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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Davis Hides His Sin by Having Barbara Norton Abandon her Daughter Lisa and Handicapped son Terry - Forked Tongued Ashmore Smeared Them

The following comments were left on the previous thread entitled:
Are All these Girls Lying?  Pam Norton and Lori Kelly Testimonies

Lisa said...

I will never ever forget the day Barbara Norton so called mom woke me up to tell me she was leaving my dad to be a preacher in Seattle. I came downstairs. Davis and his men took everything out of the house my handicap brother Terry and I where watching them take everything out she took down the Christmas tree and the presents she had under the tree where for her new church family she made sure to tell us. I remeber standing there it was Christmas morning she left Terry and I our beds and one dresser for us to share. Davi[s] and Barbara said I was evil and had the Mark of the beast on my forehead

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 8:40:00 PM
Lisa said...

They took all the food. I am in my head being only 15 yrs old thinking it's Christmas how and what do I do for Terry.. My dad was working 35hrs for extra money. Barbara. Was yelling because I had this panino
I bought and I sold it. How she wanted the money to use to leave dad she found the money and gave it to Davis for tithe.. I use to volunteer for meals on wheels they would give me tip money I would hide it she would find it and
Give to Davis for tithe offering whatever.....I just stared at hurt she was yelling it over and over it was just Terry and I and her. Davis had our stuff she was to meet him

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 8:51:00 PM
Lisa said...

I just stood there in a daze. . The only reason Davis thought I was evil is because she would listen to my phone conversations with Lori. I told Lori. I would never let some man wake me up and tell me to fix his food I was a slave to Barbara never would I ever let some man treat me like his trash.. I told her I would punch him in the nose. I always thought if I fix you food it's because I want to.... She never ever listen to anything my dad asked or said to her.. He could say the sky was blue she would say red just to tick him off.she was very very mean to my dad

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 9:03:00 PM
Lisa said...

A part of me had this big smile I found my way out of prison I was going to be free from her from the church from. Davis all of the stuff it was like a weight was lifted I could breath for the first time in my life. Then there was a part of me feeling so rejected and knowing I was never wanted or ever loved that was the hurt because no matter you have to stand there and realize. You really was her trash, damaged goods. I was nothing but damaged. You can't even look at yourself because of the ugliness of what your where inside and out... Davis and Barbara made sure to let me know. That I was the devil he was inside of me...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 9:13:00 PM
Lisa said...

As I watched her and the rest of the people leaving and take everything out of the house so they could meet Davis. I went to this dark side that I have welcomed so many times... I sat there looking around there was nothing but the tv and couch. I kept telling myself over and over come on snap out of this... I looked at Terry he started to cry I got scared he was rocking back and forth back and forth again I. Felt like I was drowning it was hard to breath the air was so stiff.... I kept saying to myself Lisa be strong your the adult now your pregnant with Johnny. baby you are all alone help Terry..

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 9:20:00 PM
Lisa said...

As Terry rocked back and forth screaming taking his hands. Putting them on his ears. Screaming no no no why is she leaving Lisa... Ii just sat there he asked me if she left because he wet the bed ? I was like no he looked at me with the sweetest face saying she said. It was my fault for wetting the bed . Then she said it was your fault for being a whore he asked me did you sleep with people I told him no ..I was so shocked she said this to him.. He kept saying she hated us and then he was crying harder and harder... I can't explain how I stood up my legs felt like jello

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 9:32:00 PM
Lisa said...

Somehow I stood up gave him a hug and told him it was going to be ok I was here for him and I love you. I told him to see if we at least had two glasses and plates that I would be back. I walked to the corner store it was so cold she took almost all my clothes and gave them to somebody and my winter coat... I found a big purse and one dollar the people at the store loved and trusted me. I went in there they had some shoppers I opened my purse I stole. As much food As I could. There was this box of candy I stole for Terry to have a present.. I took that dollar and bought a 2 liter of soda

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 9:41:00 PM
Lisa said...

I came home and ran up the stairs. I knew where there was warping paper and tape. . I wrapped the candy up came down stairs and looked at him and said hey Terry mom. Forgot she didn't. Take your present it's right here a big smile came over his face as he unwrapped his gift smiling ear to ear going I knew she loved me she will be back she will I am like Terry we'll until that happens I have a Christmas dinner for us. I took the food out of the bag and I stole hotdogs bread little stuff there was no dishes we sat there on the kitchen floor and eat cold hot dogs on bread and chips and we both drank out of the two,liter

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 9:49:00 PM
Lisa said...

It made me snap out of it seeing him laugh and smile..I just there while he watched tv and thought to myself I can do this I can be the mom to him and the baby that I don't want but I have to do this... I helped my brother gave him bath and I took my sheet off. Of my bed so he could dry off his body helped him put on his pj and tucked him into bed... I stayed awake waiting for my dad he came home hours later I told him everything gone we have left over hot dogs as I made him food he was in a fetal. Position. Crying what do I do. I had no answers He looked at me and told me

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 9:56:00 PM
Lisa said...

We Had this agreement that he would work I would take care of Terry and the house and all the stuff my mom use to do ... I would draw him bath water lay his clothes and Terry I would do the same... My dad went into this please call her and beg her back. I was like no never. He would be okie we'll I won't buy food I would lie and tell him I talked to her.. I don't know if it was all the stress or what but I did loose the baby the best day of my life..... Barb when she was given permission to call. It was horrible dad would cry Terry would cry because he missed her.. I was the one left dealing with everyone.......

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 10:03:00 PM
Lisa said...

