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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Life And Times With NTCC: by Former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Don

This is the first installment of Don's Story
Part 1)  Why I Left the ntcc:

The other installments are:
Part 2)   The Celibacy Policy:  What I Lost in the ntcc

Part 3)   Homosexual 'Pastors' in the ntcc: Names Included

Part 4)   Nichelle Tieman's Adultery and Lying: NOT_Overseer Material

Don Back In The Day
I joined the Army when I was 18 years old as an avionics mechanic.  I had my whole life ahead of me with a promising career, many friends, and abundant opportunities for advancement.

Little did I know that somebody was going to invite me out to "church" and ask me the famous question, "Where would your soul go if you were to die today???".

So I went to the New Testament Christian Church Servicemen's Home in Ft. Gordon, GA where I first heard ntcc-style preaching; and I began to conform to ntcc-style "Christianity".

At first, everything seemed really great:  Christianity was new to me; and my main focus in life was to serve the Lord.   But as time passed I realized that serving God the ntcc way was not as simple as the way I read in the Bible:  "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." [Rom. 10:9]

1/17th "AIR CAV!"
But as time drew on I found out that "serving God" not only required confession and belief; but it also required a willingness to surrender everything you have -- financially, emotionally, and physically, to the program of a man who often was not right with God himself. 

    Aircrew  Member  Wings    

 Jump Wings:   "Airborne!" 
While I believe there are people in ntcc that are doing what they know and many have good hearts, there are many who are trapped inside ntcc thinking they can't leave and remain saved; and there are many that have left that think they will never be able to get back to God unless they crawl back to ntcc and are accepted back.

I was with ntcc as a church member for 13 years and had 14 pastors most of which involved themselves in various forms of corruption that led to many lives being destroyed and people leaving ntcc thinking there was no hope outside of this "organization".  13/14

I was assimilated into the borg collective at a young age; and I was the perfect specimen for what seemed to be spiritual experimentation:  "Let's see how much we can put this guy through before he can't take it any more." 

 We are borg. 
 You will be assimilated. 
 . . . 
 Resistance is futile. 
 Your life as it has been is over. 
 From this time forward, you will service us. 
 . . . 

Borg Assimilation 51 second video link

While there are some that may read this that will say, "You are just bitter or are being used of satan to discredit the only true church in America", I have to say through experience I've seen things take place in ntcc that God had absolutely nothing to do with.   It's like at some point the ntcc leadership got together and said, "Where can we find loyal subjects that will follow orders without asking questions?"  The Armed Forces!

Let's examine how this is done.  First the subject is isolated from "the world" and required to move into the servicemen's home.  Now I know the immediate response to this is going to be, "Nobody is ever told they have to move into the servicemen's home".  In reality, those that move in are highly esteemed and praised for separating themselves from the world, while those who don't have this level of commitment are rebuked and humiliated for "loving the world more than God"; and everybody shouts "Amen!"  While living in the servicemen's home is presented to the soldier of the borg as a "privilege" and "a blessing" there is the matter of this pesky little piece of paper that must be signed.  It's just a little contract.  I think, if I remember correctly, it covers things that "everyone who loves the Lord would do anyway without complaining." 

More Constraints / Total Control of Your Time and Your Money:
Okay, so now that we are isolated from our families and the world, paying tithe and "home offerings", attending every church service, prayer meetings, bible studies, soul winning events and fellowship meetings and picking up people for church, and fellowshipping in addition to our personal prayer and study devotions, and being an example of the believer, Oh, I almost forgot, we are also serving in the Armed Forces and have to honor those commitments.  I remember times when First Sargents and others would scream at me at the top of their lungs and I would just have to chuckle within myself and think, "This guy is nothing compared to an ntcc Pastor".  The army was a cakewalk.  (See Figure One)

Cult Indoctrination / Brainwashing / Mind Control:   Obey "The Man of 'Gawd'!"
The real mind games would take place from behind the pulpit where the preacher would indoctrinate us.  From behind the pulpit we would hear God's word.  And also from behind the pulpit we would hear man's word.  Anything the preacher preached that was not in the bible was *claimed to be the word of God* and was expected to be followed as if it were the word of God just because it came across "the man of God's" pulpit.  So now not only were we giving all of our time and money to the church, we were also expected to follow rules that were not in the bible such as (1) all fellowship is mandatory so you must stay up even though you are exhausted (2) dating rules--not allowed to date unless the pastor approves of both parties in that relationship (3) socializing rules--not allowed to have friends outside of ntcc... (4) discouraged from all activities except church functions (5) encouraged to leave the military to go to bible school (6) encouraged to purposely fail certain military obligations in order to have more time for church... etc., etc., etc...,

