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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Creation Realities - A Plagiarized Doctrine Taught in New Testament Christian Churches of America Seminary

The ntcc Taught This in a Class Without Giving Credit to the Author. The Daughter of E.W. Kenyon Sued Kenneth Hagin for Plagiarism and Hagin Settled out of Court for an Undisclosed Amount of Cash. Surely The Family of Kenyon Could Have a Case Against the ntcc Hucksters if They were made Aware of their Plagiarism.

Bryan Hill recently sent us some bible school notes on a class that Davis taught called Realities of a New Creation.  This Doctrine originated from one E.W. Kenyon who had a book entitled: New Creation Realities who was never given credit for his writings by R. W. Davis. This doctrine is now referred to by many as the JDS or Jesus died spiritually heresy.  Our purpose is not to get into a lengthy argument over doctrine, but to shed some light on some of the roots of  what Davis taught.

E.W. Kenyon - The originator of the Word of Faith Prosperity Movement

First of all, let's take a look at E.W. Kenyon who is considered to be the Originator of the Word of Faith movement.  E. W. Kenyon was originally a Methodist who back slid, or had a crisis in faith, and later became a Methodist minister and later became a Pentecostal minister.  Kenyon's principal disciple was Kenneth Hagin, Sr. who is the 'recognized' father of the Word of Faith movement.  Hagin's principal disciple was Kenneth Copeland who is recognized as the 'unofficial leader' of the Word of Faith movement.  wiki

Word of Faith Hall of Shame

Proponents of the doctrine include Oral Roberts, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Jerry Savelle, Charles Capps, Bill Winston, Creflo Dollar, Charles Nieman, Hobart Freeman, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, and Marilyn Hickey, among others. Theopidia

This is the Home of Joel Osteen, who Tanya Kekel and Many other ntcc Preachers Idolize and Quote on their Facebook/Twitter Pages.
If you look at the people who are idolized among ntcc'rs and many X-ers you will find quotes from these prosperity preachers on their Facebook walls and their Twitter feeds. Tanya Kekel loves to Quote Joel Osteen all the time among other prosperity preachers. These preachers have all made themselves filthy rich off of the tithe and offerings of their followers.  Mike Kekel and "Jim" (James Ross) Ashmore are prosperity preachers and they learned their Doctrine in the Realities of a New Creation class that R.W. Davis plagiarized from E.W. Kenyon.

This Mansion Belongs to the Richest Religious Huckster in America, (Kenneth Copeland), who is Considered the Leader of the Word of Faith Movement Based on the Same Doctrine That Davis Taught from the Plagiarized Work of E.W. Kenyon

Kenneth Copeland is the richest preacher in America and has a net worth of over 700 million dollars. Copeland is said to be 7x richer than any other preacher in America.   Kekel's 7x hotter campaign during the ntcc's last convention, should have been labeled 7x richer because that is the goal of Kekel, to get richer and richer. Kekel is using your fear of hell to generate wealth. The JDS doctrine is all about healing and prosperity.  In this class Davis taught that you don't need health insurance because you have health assurance, yet how many preachers have died in poverty in the ntcc, leaving little of nothing to their families.  Davis received the best hospital care money could buy before he died and don't think that Hasty, Briggs, Ramirez or any other preacher hasn't been to the doctor or emergency room to receive treatment for injuries or sicknesses.  The reason they don't want you to buy health insurance is because that is money that you could be giving to them and if you pay for health insurance or life insurance you will be less able to make them rich.

The Jesus died Spiritually doctrine teaches that Jesus literally died spiritually and that Jesus went to hell as part of the atonement for sins.  Many doctrines that the ntcc teaches are based on supposition, rather than facts.  Jesus said: "It is finished" John 19:30.  The atonement for our sins was finished when Jesus died on the cross.  While on the cross, Jesus said, "This day shalt thou be with me in Paradise".  The ntcc teaches that this is a question rather than a statement, but either way it suggests that on that very day Christ went to Paradise or Abraham's bosom where he led captivity captive.  This is not the same place as Hell.  But where does the bible actually say that Jesus went to hell to suffer for our sins?   To find this answer you will need to purchase a copy of E.W. Kenyon's book, New Creation Realities, because you will not find it in the bible, unless you do some serious scripture twisting and gymnastics. This JDS doctrine also suggests that Jesus was born again in hell which would imply that Jesus needed salvation.

