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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The X-Files Part 2: Public Information That The NTCC Doesn't Want You To See: "IRS Financial Documents"

UPDATE:  March 24, 14:30 EST.  This is probably the most important information that we have ever posted on this blog and it is very damaging to the ntcc.  I know that there is a lot of material covered in this segment of the X-files; and it probably gets monotonous reading through it all.  Today we have added three pages to the end of this blog post entitled "Form 1023 Schedule A  Churches Pages 11, 12 and 13".  These are very important pages to examine; because they expose the ntcc for lying to the IRS and committing fraud by falsifying documents to receive their tax exempt status as a charitable organization.  The lies told on these pages are without question misrepresentations and distortions of the truth.

This installment of the X-files gets down to the root of evil in the ntcc.  The money and the ntcc leadership's love for money.  The ntcc has a history of being very secretive about the money.  In fact, to say that there has never been any transparency or financial disclosure in the ntcc is an understatement.  If you don't believe us, just ask Kekel or Davis where they got the money to buy their latest cars, Rolex watches, collectible guns or musical instruments.  They will accuse you of being jealous; and you will be tarred and feathered, and probably run out of town on a rail; unless you repent and conform*; in which case they will keep you around for the sole purpose of collecting your tithe and offerings while they  mock you in front of your peers for being stupid, as Davis says "You must have taken a whole bottle of stupid pills."  Davis and Kekel both have many items that the average ntcc'r could not purchase with an entire year's salary.  I would like to see the 'leaders' sell all that they have and give to the poor.  After all, that is the formula for having treasure in heaven:  Matt 19:21, Mark 10:21, Luke 18:22


Comply with rules or laws (of a person).  "He bowed to the pressure to conform."

It's Time To Audit Your NTCC's Books!

The financial records that the NTCC were required to provide to the IRS were a necessary evil; and at the direction of Davis a whole pack of lies was told to the IRS by Olson, Kekel, Ashmore and possibly other board members.  Many of the numbers you will see are questionable at best; and more questions will be raised, such as:

If the highest salary of an ntcc board member in the mid nineties was only $350 per week, how would someone like Kekel end up

  • living in an expensive mansion
  • driving expensive cars
  • having a bunch of slaves cleaning his house
  • and living a lavish life of luxury that would make a professional athlete or Hollywood movie star seem poor???

Could it be that Davis had his flunkies tell the IRS a bunch of lies, so he wouldn't have to share our tithe and offering money with them?

It's obvious that Davis and Kekel had nothing when they started / joined the NTCC.  Now they are filthy rich.  Whose money are they using?  Yours?  The non-profit's?

And please don't tell us it is because they 'saved' or 'they 'invested'.  Both of those activities require:  CASH.  NTCC has lots of that; but it's not supposed to be for the board members to invest!

And why is it that every time Kekel opens his pie hole and brags about how much he learned from Davis, that he is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS talking about MONEY!!???!!  I  cannot recall one instance of Kekel saying Davis taught him how to pray, how to lead souls to Christ, or something about miracles God has done.  Instead, their talk always centers around MONEY:

  • How many tithe payers do you have?
  • If you don't have enough money, have more services!
  • Ministerial Ethics:  A minister and his finances.
  • What's in the General Fund?
  • Take up an offering!

Even blow-hard Davis' so-called Advanced School of Theology focused on MONEY!  Well that was an accidental truth that slipped out of Davis' mouth; because MONEY IS his true god!   So his Advanced School of theology really is a study of his god:  MONEY.

But getting back to the IRS...
What the ntcc needs is the kind of audit that you and I would get if we made the same money that they made.  The IRS seems to be very friendly with church organizations run by con artists; and the ntcc is living proof of that.  The ntcc leaders know all of the loop holes; and most of the ntcc leaders have hidden their assets in a shell corporation called NTCC, Inc.  Many of them have donated their houses to the ntcc, so that they don't have to pay taxes on them.  Who bought all these houses?  What was the origination of all the money that has financed this cult compound in Graham?  It's all part of RWD's big plan or scam.  Why do they keep signing ownership of  buildings and properties back and forth?  Are they trying to get tax-write offs?  Everyone knows who calls the shots in NTCC, regardless of what name appears on the titles.  Meanwhile the properties are being shuffled around like a ball under plastic cups at a carnival.  Every time these properties get 'donated' does somebody get a tax write off?  Hmmn?

Can't you just hear the wheels turning in the heads of these guys and gals?
Let's start a nonprofit organization and call it a church.  We'll have to tell a whole pack of lies to get the IRS to approve our plan.  But we are very good at lying to folks; so that shouldn't be a problem.  We will tell the IRS anything they want to hear; so they will grant us the status of a "Charitable Organization".  However the only charity that will take place is from the brain washed church members giving us their money.

  • We will tell them if they don't pay tithe they will burn in the lake of fire forever.
  • Then we will convince them not to spend their money on anything else.
  • So this is the plan:
  • We need to find as many people as we can, get them saved, and convince them that we are God's voice and everything we say comes from God.
  • To do this we will lie to them and tell them all of their money is going towards "the work of Gawd" and "saving the lost".
  • We will also convince them that anything they want to spend their money on is frivolous and sinful so that they will have more money to give to us.
  • We will take up so many offerings and make all of them sound legit through a process called guilt tripping.  
  • We will treat them like mushrooms:  Feed them a bunch of crap and keep them in the dark.
  • If any of them dare question us, we will make them think they are finding fault with God Himself!
  • And we will condemn them and publicly humiliate them by blasting them from the pulpit.
  • Meanwhile, in Graham, we will build our empire.
  • They will cheerfully give their money to us; while we are cheerfully getting rich and spending their money on whatever we want.
  • We will build them up by praising them for giving.

What the ntcc needs is a good audit!
The IRS needs to pay them a visit on their cult compound and ask them some pointed questions.  They need to look at the paperwork that was filed and approved to allow them to be a non profit charitable organization, and ask them the same questions that we would ask them.  The average person or business owner would be hauled off to jail if they lied to the IRS like the ntcc has; because they are not protected by the charitable status; that was acquired by a bunch of lying scoundrels in the ntcc; whose sole purpose for starting the ntcc was to get filthy rich.  The following Ray Stevens video seems to depict the type of IRS audit that is friendly towards people that are scamming the government.  Ray Stevens has found a loophole and so has the ntcc.

IRS Audit by Ray Stevens click to watch on YouTube

The full finances of the ntcc have never been shared with the cheerful givers that have sacrificed their futures for the ntcc leaders.  There has been no significant  financial transparency and woe unto that poor soul that would want to know where his or her money actually went.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of a concerned individual that acquired this information and asked us to share it with the readers of this blog, we now have a small sliver of insight that speaks volumes about the character of the ntcc leadership.

