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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Endangering Children: Life in NTCC Inc., New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. Graham, WA and St. Louis, MO

NTCC has hidden yet another pervert; who exploited children by viewing child pornography.

MYNTCC, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc., MYNTCC St. Louis, MO, NTCC Graham, WA, Perverts like to get their hands on children by passing it off as 'tickling' or innocent 'hugs'; but the truth is they are grooming the child for much worse activities including sexual abuse and rape.
Perverts like to get
 their hands on children
 by passing it off as 'tickling' or
 'innocent hugs'; but the truth is
 they are grooming the child
 for much worse activities
 including sexual abuse and rape. 

We learned of this story today, through a comment that we've copied and pasted into this blog post (see yellow letters on black background for the comment).  But this is not the first time NTCC has hidden a pervert.  NTCC has harbored convicted child rapist Michael Fontenot [read more] (twin brother of Louis Fontenot) [see pic] and NTCC has harbored convicted child rapist Johnny Dean Jordan (the brother of George Jordan (wife Kathy) and Timothy Paul Jordan (wife Veneta) (pics and stories here).

These men have all been arrested for these crimes.  Fontenot and Jordan have been in and out of prison for their crimes against children.  What is stunning about all of this, is the NTCC's persistent pattern of harboring and hiding those who hurt children.  We have these three public stories about child abusers.  How much more abuse has the NTCC hidden? 
When you read these stories, you learn that the abuse victims and their innocent family members were demonized by the church leadership, told to move on and "find another church", or run out of the church on a rail in the most abusive and vile manner (read more).  Meanwhile, the child abusers were molly-coddled, handled with kid gloves, and hidden within the church.  In our opinion, this group, NTCC, is not sound. Do not endanger your children by attending the NTCC or remaining with them. 
MYNTCC, New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc., NTCC St. Louis, MO; NTCC Graham, WA.  A child in danger rides a tricycle on the side of a road.  You wouldn't endanger your child by placing him or her here; don't endanger your child by placing them or leaving them in the NTCC, which has a history of hiding perverts while demonizing whistle blowers who report the abuse.
A child in danger rides a tricycle on the side of a road.  You wouldn't endanger your child by placing him or her there; don't endanger your child by placing them or leaving them in the NTCC, which has a history of hiding perverts while demonizing whistle blowers who report the abuse.
The comment below came in today, 9/17/16.

Rev Kipp had been in Saint Louis for years. It always weirded me out he wanted to be around children, mostly young girls. He was a single brother, just something seemed really off about him. At first Nichelle was like oh he us a great guy, and told my family how great he was. He always wanted to hug and tickle the girls, I was like stay away. One day I was walking down stairs and Rev Kipp came over when I was helping my youngest down the stairs. He tried to hug or tickle my 5 year old, Nichelle actually yelled at Kipp that day saying dont touch the girls, she was beat red in the face and very upset. She then yelled at me and told me to watch my children better, my youngest was only 2 and needed help going down the stairs, I turned my back for a second and Kipp was there by my 5 year old. Nichelle knew there was pending charges against this pervert, but blamed me for not watching my kids. And this pervert was still allowed to come to church. An older lady who attended the church was like I never had a good feeling about him. The leadership knew Kipp had previously molested girls, this time it was Spring of 2010 police arrested Kipp at his ntcc rental property there in Saint Louis. He had been viewing child porn. The leadership knew of the investigation but he was still allowed to come to church. I was blamed for not watching my kids. Kipp was a monster nobody told me what was really going on, it was in the police records, one of the Tiemans let it slip one day what he was arrested for after the fact. They thought we as people were dumb, they blamed me for not watching my daughter, nothing happened to them. It's just this monster named Kipp was always around kids. We were told he is a good brother, apparently not. After the police were involved he was a really bad guy. They harbored him, then kicked him to the curb when police were involved. They use people, they hide wicked, and if anything is done wrong, you feel like it's your fault. They've done it time and time again.