This whole doctrine was something that just sprung up during Kenyon's ministry kind of like the holiness movement which all of the sudden became popular some 18 to 19 hundred years after Jesus died on the cross but was never mentioned as a mandate during all the years leading up to this point in time.  In spite of all the supposition surrounding this doctrine, it remains a lot like tithe doctrine.  There is just no New Testament scripture that actually states that Jesus went to hell.  They like to use Acts 2:27: "Because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption."  This they call a prophetic quote from David, but even this scripture does not say that Jesus went to hell.

So why is this doctrine so important that Davis made a special class to indoctrinate his brainwashed minions with this teaching?  You need not look any further than prosperity teachings of this doctrines chief supporters.  There is another R.W. that preached this doctrine whose name was R.W. Schambach and his life and death mirrored that of R.W. Davis. He lived from 1926 to 2012 dying at 85, while RWD lived from 1929 to 2014 also dying at 85.  Two R-dubs that both preached a lot of the same stuff.  If you listen to R.W. Schambach on Youtube (bride of Chuckie impersonation), he sounds a lot like RWD only his voice is higher pitched.  They both like to scream and point their fingers at people.

Was R. W. Schambach a
Sham Like R.W. Davis?
All of the Hucksters that preach this doctrine sound alike and they do it all for money. They preach divine healing but many of them have medical problems which need attention from a medical doctor.  R.W. Schambach had a quadruple bypass procedure. Kenneth Copeland has an onsite Medical Clinic for his employees.  Kenneth Hagin who also was a plagiarizer was allegedly on heart medication most of his life and his wife was treated for cancer for several years.  Hagin was also sued by Kenyon's daughter for plagiarizing Kenyons material and settled out of court.  All of these Word of Faith Hucksters are so much like Davis that it's unbelievable.  They love to plagiarize.  They preach that if you give your money to them, God will prosper you. They all live in mansions and make huge profits off of the gospel.  They preach that if a believer is not healed it is due to his lack of faith. Timothy who was sick frequently wasn't told by Paul to rebuke the devil or claim a healing, but rather he was told: "Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities." 1 Tim 5:23.  So I guess Paul didn't have as much faith as some of these false teachers.  Paul left Trophimus sick at Miletum, 2 Tim 4:20.

Here are some bible school notes that were inspired by Kenyon's work and plagairized and taught in RWD's Realities of a New Creation class:

His soul was in hell to deliver our soul.

His spirit was made sin.

Anytime one asks the question, "I don't know if I'm saved or not", they are not saved.  If they question, "They are not healed", then they do not have the baptism of the Holy Ghost."  Most people know what sin is and we will strain it out of our life.  If not we call God and his word a liar.

When death slew him, in reality, death slew itself.  Death was killing itself.


He became one with physical and spiritual death and sickness.

If you are still sinning you are not saved.

When he became sin on the cross, he became mortal, then he was subjected to death and the devil.  His body went to the grave but his soul went to hell. If I don't except the fact that he went to hell, someone has to go to hell.

He was the one that did all that was conquered and was made one with the devil.

Salvation was not finished when he was on the cross.

He did not pay the price for mankind.  He did not pay the price for souls.  He has to go to hell and suffer for mankind.

He became the absolute monarchy of the universe and the master of the underworld.

Do you believe that he was justified and declared sinless?  I do.  If you do not believe that, you can not be saved.

So where is all of this doctrine found in the bible?  Can anyone show us?  It can be found in Kenyon's book called New Creation Realities which Davis plagiarized so bible school students could sit in awe and think that they were being let in on a secret that God hid from the rest of His believers for centuries.  In R-dub's Realities of a New Creation class, this is how Davis justifies this new doctrine that he is introducing to his his bible students at the brain washing academy:

This is the first time I taught this class since 1969.  When I got back from the Philippines the Charismatics started up. God dealt with me and I felt the need for real character in our lives.  Pride is a preacher killer.  Pride is a preacher's wife killer.  Just get lifted up a little, it will destroy people.  This is the reason why I did not teach the class.  There has to be real character before you can be taught the foundation.  If the Holy Ghost and God tells me that any of you are getting lifted up, I will quit.  I would say that most of you don't know this material.  Most of you don't know the Word of God.  I will prove it in a little while. We must know the Word of God. There is a reason for this. Jesus is not begotten naturally. There is a lot of the Word of God that we do not know.

