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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Friday, January 24, 2014

The New NTCC Bylaws Part 1: The NTCC Power Structure

Apparently the Organization saw fit to give Kekel absolute control over the entire organization; to do so they have also published a new set of NTCC Bylaws. Big surprise?  Not really; we all saw it coming.  Here is the breakdown of the General Board and its officers:

New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc.
Executive Board of Directors

R. W. Davis
R. W. Davis        
J. H. Olson
Chairman of the Board and President
M. C. Kekel
M. C. Kekel
Chief Executive Officer
J. L. Johnson
J. L. Johnson
General Overseer
J. R. DiFrancesco
J. R. DiFrancesco

We will be breaking this down into a series as there are many things to cover in the first 8 Articles of the Bylaws which deal with power and hierarchy.  Here are the bylaws establishing the power structure within the NTCC:

Article I — Executive Chairman of the Board

(A)  The Executive Chairman of the Board shall be elected to an indefinite term of office by the incorporators. 
(B)  This term shall begin immediately upon election and expire upon the decision of the Executive Chairman or his demise. 
(C)  The Executive Chairman of the Board shall be Chief Executive Officer of the organization.  (Hereinafter referred to as C.E.O.) 
(D)  All officers of the organization shall be appointed by the C.E.O. 
(E)  He shall be ex-officio member of all standing committees. 
(F)  He shall have supervision, direction and management over all undertakings and operations of the organization to which he shall devote the amount of time required. 
(G)  He shall act as Executive Chairman at all General Conventions and Executive Board Meetings. 
(H)  He is required to give his final approval to all matters, operational, appointments or any new By-Laws or financial obligations or appointments or duties that are designated to officers or workers of the organization, before they can be passed or put into effect.

Article II — President 

(A)  The President shall work under the C.E.O.  He shall give general supervision, direction and management over the undertakings and operations of the organization to which he shall devote the amount of time required by such and for which he shall receive a stipulated remuneration. 
(B)  He shall perform such duties as may be required of him as President of the Corporation and shall report his activities to the C.E.O. and General Board. 
(C)  He shall be requested to represent our organization to other functions at which we should have a voice and to the government when necessary. 
(D)  He shall be on call to the districts when needed.  When his services are requested in the district, they are expected to take care of his expenses involved in the trip. 
(E)  He shall be a member of the General Board.

Article III — Administrative Officer 

(A)  The Administrative Officer shall work under the C.E.O. and the President.  He shall give administrative supervision, direction and management over the undertakings and operations of  the offices and the relative functions of the business of the organization; to which he shall devote the amount of time required by such and for which he shall receive a stipulated remuneration. 
(B)  He shall perform such duties as may be required of him as Administrative Officer of the organization and shall report his activities to the C.E.O. and President and to the General Board when requested. 
(C)  His books shall be closed out each month, and these records are to be stored.  Close out is to be presented to the C.E.O. for acceptance and authorization of distribution of finances by the C.E.O. 
(D)  He may employ such assistance, with the approval of the C.E.O., as may be necessary to perform such duties. 
(E)  He shall be a member of the General Board. 

Article IV — General Overseer 

(A)  The General Overseer’s duties are to assist the President in the work of the organization. 
(B)  He is to act instead of the President when the President is not available for some function at which the President would be required. 
(C)  He is to devote the amount of time required to the discharge of his duties as are assigned or required of his office for which he shall receive a stipulated remuneration. 
(D)  He shall promote the organization as an active officer of such. 
(E)  He shall be a member of the General Board.

Article V — Assistant General Overseer 

(A)  The Assistant General Overseer’s duties are to assist the General Overseer in the work of the organization. 
(B)  He is to act instead of the General Overseer when the General Overseer is not available for some function at which the General Overseer would be required. 
(C)  He is to devote the amount of time required to the discharge of his duties as are assigned or required of his office for which he shall receive a stipulated remuneration. 
(D)  He shall promote the organization as an active officer of such. 
(E)  He shall be a member of the General Board.