 Public Picture of
 Timothy George Kipp
  Picture Found on
 Missouri State Sex
 Offender Registry (Here)
 Not to be Confused with
Timothy or George Jordan 
We found this picture of the only sex offender named Kipp that matches the time frame and the crime he was charged with.  Does anyone else who attended ntcc during this time frame recognize this individual?  If any readers of this blog recognize this individual, please let us know if this is the guy who was identified in the above comment as a Reverend in the ntcc.   He certainly looks like the Kipp I saw back in the '90s in the NTCC in Graham, WA in the bible school (now called a seminary).  As I recall, Olson had Kipp stand and pray before the class began.  Talk about an endorsement!  And Olson, in the NTCC, is revered. People talk in hushed tones about how you can just feel the Holy Ghost dripping off of him.  Really?  Wouldn't the same Holy Ghost clue in a so-called man of gawd as to Kipp's perverse delight in child pornography?  Ahem.  People, use some common sense and stop believing the hype about these self-appointed religious hucksters.  And don't trust your children to strangers. Trust your gut.  Do your homework.  Ask if the church does background checks on those around your children. If not, keep your kids close.  Better still, get them and yourself out of this child-molester hiding group called NTCC!


Anonymous said...

Yes you have the right guy. That is him.

Anonymous said...

That's Kipp, be most watchful I'm Saint Louis, it's the second what we like to call recycled preachers club. Basically people who can't "cut" it in the ministry are sent there or back to Graham, and another young energetic hopeful who believes they are going to do something for God will be sent in their place. In seminary they said within 5 years over half the people you have sitting in this room won't be here, by 10 or 15 years only a couple will be left. It's because people are burnt out in their youth, and eventually with age gain wisdom. And somewhere in there you realize what is most important, and where your true loyalty lies and that isn't with people who take your time, your money, and your life. You realize your family comes first, not an organization.

Anonymous said...

When did they go back to calling it the seminary? In the 80's they got in trouble for calling it a seminary because it didn't line up as a seminary. So they switched to bible school. So it has been bible college, bible school, and seminary. Maybe next it will be bible cemetery because that would be more fitting.

This is disgusting what people hide or turn a blind eye to involving children.

Julie said...

I am so sicken reading this. It is so horrible the trash they allow in this place. Then have the nerve to tell that mother it is her fault that man they call one of their ministers is trying and wanting to touch her daughter. No it is the leaders' fault for knowingly allow these people in. I don't even have the words to express how upset this makes me. It must have been heart dropping for this mother to hear what this man was already guilty of yet he was allowed to be in a place full of children.

How many children have been scarred for life because people that abuse children have been given a free pass to be in this group???

Don and Ange said...

I know that every time we do a post like this people come out of the woodwork and accuse us of digging for dirt and imply that we are unmerciful and unforgiving. To be honest, we don't take pleasure in doing blog posts like this. It feels like we just got done digging through a bunch of used clothing at a kook store and you want to go home and take a shower. This stuff is sickening and I wish we didn't know half of the stuff we know. This happened 6 years ago and we are just finding out about it now. The reason we blog about it is more because the ntcc hides it and allows these predators to coexist around children who are innocent. The person who left the comment was blamed by Nichelle Tieman for not watching her children closer. So here we have a pedophile that is allowed to tickle children and Nichelle blames the mother of the children rather than the pedophile who she knows is under investigation for child pornography. How sick is that?

We just have no patience for this sick group of enablers. How many other pedophiles are there in the ntcc that haven't been caught by the police? How long will they be allowed to mingle with innocent children in the ntcc? Why are they allowed to troll the ntcc for children? Are we the ones that are wrong about this or should we just stay silent while this happens over and over again? It has been verified now through email that this was indeed a former minister in the ntcc and they knew that he was being investigated for child porn. The congregation was not told about this. Children were endangered and the ntcc did nothing to prevent this. According to the person who wrote this comment, not only was Kipp being investigated for viewing child pornography, but the ntcc had knowledge of him previously molesting girls and the Tiemans knew about this also and did nothing to stop it.

The ntcc sucks. What a horrible place to raise children. When they stop hiding child molesters, we'll stop blogging about it. Johnny Jordan molested and raped a child. He was tried, convicted and imprisoned. Fontenot molested his own daughter which was also legally considered rape, and he was tried, convicted and imprisoned. Kipp was tried, convicted and imprisoned for child porn. Why are these sex offenders allowed to have free reign in the ntcc? Even the evil society of so called sinners don't think that these sex offenders should be around children, so they put their names and pictures into a data base called the National Sex Offender Registry and it is against the law for them to be around children. Why did Ralph St. Clair only lose his minister's license for 6 months after sexually raping and abusing his own daughter? The ntcc created this environment and we hope people will continue to expose them. We also hope that parents in the ntcc will wake up and get their children out of this cult before their children become another statistic.