Here we have Davis in a classic brain washing beat down; telling people that they don't know the bible and implying that if they disagree with him, they are being lifted up in pride.  He knew this doctrine was a farce when he presented it to his followers.  "If the Holy Ghost and God tells me that any of you are getting lifted up, I will quit."  First of all, I doubt if God is going to speak to the hardened heart of Davis, and if God did, Davis wouldn't listen.  Has anyone ever known Davis to repent of any of his deeds?  He said he would prove it in a little while, but there is no proof because it never existed.  Can you see all the bible school students with their mouths open in fascination and awe as they idolized Davis for letting them in on this mystery?  The proof never came because it never existed.  That would be just like Davis saying, "I'm going to prove tithe is biblical and then reading 1 Cor 16:2 which has nothing to do with tithe".  Davis was a scam artist, plain and simple.  You might praise Davis and hold him in high regard but Jesus calls people like Davis "Vipers, False teachers, Whited Sepulchers" and so on.

This is a Copy of The Coversheet of Mathew Webster's Bible School Notes For "Realities of a New Creation" which was Plagiarized by R.W. Davis
These notes were not taken by Bryan Hill.  Bryan has his own notes but he also got a copy from Mathew Webster just in case nobody believed him.  If you think that these notes are something that we just made up, we have a copy of them on file and we can publish them in their entirety.  I'm sure the ntcc would not appreciate the fact that Mathew Webster allowed another person to copy their bible school notes.  Perhaps they will reprimand this brother for doing so, but that might be a good thing if he got jacked up by Kekel and Olson.  Maybe they would leave the borg and take their congregation with them.  Maybe Matt Webster will read this blog post and realize how outlandish Davis was and He and his wife Cindy will leave.

Davis Contemplates Stealing Kenyon's New Creation Realities Concept and Pushing it off on His Own Brain Washed Followers as His Own Work

We are not publishing this to get into a doctrinal argument with anyone.  We are just sharing these plagiarized notes so that people can make up their own minds.  We also have a bunch of notes that Bryan sent to us of actual scriptures that refute this doctrine. In our opinion this entire doctrine is about generating more income for the ntcc elite class of super spiritual board members of whom Kekel is chief.  Follow the money trail. Follow the doctrine. All that they observe and preach, that do, but do not according to their works for they preach one thing and do another.  They compel you to live one way while they live another way. They expect you to follow them but they are not following Christ. They have their own false doctrine and they expect you to believe that it came from God. They are nothing more than a bunch of religious con artists and they will take you for a ride if you let them.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Leave And Take Your Congregation With You - Who Left NTCC

The Freemans Did It.  Is Gene Pellicia Gone?
Recently we've received good news.  Someone mentioned on Chief's blog that the Freeman's had left the ntcc; and more recently it was shared that Gene Pellicia had also left the ntcc; where he had been an instructor at the seminary.  We received an e-mail the other day from Gary Freeman that stated he had indeed left the ntcc back in September of last year; and that he took his wife and congregation with him!  **Woot! Woot!**  Normally we wouldn't do a blog post over someone leaving ntcc; but we have found that it is becoming more and more common for ministers in the ntcc to leave with their families in tact and now they are even taking their congregations with them!  Why shouldn't they?  They get sent to remote places like Cheyenne, WY and spend so much of their own time, energy, and money winning souls and pioneering a work for God.  Why should they leave their congregations to the ntcc vultures who are only interested in their tithe and offerings?

Two large vultures sit on a branch, viewing a church building. These rapacious scavengers represent NTCC vultures looking for a free meal off the next tithe payer.
These ntcc Vultures are Looking for a Free Meal.
Who Will They Devour Next?
We think that it's great that Bro. Freeman didn't allow the ntcc to swoop in and harvest the fruit of their labor; which the ntcc has given little or no financial or spiritual investment toward supporting. Oh, sure they probably came by once in a blue moon in a Recreation Vehicle and preached some "feel good" sermons; but they didn't do it for free.  They weren't there to support you.  They were just there to check the books and make sure the money was all going to Graham or to an escrow account they control.  They probably even scarfed up the offerings for the nights that they were there.  Nothing is ever free in the ntcc.  The only freeloaders that can be found in the ntcc are mostly in Graham, Washington.  H E L L O !