Article VI — General Secretary 

(A)  The General Secretary shall keep a clear record of the minutes of all meetings of the General Board and conventions which shall be read at such meetings. 
(B)  He shall have custody of the Corporate Seal, and shall maintain and keep up-to-date such books and records as shall fully and truly reflect the status of the corporation business at all times, which shall be subject to inspection by such auditors as may be designated by the General Board. 
(C)  He shall furnish such bond, for the fruitful performance of his duties, as may be required by the General Board, the premiums for which shall be paid by the corporation. 
(D)  He shall maintain records of all ministers and missionaries, and shall issue the necessary credentials and carry on such correspondence as may be required by his office. 
(E)  He shall devote the amount of time required by such and for which he shall receive a stipulated remuneration. 
(F)  He shall be a member of the General Board.

Article VII — Overseer of World Missions 

(A)  The Overseer of World Missions shall have general supervision, direction and operation of the Missionary Department within the United States and in all foreign countries, subject to the C.E.O., President and the General Board. 
(B)  He shall devote his time to the work of his office for the purpose of promoting greater interest in, and the support of World Missions.  He shall receive a stipulated remuneration from the Missionary funds. 
(C)  He may employ such assistance, with the approval of the C.E.O., as may be necessary to perform such duties and requirements of his office. 
(D)  He shall be a member of the General Board.

Article VIII — District Overseer 

(A)  The District Overseer shall have general supervision over his district.  He shall sit as a member of the General Board and shall represent his district at General Conventions.  He shall receive  remuneration from his district as set forth in financial policy of organization.

This might be confusing but let's break this down:

Article I:  Executive Chairman of the Board:

At first glance you might assume that Olson is Head-Cheese in the NTCC, but not so fast.  Olson is referred to as the Chairman of the Board/PRESIDENT but as you can see, the President is listed in Article II and is subservient to the CEO. Now, Kekel's title is listed as Chief Executive Officer or CEO.  In Article I we find out that the title: Executive "Chairman of the Board" would be referred throughout the bylaws as CEO.  Confused yet?  Article 1 (G) establishes that the title CEO and Executive Chairman are interchangeable and Olson is never referred to as 'Executive' Chairman.  Davis is the Founder but, for the most part, here, he is just a figure head.  Olson is going to do whatever Davis wants him to do. The ntcc is a family owned business and as David named Solomon king before his death, it looks like Kekel is now being given absolute control of the ntcc.  The big difference, though, is that nobody in the NTCC hierarchy is like King David; who was called a man after God's own heart.  Just like the devil imitates God, NTCC is taking a clue from godly David and restructuring before the inevitable death of the founder, hoping to stem off any power struggle.   This is the only explanation that makes any sense.

We know two things for sure. Kekel is the CEO; and the CEO is at the very top of the food chain.   The CEO now has power to appoint ALL officers to the organization.  The CEO is also referred to as an ex-officio member of all standing committees.  That means by nature of his office as CEO, Kekel automatically is a member of all NTCC Boards or standing committees.  The CEO is to have supervision, direction and management over ALL undertakings and operations of the organization.  The CEO is to act as Executive Chairman at all general conventions and executive board meetings.  Finally The CEO is required to give his final approval to all matters, operational, appointments or any new By-Laws or financial obligations or appointments or duties that are designated to officers or workers of the organization, before they can be passed or put into effect.  In other words, Kekel has been appointed as NTCC's gawd.

Article II:  President

We would have to assume that Olson is going to be the President under this new structure to oversee the transition of power.  Olson has President right next to his unofficial title of Chairman of the Board, which means nothing without the word Executive in front of it.  In article two it was deemed necessary to announce that the person holding this position would receive a stipulated 'remuneration'.  It basically means that Olson is going to be over paid by all you tithe paying suckers to be an over-rated hype man for Kekel.  To condense the language of the rest of Article II, Olson (President) reports to Kekel (CEO).  Olson is also to be "on call" to the districts when needed.  When his 'services' (Services? lol) are requested, Olson will jump on a plane or into his Recreational Vehicle and travel to that district, (Of course the district will pay all expenses for Olson's trip).

Article III:  Administrative Officer

Not sure who this is, but we think possibly Ashmore or his son in law, DiFrancesco.  Although it seems like Ashmore has been thrown under the bus in this new shift of power, there's probably a little more to it.  Ashmore seems to go through great lengths to keep his picture out of public limelight or scrutiny; but this year he is listed with the Missouri Secretary of State as the Vice President of New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. [See the Images Below]. We don't know why NTCC does not have Ashmore pictured in their new set of Bylaws.  Perhaps he doesn't want to be recognized by the wrong person or victim.  At any rate, one might think that DiFrancesco would be appointed to this position also; but he is filling the position of Secretary; which is a few rungs down the totem pole.  So it looks like for now, that this position is going to be secretive like many other things in the ntcc.  Of course all of you brainwashed suckers don't really have a need to know.  You are expected to follow instructions without asking questions.  Ahem.  The duties of the Administrative Officer are to keep the books; and he reports only to the CEO and President.  Oh, and he gets paid like Olson by all you brain washed tithe paying suckers.

