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He Loves A House More Than God: Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)

He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
"He loves a house more than God:" *Bonco* Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r). Meanwhile, on the mission field: ntcc Missionaries to the Philippines "Rev. and Sis. Mackert ... found a place, 9 feet by 14 feet [9'x14'] and one bathroom. It is on the 6th floor and there is no elevator. The last place they had stayed, they had to share a common bathroom with the other tenants! Yikes! This place has their very own private bathroom, although the Rev. shared there is no seat on the throne, and no way to attach one…." from The Devonshire Files Sunday, May 28, 2006 Visit from the Mackerts (5/06). ** Should you know where the money ($$$$$) goes? **

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Matt 21:12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, Matt 21:13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's Subject: Get out while you can!!


As the NTCC machine gets older the parts are getting less oil and compromise is causing serious cogs in the working parts we would like to share the following warning:  "Get off this plane before it crashes"!!!  I love all of you NTCCers to death but can you slow down enough to see whats happening?  When is the last time you enjoyed your salvation?  Be honest about this.  Take a close look at what you are accomplishing when you dedicate every minute of your life to the so called "program of God".  How many souls do you win?  How many really stick around?  When you finally get someone saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and send them to NTCC bible school, what happens to them?  They are expected to live by bible school rules which don't have anything to do with the Bible.  If they are lucky they will be matched up for the rest of their lives with somebody that they have to ask permission to talk to.  If they are unlucky they will not be matched up but expected to live in celibacy.  If this isn't enough to make your oatmeal hit the wall, wait till they see the double standard that exists for the kekel kid and the rest of ntcc.  Here you have the NTCC ceo and his family driving around in their beemers, living in their mansion, sending young Grant to secular school, then expecting your new convert to eat ramen noodles for 3 years, while they are required to dress like a dork and adhere to rules like no fellowshipping with certain people without permission.  Is that of God?  Next time you are walking around in your wing tips and white shirts inviting people out to church, ask yourself the question, "Am I really doing a favour for this lost soul by inviting them to church"?  That poor lost soul might be best served by giving them a new testament and pointing them to the nearest chapel.  Do you NTCCer's know how many ex-ntcc pastors, missionaries and workers who have given decades of their lives to NTCC, sacrificed everything they ever had, lived in squalor and poverty without the ability to provide food, shelter and clothing for their own families were discarded and shunned from the ministry for daring to ask for help from the NTCC leadership?  They end up on the streets with nothing to show for decades of faithful service and the best years of their life gone forever.  Are you really winning souls to Christ?


DS or GS said...


Deborah told me you wanted a link to your Blog on Deb's blog. I added it today...top billing.


Don and Ange said...

Gregory and Deborah,

Thanks for the link. We appreciate the top billing, we are most thankful.

Anonymous said...

You make some really good points here. I grew up in the NTCC and while there's a lot of good I've seen come from it, there's also a lot of bad. One of their favorite sayings about other churches was "I'm sure there's good in all those other churches, but would you rummage through the slop bucket for one good biscuit?" They should apply that saying to themselves :(


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