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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Friday, December 10, 2010

kekel, kekel, child molester!

ravening wolves
Originally posted under a different title, this topic bears repeating.

Some time ago a former ntcc minister, Vic Johanson, shared on a public blog how mike kekel had molested a 14-16 year old girl kekel was dating when kekel was 23-25 years old.

In a normal environment kekel's boasting would have earned him a mug shot and life-long registration on the sex-offenders' registry.

But in the New Testament Christian Church, kekel was promoted to Chief Executive Officer and President of the Orgnization, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Incorporated.

The groped girl's father was well aware of this incident and rather than reprove the action and defend his daughter from such abhorrent behavior, sanctioned this behavior. In our opinion that is so perverse.

Christians should protect their little girls from wolves, not throw them to them! 
**Please Note How One Man Sought To Protect His 15 Year Old Daughter**:

Soldier arrested for allegedly firing on man trying to pick up 15-year-old daughter:  Story Link Click Here [renewed 8-21-12]

To be clear, we are not advocating violence.  It would have been better for the father to call the police; and allow them to handle this.  But,  most normal men would respond strongly against any adult man making the moves on his 15 year old daughter.  **Normal Men**  

Vic Johanson's testimony follows. Note how he was disgusted with kekel's lack of remorse for his illegal behavior.  Impenitent kekel was boasting of it and making a declaration he would not repent!

Why would such a person as mike kekel be promoted in the ntcc unless their leader, r. w. davis, the groped-girl's father, was the same type of wolf, preying on innocent victims as some have alleged.

Why would anyone stay and be part of such an orgainization that condones and promotes such child molesting predators?

The Bible admonishes us against these type of reprobates stating:

Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. (Romans 1:32)

Not saying such an act constitutes an automatic death sentence. But that davis seems to have taken pleasure in kekel's molestation, promoting him to be ntcc's CEO.

In a comment on a previous discussion of this topic, 

Vic Johanson said:
"I reiterate: Mike Kekel, my old BS roommate, did boast to me and another brother that he was regularly making out with Tanya while he dated her. If it didn't happen, he's a liar, because he waxed rhapsodic about the powerful physical sensations that coursed through his body during these sessions.
As I have previously stated, the fact that he succumbed to this temptation was understandable, but what I and the other brother (who did go to RW about the situation--to no avail) found shocking was the absolute lack of any kind of conviction, and the vehement declaration that he had no intention of desisting, despite our remonstrations to him that such activity was inconsistent with the role of 'holiness preacher.' He was right in our face about it, and the other brother felt so guilty he narked him out. But nothing happened; there was some anonymous wrist slapping from the pulpit about not playing footsies under the table, blah blah blah, and the status quo endured.
One inaccuracy in your description, though: he wasn't a board member at the time, but a BS student. But the skids were being greased." -- Vic Johanson
Sadly the "other brother" who went to r w davis to report this matter has stayed with the ntcc.  Why?

Would you let a 23-24 year old man grope your 14-15 year old daughter?    How would you respond?

This topic has also been discussed on other sites:

More True Stories About The kekel Klan

Please be patient = )

Once again we ask:  Would you let a 23-24 year old man grope your 14-15 year old daughter? 

The Gloating Cat

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Jeff said...

Don and Ange: Let me tell you what the deal is with this topic. To make it plain and simple, we've beat it to death. I suspect that is why no one has responded. We used to get a lot of responses with this one but it's been brought up so many times that I think people (for the most part) have lost interest. I was amazed when I first learned just how young Tanya was when she started dating Mike. I was even more amazed when I learned of their intimacy as reported by Vic.

The NTCC is no different than the rest of the world. They've got their dirt also and people have gotten numb to all the evidence. As I've stated, I don't ever plan to take my blog down but having said that there is little new under the sun not the least of which is this topic. Who knows; maybe someone who has never read about it will come across this thread and wise up. Repetition is a good teacher. We are a dying bread y'all.


Jeff said...

Oh, I like the daily dog show. Reminds me of the services offered by the NTCC. "Why don't we raise our hands and worship the Lord". Sing a song. "Everybody raise your hands and worship GAWD". Sing a song. "Lift your hands and praise the Lord". Jump up and down. "Lets worship the Lord". Get all worked up and dance around. Ashmore is a master of the dog and pony show.