I was born and as I grew Barbara Norton would tell me not to worry. About doing good in day school because I was in training to be a preachers wife that school was not important. She would always say. Your husband will support you. And you will be his wife. .. I went to bible college at 12 yrs old I did graduate when I was 14 I made straight A. In bible school. She had my life already planned. Before I. Even knew who I. Was. The one thing I knew is I was more lonely In my life then ever... It's weird how you can go to church and smile when deep,down inside you where so tired and unhappy..

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 10:14:00 PM
Lisa said...

I am so sorry if I keep go back and forth as the memories. Come back it's so much to handle I have to stop and take a shower I just fill so filthy and nasty for what has happened to me. After I lost the baby I did call Barbara in Seattle. And told her Johnny Jordan, raped me and I was pregnant by him and lost the baby. She called me a liar and told me Davis told her I would make up,lies about him because he did want me up there..she was yelling over the phone saying I was the one that if it happened I tempted him. Davis told her I was the one that told him I loved him and wanted him

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 11:16:00 PM
Lisa said...

Barbara, was like Davis said we are living in these last days. And people would rise and cause problems in the church tempting the brothers and. I was the reason the brothers sinned. She was yelling saying she wouldn't let alittle whore like me bring down her church.. Eve.n when John was caught and PAm told her see she wasn't lying to this day she still believes. It was my fault...... Going back to Dec 25. when she left she told me I was. Thorn in her side that she was removing she spit on the ground and said I will never have the likes of you around ..

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 11:24:00 PM
Lisa said...

The next day still confused. I called Lori told her I needed her. She came over and I told her everything we kind of looked at each other. And she said this year my mom died and your mom left. I was crying she put her arms around me saying will get through this. I learned how to grieve. As if Barbara died. But she was still alive. The 26 of dec Lori and I and my family had white castles it was our Christmas meal... Lori and I would look at each other going Barbara never loved me her mom died she was wonderful. It was like how do we start life Lori looked at me and said one day at a time

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 11:32:00 PM
Lisa said...

I do want to go back and say. My mom did love the children at church but when she babysit them she spanked them as we'll... There was this little blonde boy he dripped jelly on the floor she took a switch to him. Any child that she watch if they made her mad did get a spanking from her.there was a 6month old baby he kept crying she took his diaper off and smacked him on the butt ... If she is watching your child or children they are getting spanked....Barbara was never allowed to be with my little girl. ... She said my child was a spoiled bratt

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 11:39:00 PM

Let's Summarize what happened here.  Pam, Lisa and Terry were all children of Barbara Norton Warwick.  Pam married Johnny Jordan who was Davis's right hand man, and worked for him in the office.  Lisa was Pam's younger sister who had just finished bible school at the age of 14.  Terry was their Handicapped brother.  Lisa and Terry both lived with Barbara.  

Some time shortly after Lisa finished bible school, she was raped by Johnny Jordan, her older sister Pam's Husband.  Keep in mind that Pam was still a minor being about 16 years old at the time.  Davis was using his position of power to molest Pam while Johnny was working for him.  He illegally raped Pam using his finger to penetrate her, while feeling her up.  By the way, this makes Davis a child molester and a child rapist according to law.  All of the sudden, a couple months later, Lisa is pregnant, and it can't be hidden.  

Davis decides to hide his sin and influences Barbara Norton to abandon Lisa who is 15 and pregnant, and to abandon her handicapped son Terry.  Davis and his helpers come to their house during Christmas and take everything out of the house that has any value including the Christmas tree and all of the Christmas Presents.  They took the furniture, most of Lisa's clothes, her coat, and all of the food out of the house. The Grinch was a saint compared to Davis.

At least the Grinch grew a heart and gave back Christmas.  Davis stole girls' innocence by molesting and raping them.  He then lied to the congregation about them so that nobody would help them or believe them when they told what he did.

Davis and Barbara Norton told Lisa that she was evil and had the Mark of the beast. They left Lisa and Terry with their beds and one dresser.  A pregnant 15 year old Lisa was left with her handicapped brother crying and wondering why he had been abandoned.  Although he was 21, Terry had the mind frame of an 8 year old.  Having nothing to eat, Lisa went to the store and stole groceries and bought a 2 liter bottle of soda with her last dollar.  Lisa and Terry had cold hot dogs and bread on Christmas and drank from the same two liter bottle because Davis the Grinch stole all of their glasses.

When you know all the stories from these girls, and from some others who have shared what Davis did to them, you see this pattern.  If Davis can seduce the girl and molest her freely, she can stay and be his sex toy.  If his child molesting techniques fail, he discredits the girl and gets her thrown out on the street.  In short, with Davis it is:


Barbara left Lisa; and Davis had his forked tongue servant, Ashmore, conduct a smear campaign.  Ashmore is also a wicked man; and he made it a point to discredit Lisa so that nobody would know what really happened.  Ashmore deceitfully and knowingly lied about Lisa, saying she was a whore and a slut; but she was a victim of rape. Lori Kelley, who was also left to fend for herself after her mother died, was Lisa's life-long best friend and they both were disparaged and lied about by Ashmore to cover Davis' sins.  Davis hid Johnny Jordan by moving him up to Washington state and thereby covered up Johnny's rape of Lisa.  After all, Davis was molesting and raping Johnny Jordan's underage wife Pam; and what would stop Johnny from spilling his guts if Davis outed him?  

Ashmore allegedly smears Lori K. and Lisa N. calling them SLUTS and WHORES.
"Lisa and I witnessed many things with that
 church Ashmore calling us names saying
 we're sluts and from the world to stay away
 from us and kicked us out of church"
-- shared by Lori K.

Sisters Pam and Lisa back in the day.
Sisters Pam and Lisa back in the day.

We want these ladies and anyone else torn down by abuse to know, they are more than the liars say. They are precious in God's eyes.  Here are a few songs about that.

