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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Celibacy Policy or "Forbidding To Marry"

Part 2:  The Celibacy Policy or "Forbidding To Marry"

Part 1:  My Life And Times With ntcc:  or "Why I Left The ntcc"

Part 3:  Homosexual 'Pastors' In The ntcc; Names Included

Part 4:  Nichelle Tieman's Adultery and Lying:  NOT_Overseer Material

During our years as members of the cult called ntcc, there were many doctrines preached and rules enforced that we went along with out of fear and misunderstanding. Now years later we find that many of the teachings of the ntcc rules are not backed by scripture; but we and many others followed and obeyed these teachings out of fear and misguided zeal for what we thought was "the only true doctrine in the land".

The leaders, pastors, and board members would subtly introduce these rules [now claimed to be 'policies']  at times while preaching salvation; and other times they would boldly preach these rules as scripture, with reckless abandon, not concerned with whom they hurt, or whom they ran off. There is a sickness in the ntcc and among its leadership that compels them to preach Christ crucified and get people genuinely saved and hungering for God; only so that they can indoctrinate them with control policies; and shape them into what best suits ntcc purposes. The #1 goal of r w davis is to convert servants of Christ into servants of RWD. The biggest mistake that we as Christians made in the ntcc is thinking that because we were saved while attending the ntcc, that the ntcc had to be right in their doctrine and 'policies'. "If God saved me here, how could they possibly be wrong?" What makes this so perverse is that it's all done because of money.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim 2:15
The #1 goal of r w davis is to convert servants of Christ into servants of RWD.
We are going to compare ntcc's rules, [now called 'policies' and enforced with dire consequences visited on those who don't obey the rules] with the scripture and "rightly divide the word of truth". We also are going to ask for the millionth time if these rules were right all along why are they now being changed and renamed as 'policies'? Is God still the same? Did the Holy Ghost lie to r w davis when he preached these things to us?
The celibacy policy is where the ntcc forbids marriage.
It is the ntcc's doctrine of matchmaking and forcing members to live in celibacy.
We are not advocating fornication or adultery or child molestation like the ntcc does!

Forced Celibacy or Forbidding to Marry by Forbidding Dating Thru Match-Making Rules:
The first policy rule that we are going to look at is the celibacy policy rule where the ntcc forbids marriage. Let's see if we can find some scriptures that support the ntcc's doctrine of matchmaking and forcing members to live in celibacy.

First of all, we are not advocating fornication or adultery or child molestation as is advocated by the ntcc. michael c kekel has never come out and denied his child molestation of tanya davis when she was a young teen [minor/jailbait] and he was in his early twenties [adult/pedophile].  Therefore we believe the witness of Vic Johanson in previous posts on Jeff's blog and this blog. Vic has no reason to lie and MCK has every reason in the world to cover it up.

Here's what the scripture says; now lets honestly try to rightly divide the word of truth as we read:
Now lets honestly try to RIGHTLY divide the word of truth as we read what the scripture says; and, please, no 'private interpretations' or 'secret revelations'...
"Nevertheless, [to avoid] fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband." 1 Cor 7:2
"For I would that all men were even as I myself. But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that."
"I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, It is good for them if they abide even as I."
"But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn." 1 Cor 7:7-9
"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;"
"Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;"
"Forbidding to marry, [and commanding] to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth." 1 Tim 4:1-3
We can find no supporting scripture that justifies what the ntcc has done to many of its members... forbidding single men from talking to single women ... forbidding them to date and thus forbidding them to marry.  That contradicts God's word!
These are just a few scriptures that we have taken five minutes to look up. Rightly dividing these words of truth, we can find no supporting scripture that justifies what the ntcc has done to many of its members. We welcome anyone from the ntcc that can find a scripture without twisting it, that supports their practice of forbidding single men from talking to single women, or forbidding them to date, thereby forbidding them to marry. Please:  no 'private interpretations' or 'secret revelations'.

Let The Dead Bury Their Dead:
While my mother was terminally ill, various ntcc leaders put pressure on me to stay in their works so they would have one faithful tithe payer bringing in more income to their works... They used God as an excuse when they told me that "They had prayed; and God wanted me to help them."
They had no consideration for me or my mother; but instead ntcc's stance was, "Let the dead bury their dead."
In 1989, I was stationed in Camp Humphreys, Korea, and helped Rev. L. C. Barnes start a church. In one short year we had about 30 members; and as Rev. Barnes was getting ready to PCS, ntcc sent Tom and Rachel Wright over to run this servicemen's home. We had about 4 people (including myself) that moved into the home and a handful of tithe payers attending church regularly. I had invited many of the members out to church and was very involved and invested in the work.

