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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today's Subject: All are Welcome!

Come Into My Parlor ...
... Said The Spyder To The Fly ...
At ntcc I'm sure you've heard the expression:
"All are welcome"
While this is a catch phrase ntcc uses to allure people out to their cult meetings, it is actually a true statement.  They do welcome all to their cult meetings.  They welcome all so they can blast all.  At ntcc the doors are open to all; but if you don't like the preaching, "Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!" ...

Most of what I've seen in my years of servitude in the servicemen's homes was that many of the pastors would run people off before they ever got a chance to consider being saved.  The ntcc preacher would preach salvation through one side of his mouth, holiness through the other side of his mouth while making it personal by scowling and growling, then using his fingers to point at folks, while glaring with his eyes to make them feel more uncomfortable.  All this on top of the conviction of the Holy Ghost.  It's a wonder any of us ever got saved.

Let's take a closer look at who's welcome and who is not. 


1.  Saved - definition varies from pastor to pastor.

2.  Tithe payer.

3.  Gives in all offerings.

4.  Men must dress like dorks in wingtips, white shirts, and polyester slacks.

5.  Women must wear dresses, skirts and scarves.

6.  Women are made to wear wigs if their natural hear is too short or sloppy for ntcc standards.

7.   Men and Women must attend all sevices and events.

8.  Men and Women that shout AMEN and PREACH to everything the preacher says are always welcome.


1.  Unsaved after their 1st service.

2.  Those who don't pay tithe.

3.  Those who don't give in offerings.

4.   Men who wear shorts, jeans, t-shirts, tight clothing, or if they look too cool.

5.   Men who are not clean shaven.

6.   Men with tattoos that show, piercings or long hair.

7.   Women with short hair.

8.   Women wearing pants, shorts and tight clothing.

9.   Women that believe they are to be treated equal to men.

10. Women and men that disagree with anything that comes accross the pulpit.

11. Women that are called to do something other than wash dishes and cook.

12. Women that wear make-up.

13. Men who wear double-breasted suits.

14. Those who have televisions, unless they are used to advertise for church.

15.  No child molesters unless they are a future board member  fondling the founder's daughter, or are on a double date with him doing the same, or if it is the founder himself fondling a young girl, or if he runs the print shop, or works in the office for rodger w. davis.

16.  Children that "hinder the work of Gawd".

Do you get the picture here?  Now I'm not saying that ntcc preachers always blast people on these points from behind the pulpit; but these are some of the do's and dont's that will eventually get you an invitation to leave the org. if they are not adhered to.  While you might not be blasted on all of these items from behind the pulpit you will be made to feel unwelcome.  ntcc knows that if they can make people feel unwelcome those folks  won't come back.

The emphasis in ntcc is placed more on the standards than it is on the Love of Christ.  

There is however one subject that will always without fail get you blasted from behind the pulpit and that is not paying tithe or giving in offerings.  If ntcc pastors were to spend their time behind the pulpit preaching the love of God and lifting up Christ rather than coming across like a snake oil salesmen after your money, they would get more people to stay and give willingly; and their churches would prosper. 

I remember there was this older guy that used to come out to the servicemen's home in Ft. Bragg and give large amounts of money in the offerings; and he would bring hundreds of one dollar bills and give them out to the brethren.  He was allowed to hang around inspite of the fact that he didn't conform to any of the ntcc standards other than the money flow standards.  He hung around through 3 pastor's and even showed up at a conference at Holly Hills and was praised by rwd from behind the pulpit.  It turned out that this man was a homosexual that was attracted to the young men at the servicemen's home and was finally run off after it was reported that he physically tried to get into the pants of one of the servicemen; but this advance was refused; and the man was outed by the shocked soldier.