Who's Out?
Not sure how many others have taken their congregations with them when leaving ntcc; but most are lucky to get out with only the clothes on their backs.  Even that is better than staying in a controlling cult!  When Denis left, he not only took his congregation, but he also took other congregants and ministers with him. And ntcc alledges Denis took money and property too.  In other words, Denis beat Davis at his own game by defying him and the ntcc in a way that led to Davis' so-called 'retirement', and struck a serious blow to the ntcc's treasure chest; which, up until that point, seemed to be untouchable.  When Barnes left he took a very large congregation with him; but it was his group of people that he labored to reach. This also was a huge blow to the ntcc.  A lot of tithe dollars stopped rolling in when Barnes departed with his church.  Then Ashmore moved into his inheritance in San Diego and left ntcc while taking his large group of followers with him. Again, the ntcc lost a lot of money.  And Ashmore continues to draw people away from the ntcc and has also created a vacuum that seems to have been successfully sucking in lots of X-ers.

A convention of vacuum cleaners is addressed by a lone vacuum cleaner from a pulpit who proudly proclaims, "Brothers and sisters... I believe with all my heart that between us we can clean up this nation"
"Ashmore Taking up an Offering
Prior to Preaching About the Great Whore"

while imitating her every whoredom!

We're not sure what size Freeman's church was, but even if it was not as big as some of the above mentioned churches, it is every bit as impactful; because now the 'common' ministers in the ntcc are leaving with their converts and their church members.  This is encouraging news; because now all the ntcc ministers who read this blog, (even though they aren't supposed to) are being shown an example that the average mistreated ntcc minister can follow if they want to lead their group of people that they have won to God, out of the bondage of ntcc false doctrine.

We are blogging about this; because we feel that many ministers in the ntcc feel trapped.  Most are financially strapped and probably feel that leaving the ntcc with their group would be a difficult task at best. Nothing is easy in the ntcc.  You can do this if you plan it out and exercise your right to be free from this scandal ridden organization.  Many before you have left with nothing; and their sheperdless congregations have been taken over by the ntcc vultures; who often swoop in with an iron fist and lay down the law in an unmerciful way. "Get right; or get left!" is what your congregation will be told by some ntcc abusive-jerk hireling who didn't labor for the people that he will run off.  People are taken advantage of; and the weak are often kicked to the curb in the ntcc.  We've seen it so many times.  Every time a new pastor came into town people would leave.  The new minister would have to show their so-called superiority and demand respect.  This would turn people off; and they would leave.

How To Do It
There are a few ways to go about leaving with your church in tact.  First of all you have to realize that your church members are part of the body of Christ. Who does the church belong to? It's not a building.  The church is the body of believers.  Who are the people who make up your church?  Are they not a part of the body of Christ?  Why should the ntcc lay claim to the people that you have labored so hard for so long to win to Christ? Why should you be sending their hard earned money to Graham so that the likes of the Kekels can live like the Pompous Hollywood Elite?  The ntcc leadership spends your money on their own creature comforts while you struggle to pay the bills on the church building.  That is backwards; the Apostle Paul said:

"for the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children." 2 cor 12:14

This poster accurately portrays the expensive luxury cars that ntcc tithepayers purchase for the board members while those same tithe paying church members drive oil-puking junkers; and are mocked by kekel for their sacrifice!
Tell me if this doesn't Accurately Represent the ntcc?  Did you know that you purchase the Board Members' vehicles for them?  It's part of their bylaws.  When was the last time someone bought a car for you?  Stop getting played by these religious hucksters!  They don't care about you. They only care about your money.  If you don't believe us, stop giving them money and see how fast the 'love' stops.

Paul was speaking about not being burdensome to the Corinthian church.  It is the opposite in the ntcc.  A generous cut of your tithe dollars and your offerings go to the ntcc 'royalty'.  The ntcc is nothing but burdensome to your church and your members.  They only come when you pay them.  They reap all of the financial benefits, while they force their false doctrines down your throats.   What would happen if you stopped paying them your tithe and offerings?  They would shut down your church building and confiscate everything they could from you. This is how they roll.  They say "it's all about souls;" but if you don't pay them, they will shut you down; and they don't care how many souls they destroy in the process!  So guess what?  It's not all about the souls.  It's all about the dollars!

