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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Why mike kekel Deletes So Much Of His Blog... The Rest Of The Story

The mUck FluSH
"Like a scared drug dealer who runs to flush his drugs down the toilet...
mike  kekel has recently purged his blog(s)..."  Here's a link to a back-up copy of mc kekel's "feel good" blog, compliments of Deb or Greg:  m c kekel's blogspot before (and after) his recent "purges"  Some of the entries have photos which will appear as blank boxes. Simply click on the empty box to see the picture.  Enjoy!  kekel's admission to his purges appears in the Sep 25, 2010 "Changes" post in which he declares he needs to "Reset a positive direction for the blog."  We ask:  Why was it necessary to "reset a positive direction"?  kekel has confessed his own negative nature.  Look carefully at the posts made prior to this date to see for yourself...  
Like a scared drug dealer who runs to flush his drugs down the toilet when the police pound on his door demanding that he open the door, mike kekel [mUck] has recently purged his not - so - feel - good blog(s) trying to gain an image of normalcy, trying to hide his hateful heart, trying to cover up who he really is and how he shamelessly operates smear campaigns, spreading lies and deceit in an attempt to discredit those who eXpose the truth about the ntcc..

Originally this was a comment response Ange / Sassy made to some comments on the previous thread entitled Why are the X-men such a threat?  On that thread a fellow X-er, Gregory, quoted m c kekel: from kekel's blog:

"...for the blog means talking about what I want to talk about." m c kekel

"...comments were posted (this includes the libel, and the second and third hand testimony/hearsay [kekel] posted..." observed Gregory...

Ange (Sassy) says, yes, libel and second and third hand testimony IS what kekel wanted, when he wanted it, where he wanted it...
Right now (as grant kekel starts his secular college education) his dad, mike kekel, wants a blog that  LOOKS normal.  No doubt friends and family of the kekel klan outside of the weird ntcc CULTure have taken a recent interest in what ntcc's 'golden boy' has for a 'church' blog.
Right now (as grant kekel starts his secular college education) his dad, mike kekel, wants a blog that  LOOKS normal.  No doubt friends and family of the kekel klan outside of the weird ntcc CULTure have taken a recent interest in what ntcc's 'golden boy' has for a 'church' blog.  kekel knows how embarassing it would be for his son, grant, to have to try and explain to friends or a girlfriend just what a freakish environment the kekel's and grant's grandpa, r w davis have kreated and passed off as a church...

Try to explain to a normal human being why a 'church' blog would be full of libelous attacks against Christians...

Try to explain why literally thousands of couples have no children because your grandpa, who adopted two* children, taught that "children hinder the work of the Lord" ... *[One child, Tanya Tanya Maxamillia Reynolds (davis) was officially / legally adopted.  The other child, Carl  Sensabaugh was not legally adopted and departed the ntcc.  It is noteworthy that nobody in the davis / kekel klan ever mentions Carl.  Ange spent lots of time around davis in the Lodge during her nine year tenure with ntcc, and Carl's name NEVER came up.  Sad!  I wonder if kekel refers to his wife's unofficially adopted brother as a "reporobate" or "hater" or "enemy" or "mutant" as kekel typically refers to other eX-ers?  (See the labels kekel attatched to his post "Who are the X-men?"]

Try to explain the pain your grandpa inflicted on literally thousands of women, condemning them and saying,

"Lady, you're going to have to answer to GAWD

 [face the severe wrath of God]


(all because the poor woman was pregnant...)

Try to explain how your father ignored those teachings of his own father-in-law and got your mom pregnant with no fear because, as your mom thoughtlessly quipped to one poor man who got a vasectomy because of her daddy r w davis' "policy" [rule],

"michael [kekel, your dad] isn't getting a vasectomy; [shrug] it's different when it's your kid [giggle]."...

grant kekel try to tell your girlfriend that your parents never said and did those things?  If you do that would make you a liar like your father, mikey, who has tried to deny endorsing the vasectomy policy for others while raising you, an apparent "exception" to  your grandpa's hypocritical "children hinder the work of GAWD" vasectomy rule ...

How embarassing to try to explain all these hypocritical double standards and your father mikey kekel's hateful, libelous, bitter [pre-Sep 25,2010] blog...