UPDATE 2-28-2014
Anon a mouse contributed this excellent video and resource info for a group called BACA - Bikers Against Child Abuse.  These Bikers dedicate their time to protect and empower children who have been abused.

If you are being molested and or abused get help from outside NTCC:

1)  Call the police and tell them about the abuse and that you are in a cult.

2)  Call BACA in your area by finding the chapter closest to you:
      BACA Chapter Locator:  http://bacaworld.org/chapters/

3)  DO NOT Tell ANYONE Attending the NTCC - They have a history of attacking victims and of hiding abusers by moving victims, abusers, or both!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Are All These Girls Lying? Pam Norton and Lori Kelley Testimonies

Following are testimonies from Pam Norton and Lori Kelley detailing some of the child abuse that they either experienced first hand or witnessed first hand. The blog authors, Don and Ange, have added some commentary expressing our opinions and some plain facts in italics. We obtained permission from both ladies to share their testimonies. They want to help other children escape such abuses that, we believe, continue in today's NTCC.  If you are a parent, please listen to your children.  If they say someone is hurting them or touching them, report it to the police. Don't report it to the church, or you will be treated as a personal threat to them.  Don't let your child suffer.

Pam Norton shares her personal experience of child abuse in NTCC:

Devil-Dub Davis Masquerades as an Angel Of Light. We see his true colors.
 Devil-Dub Davis Masquerades as an
 Angel of Light. We see his true colors.

Davis made sexual advances towards me when I was a teenager. When I finally did speak up and began to tell people such as olson, he said he could not accept it; and it would be best for me to find another church to go to. He also said I had to have 3 witnesses. And when I told kekel, he did not do anything.

Failure to report suspected child abuse is a crime. Ministers are required by law to report any and all allegations of child abuse to the police.  Both olson and kekel failed to do so. That is a crime.  Do you think that the police would accept olson and kekel's excuse that a child needs three witnesses?  How many witnesses are usually around when a 60 year old pervert, molests, rapes and abuses a child?

Pam Back In The Day. :-)
Pam :`)
When I told my mother, one of her negative comments that she had made several years ago was, "Out of all the pretty girls, why would he pick you?" To this day we have no relationship because of this. She says that I'm lying and that God will judge me for this.

This attitude of barbaric barbara norton is very telling. We suspect she had personal feelings of lust for davis and was jealous that her daughter was getting this unwanted attention.  We also suspect that barbara sees herself as being ugly, and is projecting her own self-loathing onto her innocent daughter. By her actions and utter failure as a parent, it is barbara norton-warwick who has proven herself to be Uugly.

Davis knew what he was doing. He came to my apartment when my [then time] husband, [now ex-husband] Johnny Jordan was at work. ([At this time] my husband was employed by davis; and so davis  knew where Johnny was at all times.) Davis told me I was pretty; and he wanted to 'make love' to me. Davis had his hands down my pants, on my breast etc. and fondled my body to put it bluntly.  The worst thing he did was that Davis penetrated me with his finger, which is legally considered rape.   I really did not believe he was sinning at the time. I remember asking God "Why do you allow him to do this to me?"!!   Then he gets up and preaches fire and brimstone; and yet the very next day he would do it all over again. I began to tell myself that it's ok. It's pastor. This is how sick I was in my thinking. Thinking it was ok and he could not sin.

Clearly there was torment as Pam, this young girl trained in this sick CULTure, struggled to balance what was morally wrong with what she had been brainwashed to believe was an action from a "pastor" or "man of Gawd".  Even grown men and women have similarly yielded to the ntcc's mind-control tactics and done things to conform to this controlling group's sick standards of ultra-obedience to the so-called "men of Gawd".

Davis would also give me money. Sometimes, by the end of the week I had more money than my husband did. Johnny would ask me where the money came from; and I told him "Rev. Davis gave it to me." My friends would wonder how we had nice things like decent clothes; and why we had money.  I realize now that Davis was basically paying me to shut my mouth over a period of time. Davis did not love me like I thought he did, like a daughter. Davis was using me to get in my pants and that's all it was.

Recently on Facebook Pam shared this:

Ok, my Facebook friends and family, I am really upset and ticked off right now!! To those of you out there who just can't believe that you're precious so called Reverend Davis raped me when I was 16 years of age can kiss my beeeeeeeeep!!!!! I can care less what you think!!!! Davis will be judged for not only what he's done to me, but to those he has lied to, manipulated, taken advantage of, to the families out there he has ripped apart, to the precious innocent children he has groomed for years to take advantage of etc. etc. Hopefully, before it's too late you too will see the damage that's going on in YOUR CHURCH!! In the meantime, I didn't ask for your opinion nor is it welcome!!!!


Lori Kelley commented on Pam's Facebook status and shared:

Pam. I am sorry this happened to you.AND ALL the others in that Cult,I remember when mom died how they taunted dad and GAVE HIM GRIEF..NOT HELPING US WITH MY MOMS ILLNESS THINKING SHE WAS A BLACK SHEEP AND WAS CAUGHT UP IN THE WORLD,they didn't care if my mom was sick we went to go see MR..Davis to help us with the medical bills we was rejected.then after mom passed my dad was told to kick Vikki and I out of house and kick us to the curb forced to sale house and dad moved to North Carolina with 2 girls living with strangers and on the streets...Lisa and I witnessed many things with that church Ashmore calling us names saying we're sluts and from the world to stay away from us and kicked us out of church,I also have witness a little 3 old baby being repeatedly molested by her father in my father's car while taking them to church,wife stated to me I found blood in her panties,she was only allowed to sit on father's lap on the way to church staring at me silently asking for help from me little did I know what was going on,if I would of known what I know today that precious baby would have not of went through that. Also I am sorry for Lisa [Pam's sister], you  [Pam] not knowing all the terrible things she [Lisa] went through with your mom [Barbara Norton-Warwick], she [Lisa] was abused and tormented,the beatings the verbal abuse the sadness and the weakness,the dating of older men when she was just a little girl,Your Mother should of layed down the law and protected you girls what kind of mother does this to her children,They all will pay for their sins and I hope they all rot in He... Lori Kelley XX Member.......