*I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. [Gal. 1:6-7]*
Systematic Breakdown of the Individual:  You Become Borg Property:
ntcc breaks down the Christian with so many rules that control all your time so that any non-church activity is discouraged including secular education, seeking job promotion, giving to any charities (homeless, Red Cross, other ministries [radio preachers-forbidden to listen to, much less support financially]...)  Everything you had was to go to ntcc:  all your time was to go to ntcc; all your money was to go to ntcc; if you had money for something other than ntcc, ntcc would make a rule to get more money out of you:  For example:  R. W. Davis told the Bible School students he was going to raise the tuition rates because he found [through his spy network] that some women had joined a gym.  How dare those women spend time and money somewhere other than with the ntcc?!?  All your time, money, and loyalty belongs to the ntcc.  In fact, YOU belong to the ntcc as chattel, as property.

Sin In The Holy Place Destroys A Personal Life Of Victory:
As an early Christian in ntcc I experienced some very dark times and witnessed pastors abusing their office and members of the church emotionally, physically, and sexually.  I saw lots of souls destroyed, people leaving the church thinking there was no hope for them outside of the ntcc.  Through all of this God kept me and began to use me to win souls to Christ.

In 1990, while stationed at Ft. Carson I was at the peak of my life for Christ.  I was on fire for God:  preaching, winning souls, praying, and studying God's word.

On numerous occasions a pastor's wife approached me, trying to seduce me and get me to engage in illicit sexual relations.  At first I welcomed the advances; because I had been living a restricted life of celibacy without even being allowed even normal dating relationships or any human contact outside of ntcc.  After being convicted by the Holy Ghost I began to refuse these sexual advances and avoided sexual intercourse with this woman.  I then repented by asking God's forgiveness.  At that point I called ntcc leadership, Pop Gaylord; and R. W. Davis came to investigate the matter.

During this visit the pastor's wife, in what I feel was an attempt to make herself look good and hide her sin, lied to R. W. Davis telling him that a new convert was interested in attending the ntcc Bible School.  I had invited this woman, a co-worker and fellow soldier, to the ntcc church services.  She gave her heart to the Lord; and we developed a close friendship.  If ntcc strict dating rules had not been in place, we would have continued a normal relationship and would have married in the early nineties.  But ntcc separated us saying this woman, Angela, was called to Bible School and could not marry me if I did not attend Bible School.  Though I wanted to go to the school, earlier events had stopped me from attending the Bible School.  It was a hopeless no-win situation.

After R. W. Davis' visit, the pastor and his wife were moved to a civilian work; but the damage to Angela and me had already been done.  We were needlessly and cruelly separated so someone could say, "Look who we sent to Bible School."

After Angela left Colorado Springs I was broken inside.  I still went through the motions performing all my ntcc obligations and Army duties; but I could not understand why God had withheld the desire of my heart.  Eventually my walk with God became drudgery--I was serving Him out of obligation without love; which is common amongst people broken by the ntcc.  In 1996 I left ntcc, God, and the Army all at the same time.  I went AWOL, spent time in jail, and lived a life of sin for 14 painful years.  I became an hundred times worse sinner than before I had been a Christian.

   Don  Alone     

A short time ago I received a letter from Angela.  I contacted her.  Up until this time I had felt it would be impossible for me to be saved outside of ntcc.  And even if I went  back to ntcc, they would not accept me.  Angela told me that if she still loved me after 20 years, how much more would God love me!

She also shared with me many scriptures of God's mercy and I asked myself the question:

"Is there any sin that I have committed that Jesus' blood could not wash away?"

Knowing the answer to that question, I had to pray and ask God to forgive me my sins.

I was afraid to pray.  I didn't know how to pray.  And I didn't even believe that God would answer my prayer.

But I prayed anyway and asked Jesus to forgive me.  God didn't tell me "Yes" or "No" but in my heart God told me to "Repent".  I then asked God to give me the strength to  overcome the many sins in my life and to remove the evil thoughts that were in my heart.  IMMEDIATELY I felt the presence of God in my life once again.  Up until this point I never thought I would ever be forgiven or have any chance of God saving me outside of ntcc.

Not only did God save me; but He answered my prayers and gave me strength to quit smoking, cursing, drinking, lusting, and every other sin I was involved in.

The most precious thing that God has done for me is giving me the desire of my heart that was lost 20 years prior.  On the ninth of August, 2010, I married Angela; and we have committed our lives to God.

The purpose of this blog is to help people that are trapped in ntcc to realize that they CAN BE SAVED OUTSIDE OF ntcc and to help those that have left ntcc to realize there are people that are here to help them get back to God.