L.C. Barnes Did It.
We're not experts on the subject of leaving the ntcc with a congregation of people, but we will say that one of the biggest obstacles to a successful exodus would involve having enough money to make the transition to a different building not controlled by ntcc.  Many ntcc ministers have been taught to become "full time" ministers.  What does that really mean? What do full time ministers in the ntcc actually do with their time? I know that they will say that full time ministry frees them up to pray and study for messages and properly orchestrate the administrative, spiritual and official activities of their office as a bishop.  If that is your position, the first thing you need to do is come down off of your high horse.  I'm just saying that I had at least 10 full time ministers and none of them were all out prayer warriors or administers.  They chose to spend their time micro managing the lives of their church members. The one that prayed the most was L.C. Barnes; and he was full time military at the time and built a bigger congregation in a shorter period of time than any others that I had been around! I believe that the ntcc eventually influenced him to do things that went against his own personal convictions; but because he was a praying man, he left the organization when God moved him to do so.   Unfortunately some of the reports we got from others who witnessed his ministry in the latter part of his tenure with the ntcc revealed that he was very much into the money and was abusive towards people who attended his church.  This is not in character with the Rev. Barnes that I knew and respected.  I would like to think that getting away from the cult has helped him and that he prayed his way out and made some changes for the better.  The truth is, I don't know.  I called him at the phone number listed on the church locator and left him a message, but he never got back with me.  Saying all of this, who am I to be critical of him? When I knew him, he was the real deal; and I believe that God was very real in his life. The ntcc's example of abuse and money grubbing has a way of corrupting folks; and I only hope that any damage done to L.C. Barnes was reparable; and that he has done what God would have him to do concerning his ministry.

Denis Did It.  Ashmore Did It.
You will most likely need money and a job if you wish to leave the ntcc with your church members.  In reality it shouldn't take a whole lot of money. You can have church in an apartment and God can be just as real as He is in a fancy church edifice.  If you wish to have a building to have services in that is separate from your living space than you will need some money.  Getting a job is not a sin.  Chances are that most full time ministers are putting an unnecessary financial strain on their congregations.  Paul didn't want to be a burden to his churches so he worked for a living as a tent maker.  If you insist on staying full time and leaving with your congregation then chances are you will have to hit them up for the cash to do so.  Hopefully you are not just wanting to jump ship to start your own cult full of the same false doctrines and controls taught by ntcc. We believe strongly that Denis and Ashmore have done exactly this.  There seems to be no remorse.  Alledgedly Denis runs an even more controlling cult than Davis ran. Ashmore denies having any knowledge of the financial iniquities that he was involved in with ntcc.  He also will not address any of the allegations from people who have claimed that he abused them; nor will he apologize to anyone.  He leaves the ntcc after 40 years of abusing people and all of the sudden he calls the ntcc the great whore and acts as if he was never part of the problem!  We're not buying into that.  I know how he treated my own mother.  We have testimonies from people that he has hurt; and yet he will not acknowledge them in any way.  He rents a a building worth more than 1.5 million dollars and basically carries on just like he did in the ntcc.  Many have ignored the disturbing reality of what Ashmore is all about; and they have joined his cult or supported him in all his exertions.  He says the same things that we have said.  We compared the ntcc to Mystery Babylon, the Great whore, and people accused us of being bitter and not moving on with our lives while people flock to Ashmore when he says the same things. He parroted our views on recycled relationships and divorce on demand.  As we have, he also accuses the ntcc of being abusive towards its ministers.  We are not wanting anyone to flock to us.  We don't even care if you think we are devils and full of bitter hatred towards the ntcc.  We know for a fact that what we have shared on this blog has been effective; and we have received plenty of feedback that supports us.  There always will be folks that don't agree with our approach; and that's okay. The freedom to have your own views and beliefs is a gift from God. We would like for you to escape to freedom but we also would like to warn you of the danger of whoring after Ashmore.  What you do with this advice is entirely up to you. Is it time for you to fly?