It was the same show service after service after service after service after service after service after service after service after service after service after service after service after service after service after service after service after service. Woooooo. No spirituality, just a ritual AKA a dog and pony show.


Don and Ange said...

Jeff said,

"Let me tell you what the deal is with this topic. To make it plain and simple, we've beat it to death."

Don and Ange replied,

We kinda had that feeling and expected as much when we posted it. Sometimes we just think repetition is necessary because people are soon to forget. We also blog in large part for the ntcc members; knowing that they will search the blogosphere and find out what kind of leaders are actually pulling their strings. Another reason we do it is because we know that the ntcc leaders, including MCK are looking at our blogs and we want them to see that we are going to stay in their face with this and other issues. The more that they belch out orders to their borg members not to look at our blogs, the more traffic will be generated. While we don't get many comments, the traffic flow is higher than ever.

Never looked at the daily puppy thing in the same light but now that you bring it up, it very much resembles the ntcc style dog and pony shows that used to be such a big part of our lives. Sit!! Stay!! Roll over!! Please master, teach us some new tricks.

Don and Ange

Sassy Frass said...

I wonder if kekel was calling davis "Sir" while kekel molested 14 year old tanya davis in her daddy's bible school office. SooOO000 respectful!


Sassy Frass said...

I remember verna davis trying to "Wow" me with a story about mikey kekel (the child molester). verna shared how tanya would come home from a date all lit up with enthusiasm saying, "Oh, Mother!" [gush gush] "I can just FEEL THE HAND OF GAWD ON HIM." --tanya davis [speaking of kekel, kekel the child molester]

Guess what she meant to say was,

"Oh, Mother! I can just FEEL HIS HAND ON MY BREAST!" 14 year old tanya davis speaking of 23 year old mike kekel, kekel the child molester.



Sassy Frass said...

kekel and davis are two ravening wolves in a pea pod. davis talks about people, and I quote "prostituting" their wives by letting them work on paying jobs. davis is calling those men pimps. But in my opiniion davis is the biggest pimp-whoring out his own daughter to kekel because he saw in kekel that same greedy avarice that says, "I want it; and I'm taking it NOW!" THAT'S why kekel wouldn't wait and do the right thing. And THAT'S why davis promoted kekel to take over the borg!


davis and kekel are both animals, not "examples of the believers"!


Al Falfa said...

Don and Ange, I love The Daily Puppy feature that you've added to this blog. They are so cute. I hope they all find good loving homes! Having said that, I need to add this:

It is a sad day for the canine world to be compared with the mike kekels of this world! Bad enough that people call us "dirty dogs" or "sorry hounds"... but now we have to hear about "ravening wolves" too!

Even a dog knows what kekel did was sick! When I look at the cute puppy pictures, I do not get aroused or think "How can I score with that little dish?" I mean, for Pete's sake, THEY ARE PUPPIES!

What was tanya's dad thinking? Most men would take immediate action to stop a PERVERT like kekel from even TALKING to their daughters. Not davis. Instead he actually promoted this PERVERT, kekel, to take over the ntcc? That is SO SICK!


Football Players_Mom said...

Anyone who would like to renew their membership at NTCC and live in the Louisville,KY area should consider T.P. Hasty as your pastor. Fresh starts are always best for everyone.

I will give a little background about myself since I am on the positive side of the NTCC "fence."
I was a smoker and cursed alot. I wore alot of makeup,jeans,tank tops,and would snap on you in 1.5 seconds if I didn't like what you had to say or if I didn't like you looking at me. WOW! I know right! I can read your minds after reading that. Since I have been pastored by Pastor Hasty I do not smoke,wear makeup,wear jeans nor tank tops,cuss,or snap at people. Did he "brainwash" me? No. Did he "bash" me until I caved in and gave up? No. Does he "dry up" my bank account? No. Does he "call me out?" No. Does he act like he is better than anyone else? No.
He simply said straight up that in the Bible it said to be modest. His Biblical modest says not to tempt or attract the opposite sex. So if short skirts and half shirts are going to tempt and/or attract the opposite sex(or even the same sex these days-YUCK!) then don't wear it. He didn't demand I wear what he wants me to wear. He said in due time I will learn to understand what biblical modest is and I will transform in my own time as GOD works with me on the matter(s).
As for my cussing and smoking again,he said I will stop when the time is right because GOD will be working on me. He didn't pound it into me that I am such a huge sinner and he didn't grind my face in the dirt because I wasn't a Christian when I walked through the door.