Don and Ange say:

This is horrible stuff.  Pam, please don't ever blame yourself for any of this stuff. You were a child that was co-erced into marrying a sick dude [Johnny Jordan, convicted later of forcing sex acts on a child] at a young age. You were put in a horrible position, where the most powerful man in the ntcc was using you as an object for his own perverse gratification.  There are people who have killed themselves for less than this; but you have managed to escape it all and have a wonderful family of your own.  You should have never had to go through any of this as a child and as a minor.  Mind control is a horrible thing. Davis is a sick pedophile and predator.  By sharing this testimony you are exposing Davis and showing the world how the ntcc was built, and what kind of leaders that Davis surrounded himself with.  Everyone thinks that Olson is pure as the wind driven snow, but anyone who refuses to listen to a victim of child molestation and rape, is an ungodly man and is guilty of enabling Davis to commit the same sick deeds over and over.  Don't think that Olson wasn't guilty of his own sexual promiscuity.  We've heard otherwise.  

Lori, thank you for verifying Pam and Lisa's testimonies. We know you too have witnessed much and are grateful you are willing to stand with these ladies as they tell their life stories in an attempt to prevent future abuses in this group.  What davis and ashmore did to you and your family and Lisa is disgusting.

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Johnny Dean Jordan Sex Offender - Mobile Format Series

Former NTCC Minister Michael Fontenot Convicted of Child Rape - This last true story also demonstrates the New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. top leaders willfully endangering ntcc children by welcoming convicted child rapist Michael Fontenot into the church without notifying the ministers or congregation of his crime of raping his own daughter.  This true story, told by the victim's mother, clearly shows a precedence of ntcc leaders covering for child abusers while leaving the victims to fend for themselves.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sweet Sixteen And Never Been Kissed? What A Joke!

Future Bible School
Students being Groomed
for Marriage Early
An Arranged Marriage in Syria reminds us of how the ntcc forces children to age-up and sex-up.

Julie shares the Following Testimony:

Wow sometimes I don’t know which part of my life is the hardest to share for it seems like just one messing pile. This though I feel is an important one for I know how others might view without this information. I do not have even little detail but I will share what I do know. What led to my teen marriage in NTCC? Now first off I want to say if you had a teen marriage it was successful and lasted my hat goes off to you. What led to my marriage just wasn't right. Even at ten and eleven I knew I would be married young it was just a given as long as they found someone to do it. I was wearing high heels by the time I was 11 some when I was 10. I would twist my ankle and fall a lot. What were they thinking having a child one with cerebral palsy no less having her wear high heels. Oh I forgot they felt directed by God. What made someone think little girls wearing them was a good idea was crazy. I would have to wear them at school at times as everything I wore was chosen for me. Let’s see the children already had enough to make fun of me. This only added to the torment. They made fun of my cerebral palsy, the fact I couldn't keep up in school, the fact I couldn't walk normally, and how I dressed just to name a few. In fact “the retarded snail” or “the snail” is some of the names of the years. It wasn't surprising to me for it seemed to follow me even at home.

Girl in Leg Braces and Crutches Wears High Heels and a Dress. Video Link

As I got older my parents of trying to find me a spouse. I remember sitting a restaurant with my parents, Davis, and Verna; Davis was discussing me getting married. I was only 13 years old at this time. Davis made fun of the fact I still was not dating anyone yet….saying so no one wants you. I just looked at the ground and he just grunted and said “Even she is embarrassed of herself.” Then turned to my parents saying it made be hard to find someone willing to marry someone like her people just don’t want a handicap retard person as a wife. I sat there feeling so worthless and like I had failed somehow in life. I felt it was my fault I had cerebral palsy and that I was being a burden to those around me. I carried the feeling I was a burden for years.

Donny and Julie Both Had Cold Feet, But
their  Marriage Was Arranged By GAWD
(Davis) The Grand Poobah of Match Making

When they decided to poof my hair, one thing I remember about this moment; is it being said that me not having poofy hair was added to no man wanting me. I would be very upset if someone tried to fix up my child with an adult. I will never forget the day I had to start poofing my hair. I was 14 years old. I had already been wearing pantyhose and high heels since 11 years old. Tanya Kekel came over and took me up to the attic in the Lakewood house which was my room. She sat me down and without warning began poofing my hair. I began to cry for I didn't want the hair do. I was told I would get the belt if I didn't stop and go forward with a willing attitude. I feared who would be giving it so I numbed the pain away. (My father or Kekel)

At an Early Age Debbie Johnson Kinson Shows Some Leg Before the Camera.  At 
This Time the Girls were Swooning Over "The Hot Rock Star" Vic Johanson as an Eligible Bachelor.

Though Other Girls Were Swooning, Edna Got The Prize, And They Are Still Married Today

The next month I was told who I was going to date and eventually marry. September conference 1988 I don’t know what those that were there that year remember but this is what happened in my life. First I want to share something I only know little bit about. On the way to that conference my father walked over to Donny’s car at a rest stop and said I heard you asked about my daughter. Now I was the further thing from Donny’s mind that day so what got it into my father’s head to do that I do not know. Maybe someone else knows something on that one. My parents had me ride in another person’s car so I wasn't present for this conversation. From that point to getting to conference it was decided we would have our first talking for I just don’t see it as a date.

