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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Friday, October 15, 2010

ntcc: A Money-Making Pyramid Scheme

In a comment on our thread titled "Dog Show or Winterfest" April said,

"BUT,have you really been called of God? Ntcc is a Organization based on FALSE teachers. So how can it be of God?"

That's a good question April. The answer is that they "have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof." I believe that there are people saved in the ntcc, and called to preach even; but there is so much other garbage going on that God can't move. God can't bless unrepented of sin. When people gather together and call on God, God moves. But this is all they have to hang their hat on is "a feeling."

When I was in the ntcc, I believe that I was saved; but it was a shallow, restrictive Christianity. We were too critical of everyone around us to be effective. This critical attitude was taught and nurtured by the pastors in the Servicemen's homes and imitated by the members. But guess what? Do you think that the pastors learned this behavior on their own? It was taught to them by davis, kekel and the rest of that bunch up in Washington.

I used to bring carloads and vanloads of people out to church; but what was I really doing? Not only were they run off by the Holier than thou attitude we had, but we probably turned them away from ever wanting God. People like you and me still got saved; but how could God have blessed us in an environment where so much tearing down of the brethren took place?

I know I had good intentions; and I'd like to think that I led people to Christ. But just about every person that I know of that I invited to church has been run off. Out of 13 years of work, and bringing thousands of people to church, can God not keep one person? I'm not bragging about how many people I brought to church, but just trying to figure out what happened to them all.

I think that the ntcc is built like a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme. The highly esteemed rdub was a salesman at one time and if you look at the model of AMWAY or NIKEN or any other pyramid scheme, you'll find that they are cults in and of themselves.

They introduce you into their sales gimmick without telling you all the details up front. You have to go out to one of their meetings first. (Sound familiar?)

Then they try to make you feel that you are going to be a part of something unique and special. (Love Bombing.)

They show you the success stories of the rich and famous within their organization. (Supposing gain is godliness. So that you can have men's persons in admiration because of advantage. [So you can admire them, and suck-up to them because of the money and power they have.])

And tell you that it's a numbers game. You don't have to do any sales yourself, all you have to do is get them out to a professional sales pitch meeting (church); and the ones that have the experience in convincing people to spend money on stuff they don't want will get the sales for you (preachers / hirelings)...

Oh, and by the way, there is an initial investment (building funds, church budget offerings) usually over a thousand dollars and a monthly investment that they now call autoship (tithe and offerings), where you buy $100 per month of their product to get to the next level. If you get ten people to one of their meetings, one person will show enough interest to get ten more people out to one of their meetings; and then it's supposed to multiply.

But what you end up with is:

  • A bunch of suckers that have spent thousands of dollars on a bunch of worthless junk.

  • And 99% of the people involved never succeeding.

  • And 1% that are getting filthy rich off of the work off the backs of a bunch of suckers.

That's how ntcc works:

  • You invite droves of people out to church.

  • And one or two might get genuinely saved.

  • But then after years of being beaten down they end up leaving.

What have you accomplished?

You brought thousands ($$$,$$$) in tithe to the church; so that the fat cats in Graham could support their lavish lifestyles!

They sing about victory in Jesus, but where is their victory? They might have some conferences that God supposedly moves in; but after the joy and the worked up frenzy is gone then comes the plowing and beating down of the brethren.

It's all about the very few prospering off of the very hard work of many. Let's say ntcc has 10,000 people in it now: 9,000 are just "playing church" and 1,000 are truly dedicated; and 900 of these 1,000 of them will be beaten down and left for dead. What you have left is 100 that are either the rich and affluent or the few hold outs that think one day "they too will be like mike" [kekel].

ntcc is a pyramid money-making scam. Nothing more, nothing less. It is evil of them to dress it in robes of religion; but that is what satan does. He acts like he knows God's word better than you do [Thou shalt NOT surely die.] he spins a lie, hoping you will bite into the forbidden fruit and perish.