We're not surprised that kekel's deleting finger has been very busy now that grant is taking another step into the world that was denied to all the other ntcc children who were under the teachings of kekel and davis...

We're not surprised that kekel wants to "clean up" his blog and try to LOOK normal...

I won't be surprised if mikey kekel again goes into damage control / libel mode, perhaps on his  "private" blog link - privileged members only?  when the first impressions have been falsely set in the minds of grant kekel's right-now curious friends...  kekel will do exactly what he wants, when he wants, to whom he wants, no matter how damaging it is to others.  It's the kekel way and the davis way.

But it is NOT the Christian way.

Nor is anything about kekel.

He just hurts people to gain money and power,  just like his father-in-law davis always did.

There is no denying these facts.

That's why the many blogs exist to point out the lies, and hypocrisy, and double standards etc. rampant in the cult called ntcc / New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. founded by r w davis and run by his son-in-law m c kekel.

Now YOU have "the rest of the story"

Sassy / Ange and Don

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D)  It's Hypocritical To Teach Others That "Children Hinder The Work Of The Lord,"  When You Are A Father Of A Child / Children.
E)   I think michael c. kekel deletes much of the content of his blog because mike knows how embarrassed grant kekel will be when his friends read about the CULTure of the new testament christian churches of America, inc. [ntcc] founded by grant's grandpa  r w davis and now run by grant's daddy michael c. kekel, ntcc's ceo.
F)  Create Your Own By Leaving A Comment:  Example:  "F"  I'm afraid to get caught commenting on this blog.
G)  Glad To Be Out of ntcc
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I)    I'm Thinking Of Leaving ntcc
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why are the X-men such a threat?

kekel  is like a politician.  He can't run a positive campaign because the truth exposes his lies.  And what do politicians do to cover up their own lies?  They lie about their opponents and sling mud at them, often calling them names like "X-men"  to demean or belittle them!
Every time I visit the mc kekel blog, I feel like I need to take a shower.  It's like rummaging through a bunch of used clothes at a yard sale with your bare hands.  On my last visit, I noticed that everything got deleted in Holy Spirit power; or perhaps it got deleted because kekel's comments were so outlandish that they made him look hateful; which is not a good image for an ntcc senior board member, ceo or whatever his title is now; although it is a lasting image that many have of ntcc leadership figures.  So, now kekel wants a new image for his blog and wants to change it from a negative blog to a positive blog.  I'm trying my hardest not to stick my finger down my throat as I'm writing this; because this negative campaigning is precisely what kekel goes on to do in his following article entitled "A Contrast in Character".  Then kekel continues to rail against us with his next article, "Who Are the X-men".  Don't worry Jeff, once your copier get's repaired (since kekel thought it was broken), you will still be busy; because kekel can not help himself.  His time is consumed with hatred toward us X-ers; because we are affecting his money flow and his bottom line.  He is like a politician.  He can't run a positive campaign because the truth exposes his lies.  And what do politicians do to cover up their own lies?  They lie about their opponents and sling mud at them, often calling them names like "X-men" to demean or belittle them!
It's called  COMPROMISE;  and I never thought I'd see so much of it at ntcc.  Advertising on the "devil vision", watching the "devil vision", using the "sinnernet"... ntcc used to preach against television and the internet.  But ntcc has COMPROMISED!
I think the X-ers are taking their toll on ntcc.  But I have an idea how ntcc might recover from this 'travesty'.  How about not allowing any more "hit and run" anonymous posters on their blog?  That has got to be the cause of many well grounded ntcc'ers leaving the borg.  Right?  As long as kekel keeps devoting 75% or more of his blog to X-men there will always be plenty of fodder for us to discuss.  When I first saw m c kekel's blog, I was shocked that he had so much spare time on his hands for damage control and that he even had to expend large amounts of effort responding to X-ers.  Back when I was part of the borg, that would have been considered a sin in itself, to even give people with opposing views the time of day.  But now, I guess, the cost of living has increased, and ntcc attendance is down, and so are the offering$.  People are more skeptical then ever; and cult practices are just not the 'in' thing any more.  Can you imagine the ntcc response:  "OH, NO, WHAT DO WE DO NOW?"  It's called COMPROMISE; and I never thought I'd see so much of it at ntcc.  Advertising on the devil vision, watching the devil vision, using the sinnernet, women wearing pants and going to gyms wearing spandex, and now all of the sudden organized sports and boys playing football in tights hanging out with cheerleaders (which wear less clothing today than Hooters girls).
If kekel and ntcc would have kept their standards and not told numerous lies about us and what we say and what we stand for, I would cut them some slack.  But the damage that they cause in peoples' lives for monetary gain is unreal.
If kekel and ntcc would have kept their standards and not told numerous lies about us and what we say and what we stand for, I would cut them some slack.  But the damage that they cause in peoples' lives for monetary gain is unreal.  If you are a new ntcc'er and stumbled across this site, (Or perhaps God led you here because He doesn't want you to waste years of your life!  Or maybe you are wondering what on earth is going on in your new found faith and religion.),  please ask yourself and your so-called pastor some tough questions.  Recognize the warning signs.  Save yourself many years of grief and don't allow ntcc to turn you into a drone. Type the word cult into your browser and see if the definitions and descriptions that come up don't mirror the doctrines and practices of the ntcc.  If they do, run as fast and as far as you can away from ntcc, or if you don't want to run, just get up and walk out of one of their services and see if you are not labelled a sinner.   Either way you will be doing yourself a huge favor.  Find a church that helps the afflicted and does something positive for those that are less fortunate.  
Type the word cult into your browser and see if the definitions and descriptions that come up don't mirror the doctrines and practices of the ntcc.  If they do, run as fast and as far as you can...
"Best Movies I've Ever Seen" - Ange
Until next time the "X-men" will be around to use our powers of persuasion to shine the light on the truth.  We will not tire nor let up in our quest to free all present and former ntcc members of the fears that have been falsely planted in their minds that they are going to hell if they leave ntcc or say anything bad about it's leadership.  We will be here as a beacon of truth to remind all that we are not going to allow men to manipulate us any more for monetary gain.  We will point out the method's of our enemies and study their ways so that we can be vigilant; and if, in the end, we can help one soul escape from the cultish organization called ntcc, we will have made the world a better place!