Monday night we were chaperoned after the evening service at a local restaurant. This is after he had to ask the leader’s permission. That was crazy to say the least. This went on each night of the conference including having to ask permission. I believe my parents put a lot of pressure on him to talk (date) me. He talked nice to me but why would my parents not go: "My daughter is 14 years old just so you know; I don’t want you dating her",  I will never understand.

Donny didn't know how old I was at this time just from talking with me that I grew up most of my life in the group. We went back to Washington and since my parents went to Thursday night services at Graham. This is where we began to talk on what many know as the wall. He would have to ask permission from one of the leaders then go ask my father and my mother would say some stuff to him. Then we would sit and talk. It was a circus to even talk to me. This continued until He graduated from bible school the following year in which he left for San Antonio Texas. We began to write long distance. This was crazy as well for my mother had to both help read as well as write him back. We also talked on the phone with all calls being listened too. What craziness.

I don’t know all the details of this next moment but at the end of ’89 he decided he wanted to end and not marry such a young person. Not sure how Davis got wind of it but he did. Davis flew out to San Antonio and told Donny he couldn't end this he had to go through with it. People if that isn't control I don’t know what is.

The next year I turned 16. In the spring conference Donny proposal to me at a restaurant after church. The proposal was so crazy. He went to propose to me. My father wouldn't even let him do it the way he wanted and ended up making a scene in my opinion. Donny ended up doing it as my father wanted. (I look back on all this thinking this man had to deal with so much)

After this conference we went back to writing and talking on the phone. It began to be tossed about when we would get married by everyone but us. I wanted to go back to school and graduate even told my parents this many of times. So put on the face and go on with life. Then there came the talk of me not getting married until after I turned 17 and then there was talk of me spending some time in the dorm going to bible school. Then it went back to no we were getting married in my 17th year. So what happened next I wouldn't have accepted in a million years yet it isn't a surprised?

Fall conference of 1990 now that was beyond insane in my opinion. My parents and I came in from Washington to Missouri. I had a few new outfits which I was excited about at the time. My mother was acting strange like she had something on her mind but didn't share what she knew. We went to Monday blasting and put down session afterwards we went over to the talking building (fellowship hall to some) Davis walked up to me and said you are getting married Friday. You need to go get your license tomorrow. I stood shocked no one had ever said anything to me about this happening at this point. At first I thought maybe Donny had made plans I was unaware of but it just didn't add up that it would be the case with him. The next day my parents, Donny, and I went down to the court house I begged my father while I stood in the doorway of my parents room to let me wait I didn’t want to do it at this point. I didn't have my dress with me there were people I wanted to be there. Even though I didn't have the words I was trying to say I didn’t have the emotional ability to do this. My father wouldn't hear of it. He told me I could marry or the street would be my home since I was not allowed to stay at home anymore. 

We were at a servicemen’s home and Davis wanted my parents to go to another one but this time without me. I felt so lost at that time but I knew I must not let people know how I feel so the brave I am happy face went on. My parents signed the marriage papers agreeing to have their 16 year old to get married. We scrambled to try to decide what I was to wear. Finally realizing that my clothes would just have to do. My mother in all the scrambling made a comment, “I was going to bring your dress but there wasn't room.” Light bulb goes on….why would she bring the dress? Did she know about this already? Asked her but no real answer until later. Yes she knew here it was my life she was dealing with. If I was old enough to marry….why wasn't it my chose to how and when it happened? Later she admitted that she knew before we ever came to conference. Why was it a secret? So many whys for me. 

We began to continue to figure out what I had to take with me; for my parents would be first heading back to Washington before the next work and I was heading to San Antonio with my husband. It was insane the poor man (Donny) was not given any warning that he would be taking a bride home. He had used all his money to fix the car to get to conference and he had guys with him helping to pay the way to and from conference. They were left to scramble to get a ride home. We had to borrow money to just get from conference home to Texas. He wasn't even give time to be ready for me to even come to Texas. Then the day before the big day. I was so full of emotions not able to share with those around me the worse thoughts and feelings going through me for I was to be excited to get married. 

I had never lived life at all. I mean simple things like my hair was NEVER done by me. It was always done by my mother or whoever else was available. Who was going to do it now? How was I going to manage the little things….but who cares it was like ready or not here marriage comes. I had no basic skills to function in life. People barked orders and I followed. Every little thing was controlled in my life. Most part I had to have permission to go to the bathroom so being throw into marriage was to swim without lessons excepted not to drown. 

The next morning came. I was to be married. My parents were there and my brother too. I wasn't allowed to have anyone that I would choose to be there. Who was there was of Davis’ choosing mostly board members and their families. At least those that had not left already. That day I was nervous for the unknown. Donny or I knew hardly knew each other. I was a child lacking so much knowledge and led to believe a lot of things that weren't true. I was filled with emotional baggage. This is what Donny got handed with, "Congratulations on your marriage that you have no notice of and have no knowledge of the person you are marrying". Now there may be some details I am have forgotten to put in and some of the details only he would know but here is what led to me being married at 16 years old just a few months shy of my 17th birthday.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"This Is I" - Lisa's True Story About Barbara Norton Warwick's House of Horrors

Barbaric Barbara Norton-Warwick Accused of Torturing and Beating Her Children
 Barbaric Barbara
 Is She A Whited
 Sepulchre of Sin?
In the NTCC cult indoctrination school, sometimes called a bible school, sometimes a bible college, and now called a seminary, the students sometimes were given an assignment to write a paper called "This Is I".  Oddly, the paper was supposed to be all about that person's past life before coming to Christ for salvation.  When I attended the NTCC cult indoctrination school, I heard of this assignment and contemplated it.  Why would rodger wilson davis force students to re-live and reveal a past life when, from the pulpit and lectern, davis would teach the opposite - never discuss anything that was "under the blood" [ things that the blood of Christ had not simply covered, but removed and purged, God Himself casting those things as far as the east is from the west, and no longer to be remembered].  Why would davis contradict himself and God?  As I considered these things I made a decision.  I knew if davis assigned this paper while I attended his school of rules, I would not complete it as davis wanted - with my past life spelled out on paper for him to do who knows what with...  I felt very strongly about this.  I was determined:  If davis assigns this paper I will complete it thus:

This Is I - by Ange

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a newcreature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.  2 Corinthians 5:17
Now, I tend to think ahead.  So I knew this paper would not be well received by the dirt-digger, davis.  But I was set in my course.  As it happened, the paper wasn't assigned while I was there.