X-Files Exhibit 3: IRS Form 1023 pages 8 9 and  Part IV- Financial Data

IRS Form 1023 Page 8

On this page, the ntcc has declared that none of the questions need to be answered due to the fact that they are "Not Applicable" because they are strictly a "Not-For-Profit Religious Church Organization".

IRS Form 1023 Page 9

Page 9 also has a big slash down the middle with "N/A" marked to avoid pointed questions; and it states that the organization is "Strictly a Not-For-Profit Religious Church Organization" and also  states that the Despicable, oops, I meant to say "Applicable Financial Data (is) Attached".

Form 1023 - Attachment -

What we have here seems to be a breakdown of the Saint Louis, MO New Testament Christian Church financial records.  But we all know that the Headquarters was already moved at this time to Graham, Washington.  The application for "Recognition of Exemption" is for the Organization called: "New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc."  The financial records seem to be specific to only the local church in St. Louis, MO.  I was in the organization at this time and know for a fact that these numbers do not represent the Organization as a whole; and they falsely imply that the Headquarters was located in St. Louis, MO.  At the time that these forms were filled out, Davis, Kekel, Olson and Ashmore all had houses in Graham, Washington; and the main campus for the organization, and all of the administrative activities and the buildings that they took place in, were all located in Washington.  St. Louis had an extension of the Bible School; which they lied about not having at this time; and Davis and others would teach classes there; in fact all of the daily organizational level business and operations took place at the Headquarters in Washington state at this time.

It's interesting how that exactly 10% of the "declared" church income supposedly went to World Missions.  There is no breakdown included for the "church tithe" and "Pastor's tithe" - which was required procedure for all other churches to funnel those funds up to NTCC Corporate in Graham, Washington. It would be nice to get some insight from Greg S., Vic J. or anyone with inside knowledge on the dynamics of this.  According to these questionable documents, about 34% of the total money taken in went towards "administrative expenses" while about 8% of the total went towards "miscellaneous expenses".  That's a lot of cabbage - even with these falsified low figures!  And none of it is itemized.

Form 1023 - Schedule A - Churches

Schedule A, which references churches (plural), gives a breakdown of what each official gets paid, (supposedly).  Olson, as the president of the NTCC, supposedly  made $350 per week (almost 3 three times (3X) what an NTCC Servicemen's Home Director made at that time); and I'm sure Joe must have been eating Ramen to sustain his family off of an income like that.  Right?  Wrong.  The Olson's seem to be a pretty 'healthy' family overall; and I'm sure they were well taken care of.  The General Secretary at that time was Micheal C. Kekel; who, according to him, was "called to be an administrator".  (Yeah; right; whatever!  More like you were diddling the daughter of Davis.  Let's not blame that 'calling' on the Lord!).  And, allegedly, according to NTCC, mck made $200 per week.  That's half of what was paid to "one of NTCC's highest paid"  (yet in a real world seriously underpaid) building crew members [Eric James Barden (EJB)]; who made $400 per week, or should I say $360 after tithe was automatically taken out before he got his money.  This is absurd, people.

The only reason these figures were plugged into this paperwork was so that the IRS would blindly believe them; and grant NTCC the status of Charitable non profit religious hypocrites; oops, I mean organization.  The "resident Pastor", who was probably the pastor of the St. Louis church at the time, and I'm not sure who it was, got $270 per week; while his "local secretary" got $135 per week.  Yeah, right.  What a bunch of cheating and conniving liars.  But what can you say?  It worked.  They got what they wanted.  An organization built on lies.  A small group of nepotistic wealthy snobs living it up off of our hard earned money and laughing all the way to the bank.  They saw us coming; and we all fell for their scam.  They did it all in the name of God; and they have no remorse or conscience about it; as it is written:

Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness.  Eph 4:19

Form 1023 Schedule A
Churches Page 11

Page 11 starts out by asking for a brief history on the development of the organization.  They give their Holly Hills address and state that they were incorporated in Missouri in 1987.  Keep in mind that many of the questions that are being asked pertain to the organization, not merely one church in St. Louis. The ntcc states that the Organization was formed to preach the Gospel and further the cause of the Kingdom of God and to Promote and maintain churches and missions, etc., in the State of Missouri, the United States of America and foreign lands.   Some of these questions are answered with details that pertain to the entire organization while other questions are answered with details that pertain only to the church in St. Louis.  How can these things be?

Question 2 - Does the organization have a creed or statement of faith?  They check the Yes box and type in: "See Attached".

Question 3 - Does the organization require prospective members to renounce other religious beliefs or their membership in other churches or religious orders to become members?  They don't check the Yes or No box for this question and they type in: (See Attached Explanation for Answer).  Imagine that.  The funny thing about it is that they never address this issue in any of their doctrinal statements or any other attachments.  C'mon, now; it's a yes or no question; and the answer is YES!  They do require their members to renounce other religious beliefs and their membership in other churches.  You don't need to sift through a bunch of bogus documents to find the answer to this question.

Question 4 - Does the organization have a formal code of doctrine and discipline for its members.  Again, Yes and No boxes left blank - (see attached explanation)

Question 5 - Describe your form of worship and attach a schedule of your worship service.  They answer, "Evangelical.  (For Schedule  -See Attached)

Question 6 - Are your services open to the public?  If "Yes," describe how you publicize your services and explain your criteria for admittance.  Finally a question they felt comfortable answering, albeit, they did not answer it honestly.  They Marked the Yes box and stated:   Part 1: By announcements during church services, word of mouth, signs, printed material, etc.

What they should have said is this: We solicit door to door.  We tell our members if they do not knock on 100 doors each time they go soul winning  they have no vision for the lost.  We also tell them if they don't bring people to church they aren't saved.  We teach them to use high pressure sales tactics to get them in church.  Don't take no for an answer.  In fact, just watch this next video to get a true feel for the NTCC - style 'soulwinning':  We like to call it "The Church Stalker" Video:

Awkward Church Invite:  Click To Watch On YouTube

Their answer to Part 2 of question #6 is:  Church of all nations-Admittance to all regardless of race, color, age, educational background, etc.

What they should have said was this:  "Don't bring little black children to church because they will leave smudges all over the walls" - quoting NTCC founder, Rodger Wilson Davis (the racist, in my opinion).  Go to the middle class neighborhoods and get people out that can pay tithe and give in offerings.  If you see couches on their front porches or blankets or sheets being used for curtains go on to the next house; because "You can't build a church with poor people." says R. W. Davis.  We at NTCC admit all regardless of race and color; but once we get them in and drinking our Kook-Aid we will expect them to tolerate all of our ethnic jesting, and racist jesting, and sexist jesting; and we will discourage them from dating or talking to members of the opposite sex, especially outside of their race; because, quoting R. W. Davis:  "That limits the ministry."  I guess Davis felt that Moses had a "limited ministry"!  After all, Moses married that Ethiopian lady.  Num 12  And we all know the Ethiopian can't change his skin any more than the leopard can change his spots or the NTCC leaders could repent and do good:

Jer 13:23   Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? [then] may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.

