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He Loves A House More Than God:  Bonco Mansions of kekel (l) and davis (r)
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Resistance is futile.  You will be assimilated.
This first video, taken from excerpts of  Star Trek,  explains why The Borg considers The Collective Consciousness to be better than individuality: 

" So much like the borg, the ntcc also creates drones that serve one purpose and one purpose only:  to build an empire. "
"The ntcc is not building a church where people love God and serve Him freely.  The ntcc is  building a financial empire where people are expected to give every drop of sweat and every dime they have so that the elite few ntcc 'leaders' in Washington State can benefit [$$$]."
Borg Assimilation:
The Borg were a species of drones that were made up of mechanical and organic parts.   When a person or persons came in contact with the Borg and were thought to be 'worthy' of assimilation, the Borg would assimilate them by injecting into the victims' blood stream nano-probes; which would attach themselves to the victims' red blood cells.  These nano-probes, in turn, would continue to replicate and construct mechanical parts within the victims' bodies; that would cause them to be controlled by the collective consciousness of the Borg.    The victims would then be assessed to determine if their "biological" or "technological distinctiveness" were 'worthy' to be added to The Collective's 'perfection'.

The Collective considered the victims' will in the matter to be irrelevant.  

The Borg would first identify themselves by saying, "We are the Borg".  Then they would tell the victims that they were to be assimilated and also remind them that their situation was hopeless by making statements like:

  • "Existence as you know it is over." 
  • "Resistance is futile."
  • "We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own." 
Once assimilation took place the victim would turn into a machine with a mind that was controlled by the collective consciousness of the Borg.   This individual who had been transformed into a drone would then be driven to assimilate others ['soul-win'] into the collective in the same manner.   This process would take place without mercy over and over again until an entire species was added to the Borg collective.

Cult Controls:
A close parallel can be drawn between many elements of this assimilation process and many of the techniques and tactics used by the cult we refer to as ntcc.  One distinction that we will make is that people are not taken against their own will; rather they are lied to and shown a future of "Gawd blessing them" with "wisdom" and  "financial security" after they have willingly submitted, not to God, but to the desires of the collective consciousness of the ntcc.   Fear is then instilled in these members as the Borg leaders scream at the top of their lungs about the consequences of leaving ntcc, painting the dire picture that hell is the only alternative for those who leave the cult.

Breaking Your Will:
When this assimilation is accomplished, victims also become totally controlled and manipulated by the leadership of the ntcc.  The first thing the ntcc 'leaders'  go after is your will.  Your will must be completely broken down before you can be added to the collective.  They can not accomplish their objectives in your life unless you completely succumb to their will and follow their teachings without question or forethought.

'Subjection' Means The Borg Has Full Control:
This systematic breakdown of the individual which is assimilation can take place quickly in some cases depending on a person's background.  A person that has been abused all of his or her life and is shown this wonderful future of eternal tranquility will often surrender quickly; because all of the sudden they are made to feel important and part of something fantastic.  Others need to be openly rebuked and humiliated in public in order to 'bring themselves into subjection'.  Ahem.

Control of Finances:
After your will is broken then the ntcc goes after your pocketbook.  In order for them to exist they need your finances.  Not only do they want your money, but they don't want you to have any to spend on yourself.  This is a very important step in assimilation into the ntcc.  This will make or break you as a "Christian".  In the ntcc if  you pay tithe, you are saved; if you don't, then,  according to ntcc:

"You need to get saved!"

ntcc Money Grubbing:
I remember many instances in which 'pastors' [hirelings]  would come to me and ask me how much money an E-4 or an E-5 earned in the Army.  Or these 'pastors' [hirelings] would even cut out the pay-scale from the back of The Army Times to make sure that each soldier was paying every penny expected of them!  In ntcc the emphasis placed on tithe was many times equal-to or greater-than the importance of the blood of Jesus in a person's life.   According to ntcc twisted theology, you could not have one without the other.

In ntcc "All Christians pay tithes and give in offerings!" This was required to be announced in each of six mandatory services per week.  If you did not pay tithe, then according to the ntcc:
"You need to get saved!"