Now we have the testimony of a woman whose allegations should land several people in the place they belong - prison for child abuse, neglect, assault, and attempted murder.  davis too should be incarcerated; because he knew of abuse allegations, and failed to report it.  That alone makes me believe the allegations against him of being an abuser himself. Note there are multiple victims making these reports of abuse against davis and barbara norton warwick.  There are more voices too, who so far have remained silent.  But they are witnesses just the same.

Here is a list of comments left on previous posts. We have embedded them into this blog post and made their font color yellow.  Some of the comments are from other folks, but most of the comments in this post are by Lisa, and detail her living hell being raised in the NTCC by barbara norton (now warwick).  We have taken the cue from Lisa and titled this post "This Is I" - Lisa's True Story About Barbara Norton Warwick's House of Horrors.

Barbara Norton Warwick - She may look innocent here. But the below tell a very different story of terror.
Barbara Norton Warwick
She may look innocent here.
But the comments below tell
A very different story of terror.

Lisa said...

I. Want to say its good to chat wig you guys without getting permission. First of all I was raised in the church for 15 years it was horrible .. I was raped by Jhonny He was one offs is boy he was married to my sister Pam. He would always grab my butt I used to stay home from church because I was so sick all the time.. He would wait til my dad would be outside he would put his hand over my mouth and he would play with my virginia.. He did rape me I was a virgin I got pregnant by him thank God I lost the baby.. I told my sister she told Davis he said to her he was so sick of these girls lying on his boys moved Jhonny to Seattle Davis turned my family away from me I had no one I started drinking at 15. Prayed every. Ight for me to die. It was not until Jhonny was arrested recently for child abuse. That now my sister knows the truth.. Nobody understood me I became. Very sexually active because I did not care about my body. Davis always wanted to make excuses to spank me mash ire did spank me I could swear he looked up my dress the way he bent me over. I have blocked so much out because of the pain.. I am remembering he put his hand in my underwear and was rubbing me .... I can't believe this came back to me.... I think of all people that where aloud to spank me. This one lady watch me and pull my dress up and spanked me with a orange race car track that was plastic I remember It hurt to sit down there was whelks on my butt I would cry to sit down my mom said I was crying and deserved everything I got... There is so much I have to share with you group.. Them men are nasty old men I apologize if I misspelled some words my eyes are real bad now that. Is another story about my health

The Johnny Jordan Story ] said...
For those who don't know, the Johnny that Lisa is referring to is Johnny Jordan. Click the [blue] link above that cross references the Johnny Jordan story.

Allegedly, Johnny Dean Jordan Raped Lisa Getting Her Pregnant.  But Nobody Called The Police!
 Johnny Dean Jordan Raped Lisa Norton, she
 alleges, getting her pregnant at 15; but nobody
 called the police to report this crime!

Julie said...
Lisa said....First of all I was raised in the church for 15 years it was horrible.

It truly isn't your fault. I am glad that you are finding the courage to speak out. You are an amazing woman. You are special in God's eyes and don't ever forget it.

Thank you for not making me stand out here alone. It gives me the strength to keep telling what I know about the secrets in NTCC. People need the truth. I hope and pray more will see us standing up will feel encouraged to step out too. There are people who's hearts grieve for what we have gone through and hate that we suffered greatly.



Lisa said...
There is a lot more I want to share please forgive me if my thoughts in my head is bringing so back tho the pain.. My mom was no saint God in Heaven knows this is the truth.. My mom was very abusive to us kids shee would get mad at us and rip our clothes off one time she hit me so much I prayed for God to take me and make her stop. I am crying so hard now the pain I feel right now is so deep.. She would go to church and prYeverybody loved her she would come home and get so angry it could be I spilled milk and sit on top of me and she would hit me.. I went to church one time in the summer wearing a sweater she dug her claws in my throat choked me and ripped my clothes off. This one member picked us up from church I was told to tell him or anybody else that wonder why my shoes did not much tell them my brother pushed me out the door no she took my high heel and hit me with it over and over until she broke my shoe.. She would tell me all the time how ugly I was and the first person that ever said they would marry me she would sign the papers to get rid of me. She was horrible I was a whore to her I never had sex. Had no ideal what she was saying at Tahoe locked me in the closet in the dinning room there was mice in there they crawled over me to this day I can't see mice I will freak out I can't sleep.. She would get mad at my brother he was handicapp. She would make him where a dress. If him and I got in fight she would make us hug and kiss each other on the lips......She would call the brothers over they would take a belt to Terry and hit him over and over again.. I hate them for hurting him like thAt. I can't handle this right now I will tell you the rest I promise

Julie said...
Lisa said......There is a lot more I want to share please forgive me if my thoughts in my head is bringing so back tho the pain.. My mom was no saint God in Heaven knows this is the truth

Oh Lisa I totally understand what it means for the thoughts to bring pan to one's head. It makes it hurt beyond hurt it's self.

