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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Jordans, Ashmores, and NTCC's Family Cover-Ups [Don't Forget DiFrancesco]

If you're family in the ntcc,  you can sin, commit crime, and be a hypocrite.  Don't worry; in ntcc, if you are family, they will cover it up for you.  If you aren't a blood relative of the Big Wigs, just be sure to bring in money and members to build the "organization", and they will cover for you too.  And in the convoluted ntcc family tree it's likely you are family.  You might even be your own grandpa...

I'm My Own Grandpa by Ray Stevens on YouTube

On a previous thread Anon. asked,

"A question, is Johnny Jordan the brother of Rev. Jordan?"

DnA say,

Link to story about Johnny Jordan Sex Offender While Working for New Testament Church of God (NTCG) which is now called New Testament Christian Churches of America, [NTCCA] Inc.

To answer your question, yes.

New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. NTCCA NTCS Seminary Staff Board Member Faculty Image of George Jordan
  George Jordan one of
Johnny Dean Jordan's
 NTCC Staffer Brothers 
George Jordan and wife Kathy [Gonzales]:
Convicted child rapist Johnny Dean Jordan is the brother of  George Jordan [wife Kathy].  George has served in many New Testament Christian Churches of America [NTCCA]  roles including Overseer, Director of Servicemen's works, NTCC Board Member, Missionary, and until recently, Pastor of ntcc's church in Phoenix, AZ [Glendale].

Kathy and George Jordan have two daughters.

The Vasectomy Rule:
George had to 'get permission' from R. W. Davis to get George's prior vasectomy reversed so he, like Mikey and Tanya Kekel, could have a kid.  George originally got snipped because Davis always taught it was a sin [for you] to have kids; that, in Davis' words "hinder the work of the borg Gawd".  Unless, you are R.W. Davis, who went out of his way to adopt Tanya Tanya Maxamillia Reynolds Davis Kekel:

Link to Proof Tanya Kekel Was Adopted

OR unless you are Tanya and Mikey (Michal Craig aka M.C.) Kekel, who did NOT get a vasectomy; because, in Tanya's words, "It's different when it's your own kid. [Grant Kekel]"  - shrug - giggle.  Sure.  Right.  Whatever!

Davis is a double-standard hypocrite who deprived hundreds of couples from, IN THE WORDS OF GOD, the "BLESSING" of having children....  ahem

NTCCA Phoenix, AZ:
And until recently, George and Kathy Jordan [with their two daughters] were working for the New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. (NTCCA) in Phoenix, AZ [Glendale] but have returned to the Graham, Washington region.

Teen Brides / Married Children in NTCC:
We believe that the Jordan's return to Washington is due in part to the fact they have young daughters - seen in NTCC as potential brides for the many single ministers who are many years older than these potential brides (another topic).

Cyrius Accident:
Another reason for bringing Kathy and George back to ntcc Graham Headquarters Region, is, we feel, to take over the work the Cyrius family was running prior to being severely injured in a freak automobile accident in which their car struck a horse.  Folks in Washington could probably say one way or the other if Kathy and George have taken over this work.  We haven't bothered wasting time trying to look it up on the useless ntcc church locator - ahem.

NTCCA New Testament Christian Churches of America, NTCG, NTCS, MBI Midwestern Bible Institute, Bible School, Seminary
Ashmores and Jordans Are Relatives:

Kathy [Gonzales]Jordan [husband George the spitting image of Johnny Dean, maybe they are twins?]...

Kathy Jordan is the sister of Helen [Gonzales?] [Duran]  Ashmore, whose husband James Ross Ashmore has held many ntcg / ntcc titles including being a Board Member, President of the Bible School / College / Seminary  Faculty / Staff, Missionary, blah blah blah....  You name it; he's done it.

Ashmores Cover-Up Son's Adultery:

When James Ross Ashmore's wife Helen's son, Jerry aka "Larry" Duran committed adultery and ran off with Rich Hampton's wife Penny, JR / Jim put a gag order on the parents of Jerry's jilted / abandoned wife, Christine, abusing Ashmore's ntcc Board Member office to quell this true story.

Ashmores' Partiality / Hypocrisy:

The Ashmores also disfellowshipped Helen's son Jerry aka "Larry"  and his large family.  (He married Penny; and they have a scabootle of kids), the Ashmores'  own grandkids.

We feel that was very hypocritical since Jim/James Ross Ashmore and his wife Helen have had no problem or qualms or trouble following the serial-adulterer Rodger Wilson Davis.  Why the double standard?  Why does Rodger Wilson Davis get a free pass to be an impenitent adulterer while you disfellowship Helen's own son and your own grandkids?  *Shaking Our Heads*

John Richard DiFrancesco and wife Lorraine [Duran]:

MyNTCC NTCG / NTCC / NTCS / NTCCA New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. Seminary Bible School Officer Secretary Treasurer Graham WA Phoenix AZ St. Louis MO
 John Richard DiFrancesco
 NTCG'S Best Kept Secret or
 NTCC'S Best Secret Keeper 

 Secretary Treasurer Smiling 
 All The Way To The Bank $$$ 
John Richard DiFrancesco:  NTCC's Biggest Secret Keeper:

Married to Helen [Duran] Ashmore's other kid, Lorrie [Lorraine Duran] DiFrancesco is the NTCC's best kept secret, or best keeper of secrets,  John Richard DiFrancesco.  Sure, you get your key from him at the NTCC campground; and you've seen him handing out mail in the New Testament Christian Seminary office.  But did you know John R. DiFrancesco has been an officer of the NTCC since it began?