Note:  We don't own the X-Men name or image.  But we find it an honor to be put in the class with those persecuted for being gifted. The X-MEN, in case you didn't watch the movies, were the HEROES in the story, protecting mankind from unnatural evil.  Until next time, we are the X-ERS; and we stand UNITED!

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C)  I Read This Post.
D)  I Loved the X-Men movies!
E)   X-Men / ntcc X-ers are a threat to ntcc; because they eXpose the truth about crooked ntcc practices and hypocritical ways, cutting into ntcc's bottom line ($)
F)  Create Your Own By Leaving A Comment:  Example:  "F"  kekel's blogs were started to do damage control; because people reading X-er blogs woke-up and saw the ntcc for the scam/cult it is.  Those awakened left ntcc and kekel started blogging in an effort to discredit X-ers and stop the bloodlo$$ from his cult.
G)  Glad To Be Out of ntcc.
H)  Create Your Own  "H" I typed "cult" into my browser and found that ntcc is a text-book example of a cult.
I)    I'm Thinking Of Leaving ntcc.
J)  Create Your Own
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Saints Unchained"

There are many saints that are in chains, serving God out of fear alone; perhaps they are scared of dying and going to hell, or maybe they are just afraid of God because they have been preached at so much that they just live in constant bondage, shackled with chains.

I got saved about 27 years ago in an ntcc church.  I believe that I was genuinely saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.  I served God for 13 years and saw a lot happen at ntcc.  There was bad; and there was good. Some of the best days of my life took place when I was a member of ntcc; and some of the worst days of my life likewise took place when I was a member of ntcc.  I've seen God move in ntcc churches when the Gospel was being preached.  I've seen pastors of churches that loved God preach God's word and God moved in those services.  I've also seen pastors of churches that were engrossed in the worst sins imaginable preach God's word and souls were saved as God moved in those services.  When I was a young Christian, I saw the fall of a very successful and prominent man at ntcc who preached like a house on fire and many souls were saved.  The servicemen's home was full to capacity; and it seemed like the church was in constant revival while this preacher at the same time was sinning grievously.  I later asked Pop Gaylord how could God bless so much when the man of God was sinning.  He shared with me a story of how they used to have to sober up a preacher by the name of A.A.Allen before every service; but because God's word was being preached, God saved souls in those services.