Don and Ange said...

Dear Football Players_Mom ...

First of all, Thank You for taking time to comment on our blog.

You really had some nice things to say about Rev. Hasty.

Timothy Hasty actually invited Don out to church in 1983 at Ft. Gordon, GA when both of them were in the Army's Advanced Individual Training (AIT); which is what the Army calls your job training.

In February of 1998 Rev. Hasty, and his lovely wife and young son came to Louisville, Kentucky to pastor the ntcc church that was, at that time, located a stone's throw from Churchill Downs on 711 Burton Ave. where my late husband, Eric James Barden and I were laboring for the Lord with Dave and Robin Ludwig.

This changing of the guard was in direct response to a prayer in which I had asked the Lord to provide a PASTOR for the work in Louisville. Eric was a diligent man; but his calling was not to pastor, but to be a worker at the ntcc Campground laboring on the building crew run by the ntcc.

God met every request I made in that prayer, right down to the spirit of the new pastor's wife (strong and sweet), the heart for outreach to souls, the ability to work with the many Spanish speaking workers in the community, etc....

We have fond memories of the Hastys. We also learned, sadly, that Rev. Hasty has battled cancer. We're sure you'll join us in prayer for his healing and grace and peace for his family in this fight.

Thank you.

Don and Ange

Don and Ange said...

Dear Football Players_Mom ...

Having said what we did in the last post, we feel there are some other parts of your comment that we would like to address.

You stated, of Rev. Hasty,

"Did he "brainwash" me? No. Did he "bash" me until I caved in and gave up? No. Does he "dry up" my bank account? No. Does he "call me out?" No. Does he act like he is better than anyone else? No."

That all sounds good. But your use of the quotation marks makes us think you are trying to quote us. However we do not recall using these phrases especially in connection with Rev. Hasty. Did we miss something? Could you help us understand where you got these phrases?

Also, we understand that the world of blogging can be challenging especially if it is a new experience. Having said that, we really are not sure why you chose to leave your comment on this thread that discusses michael c. kekel's child molesting ways. Perhaps you could clear that up for us as well. We are just curious, not thinking anything bad about it.

We look forward to anything you wish to share to help us understand where you were coming from on these points.

Thank you.

Don and Ange

Don and Ange said...

Dear Football Players_Mom ...

Finally, for such a time as this, we wanted to address your interesting name.

We think it is wonderful that you are a mother. Did you know that r. w. davis the ntcc founder frequently preached and screamed from the pulpit, and we quote him:

"Children hinder the work of Gawd!"

He even taught that men should get vasectomies. And he frequently had many pregnant women in tears, again, screaming from the pulpit, and we quote him:

"Lady, You are going to have to answer to God!" [Face the severe wrath of and judgment/condemnation from God]

"For ruining your husband's ministry!" [All because the poor women were pregnant. Which, by the way, generally takes the man's involvement!]

This false doctrine of davis' is in direct violation of the Word of God which clearly teaches that

*Children are a blessing.
*Happy is the man that has his quiver full of them.
*We are to be fruitful and multiply.

This devilish davis doctrine was so powerful that many ntcc males got vasectomies in order to please davis and keep the heat off of them; so that davis would not publicly humiliate them and their wives. We are sure that the Hasty's are well aware of this doctrine [rule] and could verify what we are saying.

The problem with the ntcc is that such rules existed and as a result countless people have been seriously hurt by them.

We understand your loyalty to anyone who is faithful to the gospel. That is fine. Our purpose is to expose false doctrines and false teachers based on the Word of God, the TRUE GOSPEL.


Don and Ange

Don and Ange said...

continued from above ...

Additionally, the whole time that rodger w. davis was screaming at others that "Children hinder the work of Gawd!" davis himself had an ADOPTED daughter, Tanya Tanya Maxamillia Reynolds Davis Kekel [as her name appears on the adoption search site.] This adoption was kept secret from most ntcc folks. It may be that even the Hastys do not know about this fact.

Imagine the hypocrisy of knowing that you adopted a girl in the Philippines and yet you want to yell at others that "Children hinder the work of Gawd!"!! As rodger w. davis did for DECADES!