Even back in the St. Louis days when NTCC was NTCG, John R. DiFrancesco's name has been on the list of officers for the organization, registered with the Missouri Secretary of State list of Corporations.  When the Feds come to hand out indictments, will John R. DiFrancesco be listed as a recipient or witness?  Tough to say.  In a sense it makes him a double threat.

As a forever secretary and or treasurer of the ntcg / ntcc, he definitely knows where the cash goes and where the bodies are buried.  With his looks, he's easy to overlook.  But when the reporters want information about the NTCC, they should start with unassuming-appearing John R. DiFrancesco.

Getting back to the question that started it all:

"Is Johnny Jordan the brother of Rev. Jordan?"

MyNTCC, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. NTCCA Inc, NTCS Seminary, Graham, WA, St. Louis, MO, Phoenix, AZ
 [Timothy] Paul
 Jordan NTCS
 Faculty - Staff 
[Timothy] Paul Jordan and wife Veneta: 
Johnny Dean Jordan IS the brother of Rev. [Timothy] Paul Jordan [wife Veneta] who for years worked as New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. Bible School / College / Seminary Staff / Faculty.  Last we knew Timothy and Veneta  did not have any children.  Perhaps Johnny Dean Jordan's story gives some clue as to why they had no children.  Perhaps T. Paul believed Rodger Wilson Davis' false doctrine that [your] "children hinder the work of the borg Lawd!"  Perhaps Timothy Paul, like so many deceived ntcc men, got a vasectomy to please Rodger Wilson Davis.  Perhaps by now Paul and Veneta have children; that may have changed over the years; but we doubt it.

So, in answer to the question that started it all; yeah, Johnny Dean Jordan, convicted child rapist, worker for r w davis, in St. Louis, Missouri, IS the brother of rev jordan and their other brother, Barry, and sister, Anita (deceased).

Johnny's also out of prison now.

myNTCC, NTCC, NTCCA, NTCS, NTCG, MBI, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. Seminary, Midwestern Bible Institute, Bible School, New Testament Church of God, St. Louis, Graham, Washington, Phoenix, AZ
 Johnny Dean Jordan
 Sex Offender Mugshot 
Link to Story "Watch Out, He's Out"

Johnny Dean Jordan really didn't do much time in prison in comparison to how long he was sentenced for; but that's how it is in our prison systems.  Again, another topic.  *sigh*  Be sure to check out the stories in those links and read the comments.  There you will learn some really bad stuff goes on in the ntcc, and the board members, like Joseph Henry Olson and Rodger Wilson Davis fail to report the abuse.  In our opinion, ntcc would rather protect the name of their "organization" than protect kids from child abusers, molesters, and rapists!


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is some really disturbing stuff out on this blog. Yes, my question was if Jordan, who is now back in Graham was this perps brother? apparently he is. Oh, what tangled webs we weave.
So again, when Davis found out that this sicko raped a child, he did not go to the police but moved the victms family out of state, thus protecting the Jordan family name. That is disgusting and sick, can people really trust their children in the sunday school in Graham, fully knowing that coverups of this magnitude take place? I am sickened even more than I already was about the Graham cult, Don and Ange, thanks for taking the time to give us this important information, so many people in the Graham church have children and if this kind of thing has gone on, more than once, I remember Fontenault, no child is really safe around people who don't protect a vulnerable child over their own reputation. And people should think about it, is your child safe in this kind of web of lies and deceit, I don't think so, as a parent I could never forgive myself if something like this happened to my child due to the decisions I made. Wake up people. Give your head a shake...

Don and Ange said...

Anon, Thanks for your comment.

Unfortunately this story barely scratches the surface of the filth ntcc has hidden to protect their "organization" name.

The borg is the bread and butter of these predatory wolves dressed as sheep. Wolves know they can only beget other woles; so they allow a few sheep to linger in the ntcc rank and file frontline preaching jobs. Those sheep do beget other sheep; some become instant fodder for the wolves to ravage; some are forwarded to the NTCS where they are trained to beget a fresh flock; and the cycle repeats.

By the time the sincere shepherd/sheep wake up, much damage has been done. That would be another blog post or more!

Coming back to your question if children are safe in ntcc, we say NO WAY!

The precedent has been set; the pattern's established: NTCC cares more about their money-making empire than they pretend to care about your children. In our opinion they would rather lie and cover-up abuse to protect the org.'s image even if it meant hurting your children.

Anonymous said...

Don and Ange, I also read about the Bellamy situation there in Missouri, was this a innocent teenage situation going on, or do you suppose this was a fellow minister trying to get involved with this young girl? Is Bellamy a minister in Missouri? How does this situation play into the NTCC? I know the NTCC is known for marrying off their young daughters, I can think of several in Graham, that guess what, did not last go figure. I can think of 3 ituations where the young ladies involved where under 20 years of age, the parents of these girls should get their head examined. Is this brother Bellamy trying to stop his young daughter from being another young teen bride?