Article IV:  General Overseer

This position is being held by Johnson.  His duties are fairly vague but he probably spends a lot of his time driving around in his recreational vehicle, again at the expense of all of the ntcc brainwashed minions that have nothing better to do with their money than pay for Johnson's Recreational Vehicle and the fuel to propel it, and his meals; and make sure all of you suckers give him a good offering so he can have some spending money.  Oh and he gets a 'stipulated remuneration' also.  That remuneration word sure covers a lot of ground.  It can mean salary or wages plus benefits like insurance and vehicles and all kinds of other stuff you people with "strong backs but weak minds" are working hard to pay so they can play.

Article V:  Assistant General Overseer

This position does not have anyone named to it at this time that we know of; perhaps another secret that has not been revealed.  The duties of this position are to assist Johnson, whatever that entails.  All of you cheerful tithe payers get to pay his salary and other benefits also; but guess what?  If he travels to your district you also get to take up an offering for him and pay for his travel expenses.  It's no wonder you all are so broke.

Article VI:  General Secretary

This position is filled by DiFrancesco and is another paid position.  His responsibilities include keeping minutes at bored (board) meetings, using the corporate seal to stamp documents that require a notary public, maintain records for all ministers and missionaries and issue credentials to them.  Now this position also has a curious distinction found in paragraph (c):  He shall furnish bond for the fruitful performance of his duties as may be required by the General Board,  the premiums for which shall be paid by the corporation.  Any translators out there that would like to take a shot at that?  This is in addition to the 'Stipulated Remuneration' that he also gets.

Article VII:  Overseer of World Missions

This position has not been filled publicly as of yet, but the duties include raising funds for world missions.  This guy will probably visit your church in a Recreational Vehicle paid for by you; and will hit you up for World Missions' pledges.  Now this guy gets paid out of the World Missions' funds, so not only are you paying for his all expense vacations to travel around the world, you also are paying for his salary; so when he hit's you up for World Missions' next time be sure to pray and ask God to lay it on your heart to give cheerfully so that this Man of Gawd who has sacrificed so much can be taken care of.  Any thing that is left over will go into the World Missions' slush fund; but it won't be used on folks like that Sister in the Philippines who used her food money for gasoline in order to bring more people to church.  Tough luck if she is hungry.  She's not getting a dime from the World Missions' fund; that's Gawd's money. And it isn't going to be used on "wasteful congregants" as Kekel declared.  Just ask him; he'll tell ya.

Article VIII:  District Overseer

This is probably the lowest paying of all Board positions.  This position doesn't get a 'stipulated' remuneration but it just gets a remuneration (unstipulated), but the money comes out of his own district.  So here you go, all of you tithe paying suckers.  Not only do you have to pay tithe to your pastor, Home Offerings, as applicable, Escrow funds, building funds, World Missions' and other miscellaneous offerings, you now have to pay for this local yokel district overseer to come oversee you and pay for his salary.

NTCC Officers and Directors on Record with Missouri:

The following images are documents required by law to be filed by the NTCC with the Missouri Secretary of State for the year 2013:  Click the images to enlarge.

Below:  Page 1 of Annual Registration Report for MOSOS

NTCC Officers and Directors for 2013 on file with Missouri Secretary Of State Page 1

Below:  Page 2 of Annual Registration Report for MOSOS

NTCC Officers and Directors for 2013 on file with Missouri Secretary Of State page 2

In these public legal documents NTCC declares the following individuals hold the following offices:

*Note that Davis' name does not appear anywhere in these legal documents.
Pres - Joseph Henry Olson
V - Pres - James Ross Ashmore
Sec'y - John Richard DiFrancesco
Treas - Michael Craig Kekel
Board Member - James Leon Johnson

So it appears we have a contradiction here.  We will have to assume that since it is now 2014, Kekel having fulfilled his calling as an administrator is going to leapfrog over Johnson, Ashmore and Olson as the Royal heir apparent to Davis. I wonder if the 2014 Annual Registration Report will match with the ntcc website.