Question 7 requires an explanation of how new members are attracted.  They say: "Church visitation, church promotionals, special evangelistic services, etc.

It would be nice to get an explanation of what they mean by "church promotionals".  Is that where they say, "If you bring people out to church, you get to go to heaven; but if you don't, you better be wearing 2 million [SPF]  sun block; because where you are going, it's going to get pretty hot."  Yet they try to say they are not a works-based faith.  Get real!

Question 8 asks:

a.  How many active members are currently enrolled in your church?  They say (Approx. 125).

Seriously? Approx. 125? Sure, in only the St. Louis Holly Hills church. What about all the other churches in the organization? What about the Servicemen's Homes? Tillicum alone had over 100-150 in the services according to the directors' wives who talked with me. Ft. Bragg was running 50-70 in service, with 22 in the homes. We're talking alot of gravy from those, in Davis' words "rich G.I.s", who all pay tithes, give in offerings, pay home fees, food fees, and pledges. Cash only.   No receipts.  HELLO!!!!

b.  What is the average attendance at your worship services?  (104)

I hope ya'll like math, because we are going to crunch some numbers now.  The ntcc declares that they brought in $62,400 in 1990, $65,000 in 1991, $67,500 in 1992 and $47,750 in 1993.  This means that from 1990 to 1993 they brought in a total of $242,650 for all four years combined; and they say that this amount was brought in through "Freewill offerings and contributions from Parishioners, Members, Etc.  There are 52 weeks in a year, which means in four years there are 208 weeks.  So we will divide our total four year amount of $242,650 by 208 weeks to determine how much money all the members put together gave per week.  That total comes out to $1,166 per week.  Now we will divide that total by 125 members to figure what the average person gave each week to the ntcc church in St. Louis.  Drum roll please..................................$9.33.  This means that the average church member paid only $9.33 per week for four years.  Fuzzy Math?  This is the amount of money taken in that they had to show in their books if they were to get audited by the IRS.  So the obvious question is, "Where did all the money go"?  You know the UNREPORTED MONEY?  

How do they get away with this?  You let them.  We let them.  We unknowingly went along with this scam; but you current ntcc members are knowingly going along with it right now if you continue with these liars and partake of their sins.

Davis and Kekel are laughing at you all the way to the bank.  You know that there is no way that the average church member pays only $9.33 cents per week total to the NTCC!  The average tithe alone is conservatively probably somewhere around $35 to $40 per week; after they get done pumping you for all of their miscellaneous offerings I'm sure they easily take in well over $50 per church member per week.  They did in every church I ever attended; and that was back in the 80's and 90's!  The ntcc leaders are a bunch of Chippy Cheat Swindlers and Religious Hucksters.  That's what they are; and we were all stupid for giving our money to them.  If you are still giving your money to them, you can count yourself in as being scammed out of your hard earned money by a bunch of slick snake oil salesmen:  Read more >>

Question 9 is self explanatory.

Form 1023 Schedule A
Churches Page 12

Question 10 asks if the organization has a school for the religious instruction of the young.  They answer no.



If that slogan is true, how can you say you don't have a school for the religious instruction of the young???  What a lie!

Question 11 asks if their current deacons, minister and pastor were formally ordained after a prescribed course of study? They answer yes

They must have all received their credentials from some other organization seeing that they did not have a school.  But we all know they have a school, don't we?  What they should have done was made R-dub carry his sorry posterior into the IRS office and examined his credentials.  That would be tough to do; since they seem to be invisible; after all, nobody's ever seen these alleged credentials that Davis claims to have, not even his son-in-law or daughter.  Don't you think that strange?  Perhaps he lied about that too.

Question 12 "see attached"

Question 13 identifies the Holly Hills church as the established place of worship; and they state that the property is church owned, with the customary disclaimer: (see attached).

Question 14 asks if the organization will license or ordain ministers or issue church charters.  I guess since they don't have a school, they just license anyone, who they consider "minister material".  They check the Yes block and describe the requirements as such:

A) Must be evidenced by call of God upon their life.

And how are they qualified to determine who has the call of God on their lives?  Who determines whether they have the call of God on their lives?  

B)  Church administered course of study in Bible, church and ministry related areas.

Oh, that explains everything.  It must be some kind of free on-the-job training;  since there is no school.

C)  Practical Application in personal life and ministry.

I'm sure this process was all explained to the bible school students.  "We are going to consider you all to be non-students; because we don't have a school, technically speaking, or for IRS purposes, we are going to collect your tuition, and rent; oh, I mean your dorm fees; (or let's just call it a love offering) in cash only; and we will  be giving you no receipts either."  What a scam!  And what a bunch of blind people.   Whatever......

Question 15, Did the organization pay a fee for a church charter?  They answered No.

Is that a big surprise?  They don't pay for anything unless they have to; and even then, they'll take up an offering.

Question 16,  Show how many hours a week your minister/pastor and officers each devote to church work and the amount of compensation paid each of them.  If your minister or pastor is otherwise employed, indicate by whom employed, the nature of the employment, and the hours devoted to that employment.  They answered, (see attached).

That was the Schedule A attachment above.  Remember the one that said that Olson made $350 per week, Kekel made $200 per week and so on.  It also stated that they were all full time church employed ministers and that was their salaries back in 93.  Just outright lies being told here folks.  These people have all gotten filthy rich off of the lies they have told on these forms.

Form 1023 Schedule A
Churches Page 13

Here we go, people.  This is where we find outright thievery.  And the lies become so obvious that you'd have to be a complete brainwashed robot to ignore them:

Question 17:

Will any funds or property of your organization be used by any officer, director, employee, minister, or pastor for his or her personal needs or convenience? They check the "No" box.