Loss Of Individuality:
Once the ntcc has broken your will and taken your money, the ntcc begins to strip you of every bit of individuality that you have ever had.  Not only do they not pay you, but they don't pay you to think. You are expected to obey every extra-biblical man-made rule without question, even if it contradicts God's Word!

You have to dress the way they want.  You must conform or you will be shown the door.  That means no make-up for you ladies.  And you must wear only dresses or skirts.  Men, shave those whiskers, or be thought a reprobate.  Put on those suits; but don't even think about a double breasted suit.  That means you have a double heart.  And when you are in a suit, you men may only wear a white shirt.  Anything else might clash or be a sign of Pride.  Shoes must be Wingtips.  Ties must match your socks.  Never wear blue with brown.  Souls are dying and going to hell.

Causing Confusion:
In the ntcc many times you are literally damned if you do and damned if you don't.  I know this sounds like cursing but damnation is a huge part of what ntcc uses to keep its members living in fear and complete subjection.  One favorite battle cry of the ntcc founder was "If you don't like it, there's the door.  I was here first.  I'll be here after you're gone."   And you know what happens to anyone who leaves the Borg, right?  Hell.  Reprobation.  (According to ntcc.)  Damned if you do; damned if you don't.  And the rules keep changing.

Shifting Doctrine:
I'm going to get very plain here and introduce a subject that many consider to be perverse and disgusting; but it is real and illustrates this point.  I can not count the times that I've heard members and the leadership of the ntcc talk about masturbation.  I've heard preachers and members joke about it and condemn it.  I've heard ntcc pastors that were married say that they masturbate.  [Why?]  And I've heard ntcc pastors preach to single brothers that masturbation is a sin.

If you were to ask the question you would be blasted; but if you were to be guilty of 'doing it' you would also be blasted.  This in itself illustrates how much control the ntcc has over people.  

Sex In The ntcc:
Why is this even relevant in the ntcc?  Is it realistic to think that the ntcc would control what a person does in private?  Or that ntcc would manipulate a person's sex life?  Well, ntcc does!  I know single brothers in the ntcc that have been involved with the ntcc for twenty years;  but because these men allegedly "are not bible school  material" they are living in celibacy against their own will.  And the ntcc has convinced these poor men to blame themselves or think that God is not blessing them.  But the reality is that ntcc has rules in place forbidding men from marrying any woman 'who does not attend ntcc faithfully'.  That means she has to conform to all the ntcc dress codes and pay tithe and give in offerings and attend church each time the doors are open.  Needless to say, many ntcc men are forced to remain single due to the ntcc forbidding to marry.

These examples of the shifting doctrine on masturbation and the forced celibacy illustrate the degree of control ntcc has in a person's life.  It is not pretty what the ntcc does to people in exchange for their unwavering loyalty.  The question can also be asked on many other topics:   "Where does the ntcc stand on this issue or that issue?"  In many cases the ntcc straddles the fence, causing confusion, guilt, and unnecessary hardships.

'Soul Winning' = Assimilating Others:
To complete this vicious cycle, once you are assimilated, you are expected to assimilate others.  Not only are you now in a cult, but you are expected to produce fruits:  More cult members.  So much like the borg, the ntcc also creates drones that serve one purpose and one purpose only:  To build an empire.  The ntcc is not building a church where people love God and serve Him freely; but ntcc is building a financial empire where people are expected to give every drop of sweat and every dime they have so that the elite few ntcc 'leaders' in Washington State can benefit [$$$].

Human Devastation:
Many people were buried inside the great wall of China when it was constructed.  And, we fear, many souls are also being destroyed in the building of the New Testament Christian Churches of America, Inc. financial empire and real estate holding company.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. I like how you compare the ntcc to the Borg. Soulwinning is assimilation. The process is done furtively. Resistance is futile. YOU WILL SERVICE US! We are BORG. imgunptr

Don and Ange said...


We're glad you saw the humor in the situation. Sometimes the best way to deal with the reality of people losing their identities to service the borg is to add some humor.

Yes, assimilation starts with soulwinning; but it is an ongoing, painful, systematic process of breaking down of the individual to accomplish the will of the [b]org.
That is assimilation.

Don and Ange

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