and ask his spiritual advice?  That's what you do when you follow kekel.  He did that to Tanya, bragged about it, refused to repent, and yet you follow him. Why?  How about it Gilbert Luna (if you're still there)?  Any answer for that?  Would you want someone to do that to your daughter?  Would you stand around and let it happen?  Why do you stay in the ntcc?  How about any of you so-called men?  Are you going to invite someone to attend ntcc, and then, when that family reports that their kids were raped or molested, what will you say to their parents?

The sad thing is that many of you Xers have jumped in bed with James Ross ("Jim") Ashmore and you are getting ready to make the same devastating mistakes that you made with the ntcc.  We challenge you to ask Jim Ashmore a few questions also.  Did he call Lisa and Lori sluts and whores from behind the pulpit in front of  a church crowd to run them off for R.W. Davis?  Yes or no?  Did he say anything negative to them at Davis' request?  I would respect him more if he would man up and come forward about his involvement with the ntcc.  If you are supporting him, you owe the ntcc leaders an apology.  He was just as involved in the splitting up of families and the profiting off of tithe as anyone else in the ntcc. He was Davis' hatchet man; and he did whatever Davis ordered him to do.  If he were truly repentant and concerned about saving people from the whore he would come clean and admit his part in this wicked organization.  Instead he has created his own whore, given her a fresh coat of make up, and sold her to the ntcc xers!  He's just a religious pimp profiteering off folks so desperate for approval that they refuse to recognize the simple truth that Jim Ashmore's religious group is just an imitation of the ntcc model, a new whore to get the pimp rich.

We are living in a time of false prophets and false teachers.  There are thousands of religions and thousands of doctrines.  Everyone thinks that they have a monopoly on the truth and if you don't get behind their program you will be condemned to an eternity in hell.  Why would anyone who has been through hell on earth in the ntcc be so quick to get cozy with James Ross Ashmore?  How many more years of your life will you waste trying to obtain the approval of a hypocrite?  He is running the same scam under a different name.  He is the same person that he was in the ntcc.  He admits no wrong and will not implicate his former partners in crime with any specific wrong doing.  If you believe his lie about not knowing anything, you are gullible and just as culpable if you support him as you would be supporting Kekel or Olson.  You don't just leave an organization after oppressing people for 40 years and start calling them the great whore without any clue as to why you led them down that road of prostitution.  He can see you coming.  You were suckered one time and you can be suckered again. You're just recycled Johns.  Don't ask him any questions, and don't scrutinize him.  Don't wonder in your heart why he is still secretive or why he is still not transparent about church finances.  You jumped off of one sinking ship and survived only to get on another sinking ship.  But it's Jim (James Ross) and Helen ("Nin") Ashmore.  They are such wonderful people aren't they?  They didn't write that letter full of lies to Greg Shunk saying that they would be supported by the ntcc as missionaries did they?  Oh, perhaps that letter was a forgery or they didn't know that they wouldn't actually be supported. I'm sure Jim Ashmore's having been all over the world didn't have a clue as to what was going on.  He's either blind, stupid, grossly incompetent, or just a big fat liar.  HELLO.  And Helen is just another bobble-head borg wife, blithely smiling and nodding her head as if all is well, while hiding in her heart some of the darkest secrets on earth!  Don't be like them.  Don't join yourselves to this latest ntcc splinter group.  It's just a bad remake of the same old same old.  Just another whore; one allowed to wear make up and jeans, but every bit the whore, same as ntcc.  Another body to be exploited in order for the pimp to have a phat wallet.  Wake up.