Are you kidding me?  I guess it's not considered "personal convenience" to drive around in a new Cadillac every year.  I guess living in million dollar mansions and driving a Mercedes McLaren SLR valued at 250K as reported by one former ntcc family has it, is considered a necessity to the ministry.  Going on all expense paid vacations in $200,000 recreational vehicles, across the United States at the expense of the church members must be necessary also.  Taking up offerings for personal artifacts such as Rolex watches, Henry Rifles, Antique furnishings, Musical instrument collections, Diamond Pinky rings and the list goes on, couldn't possibly be for personal convenience, could it?  And how many times did the Davises get reimbursed by the organization for buying a plane ticket to Hawaii, when the truth is that the G.I.s actually bought that ticket for them?  The answer is you don't really know.  Because you hear Davis yelling that he won't come see you unless you buy him the ticket; but the by-laws claim, in writing, that the Board Members' expenses will be paid for by, what was that phrase? 'just renumeration'?  With no transparency of the finances, such double-dipping could easily be going on.  How would we know?  The pattern clearly exists of NTCC taking advantage of the secrecy and the finances.  They require local pastors to put money in escrows accounts controlled solely by corporate NTCC in Graham, WA; allegedly these funds are to help maintain / repair the building.  Yet local pastors report that each time they request such monies be made available for their intended purpose, corporate NTCC stonewalls them and demands that they "TAKE UP AN OFFERING!"  Talk about gold-bricking, double-dipping, misappropriating, and collecting money under false pretenses, (Which is illegal!)!!  Then, when NTCC corporate moves a minister, the local books are "zeroed out" and **POOF** nobody local knows where all that money they donated has gone.  Even special funds collected on top of the escrow with a dedicated purpose, such as paving a parking lot, have disappeared into the corporate NTCC black hole.

Question 18:  List any officers, directors, or trustees related by blood or marriage.

You are not going to believe how they got away with answering this question.


The ntcc is a family owned business whose leadership is tainted through and through with Nepotism.  Give me a break.  This is the biggest lie told so far; but I assure you; there are more to come.  The Kekels are not related to the Davises? How about the Ashmores being related to the Jordans and DiFrancescoes?  The Olsons and the Brills?  The Johnsons, Kinsons and the Ankenbauers?  You want to know where all your money's going?  Let's get all the financial records of these families together and deliver them to the IRS in a neatly gift wrapped package.  It's no wonder why they filed for their non-exempt status in St. Louis instead of Washington.  It's easier to hide all that is going on in Washington from the folks in Missouri, The Show Me state.  NTCC and its board members both own a lot of property in Missouri; so they can all keep and maintain residency in Missouri, while physically living in Washington. 

Question 19:  Give the name of anyone who has assigned income to you or made substantial contributions of money or other property.  Specify the amounts involved.


No substantial amounts of contributions or money or other property.  What about the Million dollars that Davis prayed for and got, to purchase the Church in question?  You know the 1123 Holly Hills church?  The very church that they are saying is the Church Organization Headquarters in St. Louis?  How did that slip by the IRS?  Can we get a breakdown on how all that transpired?  Is it too much to ask?  What a bunch of thieves and crooks.

Now here comes the Kicker.  If you will follow along with me on page 13 in your Schedule A's, to the very end where you will find this little gem in small print:

(b)  An organization will not qualify for exemption if it has a substantial nonexempt purpose of serving the private interests of its founder or the founder's family.

There you have it, folks.  The ntcc was founded by lies and distortion of the truth.    The founder of the feast is Rodger Wilson Davis and there is no denying that his private interests have been well served by the ntcc's tax exempt status.  His family has also benefited exponentially by the ntcc's tax exempt status.  They have become filthy rich and live in absolute luxury as a direct result of lying to the Government on these forms.  The ntcc leaders are a bunch of lying scoundrels; and they have obtained immense wealth by misleading the Federal Government and obtaining tax exempt status as a Charitable Church Organization.  The ntcc leadership is corrupt through and through and needs to be investigated for fraud.

We invite the ntcc leaders to respond to their reprehensible actions if they have the intestinal fortitude to so.  Of course, we all know that their actions can not be explained, therefore they will continue to try to discredit us and do everything possible to keep this information suppressed.  It's public knowledge now; and if you are a minister in the ntcc and can turn a blind eye to these lies then go ahead and continue to subject yourself to these con-artists.  You deserve each other; but the people that you are destroying do not deserve it.  They deserve to know the truth; and we will continue to fight for them. We are the X-ers and we actually care about those of you who are being deceived.  We do not want you to go through the things that we all had to endure; therefore we continue to blog about the truth.  We appreciate anyone who wants to be a part of this effort; and we can definitely use all the help we can get. It's not a glorious battle; and if you choose to participate, you will most likely be lied about.  Your enemies and those you think are your friends, may attempt discredit you; and there are some that will shun you.  People will tell you that you need to get on with your life, get over it and so on.  Don't worry.  It's worth it to help someone escape the NTCC clutches.

Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you [from their company], and shall reproach [you], and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake.

Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward [is] great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

kekel's $250,000 Car - Part 2

White McClaren SLR with red interior. How can mike kekel, the CEO of NTCC, a non-profit organization, afford this type of car? His, reportedly, is painted black; and he allegedly doesn't drive it to church so he won't "put people in a battle".... *cough*
Does kekel deserve a $250,000 luxury vehicle?  Who does the work in the ntcc?

kekel told a young man he owned a $250,000 car.  The young man said it was a Mercedes McLaren SLR that is black. Above is a picture of a white one for educational purposes:

Does kekel need 604 ~ 617 Horse Power to pick up all the people he invited to church (as Casey Hayes noted on a previous thread)?  We didn't think so either.  He could only give fit one passenger at a time in this two-seater luxury race car.

Below is a picture of what sacrificing a quarter of a century working for the ntcc will buy for you laborers out on the field; a new job at Wal-Mart, after davis accuses you of "loving a house more than Gawd" [when he lives in a mansion valued at $1.1 million dollars and owned by the ntcc].

Diana smiles as she prepares to clean the floors at Wal-Mart one more time.  NTCC has no retirement plan for the ministers who labor out in the field.  What will you do when NTCC is done using you?
Diana works hard every day just like she did in the ntcc, who has no retirement plan for the people who do the work like Diana did.  What will happen to you? :-(

I know the borg will try to rail on Diana and point out that her family left the organization.  But the borg won't mention how davis lied to her son, accusing him on the phone of something he didn't do.  But that's another post:  read more on Jeff's blog.  This one is just pointing out who does the work in ntcc and who gets the money.  Not the same group.  Why?

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If you watched the last video in the playlist, you know that even expensive cars will some day 'perish'.  It really makes no sense for the CEO of a 'non-profit' group to have such an expensive toy collecting dust in one of his garages while souls are lost and dying and on their way to hell.  Ahem.

Friday, March 8, 2013

What Happened To Our People In Benghazi 9-11-2012?