Finally to wrap this up, you ntcc'rs are never going to get anywhere financially; because you are giving all of your money to all of these hirelings and thugs.  You will always be broke; because there are too many people that are getting their greedy paws all over your money. There is no way that you will ever have anything for yourself or your families.  If you do the math, every single time the Lawd pulls on your heart strings to give to the ntcc, you will be giving your future away to a paid hireling.  Keep giving your money to these con artists while they laugh all the way to the bank.

Still to come:  Automobile Ownership, Ministerial Relationships and Discipline.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Hidden Secrets Of NTCC - Part 4 of I Have A Name

The following is a tragic history of abuse shared by Julie, the Daughter of Ralph and Joan St. Clair.

As I thought about writing what has happened to me, all I can think about is those that continue to live in silence. This may be a challenge to read I know for it is a difficult to write but the truth can’t hide behind the door no longer.

Abuse can come in all forms and it would take me a long time to put it all out there so I am going to only focus on some of sexual abuse.

MyNTCC CEO Michael Craig Kekel Accused Child Molester circa 1983 St. Louis, MO
 Mike Kekel
 Circa 1983 
I remember Michael Kekel in Tillicum, Washington. I don’t remember the whole time he was there for I was quite young but there is something I do remember.  I didn’t like him. Back then I pretty much loved all people and had no problem talking to complete strangers. Kekel on the other hand always seemed proud, stuck –up, and rude at least that is the words I would put to it now.
 He took a few pictures of me back then which is not odd in itself but what these pictures were of was strange for him to take or even keep. Like any little girl sitting in a dress modesty isn’t the first priority. Each of these pictures you could see up my dress some even seeing part of my private area. He has never let me forget he still has these pictures.
  I still remember my parents telling me when we left Tillicum to go to St.Loius, Washington for my parents to go to Bible School that Kekel would be coming with us. It bothered me that my mother and father did seem to mind how rude he was to others.
 They keep telling me he is your elder obey and respect him. My parents gave most adults in my life the freedom to spank me as they saw fit. Kekel was no exception. This included flipping me over pulling up my dress and pulling down my underwear and spanking me. (This gave a lot of men free access to me)
 It seemed like I was getting spanked over and over that trip. Spanking gave freedom for touching. (Why was I spanked by him with my parents present?)   I look back on this now it seemed he had a thing for little girls’ bottoms even back then. This began my fear of this man. Over the years he would never let me forget he was my elder and how the bible said for me to respect him. 
This was just the small step into guys and sex with me.  I knew if a man told me I was in trouble a bare butt spanking was to follow. I don’t remember the name of every man that touched but I will never forget the moments. Spankings included more than just swats in many cases. I will say this there were times that swats were the only thing that happened.
St. Louis carries so many mixed emotions for me for throughout my life there were people that treated me well and those that didn’t.  It is in St.Loius that I started school. I loved my teacher but hated the principal. His name was Rudy. When I was sent to his office he would threaten me with the belt and then would touch me in weird ways. I told my mom and she just told me then be good and you won’t have to go to the office. I feared the touching more than I feared the belt.  He told me at 5 years old he had different feelings towards people then others did. He said He loved men and little girls not women. I asked him why he got married and he said they made him do it. No one believed me when I shared what he said. At the time I had no idea what that meant.
I will never forget this next scene as long as I live. My parents went to the bible school so I like all other students’ kids went to babysitters which were anyone you could get to watch your child for cheap at crazy hours. One of my many babysitters were the Kellys (think that is the right spelling). They had a son by the name Tim I believe. Being as young as I was he was probably 17 to early twenties. One day I was wearing a dress my mom had made for she was a seamstress. It was yellow with flowers and lace on the ruffles. This particular day I was wearing homemade blue underwear. What engraves this day into my mind was until that day I knew there was a difference between male and female but had not seen the difference.  Their son took me into his room pulled down his pants showed me his private area laid me on his bed then told me to show him my private area. I said I didn’t want to but he pulled my underwear down anyway. I thought at that point he was going to spank me since I had refused to show on my own. He put his fingers in my private area and then just smiled at me. He had me get dress and we went out of the room.  I tried to tell my mother but she just told me to not make up stories. She talked to me about being obedient to elders also said you wouldn’t want people to make up stories about you. I was in kindergarten.  I had no access to TV or the outside world; let your mind think on this.
I lived in St. Louis for my kindergarten and first grade years. I attended the borg day school as they called it. There were many men that had access to me some I don’t remember their names but I will never forget how they treated me. Davis was no exception. I don’t know if he loves butts or breasts more. He had this thing for grabbing my butt when I was little and when I was older the touching changed.  It always puzzled me that ministers were told to never been alone with members especially women/children but yet that didn’t apply to him.
He had this thing for insulting kids. He would tell little boys you aren’t a boy you are a sissy girl. Remember one day a little boy finally pulled his pants to proof he was a boy. The parents were more upset at their son then they were at Davis for pushing to that point. 
You may think they are just hiding perverts but in reality it is perverts hiding perverts.  Insulting the righteous for fear of their own sin coming to light.

