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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Crossing the Line - The NTCC Divorce Policy: Adultery on Demand Part 1

Broken Vows, Broken Hearts
Broken Marriages, Broken Homes
ntcc's Adultery-On-Demand Legacy
ntcc's Adultery-On-Demand legacy has destroyed countless marriages, broken up countless families, ruined childrens' lives, and caused countless souls to commit adultery.  The ntcc wants you to place your loyalty to the borginization above your loyalty to God.  The ntcc leadership wants you to obey their rules, even if it violates God's commandments.

This is something that we promised we would write about sometime ago.  A good friend and brother that I have not seen or talked to in many years wrote a message to me online; and this is an excerpt of part of that message.

"because my understandings of cults now, I recognize a line must be crossed to stay in and try to succeed in it (the ntcc) for life: No real friendships and marital loves because they interfere with cult loyalty, and especially with keeping all your eyes, ears, mind and decisions on the great leader...So, people who were sincere believers in Jesus, and wanted to sincerely love one another, would HAVE to forsake such things to stay in for life."

Marriage is a sacred vow taken before God.  And in most ceremonies we are reminded it is a lifelong commitment:   ""Til death do you part".  Here's what the New Testament says for all that believe the bible:

Mat 5:31-32 "It hath been said, whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement:  But I say unto you, whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery, and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced, committeth adultery."

How much more plain can the Word of God be?  And again:

Luk 16:18  "Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband, committeth adultery."

How many fornicators and adulterers are in the ntcc?  The Apostle Paul had a lot to say about this subject also.  You believe Paul, don't you?

1Cor 7:10-11  "And unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord, Let not the wife depart from her husband:  But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband: and let not the husband put away his wife."

Don't shoot the messenger, you ntcc'rs that believe in adultery on demand.  After all, you believe the bible; don't you?  There are more scriptures that we could point to; but if you don't believe these, then it is obvious that you have a pitchfork religion; and any other scriptures that we point to will not matter to you either.

Now, for those who are in the ntcc and live a sheltered life, we will give you the benefit of doubt to some degree, and assume that you are totally ignorant, and don't see any of the Adultery that has been taking place right before your eyes. For those that are ignorant, we are not going to link to the many instances and reports of members, (former or current), on FactNet and on this and other blogs, that show a pattern of broken marriages and split up families.  You will have to do that for yourself, and open your eyes, and take a look around you at what is happening in the ntcc.  Many people are blind because they choose to be blind.

Have you ever noticed how cults have exceptions to rules?  It's true.  Every cult that you find has certain scriptures that they misinterpret and change the meaning of.  Have you ever noticed how those disregarded scriptures allow them to commit a sin and live a lifestyle that is contrary to God's word?  Let's take polygamy for example.  Many of the polygamous cults disregard the New Testament and take multiple wives to themselves. They preach hell fire and brimstone, and require strict adherence to many biblical principles; but they disregard scriptures that pertain to the sins they wish to commit.

It's no different in the ntcc.  It starts at the very top.  I know that many think it's blasphemy to say anything 'negative' truthful about Rwd; but he is remarried; and there are many witnesses who can and have testified of his adulterous past.  It's all been hidden under a cloak of secrecy; and Rwd and his loyalists are not going to allow anyone to 'pry into' examine his past.  But it is there like a big pink elephant in a room that nobody wants to acknowledge or admit how out of place or wrong it is.

I'm not here to condemn anyone who has gone through a divorce. The purpose of this blog and the purpose of our life is not to preach at people; but if you are going to twist scriptures to extract money out of people by telling them that if they don't pay tithe and give in offerings that they are going to die and go to hell, then what other scriptures are you willing to twist to suit your false doctrine?  The ntcc are a bunch of phony hypocrites; that's what it boils down to.

We believe in Christianity; and we are tired of watching the ntcc ruin the lives of its members for greed, financial gain, and power.  The ntcc is so far from being a Christian organization; it's not funny.

What is wrong with being faithful to your wife or husband?  I've seen so many ntcc'rs throw their spouse under the bus to make themselves look good.  They sacrifice their marital loyalty and their family bonds so that they can kiss-up to the ntcc leadership.  The ntcc leadership has approached many husbands and wives and told them to leave their spouses because one of them comes to the realization that they are in a cult called ntcc.  This is not Christianity.  This is not biblical.