Updated 4-11-13 New video with petition for accountability.
Originally published 10-27-12
Have we forgotten?
Photo Credit:  Blog:
My Son The Sailor

From the blog


In times of war or uncertainty there is a special breed of warrior ready to answer our Nation’s call. A common man with uncommon desire to succeed. Forged by adversity, he stands alongside America’s finest special operations forces to serve his country, the American people, and protect their way of life. I am that man.My Trident is a symbol of honor and heritage. Bestowed upon me by the heroes that have gone before, it embodies the trust of those I have sworn to protect. By wearing the Trident I accept the responsibility of my chosen profession and way of life. It is a privilege that I must earn every day. My loyalty to Country and Team is beyond reproach. I humbly serve as a guardian to my fellow Americans always ready to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions. I voluntarily accept the inherent hazards of my profession, placing the welfare and security of others before my own. I serve with honor on and off the battlefield. The ability to control my emotions and my actions, regardless of circumstance, sets me apart from other men. Uncompromising integrity is my standard. My character and honor are steadfast. My word is my bond.We expect to lead and be led. In the absence of orders I will take charge, lead my teammates and accomplish the mission. I lead by example in all situations. I will never quit. I persevere and thrive on adversity. My Nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies. If knocked down, I will get back up, every time. I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my teammates and to accomplish our mission. I am never out of the fight. We demand discipline. We expect innovation. The lives of my teammates and the success of our mission depend on me – my technical skill, tactical proficiency, and attention to detail. My training is never complete. We train for war and fight to win. I stand ready to bring the full spectrum of combat power to bear in order to achieve my mission and the goals established by my country. The execution of my duties will be swift and violent when required yet guided by the very principles that I serve to defend. Brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and feared reputation that I am bound to uphold. In the worst of conditions, the legacy of my teammates steadies my resolve and silently guides my every deed.

I will not fail.

After reading this creed, I know it was  not an option for those men to "stand down".  They lived by this creed.
If our government will stand by and let an American Ambassador be killed, and let former Navy Seal's die while they try to defend the Ambassador and other Americans, what else would this administration do and allow?  Do we really want  a 'Commander in Chief' who neglects the military and allows Americans to be killed??  What a travesty.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The X-Files: Public Information That The NTCC Doesn't Want You To See Part 1: "IRS Documents"

The X Files Logo - Fluorescent Green Evocative of Alien Things Highlights a Large Virus-Edged Black "X" Centered Between The Smaller-Font Metallic Looking Words "The - Files"
 My personal favorite T.V. Series:  The X Files dealt
 with some really weird issues.  So does any honest
 look at the ntcc, especially tax related documents! 

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, there are many documents and records which are available to the public. Most real estate transactions and court proceedings are public record and can be accessed by anyone with the desire to know. Many of these types of documents and records have been shared online in times past. We also have obtained, from an anonymous individual, IRS documents; which were obtained through the IRS upon request by that tax payer.  We think this information should not be suppressed, but shared.

We've included this X-file video, which displays their logo and plays some pretty cool and creepy paranormal music, to accompany you as you read through this post.  As the picture suggests, ask yourself, "Do "I Want To Believe" all the ntcc malarkey?"

YouTube X-Files Theme Song

We are starting a new series that we will call the X-Files in which we will archive many of the questionable transactions that have taken place in the ntcc. This is a very lengthy undertaking and will be done in many installments; which will take place as individual blog posts; that will later become archived in a section of our blog; that people can access to see MANY of the ntcc's crooked transactions in one convenient location. There are people who are working behind the scenes to expose corruption in the ntcc. Even as we blog, there is work being done by concerned parties; who will be kept anonymous.

Our first contribution to the X-files came from one such source; and it was received at the request of that taxpayer. Copies of the "[Tax] Exemption Application" and "[Exemption] Determination Letter" for New Testament Christian Churches of America, Incorporated were sent to this taxpayer and forwarded to us. To those who have been in the ntcc for any length of time there are many questions that will be raised by these documents. To those who have been coerced into 'contributing' toward this 'non-profit' organization the following questions might arise:

1. Were our "contributions" really "free will offerings"?  Or were we being persuaded to give with the fear of eternal damnation as the alternative for not giving?

2. Were the "contributions" being solicited under "false pretenses"?  In other words:

3. Were the solicitors of our "contributions" forthcoming or honest concerning the purpose of the money that we were giving them?

4. Were the solicitors of our "contributions" transparent pertaining to our direct support of the ntcc board members' personal wealth?

No?  We didn't think so either.  Let's look at this in detail.

Getting On The Gravy-Train: Obtaining Tax Exempt Status as a "Charitable" Organization:

There are basically two types of tax exemption statuses that are classified by the IRS for non-profit organizations. There is one that pertains to "Private" organizations and another that pertains to "Charitable" organizations. The ntcc obtained the status of a 'charitable' organization; which is the more favorable of the two and basically exempts them from having to answer a bunch of difficult questions and provide detailed accounts of how money is spent. To obtain this status the ntcc executives had to fill out paperwork back in 1993 to be approved by the Federal Government as a Non-profit organization. Of course Rodger Wilson Davis had his lackeys fill out all the paperwork; and his fall guy, Joe Henry Olson, signed most of the required paperwork; some of which was co-signed by Mike Craig Kekel and notarized by James Ross Ashmore.

To those in the ntcc who read these documents and the accompanying questionnaires, we challenge you to acknowledge the outright lies that were told by the ntcc leadership in these documents. We ask that you would call a spade a spade, and objectively recognize the downright hypocrisy that is being exhibited by your so-called 'godly' leaders. Do you think that you could have lied about anything in your church books in a similar fashion to the ntcc leaders when they stopped by to audit you and have gotten away with it?   Have you sat in those church services where Davis, Kekel, Ashmore, Olson or others would quote their favorite scripture "All Liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone" (Rev. 21:8) as they would scream at the top of their lungs, "ALL LIARS" that's "A" "DOUBLE L" "ALL LIARS"!!!! I remember Olson talking about stealing paperclips and pens from the military, for crying out loud. You will see the double standards that the ntcc has created and been operating under. If you choose to look at it and recognize it; it is up to you.

X-Files Exhibit 1:  Letter Of Approval For Tax-Exempt Status (Letter 947, Pages 1-3)

Letter 947 Page 1 "Letter Of
Approval For Tax Exemption"

This letter states that the ntcc was approved by the IRS as a tax exempt church organization.  It also states that the ntcc is not a private foundation.  For a church to receive tax exempt status as a "charitable" organization, it must receive over 1/3 of its contributions from its attending suckers, (like I used to be; and many of you still are).  We have decided that since the ntcc has not been transparent and forthcoming with its tithe payers, that we would share this with you.  We do not take credit for this; but we do think that these public documents need to be seen by everyone involved with the ntcc, past and present.

  • Have you ever wondered why there never has been any true transparency or full  financial disclosure in the ntcc?
  • Have you ever wondered why the ntcc considers itself a "not for profit" organization, but the leaders of the ntcc are dripping with wealth?
  • Have you ever given any thought to why many of the churches in the ntcc are struggling to get by?
  • Why is it that missionary works, civilian, and military outreaches are having church in buildings that are worth a small fraction of the mansions that Kekel and Davis live in?
  • Have you ever seen any legitimate organization that wants cash only and gives no receipts?