That is so hypocritical. When coupled with the reports from multiple sources that rodger w. davis was guilty of adultery, it makes one think that his real love for vasectomies comes from his own experience and desire to not get caught by getting the 'other woman' pregnant and getting forced into adopting a child to hide the fact that she is yours by an illicit relationship. Vasectomy to prevent getting caught again...???

We are sure you can see the hypocrisy of davis. And we are sure you can see how wrong it is for davis to have this double-standard where it's 'okay' for him to have a daughter; but it's 'a sin' for you to have kids... very hypocritical double standard.

Just clarifying a few things about ntcc.

Don and Ange

Don and Ange said...

continued from above ...

Furthermore, Dear Football Players_Mom, as this too pertains to your interesting name:

We are glad to know that your child plays football. It might surprise you to know that not so long ago the ntcc vehemently preached against all sports activities for children in the ntcc.

"Sports could take your child away from Gawd!"

This was another rule of the ntcc.

Hundreds of children were deprived normal childhood pleasures including sports, after-school functions, birthday parties involving more than one or two friends, and countless other things like watching t.v. or going on the internet.

Meanwhile, even as the official ntcc doctrine was preaching against the "devilvision", "sinnernet", and sports [where immodest clothing such as tight football pants were preached against]... yes even while these things were being preached against in ntcc churches, the ntcc founder's grandson, grant kekel, was doing each and everyone of these things. He had a computer, watched DVD movies, played sports including martial arts, football [yup-with the tight pants], and basketball [yup-with the shorts that his own daddy preached were a sin]...

All the ntcc 'holiness' rules went out the window and ntcc 'compromised' in order to give grant kekel everything his heart could desire.

These facts are discussed at length on so many blogs. If you like, we could furnish you with some links.

Meanwhile the point of this topic is to show that ntcc likes to talk out of both sides of the mouth. They want to condemn you for doing the very things that they have been doing all along. That, friends, is hypocrisy and double-standards. God hates hypocrisy. God has one standard for all. We seek to point out these ntcc shortcomings so people will not be deceived by the facade and empty phrases ntcc loves to push around:

"Those X-men are bitter and angry."
"They just didn't want Gawd."

And some others you, Dear Football Players_Mom, have doubtless heard.

We have solid reasons for the things we write. We, just like the Apostles did in the New Testament, seek to eXpose false doctrines. The Word says you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

Don and Ange

Don and Ange said...

Once again we want to thank Football Players_Mom for her comment. We also want to encourage her to seek the truth. There is no need to fear the truth. And there are so many reasons for doing your homework to discover the true nature of the organization where you try to learn about God. There may be good people at one level and in one church of the ntcc; but research shows the top leaders of the ntcc like its CEO, michael c. kekel, have serious character flaws that should preclude them from any form of ministry. Time and again they have proven themselves to be liars, hypocrites, and unworthy of any Christian name or calling. Please, don't take our word here for it. Do the research. Study cult tactics. Study narcissistic personality disorder. Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a wokman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. [2_Timothy 2v15]

Peace upon the true Israel of God.

Don and Ange

Tanya said...

I am by no means trying to make excuses for anyone but a very important side of this story has been left out. When you grow up in this org you are taught that the best thing you can do for god is marry a "man of god". You are not allowed to date so you have to deal with becoming a teenager and all the hormones that come along with that. Your told the highest calling you can have is to marry a preacher. If you want to do something for god you must marry a man of god. So as a young woman - girl, you are eager to do as much for god as you can, which translates to getting married to a man "on fire for god".
I'm certain that TK (Tanya Kekel)never for one min felt that she was being taken advantage of. She thought it an honour to be "talking" with this young MAN. She was forced to grow up quickly, not allowed to be a teeny bopper. She was expected to marry someone that would do a great work for god. Plus there those pesky hormones and the fact that teenagers think they are grown ups.
And for Mike, well, he too was conditioned. He was told as a young man that if he was going to do anything for god he would need to marry a good godly woman. Well look around, there aren't many yound, good looking, available women in ntcc. And Tanya was "THE" man of god's daughter. What better choice was there. I'm sure she had MANY a MAN looking her way. She was presented as older than she was and if her father said it was ok then why wouldn't a yound upstart want to date her. If someone were looking to go far in the org, snagging the Pastor's daughter was a good move. Didn't hurt that she was a knock out.
Now don't get me wrong - I know that all of this is wrong but when YOU are the one brought up this way and are encourged by those you trust and respect - it is hard not to fall in line with their way of thinking. Yes this practice of marrying kids off at a young age is wrong but you can hardly blame it all on the young man that gets caught in the middle of it or the young girl that is following her heart - doing what she thinks god wants and expects of her.
Mike saw an attractive young girl that looked and presented herself older than what she was. He wanted to be successful in the work of god, he was encouraged by the "powers that be" - I hardly call that a molester.
Tanya wanted to do what god wanted her to, which she thought included marriage to this young man.
Was Tanya taken advantage of -yes.
Was Mike encouraged all the way - yes.
Now I didn't know Mike back then so I can't speak for his character perhaps the way that Vic can but I understand where Tanya was and how she felt. I'm sure she has never felt like she was taken advantage of, she was just doing the work of the lord - or so she felt.
There is sooooo much wrong in this org, this is just one example.