No you mother was not a saint. I remember being in St. Louis I was about 5 years old. I was sitting waiting for one of my parents to find me for the rule in my family was if I didn't know where one of my parents was then I was to stay sitting until one found me. If I didn't do this I got a beating from my mother which then followed with a beating from my father it was just how it worked. Your mother saw me sitting there told me to come with her. I tried to explain the rule I had to follow. She got very mad and grabbed me by my ponytail and pulled me until she found my mother. No one around even tried to stop what she did.

She found my mother and said here is your daughter she was hiding in the other room from you.

I tried to explain to my mother what really happened. I was taken out and my mother took a stick from by the trees and whipped me for not following the rules. Then when I got home and my father was told of my disobedience he then beat me too. I was then given a spoonful of black pepper to eat which always burned my mouth. My parents didn't wash my mouth out with soap it was always a tablespoon NOT a teaspoon of black pepper in the mouth.

Your mother's actions were bad and should have never happened to you or any child, Lisa.



Julie said...
This one member picked us up from church I was told to tell him or anybody else that wonder why my shoes did not much tell them my brother pushed me out the door no she took my high heel and hit me with it over and over until she broke my shoe.. She would tell me all the time how ugly I was and the first person that ever said they would marry me she would sign the papers to get rid of me......

The fact that your mother would make you go to church with mismatch shoes is so mean.

I know the feeling about being told you are ugly. I use to wonder if I could ever be like the "Ugly Duckling Story" if there was a way to one day become beautiful then I would think I don't think I would ever be that lucky.

Oh the signing papers to the first person that agreed to marry now that sounds all to familiar to me for I lived it.

Lisa said...She was horrible I was a whore to her I never had sex. Had no ideal what she was saying at Tahoe locked me in the closet in the dinning room there was mice in there they crawled over me to this day I can't see mice I will freak out I can't sleep..

Lisa just because you didn't understand her words did not give her a right to lock you in a closet no action deserves that reaction. I understand being freaked out by mice with what happened in the past. I have things because of the past still freak me out even to this day.



Julie said...
Lisa said... She would get mad at my brother he was handicapp. She would make him where a dress.

Lisa this is just horrible. I bet she got the idea from Davis since I have seen him do it to other little boys. There is no reason in the world to do this to a little boy no matter what. Your poor brother.



Julie said...
Lisa, I can only say that what you went through was horrifying. It makes me sick because these people are living in million dollar mansions like nothing ever happened. They all need to be hauled off to prison. In the name of Christianity these people have done things that are so horrible to you. Your mother should be in prison right now. She was not a mother to you, Terry or Pam. A mother provides, protects and loves her children. I didn't have a father, and my mother smoked pot and hung out with some undesirable people, but she never beat me or neglected me. She provided, protected and loved me in spite of everything. She wasn't a Christian until I was in High school, but in spite of some really bad choices she cared for me.

DNA it is insane that they can live in their mansions like nothing has happened to many innocent victims young and old. What has made it hard for many of us is that it was done in the name of God. I remember being told "God told me I was to have sex with you today." They don't care that those words began to form an evil uncaring picture of God in one's head. It is horrifying beyond horrifying.

Thanks for sharing a little of your childhood it actually helps us victims it really does even though you received love.

When share even the littlest things in their life it helps us feel so alone.

People out there even if your story wasn't of physical abuse; we still need to hear it for it does help even those that were physically abused because your emotional or verbal abuse stories help us to keep spilling our stories.

You may say with what you read I don't know what to say. Your stories of your own experiences are medicine to our soul more than you might realize.



Photon DD said...
I remember taking Terry and that sunday school group to a park in western St Louis County, so Lisa there are people here who remember you and have compassion on your situation. I remember your mom's hair so long it almost reached her feet! It just seems that the teaching there was to observe outward holiness yet the inside was full of dead mens bones... and their spirits.. emitted harshness and downright cruelty. Back in those days all were so poor, living on the edge... yet pressurized to give more and more... 10% was not giving God anything to them... and they were right... giving NTCC a dime TRULY WAS giving God nothing! (get that?) Because they were unworthy!

Lisa said...
Lets do the this. Is I paper like we did in bible college. So Davis you like to have knowledge that you can use against us so let's chat. Let's talk about this day school you opened wear the teachers where not educated at all what a joke. How you made all of us kiss watch you spank Garry with a belt you would make him turn around you would swing. That belt make turn again swing the belt you hit him 20 times over and over again so you made him to be. A example for us ? Since you want to know everything l let's start off about how you found out I was pregnant you told me If I told anybody you would spank so severe. I would never talk again.... What. About how you would make up reason to spank me but you got delayed the joke was on you ... ''Well I told Mark,I told Lori, and now I am telling the world what you tried to hide I under e rug everybody will know about this... How you whee. The one who gave Jhonny money to leave St.Louis. .... How you tried to sleep with my sister Brenda oh let's not forget PAm she. Was a minor... Let go on about this is I mom what about you Choking me over. And over again Lori know she seen the marks on my back from where you took a rose Busch and kept hitting me over and over. She seen. The bruises you caused all over my body. Davis let's talk about when I was 11 years did old and you and my mom talked. About. Me marrying Jesus Rodregious. You talked in the office but you told Davis I would have. To wait 2 years I was only 11 I was still playing with dolls and roller skating whatever where you thinking.....You made me go on those dates with him he ended up marrying my friend Christina mom Linda. How gross I would spend e night we'll they would laugh at me hey my dad is in there with my mom where he could of been yours gross he was 27

Anonymous said...
Someone needs to start filling out affidavits out or sworn statements now. A crime has been committed.
It is time to take action.

