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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Big Ross Bashes Former NTCC'rs on Mountain News

In a recent series of comments on the Mountain New's a drive by accuser who goes only by the name of Ross spewed out accusations to many former members of the ntcc.  Some of the comments were deleted but we were able to copy them prior to deletion and with the permission of the parties involved we will be posting some or perhaps all of them here.  These comments came in response to an article and subsequent comments that Bruce Smith ran about the Michael Fontenot arrest and conviction for the molestation of his daughter.  The first part of this post will be Ross's response to our own comment on Bruce's Website, and our response to Ross that follows. 

The Mountain News--Washington

Ross said:

"You people are disgusting with all your gossip of others. You take at face-value everything others say (as long as it’s juicy!) as fact. The Bible itself condemns you since it requires 2 or three witnesses to the same event. Let’s get the witnesses to tesify about YOU Don, what about your conduct in the military??? You were living a holy life-style right? Oh, I know, your problems were all the fault of someone else!???"

"Ross said: “You people are disgusting with all your gossip of others. You take at face-value everything others say (as long as it’s juicy!) as fact.”

Don said:

Well, Ross, I do take much of what I hear spoken against the ntcc at face value. I’m really glad that you brought this up because there are many witnesses that have gone public with ntcc misconduct of a sexual nature, and we know that the MO of the ntcc is to dismiss it as gossip, and discredit those who would have a voice against them. So lets start off by addressing the issue of gossip. In an earlier comment of yours to Diana that Bruce deleted, you stated “Do you want some of your stories told”? If you do know anything about Diana, and that’s a big if, the only way you could have obtained that knowledge is through gossip. The only Ross that could possibly be privy to information of a personal nature concerning long time members of the ntcc, is James Ross Ashmore. This is how things work in the ntcc for those who might not know. When a person leaves the ntcc they are publicly discredited and gossip is the vehicle of choice that is used to destroy the character of many good people who have left. I know this first hand for a fact. Many people who have left, (more than two or three witnesses), have testified how their names have been drug through the dirt after they have left the ntcc. They have been wrongfully accused of adultery, pornography and many other sins. People are lied about when they leave the ntcc. I was lied about when I left the ntcc. The lie that was originally spread about me was that I slept with the wife of an X-minister of the ntcc. This lie was spread by R.W. Davis publicly and that’s how the gossip starts. I can verify that this never happened as I have recently been in contact with the party that was co-accused of this adultery and she is happily married to the same man. This woman and her husband can testify that this never happened, (that’s two witnesses, by the way). Another lie that was spread about me when I left is that I was with this women alone and didn’t have sex with her because I was a homosexual. The ntcc often preached that men and women could not be trusted to be alone unless they were married. If you were alone with a woman that you were not married to you were tempting God and if nothing happened or you didn’t commit fornication or adultery it was because you were a homosexual or she was a lesbian. I heard with my own ears a pastor in the ntcc, speak to Olson and Kinson on two separate phone calls accusing this woman of being a lesbian. So which is it? You can’t have it both ways.

The ntcc leadership has the art of gossiping mastered. Gossip is used to keep their ntcc cult members living in fear and afraid to leave. I have seen and heard too much to not give credence to the thousands of testimonies that have been shared by former ministers and church members of the ntcc. Factnet, Jeff’s blog, our blog, Deb’s Witness and the Mountain New’s series on the ntcc have generated many witnesses that have testified against the ntcc. When we mention these things it’s called gossip by people like Ross, who won’t even take ownership of his accusations by leaving his full name. It has been shared that if you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one who yelps the loudest is the one which got hit. My question to you Ross: “Why are you yelping”? Perhaps this article on pedophilia revealed a subject that you prefer to keep hidden in your own life. I will take what an X-member of the ntcc says at face value any day over your twisted version of the truth, because they have spoken out in numbers against you, while you hide behind the name Ross. Why is it that you ntcc’rs are afraid to sign your name to your accusations? If you want your comments to be credible and your accusations to be considered then take ownership of them big Ross.

Ross said:

” The Bible itself condemns you since it requires 2 or three witnesses to the same event.”