Don and Ange said...

Tanya said:

"I'm sure she has never felt like she was taken advantage of, she was just doing the work of the lord - or so she felt."

Don said:

Hi Tanya, welcome! We are glad that you made it out of the ntcc and that you were able to make a life for yourself and we are glad that you have a family. I know Ange might have more to say on this subject, but after reading your response, I felt like there were some issues that should be addressed.

I understand your point of view, being a child raised in the ntcc. You have a different and unique perspective. My perspective is a lot different. While you were encouraged to marry, I was discouraged from marriage. Ange and I were manipulated by the same system that allowed Mike Kekel to fondle Tanya Davis when she was reportedly younger than legal age. The states all have their own definitions and age requirements, but we called this one like it was according to state laws and statutes that defined the act of Molestation.

Molestation is considered to take place when an adult touches a minor inappropriately causing arousal, and this includes the touching of genitals, breasts, petting and kissing. By Vic's own account of this incident, Tanya Kekel was definitely a minor when this happened and Mike Kekel bragged about this. Mike Kekel was not a teenager.


Don and Ange said...


What is disturbing about this whole thing is that in normal society, and among normal people, this type of behavior would have caused 99 out of 100 fathers to either press charges or deliver a severe butt whoopin to the twenty something year old man that fondled their young teenage girl.

I know Vic and others including yourself have a different take on this, however, I have a hard time making excuses for the Davis's daughter. Men in this organization were not even allowed to hold hands with the women they were going to get married to. Relationships are and were manipulated and grown adults were in this organization encouraged to get vasectomies. I was celibate well into my 30's against my will. Others in the organization are over 50 years old and have never married and probably have never had sex and never will. Many marriages have been destroyed and divorce and infidelity are more common place in the ntcc than they are in Hollywood. Children have been the victims in all this. Many have testified that they had no childhood and so many folks are permanently scarred because of this.

The ntcc leadership has created an environment within it's churches and servicemen's homes in which all types of lust and sexual deviance has occurred more times than you would imagine. I lived in Servicemen's homes for 13 years and during that time, I had 14 pastors. Three of them were Homosexual and two wives of Servicemen's directors were adulteresses, and they were not the ones that were married to the homo pastors. That's 5 out of 14 that I know about. There are so many cases of infidelity that have been reported among former ntcc members, ministers and their wives.

It is very hard for me to turn a blind eye to the sexual abuse that takes place in the ntcc and I refuse to sugar coat or water down the standards of decency and morality so that people like Tanya and Mike Kekel can be given a pass for their behavior. So many people were expected to live a spotless life and so many were destroyed for a lot less than what Kekel did to Tanya.

Saying all of this, I understand where you are coming from. I believe that mind control and cult brainwashing go far deeper than people realize. All of us endured severe mental and spiritual duress. For so many years, I made excuses for the abuse that I was a part of. I forgave and made excuses for the men and women that were in a position of trust and accountability. While forgiveness is the right thing to do, being naive and believing a lie was something I was conditioned to do. It all starts from RWD and trickles down into every part of his corrupt organization.


Don and Ange said...


I know that there are good people in the ntcc and that there are folks that care about souls. It's like Pop Gaylord once told me. A.A.Allen was a very successful preacher in the 50's and would draw huge crowds to revivals. They would have to sober him up so that he could preach his next sermon. People were saved and people were healed because the Gospel was preached. Allen and Davis are much alike. There is no excuse for Davis and what he has allowed and encouraged to take place in the ntcc. But because the word of God is preached, it does not come back void. The problem is that the ntcc is a horrible environment for a Christian and there is very little opportunity for a Christian or a Minister to cultivate an healthy environment for others to grow.