In 12 years of living in Servicemen's homes, I never got one receipt for tithes, offerings or home offerings.   I never gave these things one thought while I was in the ntcc; because I believed blindly that these men were holy and godly men.  After all, they trained us to think that way!  Many of us gave blindly and labored blindly.  These documents will make you think.  To get approved for this tax exempt status, lies had to be told; and standards had to be compromised.

  • Haven't we often asked you not to believe us?
  • We have asked you to follow the money trail:
  • Where is the money going?
  • Who is profiting?

Letter 947 Page 2 "Letter Of
Approval For Tax Exemption"

This page deals with receiving gifts from outside sources, kinda like the 39 acre land "gift".  If there ever was a shaky transaction in the ntcc, the 39 acre land gift was such a transaction.  Of course, with no financial disclosure or transparency, the details were hidden from ntcc-ers.  Kekel has had to write several damage  control smog-blog posts in an effort to "reassure" everyone that everything was on the level.  Can you say "Snow Job!"?  Davis publicly apologized for "the appearance of" impropriety; and in a damage control post, Kekel used the same scripture that Rudy used to justify homosexuality: "Unto the pure all things [are] pure:" Titus 1:15  In other words, "We are pure and if you question us, you are not pure."  The shroud of secrecy and the conflicting stories told about this land deal would make your head do a 360 degree spin.  Even Olson had to send out a letter to everyone trying to downplay the whole thing.  Ministers have left the organization because of this deal.  The land has transferred hands and been gifted to the Kekels, back to Davis and then donated to the ntcc.  It was like a hot potato there for a while....."I don't want it, you take it"...."No; don't give it to me; you take it!" ...... and so on.  It would be interesting to see if the 39 acre land deal figured into tax exempt status; or if it ever was even reported.  None of us will ever know because "unto the pure all things are pure".  Don't ever expect to find out the truth on this one; it would take a court order to even get any of these thugs to talk.  You have to wonder who would go down in a blaze of glory for that one.

Letter 947 Page 3 "Letter Of
Approval For Tax Exemption"

This page leaves us speechless, because there is nothing to say about it.

X-Files Exhibit 2:  Application For Tax-Exempt Status 501(c)(3) IRS Form 1023 Pages 1-7 (Pages 8-9 of Form 1023 will be dealt with in a later post.)

Form 1023 Page 1

This first page of form 1023 lets you know who the fall guy is.  If anyone were to be hauled off to jail for corruption, it would be Joe Olson.  Most of the information on this page is general in nature.  It lets you know that Joe is the president, the address and Employer Identification number, phone numbers, and so on.  Question 8 asks if the ntcc ever applied for exemption and was answered "no".  Question 9 asks if the ntcc ever filed Federal income taxes and the answer was "no".  Then they declare themselves to be a corporation and that their By-Laws are not current.  Now, there is a whole lot to be said about the bylaws not being current.  The ntcc had to add a dissolution clause listed as article 3, section 10.  This states that if the ntcc ever folds up their tents; that the board of "trustees", or untrustees which is what they ought to be called, must dispose of all assets after paying off all liabilities.  The method of this disposal is supposed to be to give any remaining assets to other charitable organizations.  We will cover this topic in depth when we get to that section; but for now, we will leave it to you to make sense of this.  We will say that many churches have been sold and escrow accounts have been zeroed out with no account given to the tithe paying contributors or the ministers whose escrows were zeroed out.  Hmmn.

Form 1023 Page 2

Now this is where we start getting into the lies.  For those that can't read the small writing on this form, we will transcribe it for you, word for word.

Part II, Section 1

Provide a detailed narrative description of all activities of the organization--past, present, and planned.  Do not merely refer to or repeat the language in your organizational document.  Describe each activity separately in the order of importance.  Each description should include, as a minimum, the following:(a) a detailed description of the activity including its purpose; (b) when the activity was or will be initiated; and (c) where and by whom the activity will be conducted.

The ntcc states the following:

1.  The organization is strictly a not for profit religious church organization

2.  The purpose and reason for existence (past, present and future) is solely for the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

3.  And to further the cause of Christ in the United States and foreign lands

The first lie that is told here is that the ntcc is "strictly" a not for profit religious church organization.  If this were true, why are those at the top living lavish lifestyles in mansions, with expensive cars, jewelry with every expense imaginable paid?  Can Davis or Kekel say honestly that they have not profited?  Come on, now ntcc'rs, lets not pretend to be ignorant on this one.

The second misleading statement is pretty lame.  When asked to give a detailed narrative description of the organization, (past, present and planned), they said their purpose and reason for existence is "solely for the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" (past, present and future).  Breaking News, This is a News Flash for all you ntcc'rs!  The ntcc does not solely preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and if you believe that, you must be one of those dumb GI's that Davis always talked about, that would buy a sailboat on top of Pike's Peak.  If you think that every thing that is preached in the ntcc is solely the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you are naive and gullible.

  • Did Jesus preach that women should not have jobs?  No He didn't, therefore the ntcc does not solely preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Did Jesus preach that children should not participate in sports, with the exception of some privileged church leaders' kid?  No; that's not solely the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Did Jesus preach that all Christians pay tithe in cash and that money was to be spent by the self proclaimed apostles of the church on mansions, cars and excessive living?  No, He did not; and that is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Did Jesus preach that you can not build a church with poor people?  No; He did not.
  • Did Jesus teach that you had to get permission from a man to date a woman?  No; He did not.
  • Did Jesus teach that you had to get permission from a man to talk to a woman? Sure didn't.

In fact, I would venture to say that what the ntcc preaches is not solely the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and very little of what they preached is even close to the Gospel of Christ; and most of you know this; but you refuse to acknowledge it; because then you would have to admit, as many of us have, that you have wasted many years of your life following corrupt men.

Section II and Section III both state that the organization's sources of financial support come from Tithe, Freewill offerings and contributions from parishioners, members, etc.  Oh and they forgot to mention that tithe was a mandatory exertion, and freewill offerings would be coerced and extracted from the  members.  Let's not play stupid on this one either.  We all know how long you will last in the ntcc if you don't pay your tithe.  You will never fit in; and you will be blasted from the pulpit.  The ntcc will never need to solicit outside donations as long as the members are required to surrender large amounts of their paychecks to their churches.  If you don't pay your tithe in the ntcc, you are considered a God Robber; and the only thing you have to look forward to is eternity in the lake of fire.  It's no wonder these ntcc leaders are filthy rich.  That is a lot of power to hold over a person.