Anonymous said...

bellamy is not in the ntcc and i know he wouldn't do anything ntcc'ish

edison carter

Don and Ange said...

Thanks for reminding us we forgot about ashmore's son-in-law, John R. DiFrancesco. *UPDATE* New pic and info in the blog post. DnA

Anonymous said...

Difrancesco has been around so long because Davis trusts him. Difranscesco knows how to keep secrets and keep his mouth shut. He is probably as dirty as anyone who has ever been in the ntcc. He'd pretty much have to be. There is no telling how much money has been wrongfully used in the ntcc at the hands of Difrancesco and how many bones have been covered up by that guy? It's a family affair. Kind of like the mafia. What a dirty trick the whole church is.

Anonymous said...

What does Mr. Malone do in this organization, other than act like a "puppet" when you talk to him. I remember the same conversation with him almost every time I talked to him. Almost like a rehearsed skit or something to that effect, not trying to be mean but that is how I felt when speaking with him.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Malone says: Ha ha ha ha ha, he he he he he, praise God brother, Oooooh, praise God, God is good, good seeing you brother, I'm praying for you, God has been so good, praise the Lord, God is really blessing, God bless you brother, ha ha ha ha ha, he he he he.

Yeah, talking to him can get kind of old. The ntcc has a way of turning people into trained robots. The worst conversations you will ever have is with an ntcc person. I'm not saying that to be mean either but it's the truth. The majority of them say the same stuff and use the same phrases and talk about the same stuff.

The women talk about thrift shopping, loosing weight and learning to sing and play the keyboard. The men talk about other churches and other people while always making fun of stupid things that other people do. This brother did this, that brother did that, ha ha ha. Remember when this brother did this and that brother did that?

Same stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and they always talk about people who've left the church and to sound spiritual they always throw in, "I'm praying for them" and "Keep them lifted up in prayer".

For what? So they might get stupid enough to go back to the ntcc? If they are going to pray for me, they need to pray that I won't be dumb enough dip back into the slop bucket and wind up back with the ntcc.

Anonymous said...

I clearly remember that n.tieman was talking about the jordans and how kathy and her husband were about to adopt a kid in the phillipines, they had been there and decided to have a family, and apparently the reversal vasectomy wasn't successful, so they decided to adopt a filipino baby but they were moved to the states, so that didn't go through.
n.tieman was trying to make a point that kathy had been praying so hard to have kids and low and behold God blessed her, with not one but two. she said that God answers prayer for the doctors had told them that eventhough he had a reversal it wasnt 100percent sure they were gonna have babies.
But I remember that during this, the preachings was always about how that women only thought about themselves on having babies and that the work of God wasn't been done and that they were gonna have to answer to God for this and bla,blah,blah....
For awhile the jordans would get the cold shoulder but now he sits on the board.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Another catch phrase for Mr Malone, I would ask how are you? He would reply "Mahvalous" I know how to spell marvelous but that is what he would reply with. ????? So many times, I can't count. Rehearsed like an act.

Don and Ange said...

Anon said,

"I also read about the Bellamy situation there in Missouri, was this a innocent teenage situation going on, or do you suppose this was a fellow minister trying to get involved with this young girl?"

Don and Ange say,

We haven't heard of this or read about it; so we couldn't say.

Anon. also asked,

"Is Bellamy a minister in Missouri?"

Rev. Bellamy was with the NTCC for many years. However he left the organization some time ago IN GOOD STANDING.

What was unique about his decision was that he made a public declaration on Jeff's blog prior to leaving.

We feel that was wise. He openly declared his intention. We feel that thwarted SOME of the ntcc's typical smear-campaign tactics.

But perhaps not.

kekel did manipulate Bellamy into agreeing to hold off on posting on the blogs for Xers for a season.

We question if, during that time after Bellamy left ntcc and while he kept silent as kekel requested, maybe kekel used that time to spread the typical rumors about those who leave ntcc in the established pattern of ntcc damage control?

With the secret blog kekel keeps we think it is highly likely. Honestly, though, who cares? By now people should know that kekel is a flat out liar. He lied about Casey Hayes going golfing in Puerto Rico, when Casey was not. And that happened after pretending to be friends with the dude for 24 years.

So who cares what kekel said or didn't say? kekel has no integrity.

I met Rev. and Sis. Bellamy while in the ntcc. I thought they were very nice people. They've been on my prayer list for some time. Hey, ntcc-ers! Remember those? Prayer lists? Actually praying for people? Not just listening to some kontrol freak krazy kekel get up and blast some dude and his wife. Remember knowing what your friend is like and not receiving any evil about them, even if it comes over the pulpit or off some so-called church blog?

Really, why would any church have a secret blog 'for members only'? Only a CULT would do that. HELLO!

Anonymous said...

Very good points Don and Ange. Kekel is a creep and a manipulator.

Don and Ange said...

Anon also said,

"I know the NTCC is known for marrying off their young daughters, I can think of several in Graham, that guess what, did not last go figure. I can think of 3 ituations where the young ladies involved where under 20 years of age, the parents of these girls should get their head examined."