But we don't have to fall for satan and ntcc's devices. We have the Holy Spirit to teach us the truth, inspiring men and women to expose these FALSE teachers in ntcc; just as April has pointed out.
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Jeff said...

Yes it is a pyramid because I guarantee that no minister other than Kekel has ever been gifted 39 acres of NTCC land. No other minister in the NTCC has probably ever been able to afford a $20,000 a year school for his child other than Kekel. No other minister has probably ever been able to send his child to a secular college without getting blasted or belittled. No other minister has probably ever owned a house as nice as the Kekel's.

Do I need to go on? This isn't just a coincidence. The NTCC is set up to take care of certain ministers who are family to the leaders. Kinson, Kekel and so on. All blessings flow generously to the top of the NTCC hierarchy; hence a pyramid. The top receives the money that trickle up from the many down below. It is what it is and if you can't see it you are blind as a broken eyed bat.


Don and Ange said...

You said it Jeff.

ntcc is run by father-in-law and son-in-law units with a few other family units thrown into the mix:

ashmore-difrancesco-george jordan and (timothy) paul jordan

others come and go. the core remains. nepotism and favoritism.

Don and Ange said...

Honestly, Jeff, some have made more money than davis and kekel; but they didn't do it by listening to davis! They may imitate davis; but not obey davis. There is a big difference since davis wants you to do as he says, not as he does ...

Anyway, those who have more than ntcc upper-ups are seen as threats and are quickly run-off. Then the smear campaigns begin, "That man was just proud." or "That man loved his house more than God." It is so hypocritical for the ntcc upper-ups to say such things! Truly that is the pot calling the kettle black!

Once someone has some money, they are no longer dependent on davis. Independence is a danger to davis. He wants you hamstrung and hangin' on his every lie on how to make that program work so you too can be "blessed", blah, blah, blah...

Want to be blessed? Listen to Jeff and get out of ntcc and take care of your own business without funding the rich ntcc nepotists and see how blessed you will be immediately! No more waiting for scraps to fall from the greedy selfish master's table.

Just believe that God loves you and wants a relationship with you without some liar coming between you and Jesus. It's amazing what God will do once that greedy middle man is cut out of the way.

These ntcc guys are leeches sucking the life blood out of you and your family. Cut them off and see what God has for you.

Don and Ange said...

One sister was so poor that she literally was tying knots in her underwear to keep them from falling off of her!

I'm sure her kids did without many necessities while grant kekel basked in the overabundance of "blessings".

It's sad to see people so deceived; thinking they need to live in such deprivation in order to fund the lifestyles of the rich and selfish ntcc 'leaders'.

Anonymous said...

For some it seems to be a badge of honor. How much they,"sacrifice" for the lords work. Do they really think Mike K. and Tanya Ever sacrificed for the work of the Lord???? A guy does not graduated BS,get married. And does a short time in evanglism in ntcc. And be able to live the level of life they know live!As an peacher his income was off the offerrings taken at revivals.

I came to Washington in 1995. They had a two story house,cadillac,grand piano in there home. I am not sure how long they had been married by 1995. But they already looked well off. About a year after that,they moved into there mansion up the road.

Anything that folks in ntcc can find to BRAG about. They will. Look at the cloths we got at a Used cloths store. We saved Gods money. I typed 30 pages of notes off a class that lasted 45 minutes! We got such a deal on a Used car. On and on. Why is it a badge of honor to have such a low quality of life and low standards.


Don and Ange said...

April Said,

"I came to Washington in 1995. They had a two story house,cadillac,grand piano in there home. I am not sure how long they had been married by 1995. But they already looked well off. About a year after that,they moved into there mansion up the road."