We are going to tell you a story about a couple that left the ntcc years ago.  We are not going to give any names or dates; but it is important for people to know part of this story; so they can see how abusive and destructive the ntcc is towards relationships and families.  This eventually can and probably will happen to you.

The people that we are sharing about are a very precious and loving couple.  They are considered by many that have been around them to be the perfect example of having a loving and Godly relationship.  We have been close to them and have deep respect for this couple.  They were deeply involved in the ntcc ministry, and had pastored Servicemen's homes, been missionaries in foreign countries, and taught at the bible school.

This couple had a miracle child and wanted the best for their child.  They wanted to raise their child properly and be responsible parents.  As a result, they chose to ignore certain man-made extra-biblical rules that the borg leaders want everyone except themselves to keep.  In other words, this couple chose to put the welfare of their child above the ridiculous rules of the ntcc leadership that does not keep the rules they force on others.

This couple's decision to protect their child is no different than anything the Kekels have done in the past; but it was considered an act of disloyalty by the ntcc leadership.

Consequently, the husband was approached by ntcc leadership and pressure was put on him to leave his family.  The wife was approached by Verna and Tanya and asked to leave her husband.  Verna and Tanya even made fun of this couple, not knowing that the woman overheard their hateful and catty comments.  But she had.  And she kept praying for her husband to come around so that the ntcc would not be able to destroy their marriage as has happened to so many others.

So, even though the ntcc leadership tried to split them up, the ntcc didn't account for the love that this couple had for one another and the love they had for God.

  • This couple did the right thing and left the organization.  
  • They didn't allow the organization and its corrupt leaders to destroy their marriage or their family.  
  • They didn't leave God; they left a cult.  
  • They didn't stop loving God; but they stopped giving their time, money, and life to a group of ungrateful money grubbing hypocrites that were going to suck the life out of them.

We know that the brainwashing that takes place in the ntcc is very damaging and the longer people stay in, the harder it is for them to realize that they are in a cult.  We were there.  We know.  The ntcc is great at scrutinizing others -- measuring them with a super-spiritual yardstick and hypocritically condemning others for the very same things that they are guilty of.  But we encourage you to scrutinize the ntcc leadership:

  • Do they live what they preach?  
  • Do they keep the same rules they put on you?  
  • Do they obey God's Word?  
  • Or do they encourage divorce and adultery?  

We ask ntcc'rs to take a closer look at what you have decided to be a part of.  Don't be a part of the ntcc's "Adultery on Demand" program.  We implore you to consult with God before you allow someone to destroy your marriage.  If you don't believe us, believe your bible and do the right thing.

Mark 10:6-9:  verse9:  What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shelter FromThe Storm

And a man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land. Isa 32:2

This weekend, many are thinking of Hurricane Irene and devastation.  Truly our hearts go out to those in the path of this storm.

In our own lives, we recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  Friends and family have sent us well wishes and thoughtful comments.

These events reminded me of this verse, Isa 32:2 and how one man can be a cover from the storm, as refreshing as cold clean water in the desert, as peaceful and secure as the shadow of a huge rock in a wasteland, as quiet as a secure place away from the winds of life.

Now I have it pretty good in that department.  My husband is perfect for me.  I could not ask God for a better soul-mate.  I truly pray all could experience such a perfect match made in heaven like what Don and I now share.

But above that, I know that the One Man Who seeks to be Our Covering is the Man, Christ Jesus.  He is the One who desires to shelter us from every storm and tempest.  His blood is our covering.  He is Our ROCK.  He gives us Living Water that we may never thirst and the rivers of living water flow from our belly to sustain others.  He is Our Hope, Our Peace, Our Provider, Our GOD.

And we, like the Sweet Psalmist in Israel can say,

I will abide in thy tabernacle for ever: I will trust in the covert of thy wings. Selah. Psa 61:4
Because God has promised us:
He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust:  Psa 91:4(p)

We've used this video before; but it seemed fitting again so...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rules for Fools

Once upon a time there was a salesman turned preacher named R-dub, aka rodger wilson davis. R-dub was part of an organization called Pentecostal Church of God. As the story goes, R-dub had a little problem with the rules, mainly the "Thou shalt not commit adultery rule." Rules are made to be broken; or so we have heard; and R-dub decided to fold up his circus tent and take his show somewhere else. Why should HE have to follow someone else's rules?