DnA say,

Teen brides all the way baby. Here are a few we can think of:

tanya davis kekel - Who actually admitted she would not get married so young, if she were again given the opportunity.

debbie johnson kinson - phil cheated on her with a prostitute

becky johnson ankenbauer - sent to do servicmen's work as a teen / newly wed

tanya wright keys - marriage to george keys failed

david tieman, jr. - both he and his first wife were young teens. Marriage failed.

krystal apolinaro ripka - pregnant while climbing on the bus to go to HIGH SCHOOL!

Anonymous was right.

The parents should get, in ntcc jargon, "a check-up from the neck up"!

Don and Ange said...

edison carter said,

"bellamy is not in the ntcc and i know he wouldn't do anything ntcc'ish"

Where's that "like" button?


Don and Ange said...

Okay, Anon. As for your comments about the Malones. Or Rev. Malone.

First, I don't know who Anon. is. But much of what has been written evokes such a response that I feel another blog post needs to be written to cover all that ground.

For now I will say that when I met / knew the Malones in ntcc, I really liked them. They were the real deal. The kind of folks who did not put on airs. Just good people. I pray ntcc has not changed that foundation in Christ. I do believe that ntcc has changed the face of the building. And that is exactly what it is - another ntcc facade.

This really does need a whole blog post or two, due to related topics. But I'm in no rush to do them. LOL.

For those who don't know me, you would be shocked to learn that I actually despise writing. Always have. I bet you'd never guess that after seeing my comments and blog posts! But, as Jeff often says, "It is what it is!" :-)

Don and Ange said...

Anon., Your whole comment about DiFrancesco is "spot on"! I especially liked how you closed: "It's a family affair. Kind of like the mafia. What a dirty trick the whole church is."

I did have that phrase, "A Family Affair" in one version of this post; but think I cut it from the final draft. Funny.

Anonymous said...

What about rev. Infausto, where does he fit into the NTCC web? He always seemed to be the more "normal" man in this bunch.

Anonymous said...

That Ray diagram is so funny. LOL. Who is Ray? No doubt someone in the ntcc. LOL. The ntcc ought to play that duel banjo song from the movie Deliverance. LOL. Somehow a lot of people who are part of the ntcc leadership are related I take it. These people are even more creepy than I thought. They all ought to move to the mountains of West Virginia, live together and have children and have banjo duels.

Angela (Marshall-Lazo) Cherena said...

Why are we wasting so much energy into this??? Let every man live the way they want to and let us each just live our own lives?? I was in the org, I seen a lot of shit, good and bad. Yes, it has changed ALOT, its not the same org I was in, when I was in for 12 years , and YESSSSS, I am glad I am out, and yes I am Happy and successful,& yes there are prob people who are still judging and thinking we are in our way to hell, BUT, there are good people still in the ORG too. This is their life and their choice, let's just respect it and leave it alone. The past is the past, we can't change it, move on, live your life, who cares what's happened what people say, what people do? Let go, don't put any more energy into bashing people, come on! Everyday is a blessing, live it! People want to judge me? Knock yourself out! They aren't God, who cares!!!!' ( this happens to bet first time on here- by the way) this is insane! Leave these people alone and just let God take care of things, this org took 12 years of my life, but I have learned to take the good with me and just leave the bad behind for good, forever. Try it, ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your input Angela, 12 years or 12 days. This blog is here to WARN people and nothing more. I highly doubt Don and Ange keep this blog going because they don't want to let go ot the past. This blog is here to let people know the truth of what the NTCC is really all about, not the facade they try to make people believe, I was in the NTCC for 12 and had no idea of these shenanagins they where doing to people, they would say over the pulpit if you read the blogs it is of the devil. So guess what, I didn't. I appreciate the time and energy it takes to keep these blogs going, I wish I had found them or searched for them years ago, I could have done things in my life very differently. You feel as you do, and you have every right to, however, don't come on here using profanity and then saying get over it, don't you see why people would have a blog such as this? It should be obvious to you.

Chief said...

These blogs are a good thing. Involvement with them gets old after a while but they are good nevertheless. Just understand, the NTCC isn't the only money hungry greedy cult out there, the United States is full of them. The NTCC is just more hideous than most.

Keep up the good work. I may be tired of moderating a blog but I don't mind putting in my two cents every now and then.


Don and Ange said...

Anon and Chief, Thanks for the support. And to be fair to Angela (M-L) C., I really think she may be new to the blogging scene and not up to speed with all the evil perpetrated by these wolves in wool clothing.

I also think she may have friends from when she was in the ntcc. I told Don the other day, blogging is a two-edged sword. We receive testimony from some people that describes a side of our ntcc friends that we never saw. It is not easy to know how to handle this. We still see our friends how we knew them; but the victims of abuse need a voice. We want to be fair and upright in our dealings. It's a tough decision sometimes, how to call something.

One thing we know for sure: ntcc negatively impacts everyone who goes through their door. Some just haven't figured that out yet.

They feel safe in their bubble; the ugly hasn't yet touched their own sphere of influence, group of friends, family, kids....