Bare with me, this story gets brighter.  At the peak of my service to God at the ntcc, I met a woman that worked with me in the Avionics shop at Ft. Carson, Colorado.  I witnessed to her and she came to church with me at ntcc.  But even though that preacher preached like a house on fire she did not get saved there.  It was through my personal witness to her at the barracks when  I told her "Everyone has a hole in the heart that only God can fill." -- God used that truth and the Holy Ghost's drawing and a few days later she prayed; and God saved her.  Then she wanted to come to church.  She learned later about the Holy Spirit baptism and while housesitting for a co-worker she prayed and was filled with the Holy Ghost.  I fell in love with her and we both had mutual feelings of love toward each other. The pastor of that church allowed his wife to interfere with our relationship and separate us.  This was 20 years ago and it was the single most devastating occurrence in my life.  But what made it worse was that two other ntcc 'pastors' had not allowed me to talk with two other women prior to this.  There were a total of three ntcc ministers who manipulated my life in a way that would not allow me to pursue the woman that I wanted to love.   This all happened during times in which I was giving more of myself in soul winning and tithe and offerings and doing everything that a brother at ntcc is required to do.  How sick is this?  By this time I'm thinking, what is my reward for faithful service, A life of celibacy?  Do they want me to be queer?  Now, I'm not here to beat a dead horse.  I've already covered this bad part of Ange's and my story on the first posting of our blog; but what I want to share now is how great God has been to both of us since we got back together and also what God is doing in our lives.  I know that people think we X-ers are bitter and that we are negative because we speak out against the ntcc.  Today I would like to share a different message to those who visit this site.

In the latter part of July of this year Ange got in contact with me and we spoke through a series of text messages and phone calls that led to us getting back together after 20 years of separation.  Both my friends and family, and her friends and family were shocked that we got married so fast.  I literally drove my truck to her place of residence, and we got married by the County Clerk on the 9th of August.  Neither of us had any reservation about this; because we knew in our hearts that it was God's will 20 years ago.  We waited a lot longer than most.  Ange also helped me realize that God still loved me even though I was no longer part of ntcc.  I literally went from rags to riches in the sense that I was lost, unhappy, facing damnation and alone in my misery, not having anyone that could understand what I had been through, to having God in my life again, happiness and the woman that I loved, and it keeps getting better.

Not only did Ange want to marry me, but she wanted to be with me 24/7.  This is really awesome!  So many truck drivers are alone and only get to see their families once every few weeks, but I get to be with the woman that I love every day.  I now have a wife that loves and supports me in everything I do and if that's not enough, she helps and encourages me in my life for God.  She knows the Word of God and also follows the leading of His Spirit.  We start out our day with devotions to God, and we pray and encourage each other throughout the day.  She helps me in so many area's of my life because she loves and cares about me.  I actually wake up every day and thank God for all that he does in my life and all that I have.  I am unbound from the chains that used to bind me.  It feels very good to be free in Christ and living for Him without condemnation or fear. We have so much fun living for God.  I have almost forgotten what it used to be like when I was a "Saint in Chains".   You can have fun living for God!!!  God is not a cruel task master that makes you a slave to routine and unreasonable enslavement.  God does not tell you that he will give you the desires of your heart and then send a man to contradict that.  God does not tell you that "The joy of the Lord is our strength" and then send some false prophet to tell you to live in misery.

Nowadays we drive down the highway listening to Christian music and having a great time.  I get hugs and kisses and loved on throughout the day, even back and neck rubs, and we plan on living the rest of our lives together this way in the peace and joy of the Lord.  What we will never do again is allow some man to tell us that we can't enjoy our lives together or try to steal our peace and joy from us because they want us to live according to their self-imposed standards.  I was going through some stuff the other day and I found a cassette tape labelled Sister B and my mind went back to a conference when Sister B (now Deb S) sang that song "Only one Life", and it rings true in our hearts today.  Only what we do for Christ will last.  You only live once, but if you live right then once is enough.  Many years have been lost; but we still have the best years of our lives before us.  If we live 'til we are 95, we will celebrate our 50th anniversary.  I love my wife very much; and I know that many people do not experience this kind of love in a life time; and it's all because God did not allow either of us to continue on without each other.  If people could experience what I have in the last 40 days, they would never cheat on their wives or do anything to hurt them.