Many ministers have reached lots of people with the gospel but they end up going to Bible School and they are brainwashed into believing a bunch of rules that have nothing to do with Christianity and they do more damage to people than they do good. Mercy, grace, love and forgiveness are not emphasized. They are taught that everything revolves around tithe and money, which all ends up making a very select few rich. This is corrupt and this corruption has penetrated deep within the bowels of the ntcc.

I know that many will say that we are just bitter and we need to move on, but we find it necessary to point out the truth. Many will not listen and there are many that will say that we are not right with God. But we are not the ones promoting divorce and cheating on each other. We are not trying to break up families and encourage children to get married off at a young age. We are not the ones trying to control every aspect of a Christians life so that we can profit from them. It is not our place to give heaven and hell ultimatums to people so that they will dress a certain way and attend 7 services a week. This is not Christianity. They are spiritually killing people off and we are warning them. Believe it or not, some people will actually realize that they are in a cult and leave. It's happened. When it does happen we are here to encourage them. The burden of Christianity is not supposed to be too heavy or grievous to be borne. I found out what grace and unconditional love were all about two years ago. I thought God was sitting on his throne with lightning bolts ready to execute judgement on my life when I was told that he loves me and doesn't want me to parish. We now live for Him out of love and not fear. I sought God against every thing I was taught by the ntcc, and overcame the fear of judgment, and the hopelessness that existed out of fear of leaving the ntcc. It was the best thing that ever happened to me and at that moment I realized what the ntcc was all about and I realized what God's love was all about.

We wish you the best and hope that you don't feel like I think any less of you. We might have some disagreement but I am very glad that you managed to escape and that your are leading a productive life. Ange thinks very highly of you, and I know that she probably will add to this. I agree with much of what you have shared and it's okay for folks to disagree on things. We are individuals and it's healthy to share our points of view.

We wish you the best in all you do and we will be praying for you.


Don and Ange said...

I was looking over this post again today. And part of Vic Johanson's testimony jumped out at me.

Vic stated "the other brother felt so guilty he narked him out. But nothing happened; there was some anonymous wrist slapping from the pulpit about not playing footsies under the table, blah blah blah, and the status quo endured"

That reminded me of something that somebody shared. According to that anonymous person, kekel and tanya davis were at a restaurant on 'a date'. [smh]

tanya davis was feeling-up mikey kekel with her foot under the table! [davis tried to downplay it calling it 'playing footsies'] And when they left the restaurant, kekel had a wet stain on his groin!

Eww. Gross. You're a sick-o if you are 23-25 year-old man who engages in sex with a 14-16 year-old girl. That's not dating. It's child molestation BY DEFINITION to engage in actions that arouse you or a child sexually.

No wonder rodger davis didn't want mikey kekel and tanya davis telling anyone their ages; he knew kekel could be arrested.

davis sure does love hiding child molesters.

You know what they say, birds of a feather...

Don and Ange said...

You know, to truly put this in perspective...

Recently grant kekel turned 20 years old.

To truly follow in his demented dad's footsteps, grant would have to be keeping his eyes and hands on the 11 year old girlies in his granpappy's 'church'.

EWW. Gross! Right?

Come on folks. Do the math.

Now I know some die-hard borg defending suck-up will want to come on here and say, "It's not the same. tanya was 14-15 years old and mature for her age."

We say,

Just because tanya had big breasts at an early age, that does not make her 'mature (mentally/emotionally) for her age'. She herself admitted she would not marry so young if she could get a 'do over'. Plus the whole restaurant testimony of tanya feeling-up mikey with her feet until he had a wet stain on his groin when he left the restaurant, that shows a definite lack of maturity. smh

When will you people wake up and recognize these borg wackjobs and crackpots and perverts for what they really are?

Are you waiting for the next fontenot to rape your daughter? Or the next johnny jordan to rape your son?

Why do you think the borg leaders were so willing to hide these guys? Isn't it because they don't want to condemn themselves for the things that they too are guilty of? Birds of a feather.

Anonymous said...

So how about it Grant? Find any fifth graders you want to marry?

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HOPCC EXPOSED Ron Denis' "House of Prayer" AKA "Denis' Den of Thieves"
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