So R-dub got a wild hair and decided to pedal his gospel under his own banner.  Why follow somebody else's rules when you can make up your own and keep all the profits?  R-dub is as wise as a serpent and as subtle as one too!  [Gen. 3:1]  He found his own angle and developed a grande sales scheme to become rich beyond his wildest dreams.  To pull this off, he would have to surround himself by only the most loyal suck-ups and yes-men that he could find.  To do this he would have to make up some controlling rules and have a litmus test to see who would be loyal to him and who would follow him with unquestioning loyalty and unwavering servitude.

 Obey the MOG
 OR ELSE !!!
 See Rule #1 
The rules that R-dub would institute would have to be masked by Christianity; and people would have to believe that these rules were not his; but that they came from God above.  In order to pull this scam off, R-dub would first need to pass as a deity himself.  Jesus, the True God, is known as the Son of man.  So R-dub would have to be the next best thing:   the man of God (or MOG).  Not only did davis need to be respected and revered; but he needed the praises and worship of men.  This was a very tall order and to pull it off R-dub created Rules for Fools.

Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane,
1 Tim 1:9(p)

The first and most important rule that was necessary was the "Any thing with two heads is a freak" rule.  It was of utmost importance that everyone understood that R-dub and R-dub alone was in charge.  His voice was to be God's voice.  He was to be our Moses;  and we all were to be 'God's chosen' wandering around in the wilderness for forty years.  For every rule to be followed there was a need for supporting scripture to make that rule seem like it came from God.  The "Obey them that have rule over you" scripture was stretched to its limits and twisted to fit every situation where there was no other scripture that could justify control in the life of a fool.  This is all we were to them:  fools with, in tanya kekel's words, "strong backs, but weak minds".

Another scripture that really came in handy was the "touch not mine anointed" line; which not only was taken out of context, but it was a great tool to instill fear into the hearts of R-dub's followers.  Then there was the "you can not serve two masters at the same time" scripture that was used to ensure nobody else would over rule davis.

Now that R-dub's empire was growing and he had a small group of rag-tag loyalists to follow his every whim and crack of the whip, he needed to create more loyal followers to accomplish his ultimate goal which was:  You guessed it!!!! To bring in Money!!!!  This was accomplished by opening the "School of Rules for Fools" otherwise known as the New Testament Christian Seminary (ntcs), or bible school (bs), or cemetery (oops) seminary, or whatever you prefer to call it.  Now they had a place to indoctrinate or brainwash people into believing that this whole scam was of God.  This was accomplished through three techniques:  Psychological Misdirection, Cognitive Illusions and Mental Forcing.  These three ideas are found in Magic acts and are used in Circuses to get people to think they are witnessing a miracle when they are actually being forced into believing an illusion.


Can anyone shout amen?  Let's break this down.  What is actually being accomplished by this preaching?  First of all scriptures are being manipulated to create an illusion.  We are not disputing that God has to be first in your life but come on.  If you take Mat 19:29 to the extreme, you would never be allowed to live in a house or to own property or to communicate with your family members.  In the above preaching excerpt the idea is to take your mind off of the rules and make you fear eternal damnation.  When people hear this kind of preaching, it causes them to do a few things.  It justifies everything they have been doing and takes their mind off of things they should be thinking about.  It causes them to stay so busy soul winning and praying and reading and attending functions and services that they don't realize or question the double standards that are right in front of them:  How the person screaming at them from the pulpit does not 'go soulwinning' and does visit his 'sinner' family.  These pulpit bullies are Pharisees who "say and do not".  They are hypocrites who tell you to live one way, while they live a different way.  They condemn you for even wanting to enjoy the simple things in life like friends and family; yet they take the time to enjoy friends and family.  They tell you not to own a house; yet they own multiple houses.  Could it be they just want to keep you as a renter in their condemned property?  They have used religion to control you for their private benefit.

Cognitive Illusions are then used to convince people that what they are a part of is the 'move of God' and not man.  In the ntcc an illusion is created that God can only be found there.  Every other religion is wrong; and if you ask an ntcc preacher they will tell you that every other doctrine is a fallacy except for theirs.  Just as any other cult will use scriptures to disprove other denominations, it is no different with the ntcc.  In the ntcc you will find that people are moved by emotion.  Emotion is the oil that lubricates the machine.  They are masters at bringing out the emotions in people.  I am no exception.  I am very emotional and I can cry when reading my bible.  The bible is full of compelling stories that can pull on your heart strings and jerk tears right out of you.  When these ntcc preachers or illusionists take stories in the bible that cause you to get emotional, you focus on only those things that you are feeling.  You don't look at anything that is wrong; and you don't ask questions.  An emotional atmosphere is created where people are totally dependent on feelings.  I've seen some crazy stuff take place around the altar at ntcc services; because the preacher created an illusion that fed off of the emotions of people.  A lot of this emotion is sincere and comes from the heart; but it is used to keep people from seeing what is obvious.  They are in a cult and don't know it.