As for the ntcc, I pray that they will realize what they are doing to folks by imposing rules and teachings on peoples lives that exceed what the Word of God requires and/or do not exist in the bible.  I am finding out every day that having the freedom to live according to the dictates of your heart and conscience as long as you are in the parameters of God's word, is Freedom with a capital F!  In ntcc I was told I was free if I allowed a whacked out preacher to decide who I could love; but those chains have been cut and I am now truly free.  The ntcc is too late to tell me that I can't be saved and love who I want to.  We will continue to be here for people that are suffering from the evil and cultish practices of the ntcc.  When you are in the ntcc it is almost impossible to see through the lies that are being preached and lived by the ntcc leadership.  But when you have the courage to question the doctrine of man and to look at it side by side next to the bible you will see the difference.  Until that time we pray for you and those that are sincere inside the ntcc, that God will allow you to see the truth of His Word.

Monday, September 13, 2010

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that [there is] none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?
Job 1:8

You're driving along, minding your own business, when WHAM! You've been blindsided by life!  You're off the track, pushed to the side of the road.

 Blindsided and Sidetracked~Unfair!
Don't worry.  God knows our hearts.  Sometimes bad things do happen to good people.  When they do, what can we do?
Sometimes all we can do is get a lift:

 Casting all your care upon him;
 for he careth for you.
 1 Pet 5:7 
But let's say it's even worse.  Your life's a flaming wreck; but it wasn't your fault:

Flaming Wreck on I-95 Video

And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that [there is] none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil? and still he holdeth fast his integrity, although thou movedst me against him, to destroy him without cause.
 Job 2:3 

Big Rig Consumed by Flames
 Flaming Wreckage ! 
 Nothing Left But
 Smoke and Flames !! 

Face it, when you're in a pinch, the best thing to do is to still allow GOD'S LOVE to CARRY YOU one more time!

Just remember the end of Job's trials:
  ... the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before. 
 Job 42:10 (p) 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Am I in a Cult?

The following test is to determine if you are in a cult. Please review answers when done. No cheating!!!

1. Which of the following statements is true concerning the giving of money and church leadership of a cult?
a) Money is not a determining factor. If a member was homeless and had no income they would never be made to feel uncomfortable. As long as they accepted Christ, they would be loved as a brother.

b) Money is a factor. If a member gets saved they will pay tithe and give everything they possibly can  to the work of God. If they don't, the leadership will tell them it's the Holy Ghost that will make them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

c) Money is a factor. If A member pays tithe and doesn't give in offerings they will be tolerated and made to feel welcome but not very comfortable by the leadership.

d) b and c are both correct depictions of how cults operate.

2. Which of the following is true concerning the allocation of funds in a cult organization?

a) The majority of the funds are put to use in the ministry to help missionaries and those pioneering new churches with start up money and any necessary costs associated with starting a church.

b) Money is set aside for and members are encouraged to help the sick, the poor and the afflicted; and the church leadership never looks down their nose at those in need.

c) Church leadership is transparent and truthful about where funds are being spent, allowing their members to know where their hard earned dollars are going.

d) The majority of church members, ministers and missionaries give large amounts of money and exert much energy and sweat equity into what they think is helping lost souls; while the very few that benefit from this are living in luxury, and hoarding all of the rewards to themselves.

3. Which of the following is true concerning the control of the church members lives in a cult?

a) Church members are shown the scriptures and taught the bible and allowed to live according to the conviction of the Holy Spirit and as they feel led by God in their own conscience.

b) Church members are given time to grow in Christ and not expected to be perfect. They are also allowed to have an opinion and are not humiliated publicly if their opinion differs from that of the leadership.

c) Church members are encouraged to stay in contact with friends and family and not discouraged from staying in contact with others that have moved on to different endeavors.

d) Church members are told what the bible says, what the bible means and are shown the door if they disagree with the leadership even if the leadership is corrupt and adding rules that exceed and/or have nothing to do with scripture, but are propagated to create strict obedience to the "man of God".