You can contact us at 1gi2another@gmail.com

Don and Ange

Happy Together by The Turtles on YouTube

Toyota Rav4 Ad (Original contained Happy Together and funny sound effects.  Due to copyrights audio is muted.) on YouTube


Part 1)  My Life and Times with ntcc or Why I Left ntcc

Part 2)  The Celibacy Policy:  What I Lost in ntcc

Part 3)  Homosexual 'Pastors' in ntcc: Names Included

Part 4) Nichelle Tieman's Adultery and Lying: NOT_Overseer Material

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Jeff Collins said...

Hey you guys. I just found your blog. I was reading Deb and Greg's blog and a noticed that you mentioned that you'd started this one so I thought come, take a look and say hello. I'll post a link on my blog to this one and see if we can get a little more exposure in this direction. Of course I'm only getting about 150 hits a day but folks are reading whats written and the word is getting out. You guys take care and I'll be checking back.

Just like so many others that I've read, your story is alarming but I've grown to expect as such.


Don & Ange said...

Jeff, Thanks for your kind words and for setting up a link to our site.

We feel everyone needs the chance to tell his or her story.

We also feel too many people have been hurt by the ntcc.

We want them to know Christ can keep them and or restore them, no matter what.

ntcc wants everyone to think that leaving ntcc equals leaving God. That just ain't so. God is the only Lord; there is no other. You can (and should) serve Him outside the ntcc.

Thanks again to any who have come here to read and or post.

Everyone is welcome.

Don and Ange

Jeff said...

Don & Ange wrote...

ntcc wants everyone to think that leaving ntcc equals leaving God. That just ain't so. God is the only Lord; there is no other. You can (and should) serve Him outside the ntcc.

Jeff said...

Leaving the NTCC is definitely not leaving God. If fact I'd say it would be the first step to finding God.


Anonymous said...

Quite the story. You sure went through a lot. God's mercy is awesome!


Anonymous said...

Good for you guys, and congratulations. What a love story, too bad it was so painfull, but in the end it is that much sweeter! I married my high school sweetheart and this year we will celebrate our 20th year.
-craig D

Don and Ange said...

Thanks, Craig D. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. That's a real accomplishment.

Had we not been in ntcc Don and I would be celebrating our 20th anniversary with you this year! Oh well. We are definitely in love and making up for lost time ;-) And you were right, it is sweet.

Best wishes to you and your (highschool) sweetheart! Hold onto that love and don't ever let go!!

Don and Ange

Pinky said...

And here is even more of "the rest of the story" (Paul Harvey). Why do people throw everything down and give up so much for a phony organization? What is the draw?


Don and Ange said...

"Why do people throw everything down and give up so much for a phony organization? What is the draw?"--Pinky

Good questions, Pinky. Here's what we think:

In a perfect world, we would never be discouraged, never fail God, never quit or lay down. But we are not perfect. People fail us. We fail others... Only Christ is perfect. Everyone else has a breaking point: With the Apostle Peter it happened just before the cock's crowing. With Judas Iscariot it was finished in the potter's field... the field of blood.

Also there is a spiritual warfare waged daily in hearts and minds. As in any war, casualties occur. Good leaders dress wounds, remove fallen soldiers to places of healing, then fit them up again for battle when recovery is complete.

As in any war, spiritual soldiers fight side by side with their comrades in arms. It is the common soldier's camaraderie, in Christianity the love of the brethren, that compels and draws them...

In ntcc, there were and no doubt are real Christians on the front lines drawing people to Christ.

Unfortunately for those souls, the ntcc's systematic process soon turns souls from a Christ-centered or Christ-focused life into a legalistic life of trying to please men who constantly change their rules in order to fit their agenda.

There is no new thing under the sun. The Jay Cameron Ministry Machine video on this blog's Cult Info page describes this process in general.

Another study in cult techniques called Mind Control gives a much deeper look into cult control techniques that soon become destructive.

Wars are always messy. Spiritual warfare is no different.

The problem here is that people with sincere hearts have been led astray by greedy and covetous men who run an "organization" (like organized crime) under the guise of being a church.

One of our goals with this blog and others like it is to help people recognize the ntcc for what it is and how it destroys people.

Yes, we want to serve Christ. And we can do so without the ntcc (something they told people was impossible, claiming to be "the last move of God on earth"--as if). We just want people to know that they can serve God without being slaves to men who have personal and selfish agendas.

So to recap:

The draw is the love of God and love of one another, other fellow soldiers in the Christian fight...

The shortcoming is in the human nature. But God has promised us:

My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness.

Don and Ange

Anonymous said...

I know a serviceman who is falling into this trap. Is there anything I can do, in addition to praying?

Don and Ange said...