Don said:

Really, Big Ross? Can you share where it says the “same event”, or are you adding to the scriptures? Let’s make sure we apply that same standard to the ntcc and it’s leadership, before we throw that scripture at the X-ers. I recall three ministers being removed from the ministry because of the testimony of one brother. Do you know anything of this? If you want, we can rehash this and maybe you can tell me why this standard didn’t apply to those ministers. Did the bible condemn Davis because he took the word of one witness? We have a very large cloud of witnesses that have shared their true stories on this website, our own blog, Jeff’s blog, Greg and Deb’s blog and FACTNET to name a few. You can act all sanctimonious and talk down to us if you’d like, but when it’s all said and done, your accusations condemn yourselves more than us, because you are guilty of the very things that you are accusing us of. Do you think that you are exempt from the scriptures that you throw at us? Please don’t take us for a bunch of fools and stop acting like you are above everyone else. Your condescending attitude reflects your ignorance and speaks volumes of your character or lack thereof.

Ross said: “Let’s get the witnesses to tesify about YOU Don, what about your conduct in the military??? You were living a holy life-style right? Oh, I know, your problems were all the fault of someone else!???”

Don said:

Let’s do that, because in testifying against me, they are testifying against the ntcc system and it’s leadership. Unlike leaders in the ntcc, I have been very honest and forth coming about my past. I have been to hell and back with the ntcc, and because of this I have tried to warn others so they would not have to endure the same things that I had to. Bring those witnesses on if you have any. I’m not afraid of anything you have to say about me. Many people have left the ntcc and they are afraid to share what they have been through, because they don’t want to relive it again. Many have gone public and many have not. I choose to share the truth about the ntcc because I do not wish for others to have to endure the suffering that I had to endure.

You ask me if I was living a holy life-style? I was according to any standards of examples that I had ever seen in the ntcc. I was the model Christian in all the Servicemen’s Homes that I was a part of. I subjected my self to all of the standards of dress that were required of ntcc members, and many of these standards are no longer being kept by ministers or church members because apparently, God has changed his mind about how we should conduct ourselves as Christians. I also had a prayer life, studied my bible and brought many people to church. I was obedient in all things to every pastor that I ever had in the ntcc. Unfortunately some of those pastor’s required obedience that went way beyond that which the bible requires. I cut off all communication with all of my friends from the past and forsook members of my own family for the ntcc. You tell me, by the ntcc’s definition of holiness, was I living it? I paid my tithe faithfully and gave in every offering. I led the way in many of the collections that were taken up and took up many offerings myself at the request of Pastors. What about the money Ross? Where does it all go? You want to talk about people living a holy life-style? Do you think that it is right to condemn people to hell for not paying their tithe? Do you think that it is right for the leaders in the ntcc to live in million dollar mansions, drive cars and Recreational Vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, wear Rolex watches, Diamond pinky rings, have expensive gun collections, knife collections and musical instrument collections valued at tens of thousands of dollars all while the common ntcc church member can not afford life insurance to take care of their families when the man of the house who has the only income dies?

As for blaming my “problems” on someone else, I’ve never done that. I’ve taken responsibility for my part in every instance. I’ve actually lived in condemnation for years and tortured myself over and over until one day I realized that God still cared about me. The ntcc dropped me like a hot potato, and made no attempt to help me or even contact me after I left. That’s the way it is in the ntcc. When they are done with a person they kick them to the curb. The ntcc cares nothing about former ntcc’rs until they affect the ntcc’s bottom line, which is their cash flow. That’s when people like Ross get on and start attacking folks. God is nothing like the ntcc leaders.

In conclusion, Ange and I, Jeff, Diana, Greg and Deb, Vic and others have chosen to take a pro active approach to exposing the ntcc. We all might take different approaches and we might not agree in all things but we do what we do because we don’t want others to suffer needlessly. We know that the ntcc is an abusive organization that has a history of mistreating it’s members and we have exposed them for this by sharing our stories and the stories of hundreds of others. We take no pleasure in this. I wish it were not necessary. I would love to have the years of my youth back to live over. My biggest mistake in life was to trust in the ntcc and it’s leaders, who have proven to be worst sort of people that you would ever expect to be considered ministers of God. We miss all of our friends that are still in the ntcc, and because we are no longer allowed to talk to them, our only means of communication is on the internet on a public forum like this one.