But their day is coming. Like one man wrote honestly of his experience, he thought when people got jacked-up by these so-called preachers that maybe the person deserved it; or maybe it was for their good. Then one day a close personal friend of his got blasted; and he KNEW there was NO WAY his friend deserved it; he knew it was not for his friend's good. Then he understood.

I know. I used to respect the borg leaders. But then I saw what they did to Eric James Barden. I had watched his respect and love for them for eight years. I was shocked at how they were willing to throw him away in order to pinch a penny. That's when I knew the borg leaders were liars. I knew they had lied about why other people left ntcc; and I knew they would lie about why Eric left ntcc.

Now you can learn the hard way. Or you can learn from others. The borg leaders are lousy frauds. They don't care about you or your soul. They will break up your marriage in a heartbeat. They will lie about you from the pulpit and lectern. They will try to discredit you when all you've done is 'moved on' to a life outside the ntcc CULTure. They are evil and the proof is in the thousands of testimonies of those who have left ntcc.

Don and Ange said...

Angela (Marshall-Lazo),

We think you missed the paragraph about johnny dean jordan raping a 14 year old girl.

Here's the paragraph about the 14 year old girl being raped, and the paragraph after that, both from the "Johnny Dean Jordan Sex Offender" blog post:

"** UPDATE **
Another story has come to light involving the abuse of ntcc children: Johnny Jordan raped a 14 year old girl. The mother of this 14 year old girl, in the ntcc, did not believe her. Rodger Wilson Davis also refused to believe her (in front of the mother) thus preventing police involvement; Davis did so to cover his own tracks, to hide Rodger Davis' own illicit sexual involvement with another young woman. RWD's solution for this tragic sexual violation and rape of a child was to move the woman to Washington.

Our opinion of this story: We believe this story that was shared under conditions of anonymity. Unfortunately it fits an all too familiar pattern in the ntcc. When allegations of adultery were made against Davis in his previous church, Pop Gaylord told Davis to get out of town until things cooled down. Now we see Davis using that same technique in this 14 year old girl's story. Davis moved the mother and girl out of St. Louis in order to let things cool down. We also saw Davis use this technique with Nichelle Tieman ~ moving their family to Portland, Oregon to hide her adulterous affairs. The pattern is way too familiar. The cycle of ntcc abuse started with its inception and has doubtless continued over four decades."

I had to post these paragraphs. I see that I had mixed the stories from two victims in my previous response to Angela, so I will be removing those comments.

Please read the full "Johnny Jordan Sex Offender" Story Link and ask yourself,

What should happen to men who rape little kids?

What should happen to men who hide the rapists?

What if it happened to your child?

In ntcc, it is very likely.

Don and Ange said...

Blaming a rape victim and telling him or her to move is just like raping him or her all over again!

Criminal charges should be filed against the rapist and the ministers who covered up the rape. That is against the law. Those ministers should face criminal charges for failure to report crimes against children by a person in a position of trust!

If johnny dean jordan had been reported to the police, there may not have been subsequent victims. That's on the ministers' heads too! They just care more about protecting the name of an organization than they care about protecting children from sexual deviants, molesters, rapists!

Fisher said...

"this is insane!" That's true! NTCC IS NUTS!

Angela LAZO - Marshall / Cherena said...

Dear Anonymous ( why cant you post who you are?) anyways, I can use any damn language I want, thank you very much.

It's sad a little girl got raped. It should have never happened, but it happens everywhere. So they lied to us, so they said and did what they did, at least we were fortunate enough to see something just wasn't correct about this org. Some people never get it, even if u do post things up and trash talk people.
I still have family in there and they will prob die I there, I cannot convince them and I have to respect that, there's no way around it.
It's tragic what has happened and continutes to happen but it's also pretty sad all these postings about people, it's not going to change what was what is and what is to come. I learned some really good things about that place, the other things? I saw a lot, I mean a lot of things back in the day, imagine now, but it's life man. Let the bygones be bygones, the hell with everything else, seriously. Ate you religious anonymous? Maybe you can pray for them? LOL
Nothing has changed, I spoke my mind back in NTCC & I'm still speaking my mind, :-D.

Ange said...

This type of response from Angela LAZO-Marshall / Cherena is so disappointing, but not too surprising. We've seen the borg jargon before.

Many people leave ntcc, but the borg is still in them. You can hear and see all the cult jargon, "move on" "you're bashing people"
"The past is the past, we can't change it,"

Well we know that. We are trying to change the FUTURE!


Do you really want more children to be raped and just shrug it off as, "It happens." ??? THAT is INSANE! It's a sad state of mind and makes me think, sadly, that you are probably a former victim of sexual abuse yourself. You really sound as if somebody trained you to have such a screwed up view as,

"Oh well, kids get raped every day, get over it."


Might we suggest that you need some professional assistance in realigning your thought process?

Getting back to the cult jargon:

They say we are trash talking. But we are just telling the TRUTH.

They say "move on, let bygones be bygones".

We say yesterdays "bygones" are tomorrows repeat offenders!

If davis had called the police as is required by law, then johnny jordan may have gone to prison and repented rather than getting away with rape and going on to forcing sex acts on future children.

But davis had his hands full with another man's young wife's breasts; he was paying her money to make her look like a prostitute. So he really could care less if his buddy johnny is raping another young girl.

These are the facts.