Don and Ange said,

Normally I'd say who cares what a preacher has, but nowadays I'd say I'd rather see a rich politician which makes me sick, more than I would like to see an ntcc leader prosper. A lying politician is better than a lying ntcc preacher in my books. You expect politicians to lie but when a preacher lies it makes my stomach churn.

kekel has built his empire on lies and deceit, and will continue to do so until he gets caught publicly in his sin. No doubt his sin will spread like cancer and as we know the bible says, "Be sure your sin will find you out". Num 32:23

It's not right and they know it, we know it and anyone with common sense knows it. The more we speak out against injustice and double standards, the more others will learn that the ntcc is a lying, double-tongued, conniving and hypocritical organization that brainwashes people and manipulates them into giving large amounts of money that filters up to the Executive board where it is absorbed by the upper echelon of snobs that spend it on their own reckless abundant lifestyles that would never be tolerated in the lives of ordinary members of their congregations.

They do all this under the guise of being the only church that preaches the truth, "The last vestige of true holiness Christians". They deny this now by saying that they believe otherwise, which is an outright lie, because they preach against every denomination imaginable. That's the way the borg work, they turn people into machines by making them believe they are part of something special and unique. If they leave they are lost forever.

This is why they are not able to defend their positions on tithe, relationships, vasectomy policy and many other self righteous doctrines that they preach. Even kekel creates empty arguments and sounds completely off his rocker when he tries to defend and give explanations for these subjects.

Until then we will continue to post against the evil ways of the ntcc leadership and all the elitists that seek fortune off of the backs of slave laborers.

Anonymous said...



I don't know the other's on the list.

These Olson-Brille and the Johnson, Kinson, Ankenbauers have labored heavily in the Lord. Why are you dragging their name on the your blog?
I know for a fact that the Brill's Kinson's and Ankenbauer's were boots on the ground laborer's in God's kingdom.

Don and Ange said...

Anonymous said,

"These Olson-Brille and the Johnson, Kinson, Ankenbauers have labored heavily in the Lord. Why are you dragging their name on the your blog"?

Don and Ange said,

We aren't dragging anyones name on onto our blog. They are public figures who choose to work in a corrupt organization. Let's face it, there are no good biscuits in the bottom of the slop bucket. These great laborer's and soldiers that you proclaim them to be were mostly appointed to their high and lofty positions by virtue of their relationships to olsons and johnsons who parrot everything that rwd spurts out of his mouth.

Does it not matter to you that ntcc is a cult? Does it not matter to you that ntcc teaches lies and manipulates people to do things that are not biblical? You will defend your own because you can not defend your own positions. You know that the ntcc does not promote families, healthy relationships or friendships. What they promote is sacrifice of the members of ntcc to sustain the money flow to the royal families (davis, kekel, olsons, johnsons, ashmores etc.) so they can continue to live lives of luxury.

We will not drag people into our blogs but they volunteer to be in our blogs by virtue of their willingness to endorse lies and their failure to do what they were claim they were called to do. They should be good shepherds over their flocks that love and nurture them but what they do is keep those that give money and run off everybody else. This is becoming a broken record, but we will keep playing it until you acknowledge that what you are involved in is not of God, but it is a cult.

We know it, you know it and anyone with common sense knows it. I challenge anyone to think about how ntcc has been built, and the destruction of souls that has needlessly taken place in the building of it. Do you think that people that have been used up and thrown away are any less of a Christian then you proclaim to be?

Your time will come when you are no longer useful and you too will become refuse and they will no longer require your services. Unless of course you are part of the elite, or you continue in servitude to the whims of leadership or the lack thereof that requires you to live the life of a pharisee for the rest of your life.

Jeff said...

Anonymous wrote...

I know for a fact that the Brill's Kinson's and Ankenbauer's were boots on the ground laborer's in God's kingdom

Jeff wrote...

And I know for a fact that if you question any of them to include the Kinson about all the loosening of standards that were once considered sin according to RWD, that Kinson will get all defensive.

I also know that Kinson has stood idly back and watched while all this underhanded stuff has been going on and all this abuse committed by NTCC pastors and he's done nothing substantial to stop it from happening.