In October, I went on leave to attend a conference in the States. While on leave, I visited my parents and found out that my mother had cancer. She asked me if I could stay home with her and help. At first I said no; because I felt that God wanted me in Korea; but only because I was so brainwashed at the time, that I believed the constantly repeated ntcc mantra "let the dead bury their dead" doctrine.

Althouth that is part of the scripture, the ntcc twisted or wrested that scripture.  It was often used by the ntcc to separate people from their families and loved ones just to keep the tithes coming into ntcc coffers.

Mystical Manipulation:  "We Prayed About It.  God Wants You Here."

While at home in Denver, I was attending ntcc services in Colorado Springs and commuting 140 miles round trip just about every day.

  1. The Tiemans were in Colorado Springs; and they told me that they had prayed; and God wanted me to help them.
  2. I would talk to the Wrights on the phone; and they felt that God wanted me there; and that the home in Korea depended on me. 

Is God double-minded?  No.  Clearly both the Tiemans and the Wrights were using mystical manipulation on me, claiming they had the 'mind of God'.  Rubbish.  They were just using me.

Finally, David Tieman (Sr.) called r. w. davis and told him that the Wrights were pressuring me to go back to Korea; and the Tiemans wanted me to put in for a compassionate reassignment in Colorado. RWD told Tieman to have me "Pray about it." and do what God wanted me to do.  That was davis' way of washing his hands of everyone's attempt to mystically manipulate me into staying with them and paying their bills while blaming God, saying, "We prayed about it; God wants you here."

I eventually made the decision to stay in Colorado Springs; and the Army attached me to Fitzsimons Army Medical Center in Denver, pending compassionate reassignment.  Although this was the easy thing to do at the time, it was a sacrifice; because I really wanted to return to Korea and help the work I had started with Rev. Barnes; but after much pressure from all around, I decided to stay in Colorado.

Sexual Temptation Worsened by the Celibacy Rule Forbidding To Marry:

During this time, Nichelle Tieman began to make sexual advances toward me while David Tieman (Sr.) was locked up in his room, "studying God's word". If ntcc did not have their twisted rule forbidding to marry, I would probably have already been married and living in my own home with my own wife.  But ntcc's celibacy rule had already struck major blows against my attempts to seek a normal marital relationship.

Prior to this, I had been denied by two (2) previous pastor's the "privilege of talking to" two other sisters; simply because they were earmarked for bible school! I was 25 years old and the whole celibacy policy rule was not working for me. I did not have the gift of celibacy that the Apostle Paul was speaking of in I Corinthians, chapter 7.

ntcc's celibacy rule is a direct violation of God's word found here:

1 Cr 7:2  Nevertheless, [to avoid] fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.

If ntcc did not contradict God's Word and have this twisted doctrine, I would have had my own wife and place to stay; I never would have been around for such temptations.  Instead, I was forced to live in celibacy, in a servicemen's home, where the apparently unfulfilled or insatiable 'pastor's wife' would make constant advances towards me.

Nichelle Tieman would rub up against me inappropriately with her breasts and rear end when nobody was around. I almost committed adultery with her but was convicted after inappropriately touching her one evening. After that night, I started rejecting her sexual advances. One morning she came down to my room in the home and knocked on my door. She said that her husband was at work; and she "wanted to lay with me". I rejected that advance and many others.  I also remember her telling me that she loved another brother; he was a worker named Rev. Rice.  She said she would marry him if anything ever happened to her husband David Tieman (Sr.).

Shortly after this, I had invited Ange to church. We were young, the same age, single, Christians and really attracted to each other. She "got right in" and started paying tithe and giving home offerings, even though she didn't live in the home. By ntcc standards that meant she was "really saved" or a Christian. I really believed God was blessing me and her, and that we'd be married and spend the rest of our happy lives together.  But that didn't happen, thanks to the ntcc's celibacy rule and nichelle tieman's lying.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, I commuted back and forth from Denver, where my mother was dying, to Colorado Springs, where the servicemen's home was located.  I did this for about 6 months, many times without missing any ntcc services, soul winning, prayer meetings, or events.   My Mom, who was already saved, had attended church service at ntcc one night, when james ross  ashmore was preaching.  She said that she had never in her life met anyone as cold as he was.   She came to church a few times; and my younger brother also came out to some services.

My mother died in 1990. When I got the call about my Mom, I was in the Tieman's living room. I told the Tieman's that my mom had went home to be with the Lord.

Nichelle Tieman said, "Your mother wasn't saved; if she was, she would have attended our services regularly and adhered to our holiness standards."
Nichelle might as well have hit me in the head with a club! I was shocked and furious inside!

I remembered back to when I was 8 years old; I used to roll joints for my mom. I remembered when she used to drink and bring home strange men. I also remembered when my Mom started going to an Assembly of God Church and got saved and stopped drinking and drugs and had Christ in her life. She was certainly saved by the grace of God and had the fruits of the Holy Spirit in her life!