The easiest way to snap out of this emotional roller coaster ride is to follow the money trail.  People refuse to do this in the ntcc because the emotional feelings are what they rely on to justify the investment they have made into the ntcc.  A huge illusion has been created and people can not see what is really going on right before their eyes.

Cognitive Illusion:  Color Changing Card Trick:  Video Link

Mental forcing is the final tactic the ntcc magicians use to get you to believe that you are following them of your own free will.  I can't emphasize how important it is for you to believe that you are following the leaders of the ntcc of your own free will.  Mental forcing is a mind control technique that has been used by leaders of countries and religions for years to force people to do what those leaders want the people to do by making the people believe their actions are results of their own decisions; and their choices are made of their own free will.  How many times have you heard the expression, "You are a free moral agent"?  What's really being said here:  'We aren't going to force you to serve God; you have to make that decision for yourself.  However, we are going to imply that serving God our  way is the only  way.  We are going to subtly slip in some control parameters to keep you in line; which will control you for as long as you will allow.'

For the ntcc this is done for money and power.  At the very top of the food chain in the ntcc you will find greed, double standards, and hypocrisy.  To make this possible you have been manipulated and lied to.  You are nothing more than a fool to R-dub and those he has surrounded himself with.  The ntcc relies on your gullibility to keep their illusions in place.  The internet is exposing ntcc for what they really are.  How does it feel to be played as a fool for decades of your life?  It's a betrayal that cuts so deep and hurts so many.  It's not all about Jesus.  It's not about souls or going to heaven.

 Sign Before Reading! 
When I attended the ntcc bible school, students were required to sign a paper stating they would obey all the rules, BEFORE they even know what the rules are that they are promising to obey.  Sounds like rules for fools.  But that is how it is in the ntcc:
It's all about a bunch of rules for a bunch of fools.   Let's isolate these fools from the rest of society so we can take their money. They will think they are giving it freely.
 The fool hath said
 in his heart,
 [There is]
 no God. 
Let's make these fools think they are the only ones going to heaven; so they will think there is no other way to make it to heaven outside of the ntcc.  Let's teach them to 'touch not mine anointed'; so they will never say anything bad about us after we use them up and kick them to the curb.
We will make them feel  worthless if they leave the ntcc. We will get them to believe it is their fault, that they are no longer serving God.  We will make them feel  that without us they are nothing, they have nothing, they will never amount to anything without us; they will depend on us for everything, or they will be fools without us. They will amount to nothing if they leave us; they will be big Zeros in life; and they will have nothing set aside to succeed in life; because we have taken everything from them.
 If You Really
 Love God,
 You Would ... 
We have done this all under the guise of Christianity. We will make them feel like it is a sin to attend a wedding or a funeral for a family member. We will tell them how to dress, what to eat, who to visit, and with whom they may  keep company.

We will keep information from them so they remain fools for our cause.  We can't be transparent with our money; or they will know we are playing them for fools; so we will keep their noses out of our business by making them think  that the money they give actually goes to reach souls for Christ.  We will keep them under subjection by making them feel  like fools if they step out of line.  We will treat them like fools if they question us.  We will humiliate them openly from behind the pulpit if they break our rules.  We are the ntcc leaders and we have come up with an ultimate scheme to make us rich and unaccountable to anyone.   We will use the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and we will seek out and find the fools of this world.  We will prey upon the foolish; and we will become rich doing it.

 See then that ye walk circumspectly,
 not as fools, but as wise, Eph 5:15 
If you think all of this sounds far fetched; and you wish to keep allowing these magicians and salesmen to control every aspect of your life, then it would be so easy for you to write us off as the fools and to continue in the direction that you have been convinced is best for you.  We implore you to take a closer look at what you are involved in.  Common sense and human decency begs you to take a closer look at what choices you have made and what you are getting other people involved in.  You say "If this is crazy, let me stay crazy".  Put aside all the cult jargon and compare what you are doing in the ntcc with the bible and with what Jesus did.  Are you a fool for Christ or a fool for the ntcc?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Year Anniversary

We just celebrated our first anniversary; and it has been a great year.  It's very hard to comprehend how, for so long,  the leaders of a cult could have kept us from this life that we are enjoying.  We are experiencing a portion of what we should have been experiencing all along over the past 21 years of our lives.