So his boots have been on the ground hey? John Allen Muhammad the DC sniper had his boots on the ground as a U.S. Army Soldier before he went on a shooting spree that killed people throughout the northeast. Boots on the ground mean nothing to me and they don't mean anything to Jesus. The pharisees had their boots on the ground while Jesus was reproving them of all their hypocrisy and Kinson and Kekel are no different.

I went to Kinson about an abusive NTCC pastor and 7 years later that pastor is still running his church and he is as big of a hypocrite as they get. Kinson hates the truth and as soon as you say anything bad about the NTCC that is proven to be true and accurate, Kinson gets all bent out of shape and defensive. I've watched him do it.

What is going on in the NTCC is whats called nepotism. Family taking care of family for no other reason than they are family. I'll have respect for Kinson or Jones at which point they openly stand up against the NTCC double standards but until which time that happens, they are nothing but double standard, abusive pastor enabling hypocrites. The NTCC is one crooked organizaiton and Kinson knows all about it but he ignores it because the NTCC pays his bills.

Jeff Collins

Al Falfa said...

Anonymous said... "I know for a fact that the Brill's Kinson's and Ankenbauer's were boots on the ground ... "

Don't you mean "WINGTIPS on the ground" or "WINGTIPS on the CLOUDS" since you think they are so heavenly?


Don and Ange said...

Al Falfa said,

"Don't you mean "WINGTIPS on the ground" or "WINGTIPS on the CLOUDS" since you think they are so heavenly?"

Don and Ange said,

Very well stated Al, we stand corrected, that should be WINGTIPS on the Clouds.

And we thank you for being a faithful contributor and for your contribution to this thread. :-)

P.S. We'll send you a biscuit, Not from the bottom of the slop bucket either.

nicole b. said...

I remember when the Kekel's took their European vacation not very long after 9/11. When they came back all I heard about were the fine things they were shopping for and a few unkind words about the French.
What everyone should stop and consider for just a few moments is - 3 Billion people in the world live daily on $2 or less a day. And roughly 30,000 children die of starvation every day.

Jeff said...

The NTCC leadership isn't interested in those people. Capitalism: Let em fend for themselves. Your money pays for my mansion because I'm the "Man of Gawd". That's the NTCC way. It's not God's way.



Anonymous said...

These Olson-Brille and the Johnson, Kinson, Ankenbauers have labored heavily in the Lord

Lets break that down. Ankenbauers are lazy fat folks. What in the world have they done for REAL WORK in ntcc. They show up for church. Sit back and do absolutely nothing. Working on a building crew that is building ntcc real estate porfolio!!!

Brille,was sent out into the missionary work. Right out of BS. Which Rw davis said that was a no no. You had to prove yourself first. I am SURE there work was well provided for(money from WA) unlike others in the missionary works for ntcc. Who go without shoes,a mattress. Sure he got a start in life just like Mike K. got financial help!!!!

Olson working. Pushing a pencil,driving a RV across America(some call that a vacation). He has NEVER worked on a job since he joined ntcc. Those are words out of his own mouth!!

Kinson the LIAR. He lied to my face about friends that had left ntcc prior to us leaving(not connected) he lied they left to make money off real estate. GUESS what there still active in the ministry. BUT doing it Gods way and not ntcc way!

These men are just puppets on a string. Do the bidding of whatever rw davis said and now whatever mike K. says. No matter what Mike says,he runs the show!


Don and Ange said...

Don and Ange said,

You are right April, that's what ntcc is all about. The royal families that run ntcc got it made and do very little.

If I knew where my dollars were really going, and if others knew where their dollars were going we probably would have got out before giving our livelihoods away to a bunch of lazy faultfinders that were just using us for whatever they could get out of us.

I'm just glad it's over and hope others can find their way out of that maze of confusion before they waste their best years needlessly.

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