Around this time, I called Pop Gaylord and told him what Nichelle was doing and confessed my role in it. He relayed the info to r. w. davis; within a week rdub came through to assess the situation. He decided to remove the Tieman's from the work in Colorado Springs and sent them to Portland, Oregon.

While he was there, Nichelle told davis that Ange felt like she was 'called' to go to Bible School; which was an outright lie. At this time Ange and I were talking about marriage. From this point on Ange felt pressured to go to bs and eventually went.

This 'little lie' that Nichelle told would ruin two marriages for Ange. One that should have happened; and one that never should have happened. This would also trigger 7 more years of celibacy in my life and an eventual decision to leave not only the ntcc, but also God.

I often asked myself what I had done to deserve this treatment. After making one of the biggest decisions of my life to stay, help, and support this cult called the New Testament Christian Church in Colorado Springs, they caused this miscarriage of justice! I was giving more than 10% tithe, offerings, home offerings, building fund pledges, world missions pledges, attending all services and functions, rejecting sexual advances by Nichelle Tieman, bringing dozens of people to church every month, commuting thousands of miles to help my terminally ill mother; and I loved God and the Tiemans in spite of what they had done and what was going on. But this was my 'reward'?   I wish I could say that this was an isolated instance; but it is not.

The ntcc often referred to itself as "the last hope for a lost and dying world". But instead of bringing hope, they were crushing it. Instead of saving the lost, they were driving Christians away from God.

These blogs are full of stories of cruel injustices committed by the ntcc, of lives that have been devastated, of families that have been torn apart, and of people that ntcc has used up, rejected, and sent back out into 'the world' to start their lives over with nothing.  All their finances have gone to the ntcc.  All their family ties have been broken from those who don't attend ntcc.  They have no careers or pensions or insurance or future.  They have to start life over, from scratch, with no support system.  Even their life-long ntcc friends and family will forsake them, treating them as if leaving ntcc equals leaving God.  The borg treats them as reprobates.  It's sad and so needless.

We write these things not because of hatred or revenge, but to warn people, and to let others know that they are not alone in their suffering, and, if possible, to trigger repentance.

These are not lies, but rather facts; that can be verified by two or more witnesses; and, above all, God knows all about it. The same ones that call us reprobates are the ones that have abused their salvation - if they ever had it - and will have to answer for it. We will continue to be a voice of truth that tells you the true story - a different story than that which the ntcc has to share.

We implore everyone that is involved with this cult to take a closer look and escape with what's left of your life. If you are thinking about attending, do your homework first.
  • Study cults and their tactics.
  • Learn about mind control.
  • See how cult leaders use it to control every aspect of your life.
  • Study the bible.
  • See if you can find examples of Jesus or his followers destroying peoples' lives with unbiblical policies such as the celibacy policy of forbidding to marry.
  • Use the ntcc's own standards to decide if they are a 'bible believing church' that follows Jesus' examples of love and temperance. 

But if you find they act like a cult, well... "If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, it's probably a duck!"  SO....

If it looks like a cult, talks like a cult, and changes rules like a cult, it's probably a cult!

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Don and Ange said...

In this article I mentioned that I lost God and Ange because of the ntcc's celibacy policy, but there are many more things I lost and there were many things that Ange lost also.

We both had promising careers in Army aviation and both of us desired to become pilots. Ntcc bs kept my wife from going and ntcc's strict adherence to schedules and control kept me from going to flight school. Neither one of us retired from the military and neither one of us were allowed to follow our dreams. When we left ntcc, we both lost all of our friends as do all those that leave this cult because of their isolationist policy of hating everyone that does not allow the ntcc to have 100% control of their lives. I lost my dignity and decency along with my morals when I left God. For 14 years after leaving the ntcc, I lived a life of selfishness and hurt people with my words and actions.

We as many others left with little or nothing and had to start all over again. We both gave up all of the years of our youth so that we could become individual money generator's that brought in other tithe payers so they could multiply the filthy lucre that goes straight into the pockets of the ntcc leadership. Friends of mine that got out of the ntcc after just a couple years of being cult members are now retired military and are working for the Government on a second career as GS 12 or higher. Unfortunately many are in worse shoes that we are. There are those that live in guilt and fear with nothing, homeless in many cases, not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

When you add all of this to what we could have been, and the positive effects that we could have had on many if we hadn't been damaged by the ntcc and you multiply that times all the other people whose lives have been ruined by the ntcc, you have what is worse than a Category Five Hurricane. It grows and grows and keeps destroying people as it gets bigger and bigger and the only people that benefit from it are the filthy, greedy leaders that get richer and richer.

Don and Ange

Ange said...

Don said, "When my mother died in 1991, Nichelle Tieman said, "Your mother wasn't saved; if she was she would have attended our services regularly and adhered to our holiness standards." Nichelle might as well have hit me in the head with a club. I was shocked and furious inside."