This post will be an ongoing work and is not finished at this time. We plan on publishing some more of Ross's responses to Diane, David, Mark G., and others soon. There is so much to cover but right now time doesn't permit. We want to get the word out to all of our readers so that you can follow this story if you wish. If you wish to participate in the forum on Bruce Smith's blog or to read these comments on the Mountain News, please visit the following link:


Ross said:

“THE NTCC CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT IN FAILING TO PROTECT ITS CONGREGATION FROM A CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST.” Why do you post such a lie? Had the NTCC known that he was such, he wouldn’t have been accepted. Once it came to light, he was put out. Was NTCC supposed to put up wanted posters all over the campus and Church to call shame upon a former professing Christian??? Did you want your sexual sins to be plastered all over the world once they were known for everyone to see? they were not, which proves your allegations against NTCC are false, since you are doing something worse by plastering your unfounded allegations all over the internet! Will you keep serving the devil’s agenda by bringing shame to the Gospel???"

DnA said:

You are the one that is a liar, Ross.  According to former and current pastors of the ntcc, Fontenot was allowed to come back to the ntcc after his first release from jail and became an active member of the ntcc.  This took place after Christina, (The mother of the molested victim), had called Davis and Kekel and warned them about Fontenot.  Nothing was done.  Christina was shunned in the cover up and the ntcc is nothing more than a cesspool of sexual deviant behavior that is covered up, and the perpetrators are harbored and favored above their victims.  You ask, Special Ross, if the ntcc was supposed to put up wanted posters all over the Campus and church to call shame upon a former professing Christian???  Yes, they should have at the very least informed every parent in the ntcc, that they were letting a convicted child molester become a member of their church and warned them to keep their children away from this child molester.  They should have put up signs and publicly warned people of Fontenot's past, or better yet if they had any ethics at all they should have told him to stay away from the ntcc.  But the ntcc has a long history of allowing sexual deviant people to not only attend church but to remain in the ministry and get promoted as was the case with Phil Kinson, who has never came out and denied that he frequented a whore house in Japan.  He came on Jeff's blog and in a Clintonesque fashion tap danced around the subject but never denied the issue at hand, which was getting sexual release from a prostitute at a whorehouse.   Sorry, Ross, we are not going to allow you to smooth this over and pretend like the ntcc was innocent in this whole thing.  You say our allegations were unfounded, why don't you prove otherwise?  Your notion that the ntcc would have never knowingly allowed Fontenot to be accepted back into the church is unfounded and Bruce's article clearly documents that this did in fact happen with more than one witness as you seem to require us to have.

Ross said to Nichole:

Nicole, you imply many things about NTCC, as has Bruce Smith, that are unfounded. This can happen in any church, and you know that having a suit on or not has absolutely nothing to do with wether a person might be a pedophile or not. Background checks don’t always show anything, so it is impossible to know everything about everybody. You also know that NTCC did NOT approve of Mr. Fontenot’s behavior once this was discovered, so this is positively despicable of you to try and impugn NTCC for such behavior. Mr. Fontenot is also an American, so does this now impugn the United States of America for his behavior??? And what do we know of your behavior? Was a background check ever done on you before we let you attend our churches??? Be for real!

DnA said:

While this sort of thing can happen to any church, the ntcc seems to be a magnet for sexually deviant behavior.  The ntcc is not any church.  The ntcc enforces strict dating requirements and manipulates relationships between it's members by matchmaking, approving and disapproving of relationships and driving wedges between existing relationships.  The ntcc creates an environment of celibacy for a lot of young men and this has caused numerous problems throughout the years.  Do you ever wonder why a church as small as the ntcc has so many problems with Adultery, Fornication, Homosexuality and Child Molestation?  You've got a bunch of pent up young GI's whose hormones are raging and a manipulative pastor that preaches hell, fire and brimstone, says all the sisters are off limits because God has called them to Bible School, or steers them away from relationships as if they were called by God himself to control that part of a young man's life.  Young Christian men have enough pressures to deal with, without having some abusive and manipulative jerk telling them who they can and can't talk with.  And what kind of logic is this, "Background checks don't always show anything, so it is impossible to know everything about everybody."  That's a good excuse to allow perverts around children.  "Sorry, Mrs. Ntcc Church Goer, that your daughter got raped and she will be emotionally scarred for the rest of her life and never be comfortable with a relationship with a man, because we don't do background checks."  Do you think this is an exaggeration?  It actually goes beyond this because not only did Davis and Kekel ignore and shun the mother after she warned them of Fontenot, but they allowed this known child molester to become an active member of the ntcc, after he was released from jail, and very few parents in the ntcc were even aware of what this man had done.  And you want to do a background check on Nichole?  Be for real, Ross.