4. Which of the following is true concerning dating and relationships in a cult?

a) Members are highly encouraged to wait until they have been through seminary or bible school before they can be spiritually prepared for marriage and they can be "assisted" in finding a mate by the leadership.

b) Talking to members of the opposite sex must be approved by the church leadership on a case by case basis.

c) Certain members are prohibited from talking to or dating other members because it is determined by the super spiritual leader that members are not intelligent enough or spiritual enough to make their own decisions regarding these matters.

d) All of the above are true concerning cult dating and relationship (unwritten) policies.

5. Which of the following is true concerning the women's role in a cult?

a) A woman is to keep her mouth shut and pray. She is to be seen, not heard. A woman's job is to be a flower; she is only supposed to look pretty and smell nice. Her opinion means absolutely nothing.

b) A woman's wedding ring gives her no authority in marriage or the ministry. She could give advice on feminine products but nothing to do with solid Christianity.

c) Women are considered property and are to be in complete submission to their husbands and the church leadership. When they are single they are a precious commodity and are nurtured tenderly until they are given in marriage to those most highly esteemed by the leadership; and then they are ruled with an iron fist and are considered rebellious if they disagree and cast out for minor transgressions.

d) All of the above are true pertaining to a woman's role in a cult.

6. Which of the following statements are true concerning the example set by the leadership of a cult?

a) The leadership should not expect a member to do anything different than the word of God requires them to do.

b) The leadership should live above reproach and guard their testimony even more than the member least their actions prove them to be hypocrites.

c) The leadership should not live a double standard that allows them to enjoy worldliness but constricts members by imposing multiple lists of do's and don'ts that makes them walk on egg shells all the time.

d) None of the above statements are true concerning the example that is set by the leadership of a cult.
7. Which of the following statements are true concerning children in a cult?

a) Children are a blessing to a man and his wife and the future of the work of God.

b) Children are a hindrance to the work of God.

c) Men should get vasectomies so their ministries will not be hindered by filthy evil children.

d) Children are to be excluded from many secular activities, not allowed to participate in sporting events and raised like miniature preachers unless they are part of the leadership in which case a special dispensation of grace is allowed so the child does not have to grow up like a nerd or a dork.

e) b, c and d are all examples of statements which are true regarding children in a cult.

8. Which of the following statements is true about the credibility of the leadership of a cult?

a) The founder is forthcoming and transparent about his credentials and does not keep them a mystery to his congregation.

b) The leadership has no credibility and the church has no accreditation and there is no accountability amongst them for any of their controversial doctrines.

c) The leadership is very evasive and argumentative when asked to explain or verify credentials.

d) Both b and c are true statements concerning the credibility of the leadership of a cult.

9. Which of the following is true about the accountability of the leadership of a cult?

a) There are checks and balances in place in a church group's organization structure to ensure one man does not abuse his office or hurt people for the sake of money or power.

b) The leadership is accountable to God only and can make any rules no matter how outlandish they may be without answering to anybody wether they are right or wrong.

c) The members and clergy of a church are allowed to voice opposition to wrong doing and corruption without retribution.

d) The leadership lives by example and are transparent about their dealings so they do not appear to be hiding things that are damaging to their congregations.

10. True or False?

" If a person is told they are a Christian, goes to church and feels God, hears the word of God preached, feels love from some of the other members and some of the clergy, it is impossible for them to be in a cult."

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1.  d

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3.  d

4.  d

5.  d

6.  d

7.  e

8.  d

9.  b

10. f

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Love of Money

 The Love Of Money
 Is The Root Of
 All Evil
 1 Tim
The Love of Money is the driving force behind every evil at the NTCC.  Mind control is practiced and applied to the church member; so that he or she will stay and support the so called "work of God".  How did greed work its way into ntcc?  It starts at the top and works its way down.  When you are a member of an ntcc church it's hard to see the greed and the intense urge to extract money from church members.  If and when you ever find yourself on the outside looking in, it becomes plain as day; and you find yourself thanking God for delivering you from 'that bunch'.