Now let's look at some "trash talking".

"Trash talking" is what davis and kekel do as they "hide behind the pulpit" and make fun of

"lazy Italians"

"niggers" and

"fat chics".

"trash talking" is what you, Angela LAZO-Marshall / Cherena would get if you went on kekel's blog, cursing as you have here.

kekel would be in the pulpit or on that blog "trash talking" you for cursing. Then kekel would point out what a failure you were in your marriage to Jeff Marshall. Regardless of what is true or false, you would be blamed for the marriage failing. Anything told to kekel and davis in confidence as ministers would be broadcast from the pulpit and on their blogs as ammunition against you.

Then kekel would have a report from one of his moles saying how you posted a picture of "cocktails with my squeeze ;-)" on your Facebook wall. They would point out that you "liked" the Heineken fb Page. And that you have other pictures taken inside the bar, with drinks, during "Happy, Happy, Happy hour ;-D". Then kekel would suggest that perhaps your cocktails had fogged your ability to think and speak...

Just clearing things up a bit.

We notice you did not address the real issue:

What should happen to men who rape children?

What should happen to men who hide child rapists?

What if it were your child that got raped?

When you're sober, think about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela Lazlo, I post anonymously for good reason, if you where a former member who walks in my shoes, you would too, just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing Angela, the rape of a child in a church organization should NEVER happen, or anywhere else for that matter.

In the Catholic church, these priests have been tried and convicted even with a cover up. Why is the NTCC different? Any church organization that covers up a crime against a child is absolutely not of God, the NTCC is as bad if not worse than any common criminal, the law should throw the book at them. Why is it any different because these people claim to be men of God. Another brainwashed person is what you are, pull your head out of the sand, this is a crime and a cover up took place.

Fisher said...

"I still have family in there and they will prob die I there, I cannot convince them"

If you tried being a Christian, not swearing and drinking, they might listen to you. :(

Angela Marshall Cherena said...

Wow, now I know why I never bothered reading these blogs, just a bunch of bitter people on here, gangling on to the past.
Talk all you want anonymous ( you don't have the balls to say who you ate)
Well, now you can bash me and talk trash about me and twist everything I'm trying to say.
I'm never against anything tragic, bad, traumatizing, wrong , that can happen to a child, it still doesn't change the fact that it still happens you stupid ass, wake up and stop being so stupid!
Bash me all you want, your not any better than the organization that you left if you talk about people as well.
You feel that strong about Davis, call the cops , press charges, call a newspaper, do something other than post things up.
I drink, I swear, and I'm living my life and that's what you need to be doing too, get a life anonymous, talk so much but can't even say your name, wow.
No need to come back on to this blog as everything I try to say will get twisted. I'm not for the org, of I was, I would have stayed.
But I'm not into posting pictures and digging up dirt on people either. I believe in karma and what goes around will come around, good or bad.
No point on wasting my time here, when I can be having a cocktail with my squeeze!!!!
You poor thing, hoping you get help and release all that bitterness and resentment out of your fangs one day. Life is short, live it! Have a drink on me.
I won't be on this blog anymore, it's pointless. But you obviously are on my Facebook, maybe you should delete yourself from my page, oh, that's right, but then you won't be able to find out about any of my doings and you won't have anything to gossip about, my bad.
Call me if you wanna talk, show your face do we can talk. Cause I def won't waste my time on here anymore, & now I see why.
Let God be the one to judge anyone.

Fisher said...

It's truly alarming to think somebody would justify raping children! Angela needs to GET SAVED!

Anonymous said...

There was never any situation with me in Missouri. If there is a story about me out there then it is a total lie. I was a Lay Pastor in St. Louis from February 2001 until November 2002. In November 2002 we went into Servicemen's work as an Associate Pastor at Junction City, Kansas. I became the pastor in January 2004 because of the Denis split and went to Pastor the Servicemen's home in Kaiserslautern, Germany from June 2004 to April 2008, also because of the Denis split. I then Pastored in Cleveland, Ohio from May 2008 until our departure of NTCC in, I believe it was April 2011. I have no biological children, because my wife and I bought into the lie that children hinder the work of the Lord. We have been married for over 15 years and we have 3 foster children. I would like to know what is being said about me. I have made it known why we left NTCC. I have prayed for them and God has shown me that they are at best Pharisees and just like the Pharisees they believe that they are not accountable for how they treat others. The leadership has lied on many occasions, and they do not have the best interest for the people in mind. When asked about the lies they sound more like Bill Clinton and John Kerry than men of God. It is late so I will try to comment later next week.

Bro. Bellamy

Anonymous said...

has the drinking caused you to forget the Bible ?

Jesus said you will know them by their fruits.

He warned of those that are like sheep on the outside but on the inside are like wolves. He also called people hypocrites and vipers.

If Jesus warned people of other types of people to avoid, and we are to be like Jesus,
then why is it wrong for us to follow his example and point out the hypocrises of others ?

this is edison carter

were you only religious ? Have you ever met Jesus angela ?

Anonymous said...