Anonymous said...

What is the world are people thinking? Not oh they didn't know he has a criminal issue but they knew yet still have him in the church without even from the pulpit warning parents!?!!!! That is just downright dirty, careless, and horrible on their part. Oh those poor children.

Anonymous said...

When an offender downloads child pornography it often involves hundreds, if not thousands of images before the federal marshals make an arrest. Often these images are extremely violent and shocking;this certainly not a victimless crime. Since ntcc has a problem regarding"the least of these", it is no wonder pedophiles are allowed to flourish in an environment that nourishes secrecy like a pet cancer.

Don and Ange said...

It is interesting how that Kekel and Davis have propagated lies about former ministers who left the ntcc, saying that they left because they wanted to look at porn. Vic has stated that they spread this lie about him when he left and Ted Keys also mentioned that they accused him of viewing porn and that is why he left. I know Ted and Jean left because they got tired of dragging their young child to church and bible school classes while Tanya skipped services and classes so that her royal prince Grant could get the proper sleep and upbringing that a child misses out on in the organization. I'm pretty sure that Vic left to escape the oppression of the ntcc under honorable circumstances also. The problem was that the ntcc had no dirt on them in either case so they made up lies to accuse them of something deplorable so that others would shun them. They didn't want folks that left for a good reason to stay in contact with their brain washed followers so they smeared them publicly.

It's interesting how they lied and accused them of viewing porn to ruin their reputations and now we find out that they had a licensed minister who was viewing so much child porn that he was being investigated and was eventually arrested and imprisoned, while the whole time they allowed him to tickle and hug children. According to the testimony of this commenter this individual had previously molested girls and the ntcc knew about it. Nichelle and David Tieman also knew about it. In a normal church you would hope that a person that was known to be under investigation for child pornography would be kept away from children, but in the ntcc, it seems that the more engrossed in lust for children an ntcc minister may be, the more the ntcc leadership ignores them and allows them access to young children. This was the case with St. Clair, Fontenot, Johnny Jordan and now Timothy George Kipp. Micheal Rudy was a caught cross dressing and later allowed to be the dean of the ntcc children's day school, where he was allowed to spank children's bare bottoms.

This is a horrible tragedy all around. I know God can save a person from lust and porn, but Kipp was a known repeat offender and should have been kept away from children. The ntcc ignores abuse and the abuser. At the same time they blame the victims. We recently posted an article on our Facebook page of another cult leader youth pastor who had a wife and three kids but decided to rape a 16 year old girl. This loser was caught and imprisoned, but the leadership of this baptist church has banned the 16 year old girl and her family from attending services until she apologizes to the wife of the child rapist who is in prison. This is what cult leaders do. The culture in a cult is to blame the victim and protect the abuser. The ntcc has a history of doing this.

If you find fault with them for anything they will kick you to the curb but if you molest children there is forgiveness and mercy. If you withhold your tithe you are blasted from the pulpit for being a God robber, but if you abuse a woman or a child, you are in the good ole boy's club. Is the ntcc really preparing youth with truth in Holy Spirit power? They might be preaching a living Christ to a lost and dying world but are they practicing what they are preaching? The ntcc is so critical of all other groups and they are so meticulous about keeping every jot and tittle of the written word when it comes to exhorting others, but when it comes to living it themselves, they are nothing more than plaster saints.

Don and Ange said...

Tomorrow begins another conference and ntcc'rs will migrate across the land to "have church", play frisbee, volleyball, football, have BBQ's and sing songs around the camp fire. "The Fellowship of the Unashamed" is the theme of this years conference. They really have quite a bit to be ashamed about. They have a whole lot of skeletons hiding in their closets that they don't want their church members to know about. But the church members will come in droves thinking that their leaders are as pure as the wind driven snow. I'm not sure if children are allowed on the camp ground now or not. If they are, it might be a really good idea to keep a close eye on them. If they are not, whose watchful eye will be upon them while their parents are shouting amen, and kicking their heels up to the syncopated beat of the ntcc's new contemporary music? They have no shame, after all God has changed His mind on so many things. Surely everyone who attends the ntcc has forgotten about all the souls who were run off for not dressing appropriately or for playing organized sports, or for listening to worldly music, or for compromising the standards. We hope all of you ntcc'rs can attend this years "Fellowship of the Unashamed" conference with a clear conscience and no shame for the way the ntcc has treated thousands of it's former members.