NTCC Ministers Joan and Ralph St. Clair Sexually Abused and Endangered Their Daughter Julie
Ralph St. Clair Raped his daughter, Julie shares, and even got her pregnant!  Joan let this happen. Allegedly both of them knew others were sexually  abusing and spanking their daughter Julie, including then-time NTCC President Rodger Wilson Davis and his son-in-law the current NTCC CEO,
Michael Craig Kekel.

This leads me to the beginning of the sexual stuff with my father at the age of 7. At first it was just touching. He would use every reason in the book to touch. Once he said he feared a rash so called me into his room and made me take off my underwear to touch. Why would he think a rash when I had made no indication of there being an issue down there?
At this time my parents had started a new servicemen’s home in Texas which is now the Ft. Hood, Texas servicemen’s home. Many men came through that place while we were there. Some okay and some as much as a prevent as my father. (we moved to 4 different homes in my 2nd grade year)   I think the reason for moving one of the times was I had said something to the neighbor about not liking how men touched me. This began the rule of what happens in our home stays in our home because the sinful world doesn’t understand how God wants us to live.

Rodger Wilson Davis Prophet? Or Pedophile?  NTCC founder and long time President de facto
Rodger Wilson Davis Prophet?! or Pedophile?!

  I remember Davis coming through and being scared of him. The first time he came through we were in the first home which had a converted garage. This is the place we held what I call the insulting sessions. (Some would call it church)  My father didn’t share the gospel. He just got up and told everyone how horrible they were. Anyways Davis came and that night he said He wanted to talk to me. I told him I had to go to bed. He told me what he says is over what my parents say. This night he explained the chain of command. It was Davis then my father and then my mother. He told me he had the right to change any rules my parents gave me. We were in the converted garage and as the norm insulting session began by this age I had low self –esteem. He also did sexual stuff to me. My father didn’t even stop or question him about pulling me aside in that room nor when he decided he would be put me to bed himself. This I believe started me hating the bedroom. It was no longer a good place anymore.

Playing Church - Caution NTCC Church Meeting - May "Trigger" or Bring Up BAD Memories - Length:  4 Seconds
Above Video:  NTCC Minister Ralph St. Clair (hiding behind a NTCC Pulpit) is accused of raping his daughter.

The sexual abuse of my father didn’t stop it continued until my marriage to Donny Ridgeway. What helped me survive it was I had an awesome brother John St.Clair.
 The scenes continued with only touching until I moved to Louisiana. Louisiana is where it began to get worse. Some details of Louisiana is too painful to type.  A lot of spankings happened here. Some of the stuff happened by other ministers from other denominations. No area I lived in excluded sexual spanks from many men.
One person that was good to me there was Chris Kinson complete with his van that started with a screw driver. I hated when he moved from Louisiana because he was so kind to me.
Be careful how you treat children for the good and bad are engraved in them. It is important to apologize to a child when wrong; for it will change what pain they carry into adulthood.
In Louisiana the touching continued until I turned 9 that is where full sex began. I didn’t understand it but the sexual stuff threw me into early puberty. I had 36 C  breasts by 9 ½. This caused some ill development. ( by the age of 10 some people thought I was 18)
There were a few men that lived near us which started having sex with me. At first it would seem that they acted alone but I began to complain about going over to their house. They had kids that I was supposed to be visiting but some times when I was sent over there they weren’t there. My father didn’t seem to care almost like he knew what was happening. My mother started having many health issues and I became even more important to my father with his sexual needs. This is when the journey began of having sex with my father started until I was 16 and married.
Once again it was the love of my brother that carried me through. Like all states I lived in we moved a lot. One of the places we lived while in Louisiana was the projects. Now I love of races of people but there was an interesting part about living in the projects. There at that time you had the black side of town and the white side of town. We were living in the black side of town the only white people in that neighborhood. We would leave our windows up since it was hot. One night this young man came into my window because he wanted some with a white girl. I begged him to leave for he had woke me out of a dead sleep. After he left I was scared so I went to my parents. They just laughed at me and they blow it off. A day or two later my mom was in my room and she found a condom. She got angry at me about having it and told me it belonged in the garbage. It had fluid in it yet my mom didn’t care where it came from. (Her action just floors me now)  My brother found out and was quite upset for me. He offered to sleep in the same room as me which led us to sleeping in the living room. This was one of the few places we had our own rooms. He slept in the same room I slept in until the day we move out of that place.