Ross also said to Nichole:

If you will be honest with yourself, you know that no one in NTCC leadership would EVER approve of such behavior, not to mention the fact that it has always been warned AGAINST! Your desires to justify yourself for whatever your short-falls are, are somehow vindicated in your own eyes by trashing others??? This is the norm for all these x-ntcc’ers and few of you are likely to ever see Jesus being as many of you have an unforgiving, vengeance-seeking heart. Your trashing a church for your own ends, even if the church isn’t perfect, sends a message the devil wants all to hear- and simply vindicates their hatred for ALL churches. NTCC is not the only ones that must stand before God, but YOU ALSO. However, instead of preaching and spreading the True Gospel, which you all claim to have, WHY AREN’T YOU SPENDING YOUR TIME OUT SPREADING IT, INSTEAD OF WASTING YOUR TIME TEARING OTHERS DOWN??? Are you totally without any mercy – the very crime you accuse NTCC of???

DnA said:

No, we do not know that anyone in the NTCC leadership would disapprove of such behavior because doing nothing about it is the same as approving it and they have a standing history of ignoring the victims of sexual abuse and allowing the sexual predators to thrive and prosper in the ntcc.  We wish that people like Ross would hold themselves to the same standards that they hold us to.  We are unforgiving?  We are totally without mercy?  We are trashing a church of our own ends?  Who are you to require this of us?  The ntcc is a church that runs good people off because they have honest questions about their transparency and finances that can't be explained.  When people disagree with the ntcc leadership on many subjects like tithe, financial transparency and holiness, they are publicly rebuked for being contentious and unless they conform, they will continue to be humiliated until they leave in disgrace.  Once they leave, the existing members are no longer allowed to be a friend to that person.  They are considered the enemies of God, and the ntcc church members get scriptures thrown at them like, "What Fellowship hath light with darkness"?  This is how the ntcc takes good people, ignores their honest questions and issues, turns against them and shuns them.  You want to talk to us about mercy and forgiveness?  Don't tell us that "few of us are likely to ever see Jesus" or "that we are sending a message the devil wants all to hear".  We aren't out here claiming to be the last move of God on earth.  You need to take the beam out of your own eye so you can see clearly enough to remove the mote from our eyes.  You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, Ross.  Read More ->>

Ross said:

Mr. Smith, your character-assasinations are not reporting, but biased since you only publish one side of every story, therefore, you are definitely a failed reporter since there is no real objectivity in your reporting. Sad, so sad. You are a mere sham.

DnA said:

Ross, as you well know there is a shroud of secrecy that surrounds the ntcc.  The ntcc leaders have opinions and positions on this subject and many other subjects that are indefensible.  This is why Davis will never talk to Bruce Smith or go public with any information regarding this or any other scandal. This is why Kekel and Kinson say, "No Comment" and will not address these issues.  Bruce Smith has given the ntcc leadership many opportunities to respond and covered both sides of the ntcc related stories that he has reported.  There are many scandals that have tainted the ntcc's past and the leadership is not able to come out publicly and take a position because they are guilty of the things that are shared by many witnesses.  This is how cults operate.  This is why cults like the ntcc place so much emphasis on keeping their cult members off of the internet and isolated from society.  Isolationism is a very important mechanism to keeping people from discovering information that would jeopardize their cash flow.  Apparently you haven't got the memo yet, but maybe you have by now because we noticed you haven't been back to respond.

In Response to Mark G's comment, Ross said:

How long will you poisonous vipers vent your angst and your vitriole? “Wherefore love your enemies…” This is some strange love you people show. What does the G. stand for Mark? Good, Godly and Grand??? Until you are willing to forGive, you haven’t got much chance. “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” (Jesus)

DnA said:

Again Ross, Why are we expected to "love our enemies", while you are calling us poisonous vipers?  Why do you exempt yourself from your own standards?  You are demonstrating the very things that we have been speaking about for years now. While we were in the ntcc, we allowed ourselves to be kicked around by people like you, but we have found our freedom and some of us are no longer afraid of people like you.  Your rules do not apply to us, so don't expect us to allow you to mistreat us the way that you are used to.  We hope that our replacements will hear our voices and escape for their lives, before they find themselves hopelessly trapped without the will power to break free of the tyranny and abuse of the ntcc and it's rich rulers.

In response to David's comment, Ross said:

You are disgusting. And what of YOUR foibles??? Let’s hear some confessions about yourself???