Brother Bellamy, I don't know you but judging from the way they treat and use a smear campaign against a minister after he leaves the organizatio I am sure your situation is no different. This is another sad testimony to the NTCC particularily Davis and Kekel and their ilk. I was a member in Graham for some time, I left because I found out the truth about this so called church. It is good that you got out and are now going on with your life. And yes, it is a shame that you bought into the rediculous claim that "children hinder the work of the Lord" but foster children need good parents and role models and they are blessed to have you in their life. Don't forget, life seldomly goes the way we planned however, God puts people in our lives for a reason. Foster children or biological children, they still need parents and you are it...

Anonymous said...

To Angela Marshall Sandusky

The silent are the loudest voice for the guilty!!


Anonymous said...

A question for you Don and Ange, you have alleged that Davis is a serial adulterer. What proof do you have of this. This is after all, a man who preaches against sin. If it is true, does he not think he will be "found out" or is he like most other cheating men out there that are not thinking with their brains. They think with something else...

Don and Ange said...

davis is an adulterer, attested to by multiple witnesses providing independent confirmation of multiple victims and multiple instances. davis is guilty. Be sure your sin will find you out. Num. 32:23 (partial)

Don and Ange said...

Rest assured Ladies, davis is such a prolific adulterer your identities are safe until you decide to reveal what davis did to you.

For everyone else:

If you follow davis, you are nuts. We have doumented his adultery and hiding child molesters. Can two walk together except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3)

We have warned you.

If you remain and mischief follows, your blood is on your own head. We are free of your blood.

Don and Ange said...


We are glad you liked the Ray video. "I'm my own Grandpa" has been sung by other artists as well. Somebody suggested the Ray Stevens song and it really seemed to fit the twisted ntcc family tree, so ...

Honestly, we had already answered the question asked by the Anonymous who wondered if johhny jordan was rev jordan's brother. That was answered in the first sentence of that blog post.

So when Anonymous asked for clarification, we thought that there must be others wondering the same thing. That's why we incorporated photographs, first names, and wives' names ~ for clarity.

But this whole topic does shed light on just one branch of ntcc's gnarled family tree.

It would take several more threads or blog posts to cover some of the other branches of just the borg leaders like davis/kekel, olson/brill, johnson/kinson/ankenbauer...

Does anybody else find it "miraculous" ahem, incredible, that borg leader family members wind up back in Graham as board members and faculty with money and houses and cars furnished by the borg??? Wow, what a coinidence. Being your own Grandpa doesn't just keep you outta jail; it pays pretty durn good too! Ahem!

Anonymous said...

No, this does not seem strange at all, now it really all makes sense. Why would they not keep all the entangled family members and their spouses, and persons married into these different families all in Graham. It makes complete sense to me, lets face it, the members and the ministers and family just follow these people like they are the next best thing to God. Its so sad.

Vic Johanson said...

Speaking of the Jordans, whatever happened to Barry?

Don and Ange said...

Vic Johanson said...

"Speaking of the Jordans, whatever happened to Barry?"

DnA said:

Last we heard, he was still in St. Louis, but that was many, many moons ago.

Robert Derrick said...

Rev DiFrancesco was always a nice and quiet guy without any of the obvious power-playing and back-stabbing. He's not ashark by nature, but he defintiely knows how to be in the very midst of things without being involved. He's truly the proverbial 'fly on the wall...' I believe him to still be a decent guy ONLY by his ability to have no knowledge. To not ask. To do his job. And I believe he'll be the witness rather than the accomplice, much like Capone's accountant with the IRS.

But of course, I could just still be trying to see some measure of decensy connected to Davis' Program.

It's been a while since I've looked into the NTCC realm. I've wondered from time to time if Davis is till alive, or dead and gone...

Anonymous said...

Test. Just wanted to see if an anonymous comment would publish.

Don and Ange said...


Last we knew davis was still kicking; though he reportedly had an "heart issue" according to olson's so-in-law, Danny Brill; who is also quite ill.

Mark G. said...

I would like to speak in defense of Larry(Jerry)Duran, Not because I've known him for so many years, and remember him as a 8 or 9 year old kid, But because I think that he has been beaten and kicked enough. I'm not saying necessarily by you-all, But collectively. I spoke to Jerry on the phone in January of 2006 and he was very upfront with me about the "scandal" as he called it, as well as other things. I thought that he was upfront with me, at least. I can tell everybody this who wants to listen, and that is that he has suffered indescribable pain for what he has done. His children has suffered as well. I had a chance to meet with him in Denver in February at a restaurant and my wife and I talked with him for at least an hour or more. I got the feeling that everything wasn't quite right there, But I was glad to see him after all the years. I will say that what he did was WRONG! HE will say that what he did was WRONG! But the way he has been treated by the people at NTCC,(which includes his family) is deplorable. The ONLY ONE who treated him with any dignity and acted like they even gave a rat's tutu was POP Gaylord!!! He told the story of how he went back briefly after everything happened and he was treated like the plague. By everyone, that is but Pop Gaylord who gave him a hug and greeted him warmly. Jerry has suffered, and he continues to suffer. I don't really want to say much more because I don't want to give out to much information about the subject. I want to unload right now on 2 people in particular, but I won't. 1 of the 2 people I lost alot of respect for this person because of the way he was treated. anyway, I won't belabor the subject any longer.

Don and Ange said...