 Nine months after I turned 9 we moved back to St. Louis where my father began teaching in the bible school. We lived first in a duplex by the old NTCC building.  The sexual stuff continued with my father.  Davis never stopped touching me when opportunity was given.  Over the next few years we stayed in Missouri. During that time many men had their way with me which include me getting pregnant while in St.Loius. (Doctors say due to the early sex, pregnancies, miscarriages, etc. it led me to have female issues as well as difficult pregnancies with the 2 kids I have) When I lived on Vermont Ave in one of the houses that flowed back and forward ownership between people in the borg Davis would sometimes park his RV by those group of houses. One I was told he wanted to talk to me in his RV. I went in there. This time unlike others time where his wife was in the RV as well, he was alone this time. He asked if I had been spanked for disobeying him. I told him this time I had not told my father so no I had not been spanked. He decided since I had failed to tell my father of my wrong he would spank me himself. Like I said before people had the freedom to spank whenever they felt the need especially leaders in the borg.  He told me to pull down my underwear and bend over his lap. I had been so trained fighting never crossed my mind. That day the underwear came off and there was more than spanking and touching. Though this was the only time he strayed from spanking and the touching only, I will never never forget that day.*

*At the time that this was written, Julie considered all violations of her body that were sexual in nature to be rape or sex acts.  All of these acts would be considered sexual crimes committed by Davis, and some have different legal terms.  We asked Julie specifically about this sentence because it appears to mean that the only time that Davis did anything other than spank or touch her was on this occasion.  When Julie used the word 'touching' she clarified to us that it included oral sex, and other sexual violations of her body that did not include sexual intercourse.  A child who grows up in this type of atmosphere has no idea what all the terms are and what the legal implications are.  She was taught to blame herself for all of Davis' actions and Ralph and Joan's also. Julie confirmed that this was the only time she and Davis had sexual intercourse.  But there were many other times when the touching mentioned in the above paragraph was referring to other types of sexual acts such as oral sex and molestation. At the time this was written, Julie was still processing all of the horrible things that happened to her.  Even today, people have different definitions of what sex is, what intercourse is, and there are also many legal descriptions that define many actions that even people who are not a victim have a hard time understanding.  Bill Clinton even tried to get away with saying that oral sex was not sex.  He said: "I did not have sex with that woman".  How hard is it for a victim of many sexual crimes to distinguish all of the terms and legal definitions? Julie also was just starting to share her story and felt uncomfortable which is normal.  How many of you would like to admit that some old pedophile raped you and did other horrible things to you?  If you put yourself in the victims shoes and stop trying to justify the actions of the wicked, you might understand a little better what she went through.

By this time so many men had spanked, touched, and had sex with me. Some of them I only knew by name Bro. others I have trouble saying or even typing their names but I will never forget the moments. I didn’t know all this was called sex until I got married. I will say this borg is led by some very power hungry and sexually driven people. It is a sexual ring that they like to put God and the church stamp on.
This takes us to Lakewood, Washington. I hope things would be different but they just got more intense in the sexual department. Like I said before the sexual stuff was still continuing with my father. In Washington is where several of my pregnancies happened including the one with my father.  One of the ladies in the church who had 3 kids of her own, was such a great help to me. I wish I had told her that it wasn’t teen rebellion that I got pregnant. She only discovered one of my pregnancies which I am surprised she noticed one. (She unfortunately dead later in a car crash)
I had my weight scrutinized all the time. If I gained 1lb on a diet I was put. This started at the age of 8. If I looked fat I was humiliated by my father and the leaders. I got married 3 months before my 17th birthday and weight 120lbs and was told I was fat by Davis and Ashmore thought it was pretty funny when I began to cry. He always thought it was funny whenever Davis, Kekel, or any other man got on me for anything. Ashmore has had his time with me as well. It is very hard to talk about it.