We have a wonderful idea that we would like to propose to you ntcc'rs who read this blog and attend conference. Since the theme is about being unashamed, how about asking Kekel and Olson publicly a few questions? Here is a very short list of questions that an unashamed Church leader should be more than happy to answer:

1. Where does all the tithe money go?

2. Can you give us an unashamed accounting for how you spend our tithe dollars? (If we are going to be a part of the Fellowship of the Unashamed, we would like to see some transparency, after all there is nothing to be ashamed about or to hide from us, now is there?)

3. Before you take up this year's world missions pledges, can you tell us where all of the money that we gave in last year's world missions was spent? (Surely, the hundreds of thousands of dollars you collected were all spent on Overseas missionary works so that those ministers didn't have to depend on their third world poverty stricken congregations to sacrifice every spare penny to support the ntcc pastor, now would they? Since we are the "Fellowship of the Unashamed", surely there is nothing to hide, now is there?

4. Can we have a list of ministers and members who have molested children and abused women so that we can protect our families from them? (Surely you are not ashamed to admit that you have been protecting and harboring certain individuals in leadership positions, now are you?)

5. How about doing background checks on all persons in the organization who are going to be in a position of authority over children or supervising them in the absence of their parents? (Surely you would not be ashamed or have anything to hide when it comes to providing a safe environment for children in the ntcc, now would you?)

Don and Ange said...

Of course, none of these things will be discussed and none of you ntcc'rs will have the intestinal fortitude to ask about them because you don't want to bring the wrath of Kekel or Olson down upon you in a conference. Of course that would bring a lot of public shame upon you in the presence of your friends and family during a conference that is supposed to be about the "unashamed". We understand this because we were in the same boat that you are in at one time in our lives. We know how mad these "spiritual leaders" will get if you question their motives. They are actually very ashamed about their past and the last thing they want to do is have to answer a bunch of questions about their shameful behavior over the past 4 1/2 decades. The truth is, they don't want to discuss what they are doing with your tithe dollars or what ministers might pose a danger around your children, because it is a shameful thing. After all, what are they going to say? "We spent your tithe dollars on new BMW SUV's, New Recreation Vehicles and mansion upgrades and renovations, and by the way, we have 50 licensed ministers who have been involved with abusing women or children"?

Don and Ange said...

Wouldn't it be something if an ntcc'r had enough God to walk up on the platform at Conference and grab the mic out of Kekel or Olson's hand and say: "Since we are a part of the Fellowship of the Unashamed, we feel as tithe paying and world missions supporting members of this congregation, we would all like to know where our money is being spent". I wonder how much of the millions of world missions dollars collected over the years went to the work in the Philipines where John and Becky Rodrigues labored for a large portion of their lives? We assume that you still have prayer meetings in the sanctuary on the campground. Maybe some of you prayer warriors should get together and pray about the corruption that you are witnessing before your very eyes. Where is God in the ntcc? Is he on vacation? Perhaps he sleepeth and must be awakened.... Why is there so much financial corruption? Why is Kekel living in the lap of luxury while missionaries are barely scraping by? Of course we know that it's been shared that Servicemen's homes overseas are not counted as world missions works so they are not subsidized by the world missions funds. Ministers have shared how that their wives have been prostituted out into the work force, having to get something called a job to help their husbands catch up on church bills and rent because the world missions fund was not there for them. Take up an offering, Davis would scowl! Someone in the ntcc definitely needs to grow a spine and confront these con artists publicly at a conference.

Do you ntcc ministers like being used and abused? Do you think that it's normal for Kekel to get wealthier and wealthier while you expend all of your energy and youth working and giving and have nothing to show for it? What would Jesus do? Did Jesus spend his ministry obtaining wealth like Kekel? How about Peter, James or John? Is there any record of any New Testament preacher using the ministry to get wealthy like Davis or Kekel? It's shameful but all of you ntcc'rs ignore it. You all pretend like it isn't happening. You pretend to be the next move of God on earth but you ignore the corruption. Come on now. I'm sure you've all heard others get rebuked for loving a house more than God or loving a car more than God. Kekel loves the world more than God, and he has the toys to prove it. Yet, none of you will do anything honorable to prevent the appearance of scandal. Come on now, we are getting blue in the face from blogging about this stuff. Is there not one of you who will stand in the gap and make up the hedge? Is there not a man among you who will confront the corruption? Even the Eunuchs which had their manhood removed showed enough intestinal fortitude to throw Jezebel out of the window for her corruption. How do you ignore the blatant and brazen financial corruption in the ntcc? How do you allow your own children to be endangered by known sexual predators in your so called holiness organization? Just some thoughts to occupy your mind while you are attending the Fellowship of the Unashamed convention this week from.