Lisa said...
This is I. Instead of worrying how sick I was you where more worried about what Davis said the doctor told you to take me to a doctor and a ob gym doctor but you would not sign the paper work.. That is great I have had 24 stomach surgery . Let us not forget two years ago you seen me And made me feel so bad you kept telling everybody I was fat you can't get over this. I always so skinned I had Colin cancer and a life vest on my. Heart you know when you kept upsetting me at the monitor would go off its a monitor mom that. If your heart stops. The paddles come out and. Revive your heart. .. The doctors where telling my family I might die. My heart only functions 30 percent. If you. Would have taken me to the doctor I would not be like this but I forget let's go soul winning Or church we can't forget that

Lisa said...
I just want to let you know I lay her. In bed sometimes not able to move because of my. Heart. The pacemaker tries to slow down my heart. Avid defibrillator on my heart as we'll. there. Is no more chances for me it's all in Gods hands right. Now. Let's talk about my eyes you and Davis said let's take her to a blind school so we can get a check on. Her You knew I could see then. But. You whee the one the. Doctor went off on not me. Let me tell you mom I used to be in so much pain. Dad went to the doctor for me and told them it was his back he gave me the pills. Then I took more I never had. To love I was numb

Lisa said...
Legs go on about this is I. When I took sod pills I felt nothing you could hit me all you wanted it did not boer me .the day I looked at you and told you I hated you and run upstairs and locked the door you where taking the screws out I f I could have open that window I would have so jumped out and ran away. How you dragged me down the stairs by my hair like you where some cave women?.. And you kept asking me if I was on something because I couldn't. Cry I was pain pills the more I took the pin went way. Even Scott knew something was wrong because. Of my swings.......

Lisa said...
This is I the daughter you told on a daily basis you wish I was never born. Let's not forget you rage how you would tell. Us kids you would ram your fist down our throats.. This is the girl thAt you punched in the nose where blood was going al over my clothes and had to change clothes for church.. Pam and I are the girls you would. Lock us out in the winter on that porch there was no heat but let us get sick we got a beating for that... You locked us out there was snow on the ground we had no shoes and where in our slips......

Lisa said...
Let's take about how going to church you loved on everybody else's kids but not us... You screamed and yelled on a daily. We cleaned your house like we where slaves. Nothing ever pleased you... How dad would tell you he didn't care you went to church but don't run the gas out how you would get mad and throw a gallon of milk at him.. How you would punch on dad he was a little man and he worked his butt off it was never enough.... Davis. What about the N. Word that you called the black people that is horrible. But you sure where there when our African black brothers where handing out money to you.....i

Anonymous said...
If people did those things to adults, they would be in jail for assault and attempted murder.

Don and Ange said...
Lisa it is hard to comprehend what you went through as a child. You are very courageous for sharing this. Most of us experienced abuse in the ntcc as adults and we have a hard time processing it. Many have come on the blogs and shared life stories of how they gave so much money to the organization and never got anything in return. Grown women were abused by their husbands in the name of God, and out of fear they kept silence for years.

What you went through as a child and during the years when you are supposed to be learning how to succeed in life is tragic and sorrowful. I'm a grown man and it makes me cry when I read what you went through. As a child there is no choice. You were made to believe that all of this horrible stuff that happened to you was your fault. You were blamed and beaten down every time you didn't want to do something that was wrong. By sharing this openly we hope you can realize how wrong they treated you and how that none of this was ever your fault. Both you and Julie are raising awareness of how perverse the ntcc is.

If there ever was a time that folks like you needed to come forward, now is that time. You are literally saving lives. If one person googles ntcc and reads what you have written and decides not to go to this church, you have saved them from ruining their life. For those that have endured similar tragic childhoods as yours, you are letting them know that they are not alone. You are giving them hope and allowing them to realize that they were just children like you trying to grow up and if you can help them stop blaming themselves for what they went through, you are helping them beyond what a counselor could.

One of the big problems with being in a cult is that the cult leaders make people believe that all the bad things that happen to you are your fault because you didn't please them. They make themselves seem like they are God. Instead of realizing that the cult leader is not following God, they are manipulated into thinking that they themselves are being judged by God.

God is not like this at all. He is the opposite of what we all have learned in the ntcc. Anyway, Lisa and Julie, you two are helping so many people to include us. When we see what you've been through and how you are resolved to share the truth about these phony false prophets and perverts, it helps us and gives us more resolve.

Don and Ange said...
I remember people sharing about having to write their "This is I" papers. Ange said that she didn't have to write one, but if she did she would have wrote: "If any man be in Christ, he is a new Creature". I probably would have spilled my guts like everyone else did. God doesn't care about your past, and neither should Davis.

What Davis is going through now at 85 years old is the least of his worries. He's done enough evil for them to haul him off to jail and rot for the rest of his miserable days. If this thing ever goes to court, the judge and jury should turn the bonco, Davis and Kekel's manisions and they entire cult compound into a cult recovery center and allow folks like Julie and Lisa to live in the mansions and in the houses for free. They should make the buildings and sanctuaries into recovery centers with medical facilities and counselors that are experienced in cult recovery. There would be enough money for the victims and their children to never have to struggle for anything again and they deserve that.

But most of all, these sleazy fake preachers have a debt that needs to be paid to society. It would be too good for them to spend the rest of their lives in jail. 

Julie said...
As I read the Michael Fontenot story the other day, it brought back the memory of being in Graham and something he did.

He like to bump into me and touch my breasts .....I was married and so was he....I was told I was just paranoid but he did it many times. I tired to say how he was but no one wanted to listen they I told.

I thought I bet he is having sex with other women and children because he fit the actions of other men in my life.....I said that out loud to my mother one day on the phone and she told me I wasn't too old for Kekel to come over and spank me and give me black pepper. In the leaders' eyes I was a feeble minded child forever.

I have held this in for years; so not surprised at his other actions.

I warned but it fail  on deaf ears.


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