The truth is that we were meant to be together.  Back in 1990 there should have been nothing to keep us apart.  There was really no logical explanation for splitting us up.  I was doing everything that could be expected to help the local church in Colorado Springs and the pastor that was placed over it.  Ange was a new Christian and according to ntcc rules shouldn't have been pressured to go to bible school for at least a year.  She was rushed to Bible School because it was more important to our so called shepherd and his wandering wife to split us apart.

We have shared this story many times and will not rehash it all again; but I would like to share some of what happened to us in the aftermath and contrast that to how great we have it now that we are together as God intended.

Shortly after Ange was rushed off to Washington to obey the "calling of God" she was called back into the army because of operation Desert Shield/Storm.  I guess God, I mean the MOG (man of God) had it all wrong.  We were so indoctrinated that we couldn't see that this was all a big hoax.  Ange came back through Colorado Springs at some point during her deployment and left everything that I had ever given her in a pile. She had already torn up any pictures she had of me, in an effort to move on.  I knew she didn't hate me; but she was misled to believe that it was not God's will for us to be together.  I also had torn up all of her pictures and thrown away everything that reminded me of her.

 Don's Letterman's Jacket 
We did not discuss these things.  We were not told to do this.  Like so many other implied rules  we were exhibiting learned behavior.  If any thing made us proud we should get it out of our lives.  I threw away my High School letterman's jacket for the same reason.  Is any of this healthy or necessary?  Is this what God meant when Jesus said that we were to take up our crosses and follow Him?

When we reconnected after twenty years we both realized how we had been manipulated.  I thought of Ange so many times through the years and often felt deprived and wondered what kind of a life I had missed out on.  We had so much in common and everything seemed so perfect and natural when we were together.  We thought alike and complimented each other in so many ways.

At Last by Etta James Video Link

Now that we are back together I realize that we missed out on a whole lot of life.  While things are going great for us, we often think about all of the lost years that we can never get back.  We choose to look at those years as a reminder of what the ntcc is all about and to remember those that are still inside the ntcc suffering much of the same.

There are countless  men involved with the ntcc that would be happily married, have families, and live normal lives IF they had attended ANY CHURCH other than ntcc.  

Getting on with our life has included a burden for ntcc members that continue to suffer and for X members who are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives.  Is this a calling?  Perhaps; but it is also what any human being with decency would do to help those in danger.

 House and Back Deck
 Note the devil-dishes 
Now we are enjoying life to the fullest.  Our relationship has exceeded our expectations; and we feel that God has not only blessed our union but all other areas of our lives.  I have a great steady job with very good benefits; we live in a very nice house; and we are enjoying life.  If we want to buy nice things for each other we do; if we want to spend more than $40 bucks per week on groceries we do; as a matter of fact we buy whatever we want when we want it.

We are not rich; but we don't live in poverty so a bunch of hypocritical Pharisees can live in the lap of luxury on our dime!

 Holding A Tiger Cub :o) 
We also love being together.  We go places and do things that normal married couples do.  We also thank God for each other; and we are learning more and more to enjoy our lives.  All this normalcy, coupled together with God's blessings exposes the huge disparity between what is right and wrong in the ntcc.

We thank everyone for contributing to our blog.   We do have quite a few readers; and we thank you all for reading and participating at any level.  We hope also that what we share hit's home in some way.

Our mission has been to help people realize that they can have a relationship with God outside of the ntcc!

Christians were never meant to live under the condemnation of cult leaders and their false doctrines!

When you realize how false the ntcc doctrines are and how phony the leaders are by living according to different standards than what they demand of others, it reveals a more excellent Gospel of Grace that puts to shame the ordinances and Pharisaical rules of the ntcc. Because of this, we don't shy away from admonishing others of this destructive cult and its abusive ways. We are determined to make up for lost time by enjoying this life to the fullest!