The Blue Faced Bloggers

Anonymous said...

They are unashamed of all they have done wrong. As long as many ignore all their corruption they can avoid the asham they should feel.

Anonymous said...

I noticed in the graduation pictures for their seminary this year there is hardly anyone to watch the graduation. It is like if they don't have to no one wants to watch the cracker jack box diploma show. I wonder too if some of these women are from churches that married them to one of their already ministers.

Anonymous said...

Children of service sitting age are allowed at the conference is what my family tells me. They had to go through so much to have enough money for this conference. Their pastor told them they need lots of money for the offerings so they said it is going to be tight with money there. They gave all the money they were going to use for hotel and out to eat food going down and coming back to the pastor to fund him going to conference. So they are doing a cooler of food. The pastor said God will bless their sacrifical giving to God. My family tells me this is the way God would have it but I dont see it

Anonymous said...

When Grant turned 4, the rules were changed to allow children within a certain age on the campground.

Vic Johanson said...

I don't know that they accused me of viewing porn after I left, but RW did insinuate as much from the pulpit once before then, although he didn't call me out by name (he was all exercised about the fact that I had a modem attached to my computer). But I did hear that after we left, he proclaimed that we and the Kinsons (Chris and Ruth, that is, who left before we did) might have lodged together during conference at a condo we jointly rented so we could engage in wife-swapping. This was done to "encourage" people via guilt and shame to be ripped off even more by staying on the campground. For less money we had three bedrooms and a full kitchen, and we were both satisfied with our own wives. Probably just another case of RWD judging others according to his own twisted values.

They had zero dirt on me when I left, because there was none to find. I was targeted because Mark Curry heard via one of his church members, who heard from Dan Fowler's wife, that I was considering leaving, and he narked me out. Instead of confronting me directly and finding out what was actually going on, they just activated their running-off mechanism and I was getting both barrels every service. Somehow I thought they'd want to get my side of things, but they never once asked, even when I did leave. That just confirmed to me that the decision was proper. Good riddance to that scurrilous bunch of liars.

Maurice said...

The Fellowship of the Unashamed: Wow, who came up with that theme. Nichelle Tieman, or Joan St. Clair? that theme really sounds like something from the twilight zone or the village, or the Blair Witch Project, very creepy. A lot of folks left ntcc because they became aware and ashamed of all the cover-ups, the lies, the money grubbing, and twisted scriptures that was being taught by ntcc. Folks such as the Tiemans the St. Clairs, Barbra Norton and others are the back bone of davis and kekels organization, to those folks, davis and now kekel can do no wrong they will support and stand for ntcc until the day they die. Law enforcement should have long been notified about what goes on inside of ntcc.

Anonymous said...

Don and Ange asked "How about doing background checks on all persons in the organization who are going to be in a position of authority over children or supervising them in the absence of their parents?"

I know I had asked around about this before and I've heard everything from it would cost too much to do background checks for everyone that wants to work in children church to the super spiritual, God will protect His children. It boggles my mind because other churches, day care centers, sports groups and other businesses will have background checks done for anyone dealing with children. That might cost maybe $10-15 per person but could save your child or another child's life.

Not only will that bring up any red flags before hiring someone, it'll help you find out about those that may have been hired or volunteered without a check in the beginning. Not only is it irresponsible, like many here on this blog I believe that NTCC is fostering an environment of abuse and sexual perversion.
1) Children are groomed, especially young girls, for attendance to seminary and the expectation to marry a preacher (most are in there mid 20s and older when getting out of the military
2) Girls are hyper-sexualized by parents and are told to dress and act a certain way to be attractive to these ministers
3) Match making that happens between the Kekels, Davis, and any other mediators for a minister and that young girl
4) The short supervised talking with someone on "the Wall" doesn't give you a picture of how that person really acts and there is the pressure of once you start talking that it will lead to marriage. That minister showers gifts during this time to make you feel "special" and creates this sense of obligation to him.
5) Men are basically encouraged to masturbate until they're married and not told to control their sexual desires. This period of celibacy is the time when many get twisted in their minds and turn to porn and other sexual addictions.
6) Women are told they must be in subjection to the sexual desires of their husband no matter how perverted or uncomfortable it may be to them. How often has RWD mentioned how to cure a headache in his classes? How many times has he quoted about the marriage bed being undefiled, basically saying anything goes?