Come on people.  Beware of hypocrites.  Beware of phony showmanship. Ministers today should be teaching people how to live for God on their own and how to stand for God in the absence of church leaders; because there are too many religions and money hungry posers out there that don't care about your spiritual welfare.  We're going to give you one little piece of spiritual advice; and you can throw it away or disregard it if you want.  Don't trust any man with your salvation; and don't throw your money away into a program or a building.  Jesus never asked for a dime and never was concerned about having a building.  It was all about loving others and helping one another.  He was a servant of all and admonished his followers to be the same.  You can't go wrong if you follow the model that Jesus left for us.  Mathew, Mark, Luke and John penned it all down for us, and very few seem to want to follow the example of Jesus.  Salvation is free; and Christianity was never intended to be dictated to you by a bunch of hirelings that want to profit off of your misery.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The New Testament Christian Churches of America, Getting Rich Off of One Brain Washed Sucker After Another

"No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."  This scripture was important enough to be mentioned twice in the New Testament.  Once in Mathew 6:24 and once in Luke 16:13.  Strongs defines Mammon as wealth personified.  The ntcc church in Glendale has boldly flaunted a banner on their ntcc website begging for money.

The ntcc Shows Their True Colors and Goals to Become the Most Well Funded Organization on Planet Earth

Can it get any more blatant and obvious than this?  If God really wanted the church to become the most well funded organization on the planet, why didn't Jesus emphasize this scam?  Riches corrupt and Jesus spake of this many times.  So did many of the apostles.  These ntcc hypocrites are brazen about taking your money and they have no shame whatsover about advertising this practice so that all the mind numbed masses will continue to forfeit their money.  The hypocrites that preach this doctrine are getting rich while the lowly church members struggle to make it from one offering to another.  Most ntcc members have accepted this life of sacrificing to make others rich and they don't even question it, they just open their wallets and give, thinking that this is what God wants them to do.  They won't study the bible to find out what God really wants, but they believe their cult leaders to their own financial destruction.  

This Huckster is Probably the Richest Prosperity Preacher on the Planet.  Many of the NTCC Money Grubbers Quote or Follow this Huckster on their Social Media Pages Because They want to be Rich Hucksters Just Like Joel Osteen.

It's amazing how these rich religious rule enforcers flaunt their money before the brainwashed suckers that so willingly give it up.  Many of the ntcc suckers will leave the ntcc and follow another rich prosperity preacher like Ashmore or Denis.  They will give their money to these hucksters just like they did to Kekel or Davis because they never learned anything.  They all have the same goal and it is driven by money.  If it were not driven by money they would publicly denounce their money grubbing past and become a servant of all.  They all have it backwards.  They think that they are the ones that should be served and given to.  Jesus did not come to take up collections and erect buildings.  He came to seek and save that which was lost. Jesus gave much more than He received. So did Paul and so did the Apostles.  Offerings were taken up for the poor saints and nobody was asked to pay one dime of tithe to Jesus or the early church leaders.  Tithe was carried over from the Old Testament by a bunch of money grubbing religious hypocrites that decided that people were gullible enough to believe that tithe was still required in the New Testament, contrary to scripture. The ntcc has rode the tithe train for the better part of five decades and they have no plans to change. Ashmore collects tithe just like the ntcc.  He has never told anyone not to pay tithe nor has he denounced Kekel or the Executive board for getting rich off of tithe, but he lives a wealthier life style than most of the ntcc Board members and keeps his blog private so nobody can call him out on the things he says.  Denis has his share and many of the board members are getting rich driving around on their all expense paid vacations in their recreational vehicles collecting offerings for their own greedy gains, while ntcc members are giving all they can afford to give.

A beleaguered ntcc Pastor Reaches out for Help that Wont be Coming from the HQ Because Once Your Money Goes into the ntcc Coffers You are Never going to see it Again! 

Don't listen to us.  We are just bitter X-ers that need to move on and forget about the past, or so we have been told.  We actually have been looked down upon by many because we dare speak against these sorry hypocrites but that's okay, we are not in this to win a popularity contest.  We hope that people will wise up and stop being so gullible but we can only share what we have heard and seen. We can't make people use their brains.  Freedom is a wonderful thing but as long as people choose to give their money to rich, religious, phony, deceptive, lying, scoundrels, they will never be free.  God doesn't want your money. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  God doesn't want you to give your money to people like Kekel who live in mansions and never lead by example.  You go soul winning while he 'administrates', plays video games and looks at online bank statements.  You have been taken for a bunch of fools and they will continue to take advantage of you as long as you ignore the bible and continue to make them rich. 

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