Anonymous said:

"I know a serviceman who is falling into this trap. Is there anything I can do, in addition to praying?"

DnA said:

If he is just testing the waters and will listen to reason, in a very loving way, you can ask him to check out the cult info page on our blog. Tell him you have found some information on the difference between a healthy church and an unhealthy church and have him check out this link:

Cult Info Page

That's just if he's brand new and will listen to you, but you really have to handle this kind of situation with Kid gloves. Your friend might be a true Christian and having found Christ in his life, he thinks that the group he is with, is representing Christ. The most important thing you can do is to love him and let him know that you will always be there for him. If you attack the cult that he believes in it can push him away from you. At some point he may try to get you to attend the cult.

This is what cult leaders do. They use mind control tactics and they convince their followers that God wants them to do things that are above and beyond what God requires of them in the bible, and most of it revolves around money and personal sacrifice. New members of the ntcc learn the bible fast and they are taught twisted versions of bible verses along with cult jargon that provides answers to just about any question that can be thrown their way. Now this is very complex and I hate to throw too much at you at one time, but there is a process that a new Christian goes through in the ntcc.

First of all the ntcc uses Christianity to lure people in. They teach and preach salvation through Christ in an eloquent fashion. Salvation is real, and when a person asks for forgiveness and gives their life to God, this is a real experience. The problem is that a new Christian is hungry and wanting to please God. What the ntcc does at this point is they convince this new Christian that their Pastor and Pastor's wife love them. They do this through a process called love bombing. The Pastor's wife has a job to do. She cooks and cleans but she also smiles and puts a positive face on everything. In a servicemen's home, a GI will be offered home cooked meals and a place to stay and get away from the barracks, where all of the evil sinners are. Many of the other cult members are also fairly new Christians and depending on how long they have been there, they can be really brainwashed and they are used to help the new ones along. I was a perfect example of this. Nobody could have told me that I was in a cult. I would never have believed it. If you could get the person that you love to see the flaws in the ntcc doctrine, without posing a threat to their Christianity, perhaps they could be persuaded to find a healthy church, but that's a big if.

continued below.....

Don and Ange said...

Continued from above...

One of the first things they are taught is to pay tithe which is 10% of their income before taxes and deductions. Even though the ntcc stands for New Testament Christian Churches, the ntcc leaders use Old Testament bible verses to convince their members to give. The Old
Testament also required blood sacrifices, Animals would be brought to the Temple and offered as sacrifices to God. In the New Testament these laws were fulfilled and Jesus became our Sacrifice. Tithing is something that Jesus never required of any of his followers. The ntcc will call you a "God Robber" if you don't pay your tithe. If you don't pay your 10% you will not last very long in the ntcc.

This is just one example of how they twist scriptures to benefit themselves. Many of the new Christians are unaware of where their money actually goes. They are misled into believing that their money goes to helping start other churches and that lost souls are being reached because of their sacrifices. While there might be a small percentage, (and I mean very small), that goes towards new churches or overseas ministries, the vast majority of the money goes towards making a very few individuals filthy rich. If a new member could actually follow the money trail, they would be surprised where all their money was going. The ntcc leaders are living luxurious lifestyles and they have amassed a huge fortune in real estate, which supports their insatiable desire for more wealth and power.

There is a little bit of good news. The ntcc has a very high attrition rate. There is a good chance that if your loved one is just getting started, that he might not last very long. If you can get him to ask his pastor questions that implicate corruption in the ntcc, that might be a way to go. The love bombing will stop and he will be humiliated and that might sound harsh, but sometimes that is what it takes for a person to leave the cult. Just about everyone I know that has left the cult was mistreated and pushed to a point where they just got sick of it and left.

Whatever approach you take, don't expect quick results and always remember to love your friend and let them know that you will be there for them. At some point in time he will leave, and when he does, he will need a friend. Don't burn any bridges and don't push too hard. Be a friend. When the ntcc has used a person up, and they have nothing left to give they will kick that person to the curb. This is a very sick and inhumane way to treat someone but they do it over and over again. Hopefully you can help your friend before he gets in too deep, but just be careful and take things slow. Feel free to email us at any time and we will try to help if we can. Our email is:


Let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Best of wishes to you.

Don and Ange said...

Another important thing that we realize having been cult members ourselves is that it is very hard for someone who has no experience in this area to understand how someone could fall into such a trap. To help you understand the process, here is a link to a group called cultwacth. There is a lot of material here, but if you read through it all, it should help you to have a better understanding of process that takes place in a cult members life. Please click on the link below:

How Cults Work

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

After being apart so many years, I'm glad you two finally found each other.

1 NCO 2 Another said...

Thanks. We're really glad too! :o)

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