As for # 15 on the list of dont's I would like to leave the following disclaimer.  While I believe it happened and that the eye wittness accounts are reliable, I havn't seen irrefutable evidence that proves it actually happened.  I will say this however.  At ntcc we are expected to "abstain from the very appearence of evil".  We are also taught and preached to about how important our testimony is.  We do not go into bars because we don't want to damage our testimony.  What is the ntcc leadership thinking?  In most states this is called statutory rape and is punishable by a prison sentence.  This just shows the arrogance and the double standard that the leadership of ntcc lives by.  Did kekel and teenya have to go sit on the wall after asking permission to speak from rwd?  No?  Surely they were not allowed to be alone where they would be tempted to feel each other up?  But that is what happened.  Hmmn.   I'm sure, being the examples of beleiver's that they claim to be, that they would not do anything to bring shame on the work of God...  Would they?  But they did bring shame and refused to repent.  They probably did worse than all their peers who allegedly made the rules.  I'm sure they have always felt the rules do not apply to them.

Wow, I wonder what would happen if Christians were trusted to make their own decisions regarding dating and relationships.  What would happen if Christians were trusted to guard their own testimonies or to "work out your own salvation"?  I wonder if there would be more joy in the ntcc Christians' lives and if they would be more productive.

I've often heard preachers at ntcc say," I've never seen a Charismatic get saved.  I've never seen a person from a certain ethnic group get saved.  I've never seen a homosexual get saved."  I believe this may be true; they have never seen it; because they don't believe it will happen.  I believe that none of these have a chance in the ntcc; because they are so quickly run off.  How can they get saved if they are hated and run out of the church?  Is the blood of Christ not powerful enough to save a homosexual or a Charismatic or a Puerto Rican or any other group that's "hard to save"?  Maybe it's because ntcc has passed all of these groups off as reprobates; or maybe it's because they are not good tithers.  How can they repent if they are not brought to the foot of the Cross?

Next time you see an ntcc church flyer or T.V. ad, or hear an ntcc soul winner or pastor say that all are welcome, believe them.  They will shake your hand before and after church service.  They will not refuse your money.  But if you are looking for a church that will allow God to move in your life, you would be better served by going to an online e-church service where at least you don't have to worry about getting germs from a phony hand-shake.


Jeff Collins said...

Don and Ange wrote...

As for # 15 on the list of don'ts I would like to leave the following disclaimer. While I believe it happened and that the eye witness accounts are reliable, I haven't seen irrefutable evidence that proves it actually happened.

Jeff wrote...

I talked to Vic extensively and I'm convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that Mike Kekel did some serious groping on Tanya and or visa versa before they were married and when she was quite young. Vic said that Mike bragged about it. Vic is probably the most fair and balanced writer I've seen on any of these blogs dating back to the Factnet days. As you know, Vic and Mike were contemporaries in the NTCS and they knew each other quite well.

I've also talked to Mike on the phone about 1 1/2 years ago and Mike definitely has a double tongue. To put it plainly Mike Kekel is probably the NTCC's biggest propaganda, smear campaign perpetrator that I've ever met. Plainly put, Kekel is a flat out liar as you know. Of course I know you feel the same way as I do but if Victor Johanson said it, old Mikey did it.


Jeff Collins said...

On your welcome and not welcome list you indicated that "Tithe Payers" are welcome. You better believe that is true. A person could violate virtually all the not welcomes and as long as they pay tithes, many NTCC pastors would over look the rest. I've seen it. Now of course in all fairness, NTCC pastors would push to convert the tithe payers into adhering to NTCC's ways and rules, but they would be a WHOLE lot more patient with a tithe payer then a non tithe payer.

With the NTCC leadership it is all about money; bottom line. The love of money drives their messages, decisions, attitude, etc. I've seen NTCC pastors happy as larks but as soon as the money pit started running dry, they would get flat out nasty and beside themselves. I watched it happen with Ramirez and Mayers. Now both of those two guys regularly displayed the propensity to be nasty anyway, but they got real nasty when the money started running short and they would preach about it in a very dogmatic fashion.

These NTCC guys are no more than a bunch of money grubbers and that's a fact. This fact has been proven and is evident because NTCC pastors teach more and more often on the subject of tithe paying then any other subject by far. The problem is the scriptures in their doctrinal statement such as 1 Cor 16:2 don't back it up at all. In fact such scriptures teach the opposite and this shows me that these NTCC guys are crooks. I can't stand them. I feel the same way about the NTCC leadership as Jesus felt about the Pharisees. Those two groups are of the same breed.