Form 1023 Page 3

This page deals with the ntcc's relationship with other organizations; and, for the most part, to our knowledge, the ntcc has ostracized itself from all others.  However, question 6, sub (b) might be worth a little further investigation.  It deals with engaging in purchases or sales of assets to or from other exempt organizations other than 501(c)(3)s.  In other words, the ntcc has stated that it doesn't nor ever will purchase property from or sell property to another charitable organization.   But, in fact, the ntcc has purchased many buildings and properties from many different sources!

Form 1023 Page 4

Question 8 asks what assets the organization uses in the performance of it's exempt function.  What a joke.  The ntcc calls itself a "charitable" organization and gets all of the tax benefits associated with that status but has no charitable works to speak of.  They don't run a soup kitchen or provide shelter for the homeless.  They don't visit old folks homes or orphanages; nor do they provide assistance to any group that is in need.  They have no charity.  They discourage their members from helping anyone in need or even giving their spare change to someone who has nothing.  They don't pray for the homeless; in fact, many of them would change sides of the street to keep from walking by one of them.  The ntcc is the least charitable organization I've ever seen.  They discourage every form of charity; but they will collect your money and get fat off of the profits.  The ntcc has millions of dollars worth of assets but none of them are used for the purpose of charity!

Question 10 asks if the organization is a membership organization.  Legally it probably is not because the IRS might not consider tithe and so called freewill offerings as membership fees.  We all know that if we don't pay tithe, we are not part of the club.  We will not be treated as a member if we don't give.  The ntcc answered no to this question so they wouldn't have to answer the other 3 questions which were:

a.  Describe the organization's membership requirements, and attach a schedule of membership fees and dues.

b.  Describe your present and proposed efforts to attract members, and attach a copy of any descriptive literature or promotional material used for this purpose.

c.  What benefits do (or will) your members receive in exchange for their payment of dues?

Could you imagine if the ntcc had to answer these questions? 

a.   Oh, we require all Christians to pay tithes and give in offerings.  We require the men and women to dress like they are being cast for roles in "The Little House on the Prairie".  To be considered a member they have to ask permission to date; and each couple must have the individual approval of the Pastor.  They also must attend at least 5 church services per week and participate in all soul winning functions, prayer meetings and fellowship.

b.  We make our members pound on 100 doors every time they go soul winning.  We brow beat them if they do not bring people to church; and we lay a guilt trip on them by preaching that they don't care about lost souls.  Meanwhile, the borg 'leaders' sit in their  mansions and eat bon bons, and play with their expensive cars and enjoy the amenities purchased by the tithe paying members; who  are required to beat the streets and bring people out to church; so the so-called preachers can have someone else to abuse.  If the members don't bring people out to church, the so-called 'leaders'  are going to have one of those services that nobody wants to be a part of.  They will convince the members they're worthless and have no burden for the lost.

They truly save the best for last:

c.  What benefits do your members receive?  What a joke.  They get to move from place to place and contribute their life earnings to a church that doesn't appreciate anything they do.  They get to be broke for the rest of their tenure in the ntcc.  They get to have no retirement.  They get to ditch all of their past friends and family.  They get to drive around in oil puking junkers and buy their clothes at kook stores.  They get to live in roach infested apartments and sleep on used mattresses or the floor.  They get to live off of $40 per week for groceries; and if "they can't put it together" they will be publicly humiliated for being abject failures.

It Gets To Live Watch On YouTube

It's a good thing that Joe Olson and his buddies didn't have to answer those three questions honestly!  Because they offer no benefits, the ntcc did not have to answer these questions or question 11.  Question 12 and 13 pertain to organizations that involve themselves with politics.  

Form 1023 Page 5

This page has no relevant information to comment on.  Believe me, if it did, we would have our say.

Form 1023 Page 6

This page is where the ntcc declares that it is not a private foundation but identifies itself as a church.  By answering no to question 7, the ntcc was required to check the appropriate box or boxes for question 9.  Notice that the ntcc did not check the box that identified them as a school.  By checking Box A which identified the ntcc as a church, they were then required to go to question 14 which is on the next page.  Please follow along in your ntcc IRS brochures...

Form 1023 Page 7

Vic did such a good job at summing this up directly and precisely, that we are going to use his comment to address question 14B which asks, Is the organization or any part of it a school?  The ntcc answered NO.  Vic says:

"And for the biggest, baldfaced, Pinocchio-level, pants-on-fire lie of the century, how about this zinger from Section 14:

"Is the organization, or any part of it, a school?"


NO!!!??? Since when has NTCC NOT operated a school as its most integral function? RW states that the school was the reason "God raised NTCC up" by sending him back here from the mission field.

Liars. They're absolute, bottom of the barrel, scam artist hypocrites that are stealing the money and resources of others through false pretenses. They've condemned their own selves to hell according to the doctrine they peddle themselves.

Liars. Total, verified, confirmed liars and scumbags."

There you have it.  No bloviating, no beating a dead horse, just plain and simple and to the point.  Thanks, Vic for summing that up for us.

Putting all the colorful metaphors aside, if you read the documents and dismiss all of the commentary, one could easily conclude that the ntcc leaders are a bunch of outright liars at the very least.  But it gets better.  Much has been shared on the blogs about how the ntcc spends or has spent our hard earned money.  The ntcc had to fill out these forms to keep them from having to share our money with the Federal Government.  Joe Olson, Mike Kekel, James Ashmore and whoever else took part in the filing of this paperwork did so at the request of R.W. Davis, aka R-dub.  They don't scratch themselves without his permission, so you can bet the Grand Puba, and Dubster, RWD is not ignorant of these lies.  These board members were most likely directed to lie in each instance by Davis himself.  This is how the ntcc operates, and if you buy into their bill of goods, you will find yourself cheating and lying for their benefit just like the sycophantic board members did on these documents.   It all rolls down hill in the ntcc.  Many of the individual pastors have to compromise their own convictions and callings to please RWD and his self proclaimed band of super apostles.  Everything revolves around money in the ntcc.  These documents expose the ntcc leadership for their greed, hunger for power, insatiable desire for luxury and their need to have worldly belongings that absurdly distinguish them as upper class elitists.   

Coming soon,  ntcc financial records.  What did the board members make back then?  Or better yet, what li(n)e did the ntcc feed the IRS on what the salaries of the board members were.  Church financials and much more to come.  Stay tuned to the X-files and you will learn about the paranormal financial activities of the ntcc.

Originally published March 16, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Thirty-Five Dollar Dress

Picture:  A young woman with long brown hair wears a red-with-white-polka-dots dress.

Not long ago, Ange told me that Verna Davis the 'wife' of ntcc founder, R.W. Davis, sold her a dress for $35.00.  Now many people might think that this is a topic unworthy of a blog post; but you better believe; we are going to blog about this.  Some might ask, "What's the big deal about VD selling a dress to Ange for 35 bucks?  Verna was being a blessing to your wife."  This is the way things were often presented to us when we were cult members.  In fact, it was probably considered to be an honor to some folks to have something that was owned by borg royalty.  But this is wrong on so many levels; it's not even funny.