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do [it] with thy might; Ecc 9:10

Do Everything By Steven Curtis Chapman VEVO link:

Friday, August 5, 2011

What's Next for NTCC? Warren Jeffs FLDS leader found guilty of child rape: Sentenced To Life in Prison

This is our opinion, based on 22+ years of observing the truth about the ntcc.

ntcc is a fear-based controlling cult that destroys families.

ntcc leadership requires complete unquestioning obedience to themselves.

ntcc leadership controls its members limiting the flow of information.

ntcc isolates its members from non-ntcc family and friends.

ntcc is secretive.

ntcc's top leaders hide behind fences and guards.

ntcc's top leaders give no account of their time or whereabouts.

ntcc's top leaders collect your money but don't show where it goes.

ntcc's top leaders expect you to serve them.

ntcc's leaders expect you to mow their lawn and shine their shoes.

ntcc's leaders expect your wife to clean their mansions.

ntcc expects young teen girls to marry much older men.

ntcc's leaders have people lining up to do every domestic duty for them.

What's next for ntcc?  Video link

 That's NOT natural!
 Just the height difference
 is creepy.  The age difference
 is illegal.  (At a quick glance
 they remind us of the Tiemans.)
Marry 'em young.  Get 'em pregnant.  Lock 'em in.  It's hard to run for freedom.  Even harder if you have kids.

Breaking News:

Warren Jeffs found guilty of child rape.  Video and Story

Cult members seem unaware of verdict.  Link to Salt Lake Tribune Story

Please note:  Warren Jeffs was married to these girls who were under the age of 17 and yet is a "convicted felon".  Good to know some in Texas know that it is wrong to abuse a spiritual office, a "position of trust" and abuse it to manipulate children into "marriages" and rape.

Similarities of ntcc and FLDS (Warren Jeffs' group)

  • Leader is guarded
  • Leader lives behind a fence
  • Leader has complete control
  • Leader decides who marries whom
  • Leader marries minor
  • Other leaders marry minors
  • Women have no voice
  • Children have no voice
  • Information is controlled (no tv / no internet)
  • Clothing is controlled
  • Members live in communal compounds
  • Leader decides who stays and who is run off

The only differences we noted were 1) polygamy and 2) FLDS allowed no newspapers.  Everything else is exactly the same, right down to the white shirts and dresses and teen brides for the cult leaders!

You ntcc-ers should learn a lesson from the FLDS CULT!!!

The only reason ntcc is not EXACTLY like FLDS is because davis would rather have your money than multiple wives and children!

Admit it.  If davis told you it was okay for your daughter to marry when she is only 14, you would allow it.  Hasn't it already happened in ntcc?  But know this, "religious freedom" is not meant to be an umbrella to hide law breaking.  Child protection laws exist to protect kids from the likes of davis and his blind followers.  Think about it.

Warren Jeffs Sentenced To LIFE In Prison for a Minimum of 45 years:
According to an article on CNN.com  Jeffs will serve a minimum of 45 years.  He's 55 now and will become eligible for parole when he is 100:

From CNN:

The jury sentenced Jeffs to life in prison for aggravated sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl and 20 years in prison for the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. He must serve at least 35 years of the life sentence and half of the other sentence ... The judge in the case ordered that the sentences be served consecutively.

Jeffs perverted his position as the head of the ... Church ... to "satisfy his own personal appetites and desires," ... .  Link to CNN Article with Videos

Interview with Brett Jeffs who was 5 years old when he was raped by Warren Jeffs, his uncle:
CNN Video:

We believe the same is true for davis and kekel and other high-ranking ntcc officers:  They perverted their position in the church, a position of trust, to "satisfy his own personal appetites and desires"!!

Think about it.  davis and kekel, olson, and other ntcc board members wield entirely too much power with absolutely no accountability.

As a result families are destroyed, faith is destroyed, and finances disappear into ntcc's coffers with no one giving any account.

This is unhealthy, ungodly, and illegal.  It must stop.  Demand retroactive accountability for all that these so-called 'leaders' have gotten away with for far too long!


Teen 'brides'?  Get real!  They are supposed to be kids.  LET THEM BE!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc." A Business or a Church?

NTCC, NTCCA, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.
 A dragon Masquerades
 as a non-profit ntcc leader 
The ntcc is a family owned business that masquerades as a non-profit religious church organization.  It is structured like the military and run by a few diabolical business men.  The name is contradictory and is an oxymoron in itself.  It's like installing new locks at a 7-11 where the doors are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or going into business selling twelve-once pound cakes.

They say they are a non-denominational church; which is absurd.  They are so far from being a non-denominational church.  Their doctrine is their denomination; and you would be hard-pressed to find a church with more rules and policies than the ntcc.  In fact,  you would have to find another cult that is more controlling than they are.  They throw out clich├ęs like "All are welcome." and "We'll treat you so many ways, you're bound to like one of them."  While the ntcc has some good people, they are being used to propagate an agenda that is only obvious to those who take an objective look at this business we call the ntcc.