Bruce Lee quote:  "The doubters said, "Man can not fly," The doesrs said, "Maybe, but we'll try," And finally soared In the Morning Glow, While non-believers Watched from below." -- Bruce Lee

Flee.  But Don't Go Alone!
Leave and take your congregations with you.  If you are being oppressed to the point of wanting out, just think how bad it is for the men, women and families of those who are following you.  What's going to happen to them if you leave them to someone else?  Do you think that the next ntcc minister who replaces you is really going to care for them more than you?  You wouldn't be leaving if you didn't have a reason.  If you are leaving because you want sin, you can stay in the ntcc and have all the sin you want.  There are ministers who frequent whore houses who stay in the ntcc and get promoted.  There are ministers who rape and molest their own children who stay in the ntcc.  There are ministers who have cross dressed, and committed habitual acts of homosexuality who have stayed in the ntcc.  There are people who abuse children that stay in the ntcc.  There are people who abuse animals that stay in the ntcc.  They will absolutely keep you around no matter what you do, as long as you support them financially and go along with their scam. If you become a liability or a public embarrassment to them, they will get rid of you in a New York minute unless you have the goods on them.  Usually when people leave the ntcc it's because they want to get away from that garbage. Your best course of action is to leave and take as many with you as you can.

"We are all Jews here."  MSG Roddie Edmonds
The following account was given by Rev. Chris Edmonds, the son of former Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds.  This account was given on a radio broadcast that I heard yesterday and I'm giving details as I heard them.

There was a man named Roddie Edmonds who was a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army; who fought in World War II.  He was a Christian and highly respected among his men. He went from the rank of private to Master Sergeant (E-8) in about one year.  He was 24 years old when he was captured during extreme combat during the Battle of the Bulge. While he was in captivity at a POW camp he was the highest ranking NCO and had to answer for himself and 1270 men who were imprisoned to the Nazi officers running the POW camp.  The Nazis ordered MSG Edmonds to have all the Jewish American prisoners, (about 200 men), fall out into a formation.  MSG Edmonds had all 1270 men fall out into a formation. Edmonds then commanded all Jewish American soldiers to step forward and all 1270 men took a step forward.  The Nazi officer than put a pistol to Edmonds head and said, "They cannot ALL be Jews".  Identify the Jews or you will be shot in the head.  Master Sergeant Edmonds said: "We are all Jews here.  If you shoot me, you will have to shoot us all; and you will be tried for war crimes when we win this war."  The Nazi walked away and let all the men live.  Seventy years later the Nazi officer says he still remembers those words spoken by Master Sergeant Edmonds!

Master Sergeant Edmonds
Master Sergeant Edmonds never told this account to a single soul to include his family, but passed away in 1985.  His son, the Rev. Chris Edmonds, found his father's diary that listed the names and addresses of his men and some of his daily thoughts. While doing an extensive internet search, he found his father's name on the internet.  One of MSG Edmonds' men was a real estate agent looking for a house for former President Nixon back in the 70's; and the New York times article mentioned that this real estate agent had attributed his life and the lives of dozens of other men being saved by MSG Edmonds.   Rev. Chris Edmonds than contacted survivors and verified details of his father's heroic actions.  Master Sergeant Edmonds was posthumously awarded the highest award among the Jewish nation called "Righteous Among the Nations", and was recommended for a posthumous Medal of Honor.

I Did It.  Pellicia Did It.  You Can Too!
I escaped from the ntcc by myself and took nobody with me, thinking that I was wrong and they were right. The ntcc is a lot like a spiritual Holocaust. Look how many souls they leave in their wake of destruction. They destroy 100 souls for everyone that they keep. People who think they are damned for eternity give up on God, thinking there is no hope for them. If you escape from this cult, please take as many as you can with you.  You will be doing them a huge favor.  If Kekel or the powers that be find out that you are trying to escape with your church members they will do everything they can to destroy you; and your members will be the ones that have to suffer.  If you stay, you will continue to live the lie that they want you to live.  Folks are leaving; and that's great news. Pellicia is reported to have left also.  He was a teacher at the brain washing academy and his departure will be noticed among all the 'students'.  We hope that those who leave will share their stories so that others may benefit.  Find your way out and lead as many as you can to freedom.  Then help others get out. It's the Christian thing to do.  Isn't it time for you to fly?

Time For Me To Fly by REO Speedwagon on YouTube

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HOPCC EXPOSED Ron Denis' "House of Prayer" AKA "Denis' Den of Thieves"

HOPCC EXPOSED Ron Denis' "House of Prayer" AKA "Denis' Den of Thieves"
HOPCC / [Assembly of Prayer] Exploitation Exposed Click Picture To Learn More

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