First of all, let's address the rich selling to the poor.  We are not talking about a rich person having a garage sale, and selling a dress to a poor person for 5 dollars, which is about what a dress would bring at a garage sale.  A lot of people DONATE clothes to the Goodwill; and they end up on a rack, where this dress would probably go for about 5 to 10 bucks, and an unsuspecting ntcc member trying to live off of $40 per week grocery budget might end up buying it at this kook store.  I'm not sure if anyone realizes how absurd this really is so, as usual, you can depend on us to break this down.

Odd, out of date, and out of style dresses line a rack in a second-hand shop; which, in NTCC jargon, is called a 'KOOK STORE'; because only kooks would shop there.  But NTCC financially drains its members, reducing them to shop at these places while NTCC board members flaunt their wealth and wardrobes from the best stores.
"Kook Store" Dresses

Ange and Eric Barden were "laboring" at the ntcc national camp ground, in Mexico, MO at the time; and Eric was making between $6.00 ~ 10.00 "per hour" but only being paid for 40 hours a week despite always working far more hours.  That's $240 ~ $400 per week minus $24 ~ 40 bucks for TITHE THAT WAS AUTOMATICALLY TAKEN OUT.  So at ($6/hr.) x (40hrs/week) = (240 $/wk) - $24 tithe (taken off the top) = $216/ week after tithe, which, again, was taken off the top.  Ange was not allowed to work; because, as we all know, that was considered a sin for a married woman to have a job back then in the ntcc.  Their grocery budget was about $40 per week; which also was taught by the ntcc leadership as being an acceptable amount of money to buy groceries for a week.  Not that the ntcc royalty ever had to live off of ramen noodles and hot dogs.  Was it really a blessing for Verna to sell Ange a dress for 35 bucks?  That was almost a week's worth of grocery money!  I've read the bible through, cover to cover, many times; and I don't ever remember seeing a scripture that supports this type of money grubbing.  I remember what John the Baptist said, "He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise." Luke 3:11"  Did Verna really need $35 at that time rolling up in their quarter of a million dollar RV (Recreational Vehicle)?  Or was it one of their 40 tithe-payer-purchased Cadillacs?  Not sure...  Was it the Christian thing to do?  Ntcc members were giving things to Verna and Rodger as gifts back then; and they still are.  In fact they are taking up collections to give things to the Davis and Kekel families.  Davis would drop not-so-subtle hints to Matt Reed about wanting a Henry Rifle and mysteriously collections were taken up.  Where does this money ultimately come from?  The tithe payers!  Then there was the whole davis debacle where he was murmuring and griping and complaining and pouting at Ron Denis saying "You bought me the wrong $20,000 Rolex; I wanted the Presidential Model Rolex Watch!" ... read more here.  Our tithe and offerings have financed a major portion of these frivolous, lavish, and selfish purchases.  Preachers were so caught up in buying things for Davis that they were upset that their names didn't get put on the card that went along with the gift so that their name could be seen by the beneficiary, R-Dub himself.  Others neglected the needs of their own families to earn points with the Dubious Disciple Davis.

I look back on this kind of thing and think of how stupid and brainwashed we were to have allowed these users to treat us like this.  This wasn't Christianity.  People were made to feel bad if they wore the same clothes over and over.  If they wore things that didn't match or if their clothes were worn out, then they would often be upbraided by the ntcc leaders for "not being able to put things together".  They would be criticized for "not being leaders" and providers.  Which brings us back to the multimillionaire Tycoons (or leeches) RWD and VD, that sold a dress to Ange for 10% ~ 15% of Eric's weekly salary.   These are the same rich rulers that would pump us for money at conferences.  They would come through in their overpriced Recreational Vehicles demanding that Collections for their diesel fuel, and "other expenses" be taken up prior to them gracing us with their presence.  Other expenses no doubt included shopping sprees and dining out.

We were financing all expense paid vacations across the country for these rich hypocrites; but they could have easily afforded to pay for these things themselves without pumping us for money. But ntcc pumps its members for money in every service, having indoctrinated its members to "Give 'til it hurts."  Meanwhile the board members get richer and justify their money grubbing ways by wresting scripture.

They tried to use the apostle Paul's model of taking up collections for the poor saints in Jerusalem to justify extracting money out of the brainwashed cult members' wallets prior to them arriving.  What a joke that was!  We were all definitely hoodwinked and bamboozled.

2 Cor 12:14 "Paul told the Corinthians, "Behold, the third time I am ready to come unto you; and I will not be burdensome to you: for I seek not yours, but you: for the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children."

Is it normal to make a profit off of people you love?  Would you sell clothing to your own children?  Most of the sincere Christians I knew had a biblical character trait called charity.  There were always a very few stingy and greedy 'brothers' and 'sisters'; but most of the Christians I knew would give you the shirt off their back.  They would do things for free to be a blessing to others.  They would give, not expecting anything in return.  Imagine that.  They would love you unconditionally and that often meant that if they saw that you had a need, and it was within their means to meet that need, they would cheerfully do so, without trying to make a profit from someone else's misfortune.  Most of us had Christian Charity; and we were just the kind of suckers that the ntcc leaders were looking for to build their fortunes.

Picture: A jaded-green-from-age-and-weather bronze sculpture of an winged angel blowing a trumpet on which a live bird is perched.  Something is out of place, just like the ntcc board members pumping the members for yet another (compulsory?) 'offering' while the board members are "blowing and going" on about their sacrifices of years gone by.
Ntcc Leaders would often blow trumpets prior
to their giving of Alms to have glory of men...

Davis, Kekel and other leaders of the ntcc are like the Parisees.  They would blow a trumpet every time they helped someone.  If Davis ever did something for anyone, there were strings attached and you could expect to hear the trumpet blow prior to and after the alms were given.

Mat. 6:2 "Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward."

If  Davis did help someone it was always to his benefit.  He knew that if he 'gave', he would get his contribution back multiplied and with interest.  He also would hold it over a person's head for the rest of their lives; like he often did with the Mears, reminding them from the pulpit how he allegedly took them in when they had been homeless.  What was it for?  To gain 40 years and 4 people to be your personal whipping boys and girls and manor slaves to clean your mansions and scrub your RVs???  Anytime davis 'gave' anything it was all about business decisions that would make him rich and keep the money flowing.  There are always strings attached; and davis knows he's gonna get his pound of blood outta you.  He has often said so.  This is how the ntcc operates; and this is what Davis, Kekel and their wives are all about.

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HOPCC EXPOSED Ron Denis' "House of Prayer" AKA "Denis' Den of Thieves"
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