A Family Run Business:
First of all the ntcc is a family run business.  These are some of the royal families that are at the top of the ntcc food chain:

  • The Davis family sits at the top, living in luxury.  Are the leaders of a non-profit organization supposed to be this rich?  Do we see any examples of church leaders getting rich in the New Testament?
  • The Kekel family is a branch of the Davis family.  Kekel married into wealth when he married the adopted Filipino daughter of R. W. Davis, Tanya Maxamillia Reynolds Davis, when she was the young tender age of 16 or 17.  
  • You then have the Olsons and Brills,
  • the Johnsons and Kinsons and Ankenbauers,
  • the Ashmores and Jordans and DiFrancescos.

Many of these borg 'leaders' have unions which involve young teens marrying twenty-something year old men, some of whom are seven to nine years older than their young teen brides.

Hint:  If you need a signed permission slip from your prospective spouse's mamma and daddy, you may be in a weird cult that endorses child marriages!

NTCC = National Treasury of Church Cash:
NTCC, NTCS, NTCCA, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.
 ntcc cash flows to
 Graham, Washington
 and disappears... 
There are multiple streams of income that flow to a city called Graham, Washington where all these royal ntcc nepotists reside.  Graham is in the Seattle, Washington area and is the headquarters for the NTCC, otherwise known as the National Treasury of Church Cash.  They operate a communal compound where cult members live and give.  They are expected to work jobs that allow them to attend all "church functions".

In other words they are mostly non-skilled workers that have to work 9 to 5, Monday through Friday.  These are mostly minimum wage or low paid construction and insulation jobs.  After the cult leaders get their cut, the cemetery, oops, seminary students have enough money left to eat Ramen noodle dinners and put gas into their "oil puking junkers" or "klunkers" so they can haul new recruits back and forth to church services.

Exploiting Our Military:
NTCC's Servicemen's Homes:
No Tax Cash Cows:
While the ntcc makes money in Graham off of it's cemetery, oops, seminary program, their bread and butter comes from their Servicemen's Home stream of income.  The Servicemen's Homes are located at military installations throughout the world; and they prey on young GI's that are good at following orders and have a steady income with little expenses.  Servicemen's Homes are basically mini cemeteries,oops, seminaries, in that they are modeled after the compound in Graham.  The Servicemen's Homes are mini communal cult compounds that are utilized to extract money from GI's and send it to: You guessed it!  Graham, Washington.  Furthermore, much pressure is placed on the service members to leave the military in order to attend the ntcc's school of rules, now called a seminary.  This is done to perpetuate the cycle of recruiting new cult members.

Mystical Manipulation and Mind Control:
NTCC, NTCS, NTCCA, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.
 Mind Control 
All of this is done through mind control and spiritual manipulation.  New Christians are made to feel part of something special.  They are initiated into a love-bombing process that makes them feel wanted and cared about.  They are also introduced to church policies and destructive doctrines.  These are control mechanisms that open an individual up to scrutiny, rebuke and control.  Ordinary every day decisions that responsible Christians make every day by themselves are now controlled and manipulated by a so-called pastor.  The ntcc Christian is now expected to consult with their "spiritual leader" on issues like what to do with their spare time, what they can spend their money on, who they can talk to,  who they can call on the phone, who they can visit, what marriages, reunions and funerals they can not attend.  Their options are limited because there is a very large demand for their money.  Offerings are taken up throughout the week.  Tithe is demanded.  Hell is used as an ultimatum to get people living in fear; so they can be controlled.

Paramilitary Control Causing Dependency On The Cult:
The ntcc is set up financially as a business.  But it is patterned after the military in so many ways.  They call their military outreaches "A home away from home."  They run them like military barracks inspecting the rooms and jacking people up for not keeping them clean and organized.  If a super spiritual dignitary is scheduled to pay a visit (One of the royal family members or their designated representatives), the pastor puts people into a frenzy trying to get the place up to standards as if a four star general were coming by to inspect the place.  The pastor issues out a bunch of orders to his loyal subjects, puts them on major clean-up details and then retreats into his bunker, (usually his bedroom or church office), to straighten out the books in anticipation that the overseer is going to want to see where all of the pennies have been going.