When one person is not being satisfied by the other, how many times has RWD and others make it seem like it's the other person's fault or they're some how defrauding their husband? This is another time when many get twisted in their minds and turn to porn and other sexual addictions. They basically give them an excuse to go commit adultery.

So from children's church to the seminary and beyond, that girl and later woman has been absolutely groomed by the NTCC leadership to give into the sexual advances of males in leadership positions. It may start as something that seems so innocent like tickling or giving piggy back rides but these predators play the long game and want to control people and satisfy their evil desires. WATCH OUT!

Unknown said...

Background checks too expensive...lol. If I recall correctly, I had to get an HIV test to attend the Bible School. I guess those are cheap.


Anonymous said...

I never knew why they needed to know someone's HIV status. No school in the world asks for that information.

Anonymous said...

I remember they wanted your final physical from the military and if it didn't include it they made you go out and get an HIV test at a local clinic. Maybe they didn't want someone bringing an STD into the pool of candidates for Kekel and the rest of these perverts. One thing to consider is that because you gave them all of that personal data they have your name, birthday, SSN and other information about you.

Don and Ange said...

Anonymous said:

"This is another time when many get twisted in their minds and turn to porn and other sexual addictions. They basically give them an excuse to go commit adultery."

DNA said:

The ntcc created an environment of lust and sexual frustration. I speak from experience. 13 years of celibacy can drive you almost insane. Having to seek the approval of another man for a relationship is not natural and it is definitely not biblical. Even Jacob, who served 20 years for Rachel and Leah, was able to have a marital relationship with them while he was jumping through Laban's hoops. Anytime a preacher or pastor interferes with relationship decisions, that should be a warning sign. The ntcc was and still probably is filled with sexually frustrated single men and and even some women who are not allowed to make their own relationship decisions. This is unnatural and unbiblical.

Davis and Kekel used relationships to reward those who were loyal to them with wives, while others were left high and dry. Ntcc Matchmaking often resulted in a marriage between two people that were not meant to be together and in the end this would resort in divorce and families being torn apart. Of course the weakest spouse with the least amount of loyalty to the ntcc leadership would be the one who paid the biggest price. In some cases both partners would stay in the ntcc and make new life long commitments to another spouse while forsaking their previous vows. This type of relationship manipulation was the root of the cause of unfaithfulness and sexual impropriety in the ntcc. The single brethren had it very bad because we felt trapped for life in the ntcc and it seemed hopeless that we would ever get married in that cult. At one point we had 4 or 5 brothers living in the home or attending church at Ft. Bragg (Fayetteville, NC) that went to another "holiness" church that had a larger ratio of single women and they all switched churches and got married in their new church.

Don and Ange said...

HIV tests to attend bible school? What a joke. If anyone needed an HIV test it was Davis. That dude got around by all accounts. The ntcc seems to have been a safe haven for sex offenders. Some were facing charges while they were being harbored by the ntcc leadership who knew about their sexual proclivities and allowed them to be around the children that they lusted after. It's sick when you think about it. The victims of child sexual abuse were the ones who suffered and eventually booted out of the cult while the offenders were protected. This should be enough to wake people up, but it isn't. Why would they be worried about HIV? Could it be that Davis didn't want to catch it from the children and women that he was molesting? That would be my guess. He definitely didn't seem to care about the conduct that spread these diseases. I wonder if Davis had Phil Kinson get an HIV test after he was caught at the whore house in Japan?

Don and Ange said...

Oh, I forgot, It's not adultery if you wear a condom.

Anonymous said...

I know Gandy was infamous in matchmaking/ pair-offs (controlled courtships). I thought Gandy was the only one till I heard reports of other ntcc preachers doing it as well, especially in Graham. Makes you,wonder where Gandy got that from. Of course he still in I believe Jacksonville Nc

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