DnA said:

All David has done was quote some statutes and laws that normal law abiding citizens are expected to follow.  These laws protect our children from predator's and violence.  In this comment, Ross, it sounds like you are trying to justify the actions of a sex offender that violates little girls.  Why would you accuse David of being disgusting when he is doing his part to alert the public to the statutes that exist to protect young children?  You are not making any sense, Ross.  I know who David is, and I will say this, Ross.  There is not a person that I know on this planet that loves God and cares about people more than he does.  You are worried about his Foibles?  I'm sure that if he has any, which we all do, including you, he is not obligated to confess them to you.  Who are you, anyway, that you should demand such things?

In Response to Vic's comment, Ross said:

You can be blind, but others can’t- YOU can be unmerciful, but others can’t. You people are SOOO transparent!

DnA Said:

Transparency is a trait that we all wish the ntcc possessed.  Their lack of transparency in this and other matters, shows that they have much to hide.  We were once blind members of this controlling group but we now see things clearly, and I think most of the readers of this forum feel the same way.  Being merciful does not mean to stand idly by and allow atrocities to happen without saying or doing anything.  We have done our part to expose the ntcc for enabling people like Mr. Fontenot.  I wish that this was not necessary.  If the ntcc leaders would have taken appropriate action we would not be here discussing these things.  The ntcc has a long standing history of ignoring the abuse, shunning the abused and harboring the abusers.  In addition, the ntcc leadership has never acknowledged their inaction or indiscretion; nor have they apologized for the hurt and suffering that many have endured in the ntcc.  Their response has always been to remove any opposition or disagreeing parties from their organization and keep the perpetrators around.  They call this mercy, but I would have to ask you Ross, what about mercy for the victims?  How come you accuse us of being unmerciful, but you haven't had one word of compassion for the six year old girl that was sexually violated, or the mother that was shunned by the ntcc and it's leadership?  Don't talk to us about mercy or forgiveness.  Don't condemn us and demand that we confess our sins to you.  I don't hate you Ross, I actually pity you.  I feel sorry for you because you are the prime example of what the ntcc does to people.  There are so many people just like you in the ntcc, and they probably were decent people at one time, but the constant pressure of living up to unobtainable demands and seeking the approval of the narcissistic ntcc leaders, has stripped you and many others of every ounce of individuality and decency that you ever had.  We hope that you find peace and delivery from this bondage.  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

ZOOM, ZOOM!!!! Your Tithe Dollars Hard at Work.

mike kekel's $250,000.00 Car! The McClaren SLR  YouTube

We recently heard that one of Kekel's most extravagant purchases to date is the Mercedes McLaren SLR, that is reportedly housed in his garage.  According to a Former Member of the ntcc, her son was told by Kekel that the car was worth $250,000.00, and he also told her son that he could wash this Quarter Million dollar car if he would like to.

Wikipedia Picture of McLaren SLR
It was also shared that Kekel does not drive this car to the church in Graham because he doesn't want to put anyone in a battle.  Would you be in a battle if you saw Kekel roll up to the church in Graham in a Quarter Million dollar car purchased with your tithe dollars?

So why the secrecy?  Kekel has not been afraid to blog about people who have left the ntcc in the past.  He has not been afraid to disparage X-members of the ntcc publicly and lie about them.  Why is it that he will not set the record straight?

Here is the deal.  We know that Davis has taken up collections for gifts such as Henry Rifles and that he has extravagant tastes for items such as Rolex watches and diamond pinky rings.  Kekel is no different.  Purchasing a Quarter Million dollar Mercedes McLaren SLR seems to fit right in with the appetite for expensive toys and adornments that the ntcc leadership has been purchasing with your tithe dollars all along.

What makes this really sick is that none of this really matters to a lot of ntcc'rs.  The highest price ever paid for a car at auction was 16.4 million for a 57 Ferrari Testa Rossa.  I believe if Kekel had one of these in his garage that it really wouldn't matter to many ntcc'rs.  They would just say that the "Man of Gawd" is being blessed.  Even if they knew that it was their tithe dollars that paid for such a car, they still would be oblivious to the hypocrisy.

We have often said, "Follow the money trail".  Is the money really going into the work of God?  Are the churches prospering anywhere near as much as the ntcc leadership seems to be prospering?  How come they can't even fill the tabernacle at Graham and yet they never stop building and adding edifices to their cult compound?  They are supposed to be a non-profit organization so I guess they have to do something with all that money.  The sad thing is that you ntcc'rs are willfully living in poverty while your money is being spent on big time purchases that have nothing to do with the "work of the Lawd".  And what is worse, you are out soul winning, pounding the streets trying to find more suckers that are willing to give their tithe so that the Kekel and Davis families can continue to live like kings.  You are supporting them and contributing to their unquenchable desire to live in luxury.