Flipping Real Estate and Disappearing Escrow Accounts:
Perhaps the most lucrative enterprise that the ntcc is involved in is the real  estate and escrow business that provides rivers of money to Graham, Washington.  The ntcc asks a recently graduated cemetery, oops, seminary student to pray about going to Bumfuzzle, Louisiana.  That graduate, who has been spiritually and financially drained, is desperate to get on to the next phase of this pyramid scheme, and is willing to go anywhere in the world; so he  jumps at the chance to go start the New Testament Christian Church of Bumfuzzle, LA.

NTCC, NTCCA, NTCS, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.
So he goes to Bumfuzzle and finds the most dilapidated, run-down, roof-leaking, roach-infested store-front building he can find at the cheapest price and goes to work.  If he is 'successful' he will influence others to join his cult and will spend all of his time and money repairing this building.  He will also influence others to dedicate their time, skills and money to repairing this building.  Once this pastor has a group of people to support and sustain this building he will be asked to pray about going somewhere else; and some abusive jerk will take this church over and run it into the ground.  All the people will be run off; the church will be sold at 5 times what ntcc paid for it; and the escrow will be zeroed out.

Collecting Money Under False Pretenses = Fraud:
Which brings us to the escrow scam, oops, funds.  Many of the Servicemen's Homes and churches have escrow funds that are advertised to be for use of the local pastor for repairs and unexpected costs that might be incurred.  The local Pastor may need a new church sign or to repair the roof or repave the parking lot.  There may be hundreds of thousands of dollars in the escrow; but when that pastor asks the ntcc 'royalty' for permission to use this money, he is told to "take up an offering".  We ask:  WHY?  The congregation already gave the money in good faith expecting the church to apply those funds as advertised.  Why the need TO TAKE UP ANOTHER OFFERING?  In the world of slang that is called double-dipping and gold-bricking. In court it would be called FRAUD / FALSE PRETENSES.

Stonewalling / Lack Of Financial Transparency:
Many of these escrow accounts have been zeroed out over the years; and the money has gone into a black hole in Graham, Washington.  Nobody dares to question the leaders of this family business as to the whereabouts of this money, except for Vic Johanson.  They immediately shut him down with a lame excuse as to the whereabouts of approximately $10,000.00 dollars he collected on behalf of the congregation in the Alaskan ntcc he pastored.  The man who replaced him as pastor there never saw that money.  Hmmn....  *Presto!*  *Magico!*  *There goes the Escrow!* - never to be seen again by the congregation who gve the money in good faith it would be used as was described to them.  Another ntcc disappearing escrow.

One only needs to take a trip out to the great Northwest to see where their tax, oops, tithe dollars, escrow money, real estate transaction money and all other unexplained disappearance of church funds has gone. The streams and rivers of income feed into a big "lake" which we call the Graham Compound.

NTCC, NTCS, NTCCA, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.
 on Guard 
In this lake lives Leviathan. Leviathan can never be satisfied. Though he has everything he can possibly want; yet his quest for more riches and more wealth never ends. His insatiable thirst for money and wealth has desensitized him from the struggles and poverty of all those around him. His close knit group of nepotists and narcissistic control mongers all feed at this lake, never being satisfied.  What was it the bible said about the love of money?  It is the root of all evil.  Hmmn.  And that's not all.  Jesus also commanded:

Mat 6:19  Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

Mat 6:20  But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

Once again, the ntcc's top 'leaders' are contradicting the Word of God!

Many of those who read this will no doubt say that we are just 'bitter' and 'angry' at God.  We ask you to take a closer look at what is going on in the ntcc.

  • Is it really all about God?
  • Does God's love and mercy exist in this incorporated family business?
  • Is the focus really on Jesus?
  • Or are the main ntcc families using Jesus as a No Tax Cash Cow?

We know many will dismiss everything we say and continue to live under the control and manipulation of a few greedy families; but we would ask you to do one thing before you write us off.  Look at the life of Jesus in the New Testament.

  • Ask yourself if Mathew, Mark, Luke and John gave any account of Jesus living like the leaders of the ntcc.
  • Does the ntcc have the same respect or care for the poor as Jesus did?
  • Is the ntcc laying up their treasures in Graham, Washington or in heaven?
  • Did Jesus present a double standard such as what exists in the ntcc?

We hope those inside the ntcc will begin to take an honest look at the organization to which they belong.

We invite the ntcc leadership to comment; but we know that their positions are indefensible.  Because there is no explanation for their actions; they will not explain them.  That would require transparency and honesty;  which are traits they do not possess.  Their actions are not Christ-like; they are not Christian.

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