Anonymous said...

What does being afflilated with the Charismatic churches have to do with a person not being saved?

If God saves someone in whatever Christian church (Pentecostal, Charismatic, Baptist, Methodist, Anglican, Catholic), that individual does not need to start attending some cult like NTCC in order to get "saved" again.

That's like saying there are two sources of salvation: God's way and the NTCC way.

God is the source of salvation, not NTCC.

In response to what that pastor said about never seeing a Charismatic saved, I'll just say that I'd attend a Christian Charismatic church over a cult like NTCC any day.

CT Larch The Charch Luzard said...

Anonymous said "God is the source of salvation, not NTCC."

LARCH SAYS ..............................AMEN!!!

TC-Lurch The Church Lizard said...

Anonymous said "What does being afflilated with the Charismatic churches have to do with a person not being saved?

If God saves someone in whatever Christian church (Pentecostal, Charismatic, Baptist, Methodist, Anglican, Catholic), that individual does not need to start attending some cult like NTCC in order to get "saved" again.

That's like saying there are two sources of salvation: God's way and the NTCC way.

God is the source of salvation, not NTCC."

LURCH says .............................PREACH!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I have to laugh at the charismatics don't get saved comment. NTCC is the biggest group of charismatics I've ever seen!!!


Vic Johanson said...

I reiterate: Mike Kekel, my old BS roommate, did boast to me and another brother that he was regularly making out with Tanya while he dated her. If it didn't happen, he's a liar, because he waxed rhapsodic about the powerful physical sensations that coursed through his body during these sessions.

As I have previously stated, the fact that he succumbed to this temptation was understandable, but what I and the other brother (who did go to RW about the situation--to no avail) found shocking was the absolute lack of any kind of conviction, and the vehement declaration that he had no intention of desisting, despite our remonstrations to him that such activity was inconsistent with the role of 'holiness preacher.' He was right in our face about it, and the other brother felt so guilty he narked him out. But nothing happened; there was some anonymous wrist slapping from the pulpit about not playing footsies under the table, blah blah blah, and the status quo endured.

One inaccuracy in your description, though: he wasn't a board member at the time, but a BS student. But the skids were being greased.

Don and Ange said...

Thanks Vic,

I had absolutely no doubt that it happened the way that you said it did; if 2 or 3 witnesses would testify in a court of law or even just yourself in this case against a sleazy organization like ntcc it would most likely be enough to convince a jury. I guess I worded it the way I did to bring out the point that at ntcc they preach how that we are to walk on egg shells when it comes to keeping our testimony. Here comes mc kekel who gets a pass for groping the teenage daughter of rwd who is the commander in chief of ntcc. Why would he even put himself in a position to be accused of this and then brag about it to his peers?

My reference to board members fondling the teenage daughter of the founder was written as an exception to the not welcome rule and could be misconstrued as an accusation of misconduct about a current board member and it does not specifically accuse kekel as a future board member. I think however, that this is a small mistake in comparison to all the misrepresentations that kekel makes. He implies that us X-ers are devils hanging from our tails by trees. And then he tries to draw a parallel between ntcc'rs in cyberspace on facebook as being in the garden of eden. This is a warped individual that uses ntcc bs to shape young minds into drones that will go out and recruit new drones. It's a vicious cycle.

I have absolutely no respect for these people because they have destroyed the best years of my life and are doing even worse to others that are in their cult. If I can help one person through this blog to see how evil this group is, I think it's worth it all.

Jeff Collins said...

Don and Ange. For all it's worth because it's often not worth much, I'd take what Vic wrote in this thread and post it on the cover of your blog as a new thread.

Then watch what happens to your hit counter when you do it. I could be wrong but it's my experience that people like to read first hand testimonies and Vic has quite the way of putting his thoughts on paper. Of course this topic has been covered about a thousand times but repetition is a good teacher and Vic's testimony was written quite well and quite compelling.

Just a thought.


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