Bonus Video:  McLaren SLR in Jay Leno's Garage [12m:36s]  YouTube

Do you think that it is Godly to pay your tithe so that Kekel or Davis can purchase unnecessarily frivolous and expensive things for themselves while you can't even afford life insurance to take care of your family if you die?  Do you think that it is right to go shopping at second hand stores for clothing while your tithe dollars are being spent on clothing the rich ntcc leaders in the most expensive apparel that money can buy?  Do you think it is God's will to drive back and forth to 5 church services a week in an oil puking junker while your tithe dollars are being spent on Mercedes, Cadillacs and BMW's?   Is there any record of Jesus, Paul or any of the apostles behaving like this?

Tithe is the only doctrine in the ntcc that is preached that has no tolerance for those who transgress against it's teaching.  You can do anything contrary to the bible in the ntcc and get away with it, but if you don't pay your tithe, there is no exception to policy.  You can wear spandex to the gym, you can now have a TV and a DVD player, you can dump your wife and remarry a different one if you wish, you can commit adultery and fornication, you can steal, lie, cheat and con people out of their money and get away with it in the ntcc, but if you don't pay your tithe you will not be welcome very long.  You will be called a "God-robber" and you will be the topic of Sunday's message if you don't pay your tithe.  And what's worse in the ntcc than not paying your tithe?  Try asking Kekel or Davis where they got the money to purchase their houses or cars.  See where that gets you.  Why do you suppose it's like this in the ntcc?  Why do you reverence and honor people like Davis and Kekel who haven't been seen knocking on doors in decades, who don't soul win or pray or do anything that they require of you, yet they are spending your hard earned money right before your eyes?

In conclusion, we understand what it is like to be uninformed and brainwashed, because we walked in the same footsteps as many of you have.  We know that you feel that you are part of a great move of God and you feel like God is in your church and you have no desire to die and go to hell.  We get that.  But try to open your eyes and see the big picture.  What's really happening in the ntcc?  Do you ever feel like your life is being scrutinized by your pastor?  What if you used the same scrutiny to determine if the truth is really being preached and lived in the ntcc?  The truth is in front of you but you have to acknowledge it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

In Memory of Pastor Eduardo "Eddie" Ramirez Jr.

On January 31st of 2013, the Pastor and Director of the Ft. Sill, Oklahoma New Testament Christian Church and Servicemen's Home passed away.  Rev. Ramirez was my Pastor in Korea, during my tour from 92 to 93 while stationed near Camp Casey, Korea.  It was both sad and shocking to hear of this and from what we know it was sudden and unexpected.  I have very fond memories of both Pastor and Sister Ramirez and while I was living in the Servicemen's Home we had some very good times.

Pastor Ramirez
Nov. 20, 1959 -
Jan. 31, 2013

The system in the ntcc didn't allow for a whole lot of fun, we stayed busy pounding the streets and trying to get people saved and faithfully attending church and somehow within that system we managed to have some enjoyable experiences.

Schmidtke Wedding Korea

We understand that there are folks that have had bad experiences with Rev. Ramirez.  While we understand that many have had difficult times with their ntcc pastors my personal experience with Rev. Ramirez was mostly positive.

To Sister Ramirez, all we can say is that we are very sorry for your loss and can't imagine what you must be going through.  We hope and pray that God will carry you through this difficult time.  I know that we are probably considered public enemy number one by many in the ntcc, and we definitely have voiced our opinions publicly, but for now, we wish in respect and humility to offer our sincere condolences to you for a man that was greatly loved and respected by many.

Arrangements in Lawton, OK are being handled by Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home 580-353-2940.

According to the Lawton Constitution published Feb. 5th, 2013 - This brief online obituary for Rev. Ramirez was published this morning (Feb. 5).  If you are local and looking for info, you may be able to attend the service today (Feb. 5, 2013) at 2 P.M. at the Lawton, OK / Ft. Sill NTCC according to the newspaper obituary found at:


According to the person we spoke with at Ritter Gray, the family  plans to fly Rev. Ramirez' remains to his home town of Aurora, Illinois.  For more information, Daleiden Mortuary, Aurora Illinois can be contacted at 630-631-550 or online at


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