Mark G. wrote about Jerry / Larry Duran (Helen Ashmore's son, Laurie DiFrancesco's brother), "I will say that what he did was WRONG! HE will say that what he did was WRONG! But the way he has been treated by the people at NTCC,(which includes his family) is deplorable."

DNA say,

Right. What he did was wrong. What Penny (Hampton) did was wrong. But they, like all the other adulterers and aduleresses in the organization ntcc can repent of their adultery and probably already have. God can forgive and forget. But the point of this story is to eXpose the double standards at work in ntcc. The organization leaders will forgive some people and even promote them after they commit adultery like they did with rodger davis and phil kinson. But they will run off some people and disfellowship them like they did Jerry / Larry Duran and Mike Marshall and Rich Blumenthal.

Why is Helen Ashmore's husband, James Ross Ashmore so unwilling to forgive Helen's son Jerry / Larry? Why does James Ross Ashmore follow a serial adulterer and child molester Rodger Wilson Davis and Michael Craig Kekel???

Talk about hypocritical double standards!

And I also read on Tracy P's "Not New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc." blog, (now deleted) that the ntcc treated the Ashmore's children horriblly, disfellowshipping innocent children. What's that all about?

And davis leaving the Hampton's homeless after the dude's wife ran off with duran and Diana (Marshall) Hampton's exhusband got run off from the borg... What was that all about??? Vic Johanson speculated that payback may have been the motivation. Vic shared that the organization tried to lowball Hampton - offered Rich Hampton a lower-than-market price on the property Rich owned there in Washington next to the cult campus compound. When Hampton refused to sell at that low price, Eli Gesang jumped all over the dude for it.

Why would a so-called pastor who supposed loves souls let a family be homeless when the empty campground is only fifteen miles away from the town davis sent the Hamptons to work in? There they are with four kids and 2 grieving parents who are still recovering from their former spouses' betraying them, trying to build another church for ntcc, and davis doesn't lift a single finger to help them. Yeah, he's lifting the wrong finger and it's not to help them!

Why does Jim Johnson's son-in-law, Phil Kinson get a free pass on his adultery with a whore; but Ashmore's son-in-law is run off and not restored?

We believe the answer is in the money and numbers. Feel-good-Phil and his wife Debbie Johnson Kinson bring in lots of G.I.s and lots of dollars. Larry/Jerry Duran, not so much.

Is that really what Christianity is all about?

Don and Ange said...

*correction* Ashmore's GRANDchildren

Don and Ange said...

And let's not forget, davis bellowed for years and years saying if you committed adultery he would eXpose your sin, tell your wife, and you would never be on HIS board.


Mark G. said...

Well, After I found out from other independent sources about what happened I did lose alot of respect for Sister Ashmore. I remember a time when I would have ranked her as 1 of the 2 most godly women I have ever met. While I believe that her prayer life is wonderful, and she has many, many wonderful attributes I have to say that when I found everything out I was deeply disappointed. I felt the same about JR Ashmore, But not in the same way. Jerry is Sister Ashmore's biological mother, and that speaks volumes. Yes, no doubt about it, there is a double standard at NTCC. All I'm saying is that I don't think that Jerry was given any preferential treatment. I heard after everything had transpired that R'Dub told everybody there that Jerry WAS NOT welcome at any NTCC anywhere. What is the purpose of a Church? Is it a showcase for the Saints, or a hospital for the Sinners?

Don and Ange said...

Mark G. Said:

"I heard after everything had transpired that R'Dub told everybody there that Jerry WAS NOT welcome at any NTCC anywhere."

DnA said:

I met Jerry Duran at my first conference back in 84. Bro. Reginald Terry and some other brothers were talking about how Davis had pushed Duran up against a wall and had him pinned and rebuked him and physically threatened him. That's second hand info, but they all talked about it like they admired Davis for it.

We are of the opinion that the ntcc leaders and many of the members and ministers are doing more damage than good. While it's true that people might get saved in the ntcc, and there are those who pray, and those who do things sincerely, we look at all of the board members as enablers of unnecessary abuse. You can find some good in Hitler's Regime. Schindler managed to rescue many jews from certain death, but those that opposed Hitler openly were hunted down. There might have been people that disagreed with Hitler but they dared not do it openly, out of fear for their lives and the lives of those they loved. The world would have been better off without Hitler, and unfortunately I would have to say the same for the ntcc.

Is there such a thing as a good biscuit in the bottom of a slop barrel? I wouldn't eat anything out of the bottom of a slop barrel and knowing what we know about the ntcc, it is nothing but a big slop barrel. People that get saved in the ntcc, are not allowed to grow spiritually or prosper in any way. They are stripped of their individuality and their lives are micro managed in a way that molds them into team members whose purpose is to create wealth for those at the top of the ntcc. They are nothing more than batteries that keep the ntcc running with a seemingly endless supply of money. When a person stops generating money and supplying power to the greedy ntcc leaders, they become a drain on the system, and are thrown away and replaced with new batteries that are nothing but a bunch of suckers like we were, and they will be used up just like us, and thrown away one day when they have outlived their usefulness. All the board members and their wives sit back and watch this happen. They are not good people until they wake up and do something about it or until they take a stand and fight for those who are being disposed of.

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