Ange says,

I wouldn't worry too much about what that lying adulteress has to say about your Mother or anyone else's spirituality. nichelle tieman is certainly not your Mother's judge. She would do well to clean her own house before condemning others.


P.S. We kept silent for so long on this hoping it would bring some repentance; but what we learned about the ntcc is that the most impenitent hearts command the ntcc and that hardness of hearts flows downhill.

I would bet that the ntcc never did anything to counsel/help the tieman's marriage. davis only came to town to do damage control by moving tieman's somewhere that others didn't yet know about nichelle's adulterous ways.

ntcc is just like the Catholic church-sweeps the sexual impropriety under the carpet but never deals with it to bring about repentance.

btw, nichelle, our e-mail is 1gi2another@gmail.com if you want to apologize. It's your call.

Don and Ange

Ange said...

I guess tanya kekel is relieved to see this post taking some heat off of her for letting others clean her house while tanya shops on-line for antiques...

Uhm... If you can afford to drop $2,000 dollars on an antique desk...

and you live in a mansion so huge you can't clean it or keep up with it yourself...


Did it ever occur to the ntcc 'leaders' that people who profess to be Christians should not


double-D said...

Let's see they HATE gays; but love child molesters. (sex with underage). They claim to stand for GOD but have caused many to commit adultery (using false pretenses: oh they left NTCC, no longer "saved")... hmm... they hate independent thinking- but were started by an independent mind. He'd rather join the Catholic Church before being "independent" ?? Does he not know how silly this sounds? He is independent of any. Un-rebukable? Don't touch God's "anointed". Let's see- how many of God's anointed have they destroyed? MANY!

KEKEL? A spiritual lightweight is now in charge? C'mon people! We were there when Kekel was messing with that underage girl- I told RW that was not cool, nor "holiness" he got MAD! Truth hurts- but usually helps.

Their problem? Pride. Why should they be proud? They ARE NOT God's last move on Earth. Stop lying NTCC - liars go straight to hell (Rev 21:8) Do not pass GO - go straight next to the homosexual! oops! maybe the gay person is closer to God than you!

Jesus said Sodom and G would rise up in judgment against the religious hypocrite! oops! maybe you do need me to preach a ture revival- guess what? you missed your day of visitation! too late! no revival for you! --- "Revival Soup Nazi"

Don and Ange said...

Double D. said,

"too late! no revival for you! --- "Revival Soup Nazi"

Don and Ange said,

What RWD, kekel and the leaders in the ntcc need is not revival, but resurrection. They need a good dose of salvation. All that is left in the ntcc is a form of godliness. The only ones that they consider saved are the ones that obey the ntcc's rules and policies most of which are in place to control ntcc members.

They don't waste their time trying to reach the homeless, the prostitute or the homosexual. They have created an organization full of adulterers and adulteresses with their policy of divorce on demand. If the woman or man fall short of "Soup Nazi's" expectations, they are kicked out and not allowed to have any more soup. The weaker spouse is run off by RWD or one of his minions and the stronger one is allowed to stand in line for another wife or husband, thus making him or her an adulterer or adulteress.

Al Falfa said...

This story is so horrible! It took me a long time to read it all. I'm not sure what to say. If I could lick your hand to comfort you, I would. If I could lay my head on your chest and whine to ease your pain, I would. Sometimes words just aren't enough, even when they are "Ruff Ruff!"

Take care you two. I'll try to say more later.


Don and Ange said...

Thanks Al,

I hope the hand licking portion of your comment was directed towards Ange and the rest towards me. What more could you say?

Don and Ange

Pinky said...

I feel so sad when I think of all the sufferings you have both endured. This abuse should not happen to anyone. Your real and deep love of God was turned against you. You were cheated out of your rightful inheritance. I am so sorry... I am glad that you were finally able to find each other again. God bless you and your work helping others leave the cult. You are both courageous!

Pinky said...

PS: Not all of the Catholic Church contains corrupt sexual abusers. And as you have said,
this sin was also rampant in the ntcc. It is rampant everywhere, unfortunately and this has always been so. It seems that our culture is now legitimizing this type of behavior and passing it off as normal. I just heard on the News that there is a movement to teach "Gay History" in public schools.

Don and Ange said...

Pinky, thanks for the support. Of course God is able to restore what is lost, heal what is broken. We do want others to leave the ntcc or avoid it altogether. We know too much about their false doctrines and controlling ways to keep quiet.

As for the "Gay History" -- that is alarming. At one time in America, such behavior was considered such a reproach that it was not spoken of in public. One man shared that overnight the public perception changed. He asked how long would it be until public perception changed overnight for other things, like pedophilia, suddenly making it a mere 'lifestyle' or 'choice'.

It makes one wonder.

Don and Ange

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