Tithe and Offerings:

I do not have a problem with tithe, offerings, home offerings, world missions, building funds, revival funds or any other "needs" that require giving.  I do have a problem with the way these funds are extracted out of the member with a giving heart.  First of all they say, "All Christians pay tithe and give in offerings".  This is a lie that is not supported by scripture.  Those ntcc pastors that preach this as scripture are simply lying to their congregations and taking the blessing of giving away from the giver.  Not only do they preach that all Christians pay tithe and give in offerings, they also use pressure tactics to extract money.  "If you don't pay tithe, you will never be blessed." ... "If you don't pay tithe you will die and go to hell."  What a mind game.  Those of you ntcc pastors that preach this doctrine of condemnation please show us some scriptural references that support your claims.  Could it be that your love of money outweighs your responsibility to preach the truth?  Do you not believe that God is going to hold you accountable for everything you preach?  I'm trying really hard to understand this.  Is this one of those things that "God has to reveal to us"?  Is it a new revelation that is being kept a secret from the rest of us?

"It's Got to be Revealed to You!"  The Mystery of the Disappearing Escrow Funds:

I've kept church books at ntcc under several pastors; and I know about the escrow funds.  In the trucking industry as an owner operator, when I lease on with a company, they require me to contribute to an escrow fund.  This fund is deducted weekly out of my pay and put in an account.  This fund is collected to cover any unpaid expenses that the company would incur if I damaged property or freight or were to quit with a negative balance.  It's usually about $2,000.00 and when that figure is reached it sits in that escrow account until I quit working for that company at which time it is refunded to me.   Just out of curiosity, how many pastors have contributed to the ntcc escrow fund?  How many of those have received a refund of that money when they left to another work?  If the answer to the latter question is zero, where did all of that money go?  Is that something that "has yet to be revealed to us"?  I think the only reason that you are allowed to get away with this is that all that have given into this escrow are afraid to question the leadership.  If they were to question the leadership, they would certainly die and go to hell.  It would be quite a class action lawsuit if all of the contributors sued ntcc for those funds plus interest!

Runaway Giving with no Runaway Truck Ramp:

Many times in the servicemen's homes brethren gave way more than they could afford.  Us New Testament Christians lived from payday to payday.  After we gave tithe, offerings, home offerings, World Missions, Sunday Night Budget Offerings (can you believe we actually had budget offerings?), Building Funds, Revival Funds (to help out a rich board member with fuel expenses in their $300,000.00 motor homes.  I remember any time the question was asked, "What kind of mileage does that thing get?", the standard ntcc answer was, "If you can afford to own one, you don't worry about the gas expense to drive it!"  Well of course not, that money was being supplied by the members!)  and any other offerings that they could dream up, plus the gas money you spent driving back and forth hauling people around for the "work of God" and the wear and tear on your car for the "work of God",  and the money you spent on wingtips and white shirts, and the money you spent on paisley ties, and the money you spent on paying for your new "converts" Sunday brunch at the steak house (which was expected) and the money that some pastors actually had the audacity to teach that their members should spend on paying for the pastors'  brunch at the steak house on Sunday.  And the collections to buy 'pastor' another Rolex, because the ingrate wasn't satisfied with the model you already purchased him.  And the collections to buy 'pastor' another diamond cluster, pimp daddy, pinky ring.  And the collections to  buy 'pastor' another new Cadillac since his last one had 50,000 miles on the odometer, or it was a new year, or mamma got tired of last season's color, whichever comes first....  I know that was a run on sentence; but do you get the picture?

ntcc is a run away money grubbing organization!

The End Result:  Broke and Broken!

I remember doing the books for a church in Georgia; and things just didn't seem to add up.  The 'pastor' was full time without enough members to support him.  I was asked to get loans to support the work of God; because, even though I was giving a large amount to the church as an E-6 (Staff Sargent) in the Army, the church was floundering.  I got myself in debt to help out but still this wasn't enough.  I later found out that the 'pastor' was keeping a second set of books that he would show to board members when they came by.  I knew the books were not right but did not have any evidence and wasn't going to rat him out without knowing what I was talking about.  The preacher left the org prior to the next conference; and I had to go to a board meeting to explain what I knew about this.  I wished that I had the intestinal fortitude to ask them about their irresponsible handling of money; but instead I told them everything they wanted to hear about this situation.   Eventually I ended up in financial ruin and left the army under other than honorable circumstances because I blindly followed this cult and believed in its leadership.  There are different levels of loyalty in which people pledge their lives to the borg, on a scale of one to ten, I was a twelve.

All I can do is learn from my mistakes and warn others.  The ones that pledge the most of their finances, time and loyalty to this  bunch are the ones that get hurt the most.

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