NTCC Executive Board Member James Ross Ashmore - Alleged NTCC Sexual Predator Hiding Sex Crimes with Children Behind a Religious Title and Cheesy Smile
James Ross Ashmore - Alleged NTCC Sexual Predator Hiding Sex Crimes with Children Behind a Religious Title and Cheesy Smile

In Lakewood there were a few different men that came through the church that had their way with me. (I sometimes wonder if they were brought into the church by my father to have their way with me)  Mind you I know for a fact I wasn’t the only little girl sex toy my father had. My father would make sex remarks from the pulpit that were so wrong.
When we moved into Lakewood they brought all the civilians from Tillicum Washington to begin the church. One thing I think is so down right stupid is why force and I mean force people to leave a military church because they are civilians. Believe me the military don’t hate civilians. There might be a few but not all. Why not get them an opportunity not a man-date. Oh I am sorry that would go against your controlling ways. You say you are not part of the mean, controlling, and prejudices people. Then why do you act like them. 
Anyways back to what I was talking about. They moved two men into the Lakewood civilian church mind you. They were supposed to help pay the bills. So my father could be full-time. (Are you joking?) Well it started out the guys would have the full attic to themselves. My brother, my parents, and I would have the 3 bedrooms on the first floor. I had a new bedroom in the fact the niceness one I had ever had before.  Davis came to see the house. He said I didn’t deserve the room I was in because I didn’t pay rent like the guys so up to the attic I went. Being in the attic away from everything started the free access to me by one of the men living there. Sex between us in the attic happened quite often. All he had to do is wait for my parents to be a sleep and up he would come. When others in the church couldn’t watch me this man Lange would do the watching. I was so scared of him. A few times my father came upstairs caught him coming out and didn’t seen bought by it. It was one of those times it hit me he knew what was happening just like himself.
My parents wouldn’t take me serious. My mother accused me of lying because I had hate for men in my heart. I didn’t hate men at that time but I was very confused about everything. A preacher in another one of the Washington churches at the time heard of my supposed lies. (This man had some overseeing of at least the Lakewood church I think……all I know is he had say over who lived in the house) He ended up talking to me and I was shaking and crying uncontrollably. He said the men were to move out immediately. I was shocked he took me seriously. I guess Lange was known for his sexual problems. I wish I would have been brave enough to tell this man what my father was doing but he was friends with my father. I feared that it would be back to having both my father and Lange under my roof.
In time we moved to the Tillicum servicemen’s home. I was scared I didn’t want to go. There were so many men and no one to stop them. Those that know the lay-out of that servicemen’s home will know when I say no one cared where my room was in that place. My parent’s room was on one side of the kitchen and my room was on the other side of the kitchen and bathroom. There were the good and the bad ones that came through there. There were two G.I.’s that made me feel most safe and I was so upset anytime duty called them away. I knew my father didn’t care but these men did.
I hated sleeping in that place because I never knew who would show up and when. I had a lot of sexual encounters with men there. Finally one G.I. decided I needed a lock on my door. My father decided the leaders needed to be contacted about this. Davis said as long as this G.I. paid for everything involving it he could go ahead. My father didn’t offer a dime or any help at all. I remember it got broke and no one wanted to take claim for the breaking of it. It didn’t get fixed for a while. I was accused of destroying property because I had no idea what happened. My theory is sense I had a key I always locked it before leaving since anyone could come in while gone; I think someone tried to break in while my parents and were gone. A caring parent would have fixed it right away before any other duty in that home.
By this point in my life I had had a few pregnancies; internally physically and emotionally I was a hurting mess. I then got married and the road that led to that is a whole another story.
There are details of the sexual stuff I am unable to type out but I hope you will stop and think about what I did share. Are you paying for a child to be sexually scarred for life? With your money there is more time for sex with the unwilling participates.

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